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She was down to the wedding wire, with no ring in sight. Three weeks before her wedding, Anne called Calla Gold Jewelry for the first time. She was frantic. She was on wedding ring number two... And it wasn't working. She needed some wedding ring problem solving, pronto.

Her engagement ring had been losing diamonds at an alarming rate. After the ring dropped its eighth diamond in nine months she had had enough.

No Broke-Down Wedding Ring was Going to Represent Her Love

We agreed that eight gaping holes…wasn’t a flattering look. Anne knew she couldn’t have this ring represent her relationship with the guy she intended to spend the rest of her life with.

The Sad History - Wedding Ring Number One - Big and Beefy

It was strong, well-built, and structurally substantial—adjectives usually reserved for linebackers and power tools. Its angular design didn’t compliment her “curvy” character, either.

Anne told her fiance it was uncomfortable. He said to go out and pick something that she liked, so she searched for a replacement.


Wedding Ring Number Two - Delicate and Pretty and Totally Wrong for Daily Wear

Eventually, she settled on a dreamy, thin and romantic eternity band sprinkled with little diamonds. She loved the design and look of the ring…until the diamonds started falling out.

I knew the problem with Anne’s engagement ring as soon as I laid eyes on it. I asked if the jeweler who'd sold it to her asked if she intended to wear it everyday or just occasionally.

Anne said no, he hadn’t asked…and she had never considered it.

Wedding rings and engagement rings are worn daily, doing dishes, gardening, changing diapers, and banging around the office.

The “Daily-Wear” Ring vs. the “Occasional-Wear” Ring

Daily wear rings need greater levels of strength and durability. Anne’s engagement ring number two was simply too thin and delicate for everyday wear. It would never stand up to her demanding lifestyle—not in one year, not in fifty.

Anne’s engagement ring choice was an “occasional-wear” ring. It was designed to be worn out to dinner and a show on the weekends.

“Daily-wear” rings must be thicker and stronger. There must be no skimping on the gold or platinum. The ring has to be “daily-wear” strong. It has to be designed to withstand the bumps and bruises of everyday living. And still look pretty!

The Solution - Wedding Ring Number Three!

Anne admitted she was hard on her jewelry. She wanted something that looked good on her hand.  At the end of describing what she wanted, she said, “Oh yeah…I’m really picky, too.” OK, I was a little scared! (Three weeks till the wedding!)

Looking at Your Lifestyle Spells Future Happiness With Your Ring

We began by having Anne try on number of different ring types. We discussed how various styles complimented her hand while others…didn’t. Anne decided that a wider ring, designed low on the finger, looked awesome and was comfortable.

Wedding Ring Problem Solving

Sparkly Little Diamonds Nestle Protected in this Wide Gorgeous Wedding Ring. Anne's Third Ring.

Wedding Ring Number Three's Design

She wanted a single ring; engagement ring and wedding ring rolled into one. We came up with this low-set-to-her-finger design that securely protected her diamonds.

The Right Wedding Ring in the Nick of Time

Anne's ring was delivered three days before the wedding, need I say she loved it?

"I was so scared because I really wanted to love my wedding ring. And I've had my ups and mostly downs with this process for a year and a half. Then I found Calla Gold Jewelry three weeks before my wedding. Calla helped me decide what I wanted as a design and got it done in a rush for me. I'm so over the moon with my ring!" -Anne.

Five Years Later

Happily Anne's ring has stood the test of time and so far, Anne hasn’t lost a single diamond.

What's the Takeaway Message Here?

If you're married or almost and that ring's not working, you need to get help with wedding ring problem solving. Don't settle for less than the special wedding jewelry that symbolizes your love.

Your Personal Jeweler,


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madeleine Vite
12 years ago

You saved Ann’s engagement ring and I know it was absolutely beautiful after you put the Calla Gold touch on it.

Renee Manseau
Renee Manseau
12 years ago

Wow, Calla! Beautiful story and a gorgeous ring! That personal touch really makes a difference. I love how you really find out what it is your clients need, and especially how you delve deeper and find out how they plan to use their jewelry. We laypeople don’t always think about daily wear vs occasional, for example, and apparently, neither do a lot of jewelers!