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Why Women Love Jewelry…from Men

By Calla Gold

Pool Party Fun

You Never Know When Jewelry Stories Will Be Told

Overheard at a Pool Party

This Santa Barbara Jeweler heard this and had to write about it. Friends Beth and Laura met up a pool party. Beth turned to Laura and said, “I love that ring on you. Where did you get it?”

“My husband got it for me for our anniversary!” beamed Laura.

“It looks fabulous!”

“Jake said he wanted me to know how happy he was that we’re married. Can you believe it? I was so happy!” Laura said.

“You are so lucky!” Beth said.

A man proposing to a woman. Women love jewelry.

Guys When You Surprise Her With a Piece of Jewelry That She Loves,  it Will Remind Her of Very Happy Times with You

If You’re a Guy Reading This, Here’s Why This is Important

Women love jewelry. Women love getting jewelry from men. Always have…always will. There’s something about gold and diamonds and precious gemstones that adds to the significance of the gift.

We women are romantic creatures—some more than others. We like nothing better than to tell the story of how our husband or boyfriend surprised us with the earrings or ring we’re wearing. Seriously as a female and a Jeweler, I see first-hand what it means.

While I’m Dispensing Love Advice, Here’s a Free Bonus

She Loves to Hear She is LovedAnd speaking of love… Woman like being told they’re loved…a lot. Probably more so than receiving gifts. Not that gifts aren’t nice, too. But know this: the gift is secondary.

The gift is the physical symbol of the declaration of the love. Give your jewelry gift with love and that story will live on in that piece of jewelry.

Gazing at Love

Every time—or hopefully most of the time—when a woman looks at her wedding ring or a jewelry gift, she’s reminded of the love of the man who gave it to her.

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When Buying Jewelry Can You Just Close Your Eyes and Point? No!

When a Woman receives a piece of jewelry that she really likes, that is an added bonus.

My clients tell me what jewelry they like regularly. We compile “wish lists.” Can you guess what I do next?

I go talk to their husbands and boyfriends! The chances are infinitesimally small that they have any idea what their wife or girlfriend likes in jewelry.

Ladies, Make Your Wish Lists

The fellas are usually overjoyed that I let them know what you like. The guys aren’t going to go and buy you a dress or a suit without you being there. They rarely know your taste that specifically. They want their jewelry gift to be worn and liked. Your guy needs a hint. Spell it out.

Tell Your Jeweler What You Like

Explore Jewelry and Tell Your Jeweler What You Love

Make sure you have a relationship with a Jeweler and a wish list with them including your finger sizes. And let your lover man know where your secret wish list lives. Then he can surprise you.

I’m Talking to You Guys Now

Believe me, giving her a ring, or a pair of nice earrings that she’s always wanted enhances your romance. Women love jewelry.

Jewelry is better when presented wrapped as a present than just bought for her in the store. Surprise her!

Couple Looking at a ring wax from jeweler Calla Gold Jewelry. Women love jewelry.

Looking at the Wax model of Their Custom Designed Ring Together

Don’t Think She “Needs” Jewelry?

Guys, if it’s hard for you to confront shopping for jewelry or you don’t think she needs it, please think again. Maybe jewelry doesn’t mean that much to you, but she means much to you.

In an article from the New York Times women’s self purchasing of jewelry is discussed. All I can say is it means more if it comes from you.

When you like someone, you give them something that you like, to share of yourself. When you love someone, you give them something that they love. That shows your love so much more.

Show her you are that special guy, give her jewelry!

Wish List Holding Jeweler,
Calla Gold


12 thoughts on “Why Women Love Jewelry…from Men

  1. I think that having a secret wish list is the best advice for women who want to get jewelry they’ll love. Their man wants to get something that she’ll love, cherish, and showcase, but he might not have any idea what that piece should be. Most of the time, it’s going to be hit or miss, so why not help him out and make it a guaranteed hit?

    • Renee, you so got the point here. I love the way your mind works. Perfectly. I see jewelry in your future. I’m psychic like that!
      Your Personal Jeweler, Calla

  2. Excellent advice, Calla. I do think of Don when I look at my ring though he had nothing to do with its design. The loving spirit in which he gave me the stone is what I think of. Superb reminders for men and women in this post. Thanks!

    • Lori, since you give fashion advice in your wonderful Wardrobe Wisdom business, I have to say I think Don is a brilliant husband. He gave you the diamond
      and let you design your ring. The ring that you wear everyday. The ring that your clients look at. The ring that makes you think about him with love when you look at it. I’m so pleased that you mentioned how a man can handle the engagement ring design for a fashion forward woman who has distinctive tastes.

  3. Calla, I loved this. My husband has bought me so much nice jewelry over the years and I think it almost gives him more pleasure than me. I’ve actually had to tell him to stop – I have more than enough. But I especially love the diamond ring I got for our 15th anniversary. After 26 years, most of the anniversaries are forgotten except this one – I remember every detail because of that ring! Thanks for this insightful post.

    • Claire, your husband sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing how your 15th anniversary ring continues to remind you of the happy details of when you received it.

  4. Calla,

    Great post – helpful information. My husband is great about bringing me gifts – even though I’m one to keep things more simple.

    We have lists and share them. I suppose it would be fun to be surprised once in awhile! 🙂

    I’m sure a lot of people will find this post a good reference.


    • Keri, thanks for telling me about your husband and his wondrousness.
      It’s true that the wish list of jewelry does allow for surprises to be given. My male clients are so tickled to be able to choose from a number choices and please their lady-loves.
      I frequently note down multiple wish list items, so if one item is already sold there are still alternates. The excellent thing about this is that the recipient won’t necessarily remember each wish list item. And being surprised is a definite possibility. I love my job.
      ~ Calla Gold

  5. Jewelry has become an integral portion of every woman’s dressing sense today. Not only does it add to the beauty of a woman, by spicing up her outfit, but it makes her feel happy.
    I myself, like the style conscious woman of today, like light jewelry like inspirational charms and sterling silver charms. I think they blend beautifully well with today’s fashion styles.
    I love receiving jewelry from my boyfriends. Err boyfriend. (In case he reads this!)

    • Hi Ryan,
      Do you have certain things that are super important to you? Each one of us does. And frequently these things aren’t meaningful to other people. I’m reminded of my life as a writer. I’ve written quietly and almost secretly. Having mentioned I write a few times and getting crickets for a response I just stopped mentioning it as part of my life and interests.
      Then I went to a writers conference and found other people who shared my passion and found my tribe. It was so wonderful to have someone who got my passion and shared it.
      As a woman I don’t expect you to share my passion for gemstones and jewelry. But I want to point out how emotional it is to receive a gift that is so highly personal from you. It’s you climbing out of what you think is important and giving me something that matters to me. That’s a very loving and evolved thing to do. When this happens it makes me feel loved. That is why I wrote this post. Many of my male clients flat out had never been told about this. So I stepped up to tell it.
      I’ve been interested to see the responses I’ve gotten.
      Thank you for yours Ryan.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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