NPR Quotes Calla Gold on Titanium Ring Removal!

NPR-National_Public_Radio_logo.svgI got quoted on NPR! I’ve been a long-time listener of NPR.  So when I was contacted about being quoted in an article about the difficulty of removing titanium wedding rings I could not say “YES” fast enough!

Check out the article: Titanium Rings Tough To Crack in Emergencies

Titanium Rings, Not a Good Long Term Choice

Giant Bolt Cutters Used to Remove Titanium Wedding Band

This is the Picture From the NPR article. Kinda Puts you off Titanium Doesn’t it?                      Image by Andrej Salibi and Andrew N. Morritt / Emergency Medicine Journal

Some of you may have read my original post on ring-removal and  know that titanium is challenging to remove. That is one of the reasons I ended up writing my original blog post about the lack of finger safety associated with titanium.

Some doctors have recommended against wearing rings made of too-strong alternate metals, like titanium, stainless steel and the like.

Don’t Buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands

Years ago I drew a line in the sand and said, “I am not going to sell alternate metal wedding bands.” I explained myself to callers who wanted to be shown tungsten, titanium or stainless steel wedding bands. I explained that people’s fingers change size over time, but these metals don’t. Most of the men were shocked and didn’t know that these less expensive metals didn’t behave like gold or platinum. They just assumed they could be sized.

I wrote my most controversial blog post “Don’t buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands” in 2012.  As of today it has 553 comments on it. (I get do get comments on my blog, but not that many). I seemed to have kicked over a hornets nest when I wrote it. I was called every name in the book and accused of every kind of greediness for stating my opinion. And then there were comments thanking me for informing them before they made the uninformed decision to buy one of these metals as a wedding band.

For a girl who doesn’t sell titanium and tungsten, they sure have made my jeweler’s life interesting.

Thanks NPR for sharing this cautionary tale about titanium wedding bands on a larger stage.

Not Doing the Alternate Metals at All,
Calla Gold

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Dr. Lynn K. Jones
8 years ago

Yay, Calla! What a great opportunity to share your knowledge with a wider audience! NPR is such a fantastic station and website.
The article about the guy trapped in his titanium ring is quite an eye opener. I’ve always chosen gold as my metal of choice. I now find myself extremely happy that all my jewelry is gold. If I ever need ring removal I can just call you to saw it off. A solution you wouldn’t be able to offer if I wore titanium.

Lori Cooper
8 years ago

Love to hear you on NPR! And see you in print.

Amy Marie Orozco
8 years ago

You are on a roll, Calla Gold! Way to go. Should I ever have to have a ring sawed off, I’ll give you a call. We can make a video. Post it on YouTube. Congratulations! Well done.