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Milgrain Engraving Explained – Could This be Your Killer Design Detail?

By Calla Gold / June 25, 2012 /

  Milgrain Engraving Defined I’ve been asked, what is milgrain engraving? Literally, it translates to “a thousand grains.” Milgrain can be spelled with either one “l” or two. Regardless of spelling, milgrain is a row of tiny beads or hemispheres along the edge or boundary of a section of jewelry.…

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Engagement Ring Hand Engraved with Speed Bumps in white gold

Online Wedding Ring Costs vs. Custom Made Wedding Ring Costs

By Calla Gold / April 2, 2012 /

Ronnie recently emailed me, her a picture of a ring she saw on It cost $795. I had just created a similar custom setting for her priced at $1400. She wondered if she’d paid too much. I compared the two rings. Were they similar? Not really.

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Jewelry Design Inspired by Existing Designs – Mary’s New Wedding Ring Story

By Calla Gold / October 17, 2011 /

This was the phone call as a jeweler I never want to get. My phone rang on a gorgeous palm tree waving day. “It’s Mary, I’ve lost my wedding ring!”

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A man proposing to a woman at the Santa Barbara Harbor

The Sixteen Steps to Your Custom Jewelry Design

By Calla Gold / September 26, 2011 /

Jumping Horses and Jewelry Design. This Santa Barbara Jewelry designer loved riding and jumping horses as a teen. I galloped on the Santa Barbara beaches, jumped fallen trees and lived and breathed horses. He spoke of knowing what you want and confidently going for it. In order to give your horse…

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A man proposing to a woman at the Santa Barbara Harbor

Why Women Love Jewelry…from Men

By Calla Gold / June 20, 2011 /

This Santa Barbara Jeweler heard this and had to write about it. Friends Beth and Laura met up a pool party. Beth turned to Laura and said, “I love that ring on you. Where did you get it?” “My husband got it for me for our anniversary!” beamed Laura. “It…

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18kt Custom Morenci Mine Chacedony ring

Romanced by the Gem – Impulse Buy Leads to Fabulous Ring

By Calla Gold / June 6, 2011 /

I Took a Chance on Love and I’m So Glad! It was love for a gemstone set, an unusual gemstone. Impulsively buying the lily pad patterned Azure Malachite Chrysocolla gemstones opened the door to one of this Santa Barbara Jeweler’s happiest designing projects.

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