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Confessions From a Jewelry Designer: Do You Suffer From Droopy Dangly Earrings?

By Calla Gold

Drop Earrings, drooping off ear lobe

Thin Ear Lobes and Long Dangle Earring Posts Don’t Mix

Droopy err, Drop Earrings Gone Wrong

You’ve all heard the old stories of the shoemaker’s children running around barefoot.

As it turned out, this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer was suffering from the same problem. My thin ear lobes made many drop earrings look like sad droopy dangly earrings! So I had none!

I guess that’s why it took me ten years to get around to designing drop emerald earrings to match my emerald necklace.

Circular Emerald with Diamond Halo Necklace

I Wore This Ten Years With No Matching Earrings!

Thin Earlobes Make Many Fine Dangly Earrings Look Droopy

The problem was my ear lobes. They’re on the thin side and short dangly earrings never seemed to hang right on them. I never sat down and fully confronted the problem until my client Dahlia laid her challenge on me.

Dahlia’s Droopy Diamonds

Dahlia had gorgeous diamond drop earrings from her husband that she never wore. They drooped sadly, pointing toward the pavement. She called me in to redesign them.

Diamond Earrings, with Extra Thin Ear Lobes to Fit

Very Thin Ear Lobes Love the Snug Fit of These Custom Lever Backs

Designing and Problem Solving Go Hand in  Hand

After designing the basic shape for her earrings, I carefully measured the thickness of her ear lobes. I was determined to make these earrings fit right.

Armed with her measurements, I was able to design the perfect width (super thin,) of the dangly earring’s top curve.

When she tried them on for the first time a few weeks later, she was ecstatic. The earrings pointed forward, not down! The top narrow curve of the wire supported her thin ear lobes.

The Jewelry Doctor Takes Her Own Medicine

Well…if I could design something for her…why couldn’t I design something for myself? Like emerald drop earrings?

After measuring the thickness of my own ear lobes, I decided how far down the earrings should hang to look good on my little lobes. After much searching I picked out a beautiful pair of South American Emeralds.

Emerald Earrings Custom Made for Thin Ear Lobes

Thin Ear Lobes Need Just a Little Room for a Snug Fit

I wanted these earrings to cling snugly to my ear lobes. I designed the perfect locking post closure, custom fit to my particular ears.

Just like Dahlia, a few weeks later, I was ecstatic and felt fantastic wearing my brand new emerald earrings with my matching necklace!

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

Do you have droopy dangly earrings, that sneak forward or just don’t hang right?

Custom Fit Earring Closure for Thin Ear Lobed Women

The Custom Measured Closure Makes For the Perfect Fit

Do you own ill-fitting earrings that tilt instead of pertly point forward? Don’t despair! Something can be done about it.

Call your favorite Jeweler!

Fitted Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Fabulous “Drop” Earrings, Not “Droop” Earrings!

Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it!

Calla Gold

For More on Droopy Ear Lobes, see my post: “Are Your Earrings Pointing Toward the Pavement?”
And my product review: “Wonder Bra for Your Earlobes?”

14 thoughts on “Confessions From a Jewelry Designer: Do You Suffer From Droopy Dangly Earrings?

  1. For sure, wear it don’t warehouse it! As usual the Personal Jeweler comes to the rescue of yet another jewelry challenged customer. Thanks for all your creativity in being the best jeweler ever!
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

  2. Genius Calla on the earlobe design. I have just the pair for you to redesign. I love them sooo. Made by Betsy Johnson but they are heavy and I look like 80 year old ears. Help!
    You are the woman for the job!!!!

    • Geneva, you crack me up, as if even anything could make your gorgeous self look 80! I’d love to help with your Betsy Johnson’s!
      Calla Gold

  3. Calla Gold, I love that you included the picture of how the custom earrings you made for yourself fit on you. That showed the earring solution really well and better than just talking about it.
    I’ve got one ear lobe that is more “ear lobe droopy” than the other side and I never thought anyone would care about it much less wrote about it.
    I’m glad you wrote about ear lobes drooping and that Jewelers do things about it.
    A very interesting little article here.

    • Sue,
      Thanks for responding and letting me know you have a droopy ear lobe. Since I have one too and so do some of my clients I just thought I ought to write about it and see if it’s a problem for people out there in the web universe.
      It makes sense that a lot of people out there who love jewelry could have this problem.
      Thanks for sharing and your kind words!
      Calla Gold

  4. Regarding the thin earlobes….mine USED to be so thick, I constantly pinched them putting in my earrings, and now, at 60, well….guess what…thin earlobes are another aging dilemma!!! Your design is very similar to the antique Russian clasps, which I discovered only recently on Ebay. I know where to have my earrings modified, now! What a great website, and thank you!

    • Hello Frances Rose,
      I have noticed with my other clients that your earlobes can really thin out as the years go by. It is a dilemma! What to do? Mine actually started out pretty thin to begin with.
      I’m happy you know I’m here for conversions to better fitting dangle earrings.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  5. Found you in searching wedding bands with Moissy. My problem with droop was from Ehler Danos – my lobes stretch very easily PLUS I have very thin ears.

    To my mother’s dismay, my solution is titanium body jewelry. Steel is too heavy, titanium is not. The 6 gauge barbell set aren’t so bad to Mom as I have pearl fronts I wear most often. It’s the fact that another dozen plus earrings joined the five I started with.

    But going from a jeweler standard earring post of 18 gauge to a 14 karat palladium based white gold barbell meant Mom can wear her wedding earrings 42 years later. They’d be hiding in their box for 30 years. She finally let me get them fixed for Christmas 2013.

    • Hello Amanda,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that after all these years you get to wear mom’s earrings. I am a big believer of not letting jewelry sit lonely and unworn.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  6. Yes, would love for you to post more pictures of celebrities and their earrings and whether or not the earrings look good on them or not and why. Thank you. That’s fun!! I just found you….do you have a newsletter?

    • Hi Armida,
      My newsletter is currently just going to people who have purchased from me. Basically because I’m an excellent jeweler and not so hot with the technology. I do have a sign up, and one day soon I’ll figure out how to convert the emails into my newsletter sending thingie. But like the dogs in Up going, “squirrel”, I go, “Bling!” and look to my shiny sparkles on the workbench.
      Thank you for writing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

      • Haha! I was just about to sign up to your newsletter when I read this answer, you are too funny! I will sign-up anyways and hope you have worked out your newsletter thingie!

        “Bling!” Back to work!

        • Hi Asa,
          Tech update, still looking at my bling. But I’ll put you in my newsletter list and one day……I’ll get it together. Between you and me and the fence post, I use Mail Chimp and they charge by the amount of emails you have. It turns out I have an expensive amount of emails. If I add a list with the signer uppers from around the world, I’ll get kicked into an even more expensive level of service.
          I also imagine I’d get a ton of unsubscribes which might make me look spammy. And who wants to look spammy? Or Hammy? Or whatever else rhymes with that? Not me.
          So that’s my full disclosure on what is up with the newsletters, which for the record I do send out, just now to the people who ask for them. I know, super logical there.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

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