Big Knuckles and Spinning Rings? Try the Butterfly Spring!

Gold Ring with Butterfly Spring Clasp

White Gold Butterfly Spring on Yellow Gold Top Heavy Ring

Do You Have Large Knuckles? Do Your Rings Spin?

Do you have a big gem ring you've given up on because it won't stay upright? Is it sad and alone in the bottom of your jewelry box?

You Want to Hear Joan's Story and What We Did For Her and Her Spinning Ring?

Joan had a gorgeous top-heavy blue topaz and diamond ring that spun around her finger every time she wore it. It constantly slipped sideways bumping into the fingers on either side.

Aside from the annoyance factor and having to adjust it every five minutes, Joan and I agreed that a ring that tilted sideways all the time, just wasn’t worth wearing.

It’s Not Your Ring Size That's the Problem, It’s Your Knuckle!

Joan's problem with her top-heavy ring was that the size she needed to size up to to fit over her knuckle was way bigger than her finger behind her knuckle.

Wedding Ring with Butterfly Spring

This Butterfly Spring, Keeps Jo's Diamonds From Being on the Bottom of Her Hand

Basically, her knuckle was a couple of sizes bigger than her finger—not an uncommon condition.

The "Knuckle to Finger Differential" (My Name for This Important Measurement)

The difference between the size of your knuckle and the size of your finger behind it, is your Knuckle to Finger Differential. If it exceeds one or two sizes, rings become hard, if not impossible, to wear comfortably.

That was Joan's problem. I explained to Joan that sizing the ring tighter wouldn’t solve her problem. First, she had a top-heavy ring that gravity was always trying to pull down, and Second, Joan had a big Knuckle to Finger Differential. What she needed was a "Butterfly Spring" for her pretty ring.

This video will help you to establish your knuckle to finger differential which helps your jeweler to determine if you need one of the large knuckle ring solutions and which would suit your finger and your ring style the best.

The Butterfly Spring

Ring falling sideways on the hand

This Ring Needs a Butterfly Spring

A Butterfly Spring is thin strip of springy metal that fits onto the inside bottom of the shank of a ring. It flattens out when going over the knuckle but once the ring’s in place, it springs up and grips the finger to help prevent the ring from spinning.

How Did It Work for Joan?

Joan’s ring needed to be a size 9 to fit over her knuckle, but a size 7 once resting on the bottom of her finger.

Once I’d sized her ring to 9 with a tad extra to make room for the spring I soldered it in. Now with her Butterfly Spring in her ring, it slipped over her knuckle and didn’t spin anymore. Joan was thrilled! “I can wear my ring again!” she said.

You Have Other Choices if You Have Large Knuckles

Speed Bumps for Rings That Spin

Speed Bumps for a Little Bit of Ring Support From Spinning

Speed Bumps help if you have a slightly enlarged knuckle. See my blog post about Speed Bumps.

Butterfly Springs help if you have a larger knuckle to finger differential. They also help with top heavy rings that just won't stand upright!

Hinged Ring Shanks work when you have very enlarged knuckles. See my blog post all about Hinged Ring Shanks and Finger Mate Shanks!

“Wear it, don’t warehouse it.”

Hinged shank by Fingermate installed by Calla Gold Jewelry

Hinged Ring Shank. This One is by Finger Mate Corp.

When you own jewelry that you don't wear that is sad. Often times if it is a piece you don't connect with, in which case let's re-design it. But when you love it and then you don't wear it, that is heart breaking. Check out these solutions to rings that swing around. Wear it don't warehouse it!

Your Personal Jeweler,
Calla Gold




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12 years ago

I never even knew those options existed. You brilliant rascal, you! I am one of the big knuckled people of the world.

11 years ago

How cool! Calla Gold, I know women who have enlarged knuckles, it’s like a death sentence for their rings which they quit wearing, including their wedding rings.
Your can-do Calla Gold attitude that you should wear your jewelry because it is yours and just try these solutions to spinning rings is really cool!
Such a neat quick fix. It’s not even super difficult. And it sure beats not wearing your rings!

Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres
11 years ago

Who will install the butterfly spring. I got my rings at Kay jewlers and they just have balls to install and dont even know what they charge for it..

11 years ago

Hello Calla Gold, Can butterfly springs be made out of platinum, too? I would like to get one for a platinum engagement ring. Also, how long does it take to have one put on a ring-having the butterfly spring sized, created, and set?

Thank you!

11 years ago

Calla what about men’s rings? Can they have the butterfly spring put in? My fiance is going to have a heck of a time finding a ring that will fit because of his knuckle to finger ratio.

11 years ago

Hello Calla Gold,
For one with small hands, i seem to have a knuckle issue with rings. Nice to know about the butterfly spring, I like the name too!

11 years ago

Can the Butterfly spring be sodered on a Titanum mans band? My boyfriend has a plastic knuckle and his ring has to be big enough to go over the knuckle but that it is too loose for his finger and slides up and down.

11 years ago

The plastic knuckle is a replacement for the bone that was crushed. It was done 40 years ago so technology is much better now I am sure.

10 years ago

Hi Calla, do you know of any jeweler in the St Louis area who can install a butterfly spring?

Nan Lewis
10 years ago

Hi Calla,
I never heard of Butterfly Springs either – what a great solution! I need to learn how to do it – would you mind telling me how you make and install them?
BTW, I shared this on Facebook. For some reason your name didn’t”pop up”so I couldn’t tag you.
– – Nan