Inlay Ring Repair in Ring vs. Garbage Disposal Story

two broken gold rings needing Inlay Ring Repair

Two Views of a Garbage Disposal Eaten Ring

Rings fall in garbage disposals. I know it seems like a death sentence for your ring, but it may not be.

In this blog I focus on Stephanie’s ring because it talks about damaged metal and inlay, a setting style. This project was a real double whammy.

I’ve run into about 25 clients who’ve had rings go down the garbage disposal. So I decided to blog about this success story.

I also have added a couple more examples.

Stephanie’s Story of her Disaster and Lapis Inlay Ring Repair

Diamond and Lapis Inlay Ring Repair

We Re-built Certain Areas of Gold

Stephanie was just wondering where her lapis ring was when she heard the garbage disposal turn on and heard the horrible sound of a spoon or something grinding in it.

This was the story she told me, when I asked if she had any unworking or unwearable jewelry in her jewelry box.

“Turn that off!” she had yelled to her husband.

Like the crazy insane brave guy that he was, he just reached in and started feeling around in the disposal. Hadn’t he ever seen the horror movies with the guy who ends up with a stump for reaching into the possessed garbage disposal?

Evidently not. Out his hand came with one very sorry looking ring. Stephanie now remembered taking off her ring the day before, when scrubbing out her big pasta pot.

“Oh no. I loved that ring.” She rinsed it off and dried it and put it sadly into her jewelry box.

Don’t Give up on Your Garbage Disposal Eaten Inlay Ring

Inlay Ring Repair

We Cut a New Piece of Lapis Lazuli for her Ring

Stephanie thought it was hopeless to consider that it could be fixed.

I really wanted to fix this ring for her.

We added gold to the gouged edges of Stephanie’s ring.

Then I had my Lapidary (stone and gem cutters) cut a new piece of Lapis Lazuli for her newly rebuilt inlay setting.

Miana’s Wide Lovely Ring and the Horrible Ugly Trip Through the Garbage Disposal

I will never question how it happens that someone’s ring falls into a garbage disposal. Rings fall into all kinds of places.

Miana’s wide beauty of a ring just had to join the party on this post to show how a ring that looks, ‘just done’ can live again.

The work we did was: re-rounding, adding gold to deep divots, re-polishing and then adding oxidation.

When someone wears a ring daily, having it get messed up like this is traumatic.

My favorite thing about working on garbage-disposaled rings is how happy people are when it’s fixed.

What Happens to Gemstones in Garbage Disposals?

Engagement ring after the garbage disposal

This Engagement Ring Just Came in

Jason Deshotels a jeweler friend just got this poor ring in. As you can see the metal takes a huge beating. Interestingly the diamond though slightly chipped came through amazingly well. I have seen this more than once, where other colored gemstones will be pulverized and the diamonds bounce around, but don’t get destroyed. 

What’s the Takeaway Message Here About Inlay Ring Repair?

Do you have a ring that’s been through a garbage disposal? Now you know who to call for inlay ring repair. Or chewed up ring repair. Like body work on your car after a crash, I do body work for your jewelry!

Peter’s Sorry Wedding Band Reborn

White Gold Wedding Band After Garbage Disposal Incident

Peter found me online thanks to this blog post.

He writes a great comment and shares his before and after pictures. Here’s an excerpt –

White gold wedding band after garbage disposal accident and repair

Peter’s Ring After Repairs. Bit of a Difference, eh?

“I emailed you from my home in Maryland and you responded quickly and I ended up sending my bent, mangled and dinged garbage disposalled ring to you.
That ring means a lot to me. My wife and I paid for matching rings with a box of rolled coins we had saved over the years in graduate school. I didn’t want a new ring-I WANTED THAT RING!
I just got it back and you definitely are the garbage-disposalled ring queen! Thank you for making my ring whole again.”

Your “Garbage Disposalled Ring Queen” Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Tracey B
Tracey B
12 years ago

Hello Calla Gold Jewelry, I laughed when I saw this. My ring fell in the garbage disposal five years ago. It’s in my jewelry box with with earrings that I stepped on in my driveway.
Should I ship these hopeless wrecks to you?
I was told in Clarksville that I should buy a new ring, which I did and to give up on the earrings.
Calla, you’ve made me feel like it wasn’t idiotic to hang on to these two pieces of beloved and bedeviled jewelry.
Tracey B.
Clarksville, Tn.

12 years ago

I guess the old saying is “never give up on a ring you love.” Personal jeweler to the rescue-or-should I say-Calla Gold – Super Jeweler Woman?
Good job fixing that inlay ring repair. That ring turned out absolutely gorgeous. Did you have to re-set all the diamonds? It looks perfect. I can’t imagine that the diamonds or the settings were in very good shape.

Executive Coach
12 years ago

The amazing thing is how beautiful that ring is!! How sad it would have been had Stephanie never connected with you! I hope that many others are inspired to pull out their damaged jewels and send them your way for some magic!
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

best garbage disposal
best garbage disposal
11 years ago

Calla Gold, I’m really impressed with your writing talents and also with the layout for your blog. Is this a paid for blog or did you customize it your self? I love the jewelry into the garbage disposal since I’m in garbage disposal reviewing. Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great weblog like this one today..

Husband in Need finds Calla
Husband in Need finds Calla
10 years ago

I knew when I heard the noise coming from the garbage disposal that my wife had “found” my wedding ring. It was mangled and likley beyond repair. As an after thought I Googled “fixing a garbage disposalled ring” and you came up first with this blog post. I read it and realized that Lord Google was saying that you are the “garbage-disposalled ring queen!” I emailed you from my home in Maryland and you responded quickly and I ended up sending my bent, mangled and dinged garbage disposalled ring to you. That ring means a lot to me. My wife… Read more »

Kuuleialoha Dufur
Kuuleialoha Dufur
7 years ago

I’m in Texas and was wondering what was shipping costs and costs to fix my wedding ring that went i to the disposal. Two diamonds are missing and would have to buy new ones.

Ryan Adler
Ryan Adler
5 years ago

Wow, it looks good as new – maybe even better than it looked before it got all chewed up! If I had a ring that looked like that I would’ve thought it was a lost cause. You guys are basically miracle workers!

Debbie Scheinberg
Debbie Scheinberg
5 years ago

My wedding ring just went down the garbage disposal . Ring came out but not diamonds . Do I need a plumber now or is morning ok

Todd Huebner
Todd Huebner
5 years ago

Back in the mid 1980’s I was working at the American Diamond Center in Waukesha Wisconsin. A nurse from the local hospital brought in her wide herring bone bracelet that she had taken off to do the dishes. Not knowing that the herringbone had slipped into the dishwater she was surprised by the sound her disposal made when she flip the switch on. Surprisingly, and disturbingly for an “educated nurse” she felt that the bracelet should have “held up” to the garbage disposal and “we must have been selling defective gold!” When told that stainless steel spoons don’t “hold up”… Read more »