Ring Spin or Ring Flop…One Possible Solution – Speed Bumps

Sterling Silver Ring with Oval Blue Topaz

This Top Heavy Beauty Gave Ring Spin a Whole New Meaning Till We Speed Bumped it.

Why Do Some of Your Rings Spin? Did you know that most women’s knuckles are bigger than the base of their fingers? Yup! Today I'll tell you about how speed bumps might solve your ring spinning problem.

Most women live with it, putting up with their rings twirling and flopping over to the side—not a good look. The fact that your ring needs to be so big to get over your knuckle means it’s loose once it gets behind your knuckle.

What is a Speed Bump?

speed bumps on ring

Classic Speed Bumps

A speed bump or speed bumps are either raised balls or curved raised lines of gold or your chosen metal, attached to the inside of your ring shank. We position them at about 7 O'clock and 5 O'clock.

Rings that have to be a full size or two larger to fit over your knuckle, become prime candidates to be left unworn in your jewelry box. I say…“that’s not right!”

Despair not! I have a possible solution.

Speed Bump that Ring

Speed bumps inside white gold and diamond ring

Close up of Curved Band Style Speed Bumps Inside the Ring Shank

Speed bumps are small balls or raised domes soldered onto the inside shank of rings. I normally place two such balls, one on each side, usually 4 to 5mm up from the bottom of the ring.

For rings that spin, speed bumps help anchor your ring to the muscle area of your finger and help prevent it from spinning.

Do You Need Speed Bumps?

Speed bumps are good for women who need slightly larger sized rings to fit over their knuckles. They’re also good for top heavy rings that have a tendency to fall over.

Speed bumps also help with rings with thin shanks, where there’s not much there to help hold the ring upright.

“Are Speeds Bumps My Only Option?”

Ruby Ring Etruscan Style, Calla Gold Jewelry

Speed Bumps inside the shank

Speed Bumps are one solution. The size of your knuckles and the top heaviness of your ring’s design will be part of what I look at when offering speed bumps as my recommendation. To truly figure out which of the three main solutions for spinning rings you may need, I like to figure out your knuckle-to-finger-differential. (See video below). I like to see your ring as well when helping you with which solution might work best.

Some rings were born to spin regardless of your knuckle size. The ring design itself is often a factor in which spinning ring solution will be successful for you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for rings that spin. Sometimes a simple sizing will handle the problem. Sometimes speed bumps handle it. A more aggressive solution is a butterfly spring which works well on top heavy rings. When you have a larger knuckle-to-finger differential like a 2.5 to 3 size plus, you may need a hinging shank. I write reviews about these hinging options, Finger Mate and CLIQ shank styles.

How Do I Design My Next Ring to Not Spin?

Angel Wings on a ring

Read About Angel Wings in the Link Below

When you set your main gemstone lower to the finger, you help your ring to stay put. Notice in the picture above that the large gemstone is set as low as possible without having the culet, or pointy part at the bottom, scraping your finger. Notice also that the gold design follows the contour of the finger, also helping it to stay put.

This idea and others for adding stability in a ring design include, Angel Wings and Square Shanks, which add stability from the underside of your ring.

Green apple jade ring bezel set in yellow gold

This Top Heavy Ring is the Opposite of Low to the Hand

Speed bumps work great on your rings that are top heavy, like the green jade one above. When you have a ring that is top heavy and it has a high center of gravity, it has a much greater chance of spinning. For this reason your normal spinning ring solution will probably fall flat and not work on a top-heavy ring. If for example you use speed bumps successfully, you may need a hinge on your top heavy ring.

Video on Knuckle to Finger Differential

This video will help you to establish your knuckle to finger differential which helps your jeweler to determine if you need one of the large knuckle ring solutions and which would suit your finger and your ring style the best.

Final Words on Spinning Rings

People call me all the time about their problem rings. In my years as a Jeweler in Santa Barbara, I’ve cured countless cases of “ring-spin.” Give me a call. I’ll be happy to show you the choices that may help you wear your ring more successfully, comfortably and beautifully.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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Renee Manseau
Renee Manseau
12 years ago

So many possible solutions to a flip flopping ring! I love that you take everything into consideration before making a recommendation. You’re right, there’s rarely ever a cookie cutter solution in life, so of course there isn’t one here. That’s one of the perks of having a Personal Jeweler, though… Calla, you really take the time to come up with the best solution for your customer and not what’s easiest, most expensive, or beneficial for you, and that’s what makes you so wonderful!

Clipping Path
12 years ago

excellent jewelry blog! it was really helpful site for me 🙂 thanks for sharing..

Jewely Insurance
12 years ago

Great ideas for keeping a heavy ring from flipping and insuring it does not fall off your finger.

11 years ago

Calla Gold, you have so many different solutions for ring spinning. Big knuckles are no longer a reason stop wearing your favorite ring!
It’s great to have a local personal jeweler like Calla to confer with when rings spin and knuckles get big. These speed bumps are really neat!
You’re the best!!!

10 years ago

The best solution is to make the inside diameter of the ring not round. Make the bottom of the ring slightly flatter, like an actual human finger. That will stop the spinning.