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Why You Should Invest in Your Jewelry Wardrobe

By Calla Gold

Business woman in black business suit

Dressing for Success Includes Your Jewelry

Why Should You Invest in Your Jewelry Wardrobe?

Jewelry is communication.  The communication choices you make by the jewelry you choose to wear, effects how other people perceive you.

An Example of Jewelry Communication

If you are a nurse, dressed like every other nurse, your earrings may be your only way to communicate a comforting relate-able message, like, “I love Cats,” which could put some scared kid at ease. Or make my anxious Grandma smile for the first time that day.

People Judge a Book by its Cover and You by Your Outfit and Your Jewels

From a business perspective, do you want to be taken seriously? Are you moving up the corporate ladder?

Six Books

Different Books, Different Covers

Are you wearing the suit or casually smart style of clothing that communicates that you are on the job and the go-to expert in your department?

Then hopefully you are not wearing the same big hoops that you wore on dates in college. Big hoops don’t shriek professional. Hoops make you smile and be comfortable and say I’m likable. But in the tough world of business, being likable may not be the most important trait to emphasize.

What Kind of Jewelry Choices do You Have Now?

You probably have Jewelry gifts, inherited pieces and other random Jewelry in your collection. You may need more targeted jewelry, specifically chosen to enhance your best features and also communicate a message about who you are.

How do You Figure out Your Best Jewelry Style?

Professional Jeweler Magazine Cover

For starters I have a series of articles in Professional Jeweler Magazine about the right and wrong styles of jewelry for different face shapes and body types at Callagold.com

Wearing Your Successful Jewelry Choices, Like a Great Hair Day, Helps You Succeed

Having your own Jewelry Style helps you to communicate who you are to the world.

Drawing of Angular Faced Woman

An Example of Face Shape and Correct Earrings From the Article

When you check your look in the ladies room mirror and see those power earrings you are wearing, you may square your shoulders and feel the message your own self.

You may walk back out with a renewed sense of who you are and what you are capable of.

You’re the Boss of Where You are Going, So Dress and Accessorize the Part

Be in charge of the message you speak non-verbally with your clothing and jewelry. Invest in jewelry that makes you look your best and project your message of power, friendliness, empathy or creativity. It’s your message, choose your own jewelry.

Calla Gold

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