Flexible Rings, Shaking Hands and Public Speaking

Ouch, my ring just bit me when you shook my hand! Have you ever met someone new, had your hand shaken and experienced a jolt of pain as your ring dug into your surrounding fingers? That happened to me when I was a speaker at a Las Vegas Jewelry Convention.

I ended up shaking about 30 hands right after my presentation. Shake number three really hurt and even lesser shakes after that had me cringing.

I had more speaking engagements to come and I knew that I needed a solution.

Flexible Rings, Chain Rings Whatever You Call Them, Are the Answer

Yellow flexible ring

Simple Flexible Ring with Panther Links. This Was About the First Style They Came in.

I learned that flexible rings are great for shaking hands. Especially, big manly, testosterone pumped hands!

How Flexible Rings Are Made

A flexible ring is not solid metal but is made of flattish, intertwined links that move and flex, much like a tiny bracelet. In some rings, only the shank, the bottom half of the ring, is flexible. In others, the whole ring is flexible.

Why Flexible Rings Work For Sensitive Hands

Flexible Ring with Blue Topaz and Diamonds

Blue Topaz and Diamond Flexible Ring

Flexible rings are a life saver because when you shake someone’s hand, the ring “flattens out” or compresses slightly, avoiding pressing into and hurting the surrounding fingers. If you happen to have the sort of life style or job that necessitates shaking lots of hands on a daily basis, a flexible ring just might save you a lot of pain.

Dog Bites and Flexible Rings

There are all kinds of reasons you might wear a flexible ring. Shortly after I discovered these great rings, a client, Kathryn, called me. She had tried to stop a dog fight between her dog and a guest’s dog and she had gotten bitten. She lost a little chunk from her wedding finger. When it healed and she put her wedding ring on it hurt her.

Her husband wasn’t happy with her wearing not wearing her wedding ring. We decided to try a flexible ring. It worked! She wore it for a year or so while her body filled in the dent on her hand. After a year she put her wedding ring back on.

Sensitive Hands and Peripheral Neuropathy

When Jeb was getting ready to re-new his vows, his wife pulled me aside and said, “your job is to figure out a ring he’ll wear!” Jeb had Peripheral Neuropathy, which caused sensitivity in his hands and feet.

His old wedding ring just flat out hurt him to wear. I designed a flexible wedding ring for him. The difficult part of this process, was that we didn’t know if he’d be able to wear it. Happily he could and he wore it for the ceremony and wears it daily.

Fluctuating Finger Sizes and Flexible Rings

Velma was an older client with fibromyalgia. She loved jewelry, but with her changing prescriptions her finger size could change as much as one size depending on the weather and her response to medication. I said while you’re in this state of change let’s get you a flexible ring.

Velma said, “I’ll give it a try. It’s either that or have you come and resize my rings every three to six months!”

Flexible Ring with Onyx

This Flexible Ring Has a Custom Cut Onyx Center Piece and Accent Diamonds.

Flexible rings, being floppy, tend to stay on your hand even if they are a bit loose. Velma ended up getting two flexible rings in different styles and one size apart. We discovered that as her hand shrank a bit, her larger sized  ring never offered to fall off. It always takes a bit of wiggling to get it off, since it’s flexible.

Big Knuckles, Arthritis and Bendy Rings

Velma shared her bendable ring story with her bridge friends. One of her friends, Ruth, had pretty bad arthritis and wasn’t wearing rings at all. Velma pulled off her ring and let Ruth try it out, and it fit! Ruth threatened to keep it.

I was called in to get Ruth her own ring. She got one with little diamonds on it and was so thrilled to be able to wear sparkly hand jewelry around her friends.

Three Row Flexible Ring and Sizing Bar

This is the Underside of the Ring With a Sizing Bar, Allowing Future Sizing up or Down.

Even though behind her large knuckle, her ring was a tad loose, it was very comfortable. Since we selected a design style with a repeating eternity pattern of diamonds it looked great no matter how it turned.

The happiest thing was that Ruth told me, “Calla, being able to wear a ring again makes me feel cheerful and girly again. I’m not so upset about how my hands look.” That just made my day.

Just Because it’s Flexible Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Diamonds

Do you love diamonds? Well you’re in luck. Here’s an example of a flexible ring with baguette diamonds. Baguettes are a fantastic diamond shape choice because their shape is perfect for the links of the ring.

When I showed the upper picture of this ring to a client. She said she couldn’t tell that it was flexible. She suggested I show it when bent. So here you go.

Flexible Rings With Colored Gemstones

When designing your own flexible ring, know that you can opt for wonderful colored gemstone designs. We can create a solid crown portion for the ring and make the balance flexible.

When you mix colors of gold it makes for a nice pop of difference between the, in this case, yellow and white gold sections of your ring.

So Many Reasons These Innovative Rings Deserve Attention and Adoration

There are so many reasons people love this little known flexible ring style. You don’t need a reason to try one. They are beautiful, comfortable and different. Are you a candidate?

Your Personal Jeweler,
Calla Gold


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Linda Menesez
10 years ago

Calla, this is such an interesting article! I had no idea that flexible rings existed. What a neat concept, and one many people, especially people in the public eye, really need!

Thanks for once again educating us!


Nancy Geng Vassilakis
10 years ago

Hi Calla,

I really enjoyed your anecdotes on flexible rings. Now I can tell my customers who have arthritis how they can enjoy their rings.


madeleine Vite
10 years ago

This is very interesting that flexible rings exist. I wonder what prompted the invention of a chain ring the first time. I further wonder if they knew all the reasons why they are a great idea initially. I like all the reasons you mentioned that people can benefit from flexible rings.

Dr. Lynn K. Jones
10 years ago

Wow, thanks for sharing so many fabulous designs of flexible rings. I had no idea that they could be so versatile. I am sure that they are a nifty solution for many.

Justin French
Justin French
7 years ago

Thanks but where can I get one made?

5 years ago

I have a silver flexible ring older from Avon love it wanted goldtone in size 9- your photo showed exactly what I want !

4 years ago

Flexible rings are also ideal for keeping ordinary rings in place. My ordinary hard rings are all slightly wide and I tend to lose them when the weather changes! So I slip a flexi on on top and that stops the hard ring from slipping off. Nothing to stop you from having several flexies that can match your hard rings.