Telephone Friendly Earrings: Top Four Styles for Your Comfort


This Post Earring is Digging Into Her Skin While She’s Talking.

It made my ears hurt just watching. Jolee was cradling her phone between her shoulder and neck one day while I waited for her. I could tell she was uncomfortable. It was one of those light-bulb-going-off moments.

I asked if the phone hurt her ears. She pointed out how one of her ear holes showed  above her earring. It really annoyed her. One of her ear holes was larger. It was the same one she used the phone with. That showed me that telephones were the bad-guy and the cause of a lot of enlarged ear holes.

Her ears holes were losing because her earrings couldn’t fight the telephones pull. How could they? 

Double Checking on That Theory

Once I’d seen Jolee on the phone like that, I asked a number of my earring wearing clients with the enlarged right side ear holes about their phone use. It all made sense, pretty much one for one if their right side ear hole was bigger, there was a phone in their story.

Further Phone vs. Ears complaints

Not telephone friendly earrings

Heavy Earrings and Phones Pressed to Your Ear Can Cause Your Ear Hole to Begin Tearing.

Many of my professional clients who wear post earrings, cradle their phones between their neck and shoulder. Clients like Jolee have complained to me of being poked in the neck by the ends of their posts.

Further they’ve talked of the pressure on their ears as the posts poked them. Unfortunately this often happens with some head sets too. The constant pressure between the phone, the earring, the ear and the neck can lead to infection and even cause slight tearing of you ear’s post-holes.

Let’s Not Forget Your Back Here

Your Chiropractor has probably told you, “Use a head set, it’s easier on your back.” Well I guess it’s time to go to your favorite phone accessories store and get that headset, because you might not mind a bit of back pain, but ripped ear holes? No way. We have our priorities.

Or you could stop talking on the phone. Ha! I don’t know about you, but that’s not going to happen for me! I wonder if they have pink head-sets? Might as well look good right?

Introducing Telephone Friendly Earrings

Your Backings can be Pushed Down the Post Causing Ear Lobe Droop.

If you spend a lot of time either on the phone or the darn thing just rings a lot when there is no head-set handy you might want to wear telephone friendly earrings.

What makes an earring telephone friendly is the fact that it can’t poke you in the head when a phone is pressed between neck and shoulder or when you are hugged.

Not Just For On the Telephone! My Story

I was at a memorial service as one of the helpers.  Like you I didn’t want to start crying and be useless. So I kept it together nicely. When the service was done we were talking and hugging. I’d chosen the wrong pair of earrings for hugging and was repeatedly jabbed by the end of the post. It caused tears to run down my face. Nobody was surprised, it was just weird for me. Wearing those post earrings did not help when I wanted to be comforting.

Later when I took the offending earrings off, I found that the posts had drawn blood. Ouch. Telephone friendly earrings aren’t just for phones.

The Top Four Telephone-Friendly Earring Styles

  1. Sleeper earrings
  2. Huggie earrings
  3. Earrings on Lever Backs
  4. Earrings on Wire Backs

Sleeper Earrings

Telephone friendly sleeper hoop earrings

Sleeper Earrings, Light, Easy to Wear and Sleep in.

“Sleeper” Earrings, are small, hollow and lightweight hoops. They allow you to sleep comfortably in them. Their closure is a  hinging post that snaps into a “v” closure. Their hollow tube construction makes them very light weight. You probably won’t even feel them when you wear them. Yet there they are, keeping your ear hole open and in good shape.

A pair of these is a must in every jewelry box. Because this is the earring you wear to sooth your upset ear as it recovers from whatever abuse you’ve heaped upon it. Abuse like wearing costume metal,  smooshing it with a phone, getting it yanked on or otherwise injured.

Hoops are a great style looks wise and it’s great that there are so many kinds of hoops.

Huggie Earrings – Very Telephone Friendly

Telephone friendly earrings

The Post Closes into the Earring Itself

These fantastic earrings need no backing. The post clicks into the back of the earring. There is no post to poke you. Happily you couldn’t poke yourself with that post if you tried. This is also wonderful if you have long hair. It’s harder for your hair to wrap around the post.

You can yak on the phone, take a nap and give hugs all day long and never be poked by this great earring. My favorite thing about a nicely fitting huggie earring, is that it goes right up to your earhole and covers it. And that fitted-look covering your ear hole looks smart and neat.

Did I mention they are comfortable? I’m biased and love to wear mine a lot!

Lever Backed Earrings – The Phone Doesn’t Even Know it’s There

With Their Curving Wire, They are Very Comfortable

These lever backed earrings are dangle style and have a back section that hinges open from the base, like a calm shell. Once you put the top wire part on, you just hinge them shut. Unlike open wires, the fact that they close completely gives a higher level of security.

They are lightweight and comfy. They are also telephone friendly because they are curved at the back after they go through your ear. For people with tiny ear holes you’ll like the fact that the ear wire is thinner than the huggie posts.

Wire Back Earrings – Easy on the Earlobes

telephone friendly wire back earrings

Classic Wire Back

Dangling earrings that hang off wire back ear wires are also phone friendly. The curving wire feels soft if pressed against the neck behind your ear.

The wire back is generally slightly thicker than an ordinary post to give support to the rest of the earring. If it’s too thin it will bend too easily. Always wear a stopper on the back of the wire as long hair and tall collars can cause the earring to work out of your ear. If You Communicate and Wear Earrings it’s Time to Switch to Telephone Friendly Earrings

Jolee is now the happy owner of three pairs of huggies. I tried to interest her in lever backs or sleepers. Nope. Jolee is a hardcore huggie fan. Try these styles out and see which telephone friendly style you love best.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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Patricia Schwartz
7 years ago

I love wearing earrings, but man I hate the pain that comes with them, especially when I have to spend a lot of time on the phone. It’s nice to know there are some more user friendly styles out there!

Sherrill Nickerson
7 years ago

I am so boring-I wear the same 6 earring (yes, all at the same time) ALL. THE. TIME. 3 are posts that, fortunately, do not poke, and 3 are hoops. One day…