My Small Diamond is Just Too Small, But I Want to Use it!

Amy and her wedding set

Amy smiling with her new engagement ring

What Amy didn’t have. Amy is a gorgeous young mom, with two energetic young boys and a great husband, Charlie. What she didn’t have is a wedding set that works for her.

Who You Gonna Call?

That’s where things stood when I was called to the scene. (Cue  the theme from Ghostbuster’s.)

So What Did we Have to Work With?

Antique White Gold Ring with Filigree Detail

The Antique Setting Amy’s Diamond Came From

Amy’s two diamond  bands flanked Charlie’s Grandmother’s ring and they just didn’t really work together. The two straight bands and the tapered filigree ring just kind of wobbled around on her wedding finger, like jostling commuters standing on a moving train.

Another Diamond was Not an Option

Charlie and Amy wanted to use his family diamond. It had lots of good feelings and happy memories attached. But the tired older setting was not working for Amy and was in danger of dropping her diamond due to its advanced wear and age.

The Other Problem was Diamond Size, It was a Bit of a Small Diamond

Engagement ring with antique small diamond and a halo of diamonds

Amy’s Engagement Ring with a Halo Around her Center Diamond

A nice solution to smaller center diamonds is to surround them with a halo or skirt of diamonds. It makes the whole center element look larger and it makes the center diamond sparkle more.

One More Teeny Problem

We also needed to make her flanking different height diamond bands snug successfully with her new engagement ring.

I measured the height of each band and lifted the whole halo up to accommodate them slipping underneath.

How Do You Choose Which Diamond Setting Style to Use?

Three wedding rings in White Gold with diamonds

Amy’s new Engagement Ring with Her Surrounding Band Rings

Amy’s delicate and  thin diamond wedding bands were each individual and their setting styles different. I felt that to mimic either setting style could unbalance the look of the whole set. I showed Amy a variety of setting styles next to her two bands and she picked the one that looked best with both.

Real People, Real Rings

I enjoyed the challenges that this project presented. I loved getting to know Amy. It was great that two of her young mom friends were clients of mine and that I knew their kids too.

This was such a great project and I wanted a picture of Amy too. Well happily Charlie was in town. He’s a great photographer who travels the country photographing his famous subjects. Here’s his website, Happily I got him to photograph Amy and her new wedding set.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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13 years ago

Calla, thank you so much for making me the most beautiful ring for me. You knew exactly what I wanted and made my new engagement ring fit so perfectly with my other bands. You achieved the look I wanted. It was so important that the ring feel like it was apart of the set. I look and stare at it every day! I get numerous comments from all my friends! Even a few comments from strangers! You’re the best!

Hallie Avolio
13 years ago

Calla the ring looks gorgeous–especially in person! I am so happy I could connect the two of you to create such a beautiful ring. Great job–as always :-)

Lori Cooper
13 years ago

What a beautiful, graceful ring. I can see how much thought went into this project (as do all of your projects!), and how this ring spoke to Amy. Lovely!

Maria @downwarddog
13 years ago

Nice work Calla – they new set is beautiful!