Jewelers and Their Tattoos

Katie Law clearly loves her tools. They help her get that unique style she goes for.

Jewelers are pretty expressive and artistic people. Some are also a bit spiky socially and say some salty things, which I find entertaining. There are a lot of philosophers in the bunch as well. And real givers. The passion that I see in my industry inspires me.

I’ve been seeing a lot of tattooed jewelers lately and feel that their tats have a lot to say about their love of gemstones and the tools of their trade. Celebrating their body art is something I’d like to do. Here without further ado my tattooed brethren.

Adam Caver of Caver Jewelry creates custom jewelry. He’s a hands on kind of guy and loves colored gemstones as evidenced my this deep cut gem on his right arm.Amy Demello is a romantic girl who loves to design jewelry at Kennington Jewelers in Fresno. I love her beating heart red gem creative tat.

David Kopelman is a Gemologist working at Kudore Jewelry in San Diego. He recently added to his body art by showing some love for the majesty of the diamond.Dillan Edwards nicely rocks his diamond on his left arm. A hip jeweler, he adds to the collective jewelry tattedness quite nicely.

Erin Carson works at Brunell’s Fine Jewelry and Design in Kansas. She’s clearly into the purity of gold and good design.

I love Heather Ann Rankin’s peacock with dangling jewelry decorations. Clearly a kick ass designing jeweler.

Jeni Gems has a love of blue diamonds. Diamonds come in different colors, with blue diamonds being among the rarest, with Violet, Pink, and Red joining Blue in the Rare Club.Jessie Wayne Treigle works at W P Shelton Jewelers in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I’m thinking she’ll be there a while judging by her outstanding multi-diamond tat with initials of the store.

Katelynne Eslick is not only the owner of Sugar Plum Jewelry in Glendive, Montana, but she’s a singer in a band. Yup you can find her singing her heart out with “Mighty Big Jim and the Tall Boys,” rockin her tats melodically.Kyle Sharos, rocking his crossed flaming tools makes awesome jewelry at Olde World Jewelers in Fairview Heights, Illinois. His tat is one of my favs for its family crest like regality.

Melissa Cain hails from Spring Texas where she admires and makes jewelry. I love her tat for its drappy, creative loveliness. What could be better than hearts, flowers and jewelry?Jeweler tattoo with gemstonesMy hat is off to Michael Jakubowski’s Tattoo artist who lovingly romances the gems on his arms.

Jeweler tattoo with gemstonesMichael gets my blue ribbon for both arms tatted and a great quotable quote. He’s a Graduate Gemologist at Gem Fanatic in Port Charlotte, Floridagold crucible pouring tattoo on man's shoulder in colorThis amazing technicolor crucible pouring hot molten gold heats my soul.
Hoping I got this right, Paul Salvor-Harden owns Paul’s Jewelry Design in Amherst New York.

Reinette Greyling Edgar clearly is a maker of fine jewelry. This delicate and detailed to perfection set of favorite tools speaks to her passion and calling.Renae Johnson-Wease has this incredible diamond that sparkles on her body. How is that tattoo even possible. Blue ribbon gorgeous!

Metalsmith tool tattoo on lower arm of womanRenee Richards Ford owns Renee Ford Metals. She is a proud metalsmith, past jewelry store owner and now independent maker and teacher of the metalsmithing craft. She’s in Franklin Tennessee and loves making nature inspired jewelry.Periodic chart gold tattooClearly Sam Woehrmann works in gold! I love the simplicity of the message of this tat.
His bold, angular and edgy jewelry is very cool. I’ve never met T J Gajjan, but I know him from the jewelry community and dig his geometric tattoo.
Peace.Jeweler tattoo with gemstonesVictor Colero’s love of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds is on display as is his passion for Rolex. Nice.

Timepiece tat on lower armMichael Morande’s timepiece blows my mind with its detail and I of course love the gems and flowers.More of Michael’s body art with that nice diamond front and center of this pic.

flex shaft jeweler tattooGreg Pestillo, is the Designer at Dominate All Aspects of Jewelry. His soldering torch tat snakes around his upper arm colorfully and his flex-shaft tattoo on his back is epicness itself.This dude is not trading his tools in for a three-piece suit and corporate job anytime this lifetime!

 jewelry body art says Caver JewelryAdam Caver is back with more fabulous jewelry body art.Joshua Hyman, owner of Hyman and Co Jewelers in Philadelphia PA, does love his gems. He’s a gemologist, and geeks out on highly magnified pictures of gem inclusions. I like how he represents his passion on his arm.

Sarah Williams Herkimer, Designer at Precious Ghost, in Nevada City, California. I love her designer take on tats. She just decorated herself with her flowing and dangling shoulder tats that steal my heart.Olivia tattooSteven Davis, rocks the tat that is his daughter’s name and the name of his jewelry store. Steven rocks that tat in Durant Oklahoma. I’ve seen pictures of his adorable daughter in the workshop, “helping’ her dad.

Passion comes in all sizes, shapes and expressions. I love that not only do my jeweler friends make beautiful and inspiring jewelry, but show their intense feelings with their body art.

Calla Gold

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Great post. I love seeing all these tattoos. I want to see more!