Scratches on This Platinum Set Represent Three Months of Wear

Scratches on This Dull Platinum Set Represent Three Months of Wear.

One of the biggest disappointments I’ve run into with couples as a wedding ring designer is finding someone feeling underwhelmed with their dull plain platinum rings.

All they wanted was a plain and simple wedding band with an expanse of shiny platinum. Yummy. Only it doesn’t stay shiny for long. This is not what they signed up for!

Rhonda and Her Dull Platinum Ring

I was referred to Rhonda because of this dull platinum problem. Instead of a shiny platinum band, what she really had was a ring that looked like something someone made in metal shop. Dull, lackluster and boring looking is what she had.

The Monthly Platinum Polishings Were Getting Old

Platinum Ring Missing Diamonds and Deeply Scratched

Platinum can Scratch More Deeply Than White Gold. 

Rhonda would take it in and get it polished by Jeweler Joe who made it in the first place. Over and over again. It would look great and shiny….. for about a month and then the dull crept in again!

Rhonda figured if she actually took it in monthly to be polished, which she didn’t have time for, she’d wear it down to nothing in time.

This dull look wasn’t working for her. She wanted beauty, sparkle and shine. This was NOT working out!

To add insult to injury when she commented that it sure did dull up fast, Joe said she shouldn’t be so hard on her ring. What? It’s her wedding ring. She should wear it everyday!

Rhonda Got Some Explanation About Platinum

Dents and scratches on Platinum

Platinum Dents and Deforms When it Contacts Surfaces.

Rhonda’s neighbor Justina called her over when I was there. I explained how the malleability of platinum allowed it to react with tiny microdents every time she touched a doorknob or something like that.

White gold on the other hand with its hardy alloys holds its shine much longer. This makes white gold a better metal choice for plain, shiny designs.

I give more detailed information on the behavior of platinum  in my blog: White Gold vs Platinum, What’s the Difference?

Am I Against Platinum?

Scratched White Gold Band Ring

White Gold Ring Still Shining Even With Ridiculous Amount of Scratching.

I’m not saying don’t buy platinum, I love its malleability. It’s fun to work with for certain designs.

It takes curves in hand engraving like a knife to butter. Beautifully.

I just personally think that if you are going for a platinum wedding ring choice, you should go for details in your design, as opposed to plain, flat and shiny.

Rhonda told me that she was on the point of chucking her platinum ring and finding another setting. Aggg, no, wait!

Don’t Chuck That Platinum Ring, Change it!

Rhonda, with a nudge from Justina, asked for suggestions to change her platinum ring so she’d like its look better.

I suggested that hand engraving which adds interest, detail and differing levels of metal height would create sparkle and shiny areas on her ring.

Platinum Hand Engraved Wedding Set With Diamonds

After Dullness and Plain Finish on Her Engagement Ring, We Added Engraving. Now She Loves it.

Another choice I mentioned was that of setting some little sparkly diamonds in the platinum. That livens things up too.

She ended up having me do both. Rhonda loves her ring which she now gets compliments on. She told me “it sparkles like love when I look at it.”

Do you have a platinum ring that’s been looking dull? 

Your Personal Jeweler,
Calla Gold


About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Nancy Vassilakis

Thank you for another great article. I enjoyed reading it very much!


Lori Cooper

I have a hand engraved platinum ring that I love but it sure is scratched and dull underneath. The engraved wedding set you designed is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. You’ve inspired me to do something about my ring and bring back its beauty! I’ll be calling you Calla!

Linda Menesez

Calla, what a wonderful solution you came up with! I learned a lot in this article. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to you, who had a platinum ring that they were unhappy with. Actually, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone with jewelry issues to you! Great article!


michelle gysan
michelle gysan

FANTASTIC ARTICLE. I always learn so much about jewelry from Calla Gold. Thanks again, for educating us about the quirks of platinum.

Linda Havlik

Whenever Ive noticed a beautiful Platinum ring it gave me a bad case of the “envies,” but now that I know about the downside I’ve decided white gold will be my next goal. Meanwhile, Calla you are a master jeweler. I really love the ring you redesigned to help your customer fall in LOVE again with her misbehaving wedding ring. Such service and passion you put into to your work…you roar!


Hi Calla Gold,

I’m not sure that I follow. Are you saying that platinum is softer (more malleable) than gold? I’m asking because that is patently not true. In fact, it’s the opposite. Where did you get your information?


Hi Calla, I’m interested in getting a platinum band for my wedding ring so I do have the same concerns as in your article. Would it be better if the ring is faceted? Like this one : https://www.etsy(dot)com/listing/167777003/custom-mens-or-womens-modern-unique?ref=related-2
Thank you!


I had a platinum ring made but realised the width was too thin for my liking after it’s been made! It’s been set with tiny little diamonds halfway around the band. Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to have it re-made to become wider, or does that mean just buying a new ring altogether?


Thanks for sharing the valuable information and i hope it helps many people. I too faced the same problem with my platinum ring. It was becoming very dull looking. I had to take it to the jeweler for polish work. Now I know a solution for it.


Hi Calla, You sound very knowledgable about dull platnuim rings so I’m glad I found this article! Yesterday I took my engagement ring to get the prong repaired (same place as purchased). I brought my thin platnium band along with diamonds half way around and mention I no longer liked it bc the back looks like metal. I asked if he could do anything about that like add diamonds all the way around but he said it wasn’t worth it. He said he can smooth it out and it would look beautiful, essentially he would fix it for less than… Read more »