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Superfit shank on engagement ring

CLIQ Hinging Shank on Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

As a specialist in modifying rings that spin to be more comfortably worn, I have written on various possible solutions previously. See my related blogs on speed bumps, butterfly springs and Fingermate hinging shanks.

Jumping right in, it’s time that I added to the reviews of possible big knuckle fit solutions with this article on the CLIQ Shank. In 2018 Superfit changed their name to CLIQ.

As a custom jewelry designer, I love to use engraving and details on rings I create. I find the CLIQ shank to be fantastic where details are concerned.

How the CLIQ Shank Works

Superfit shank for rings

CLIQ Hinge Comes With an Opening Tool, But a Pen Works Just as Well

To open your snugly fitting CLIQ shank you can use an ordinary ball point pen. They give you a tool that looks like a sleek pen to open the mechanism. You press the point into a small depression and that unlocks your shank. It opens up and easily comes off your finger. I  appreciate that you don’t need a fancy tool or complex method to open it. When it’s closed, your ring is smooth and the hinges are not obvious.

Do Hinging Shanks Hold Up Over Time?

Superfit ring ten years old

This CLIQ Fitted Ring is Ten Years Old and Doing Just Great

One of the things that I’ve been asked is how long do these things last? My answer is that anything that moves that you use every day isn’t going to last forever. It will need some maintenance, oiling and occasionally more.

I’ve observed that with normal wear, this hinge doesn't need much maintenance.

Warning About Hinging Shanks and Thin Rings

Depth of a ring diagram

The Depth of Your Ring Determines its Strength and Suitability for the CLIQ Shank

If you have a thin ring, like two millimeters wide in the area of the hinge, my opinion is that your ring may currently not be an ideal candidate for a hinging shank because it is too narrow.

For your ring hinge to have a long life of reliability, I feel you need a wider ring shank. Ideally three millimeters or wider creates a better foundation.

Additionally I recommend using CLIQ hinge shanks only on rings with a good depth to stabilize the mechanism.

Superfit Cliq hinged ring showing the underbridge

We added an Under-Bridge to Strengthen this Thin Vintage Ring. Then Engraved it

If your ring is made in a lightweight or thin way, additional support will need to be created as part of the installation process. In that case we put in an under-bridge of metal under the upper part of the ring to support the hinge mechanism. Even  if your ring is made lightly, we can address that.

If you do physical work with your hands involving lifting and gripping a lot, your hinging shank may run into problems sooner. Lifting and gripping can change the shape of your ring from round to more oval. In a normal ring that can be problematic and weaken your ring. In a ring with a hinging shank, it can mess up the whole mechanism. It’s smart not to over stress a ring with a hinge in it.

Who Needs a CLIQ Shank?

Big Knuckles Allow Your Ring to Spin

If Your Ring Spins and Won't Stay Upright and It Has Been Sized as Small as Small as it Can, You Are a Candidate

Anyone with a knuckle to finger differential of 2.5 sizes or more probably needs this. Read my description of the knuckle to finger differential.

I had a client with a 4 size differential and the CLIQ hinge was the only solution for her wedding ring. She needed her ring to clam shell open completely to get beyond her arthritic knuckle.

What About the Guys?

cliq hinge man's ring

Malcolm's White Gold and Diamond Wedding Band with it's Hinge

Hinging rings are a big deal for guys that aren't comfortable in their wedding bands because of their big knuckles. Malcolm had a basketball finger-jam injury that seemed like no biggie when it happened in High School, but his finger's large knuckle was the reminder of that epic game. When he got married his band felt clacky and big on his finger and he wasn't wearing it.

Georgia wasn't happy about that and grabbed him by the ear long enough for me to get the measurement of his knuckle and finger. His Knuckle to Finger Differential was 3 sizes! He was fairly grumbly about us fussing as he'd pretty much consigned "that damn ring" to his tie bar box. Georgia had me put the hinge on his band.

Guess who looks married these days? Malcolm. He's happily wearing his ring and says, "I don't even know it's there."

How Much is a CLIQ Ring Shank?

The average retrofit starts at around $1200.00 – $1600.00, but we really need to evaluate each ring to make sure we are taking into account anything out of the ordinary or foreseeing any changes that you may want.

For example if your ring has hand engraving in its design, we’ll need to engrave your new shank to match the balance of your ring. That would cost more.

About 80% of the rings we put hinges on are pretty straight forward and we simply add the new shank.

CLIQ makes  many thicknesses of shanks in straight shapes. Most rings in the 2.5 – 4mm range fit in this price range.   If your ring is wider, you'll need a wider hinging shank and that adds to the cost. If we need to use platinum, that’ll bump up the cost as well.

superfit - Cliq hinging shank on eternity band

This Hinge was Installed on a Diamond Eternity Band. Oh Happiness When it Could be Worn Again

The other 20% of rings are more complicated retrofits including - eternity bands, bypass style rings (where the shank is not straight), euro shanks (square bottom), extra wide rings, hand engraving or invisible sets.

Most of these can be accommodated, but they require extra care, both in figuring out special solutions and in execution. Our goal is to preserve the special details of your design and make your ring a joy to wear.

The Custom Ring’s Best Friend

Engraved ring with Superfit Shank

This Detailed Ring With Hand Engraving Looks Great After its CLIQ Shank. It Has Been Re-Engraved and You Can't See the Hinge When it's Closed

For oddly curved rings, engraved rings, rings with patterns and openings going on all around your ring, in other words unique rings off the beaten path, I’ve found CLIQ be the most versatile in allowing me to hingify your ring seamlessly. Thumbs up!

Your Personal Jeweler,

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5 years ago

I am just now , after 15 years of taking my Super-fit ring off, (sometimes multiple times a day) having a new shank put on. It was one of the earlier designs, and if I can get another 15 years from its replacement, I will be happy

Judy Mansfield
Judy Mansfield
5 years ago

I am in Sacramento, CA., and have been unable to find a local jeweler that has experience with retrofitting an adjustable shank. My arthritis has advanced to the point that I can no longer wear my wedding ring because I cannot get it over my knuckle. I am just heartsick. Hubby offered to buy me another band, but since my knuckle size is larger than my finger size, I fear the ring would just spin on my finger. Are you able to help? Or in the alternative, do you know of anyone locally. I am happy to send photos of… Read more »

Reply to  Calla Gold
4 years ago

Hi! I live in Sacramento & am in the process of getting a Super-fit done on my ring. My friend that lives in Folsom just got one on her engagement & wedding ring & I loved it. She went to Sharif jewelers in Folsom. I have also talked to Hamilton Jewelers in the Pavillions shopping center & they use “Finger Mate” brand shanks.
I just happened to see this blog when I was searching the site.

Kenneth Kelly
Kenneth Kelly
5 years ago

Superfit shank looked like the solution that I needed but after the price from the local jeweler came in and exceeded the cost of the original ring, I backed out. Why is it so expensive?

Jane Barton
Jane Barton
4 years ago

Do you deal only with jewelry stores or can customers deal directly with you? I am looking to have an arthritic shank applied to my engagement ring/eternity band (they are soldered together 4mm total) The metal is platinum. Can you give me an idea of price range? If it works out I will be doing several rings.
Thank you .

Janet McPhail
Janet McPhail
3 years ago

Can a platinum ring be modified this way?