How To Buy Jewelry For Women, From One Guy to Another

The Trials and Tribulations of Shopping and Buying Jewelry for Her ~ by Jeremy Gold

Question guys: Do you find shopping for jewelry a daunting task? Does the thought of walking into a jewelry store leave you overwhelmed and weak-kneed?

Have you ever wanted to get the significant other in your life the gift of jewelry but…chickened out at the last minute? You didn’t have a clue where to shop, much less what to get her?  Right?

Or maybe like me, you’ve actually walked in one of these jewelry stores only to be blinded by a vast array of rings that, except for minor details, all look the same!

How Do Ya Know? Ya Know?

Like we’re supposed to know what she likes! Like we’re supposed to know whether she likes round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. Like we’ve spent long evenings in front of a burning fire browsing jewelry catalogs with her and know exactly what she’s wants. Like we’re supposed to know what would make her happy and love us for the rest of our lives?

Another One of My Surveys

Just last week I surveyed every man in America over the age of 18 on this very topic. Imagine that! I found that 89% were totally intimidated by even the thought of buying their wives or girlfriends jewelry. I found 1% had some kind of god-given talent and actually knew what they were doing and regularly bought jewelry for the women in their lives.

The last 10% lived in mountainous regions of the country and gave their companions vacuum cleaners and waffle irons on special occasions.

How to Buy Jewelry for Women - Advice Time

Unless you know her exact tastes or know precisely what she wants, my advice would be: find out.

Over the years—and through much trial and error—I’ve learned that good communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Talk with her, discover what she really likes, and then give her something she’ll cherish and love forever.

Why take a chance on buying something totally outside her normal tastes?

Why risk getting something that'll end up at the bottom of her jewelry box and never see the light of day until her heirs dig it out fifty years later? Guys, talk to the woman.


Some of you are thinking, “But I want to surprise her.” Others of you are thinking, “Talk with her? Too, complicated man. I just want to buy her a frikken piece of jewelry and be done with it.”

This last consideration isn’t the most romantic sentiment ever expressed, but I do acknowledge that there’re a bunch of you guys out there that subscribe to this philosophy.

If you fall into this category here’s what you should do: buy her an eighteen inch necklace or a pair of earrings with a promise from your jeweler that she can exchange the gift within a reasonable time after your purchase. Tell her you weren't sure what she'd like, but you wanted to get her something special. And tell her she can exchange it.

If you just have to get her a ring no matter what, make sure your jeweler can easily size the ring unless you miraculously know her finger size.

The Personal Jeweler to the Rescue

Inspecting jewelry with a loupe

A Personal Jeweler, Knows What Your Girlfriend or Wife Loves

I've saved the best piece of advice for last: talk to your wife or girlfriend’s Personal Jeweler.

A Personal Jeweler is a Jeweler that knows your significant other’s tastes in jewelry. She’s talked with her and knows what your gal wants.  And a Personal Jeweler will be happy to assist you in procuring exactly the right gift!

If she hasn’t talked with your girl in a while, ask the Personal Jeweler to give her a call and find out what she really wants. For the record, my wife Calla Gold is a great Personal Jeweler. Seriously she picks out all the jewelry gifts I give her.

Final Pep Talk 

Don’t be daunted and don’t deny the love of your life jewelry gifts. Go forth, be bold and get the kind of gift that won’t be forgotten.

Jeremy Gold
Calla Gold Jewelry

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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Jill Bromund
12 years ago

Great article for the jewelry-impaired who love the jewelry-obsessed! A million thank yous!

Jill Bromund
12 years ago

Great article for the jewelry-impaired who are in love with the jewelry-obsessed! A million thank yous!

12 years ago

Jeremy-great post and funny. A great idea about buying a piece of jewelry which can be exchanged for exactly what she wants. Thoughtful.

The philosophy of “I just want to buy her a frikken piece of jewelry and be done with it” could be taken as an indication that the woman should find another man who cares, and wants to be involved in the process and her happiness.

Jackie Ruka
12 years ago

I wish every guy out there would read this! Jeremy painted an easy picture of communicating with your spouses personal jeweler and offered an alternative solution of buying a piece of jewelry to exchange to her liking.
Bottom line, listening is key to learning what a woman likes in jewelry. Great read!

Executive Coach
12 years ago

Personal Jeweler to the Rescue…drum roll…love that!! You definitely have rescued me a few times. Thank you!! And Jeremy’s “Survey’s” about men buying jewelry for women, were most amusing.
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

12 years ago

The Personal Jeweler was my former father-in-law’s secret weapon when it came to gifts for his wife. Every couple of months, his wife would go down to the jeweler (it was located right in their community) and browse. The jeweler would take note of what she liked. Then, the next holiday, he’d pop in to the jeweler and buy one of the items his wife had admired. And since the “admiring” and the “purchasing” were not close together, she was always pleasantly surprised with his gift. It was a system that worked well for them for many, many years. He… Read more »

Gold Rush Exchange
12 years ago

What a great story and information for guys who are looking for something special and golden for their lady!

6 years ago

I like giving coworkers, friends and relatives gift bags with fun items centered around a theme. I’ve assembled bags with travel accessories, sewing notions, items to keep in a purse, lunch bags, etc. I have a lot of fun with this and everyone seems to enjoy them. I am thinking of putting together a gift bag for jewelry, but not knowing everyone’s taste or needs (and wanting to keep the cost down), I thought about filling a jewelry caddy/organizer with things related to jewelry like a ring sizer, a bracelet “buddy”, necklace extenders, necklace shorteners, extra earring backs, etc. I… Read more »

Stefan Bradley
Stefan Bradley
4 years ago

It makes sense that the best way to buy jewelry for your wife is by communicating with her and discussing what she likes. My wife and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and I want to get something special for the occasion but worry that it won’t be what she wants. I will make sure to ask her questions before buying her an expensive piece of jewelry.

Sabrina Addams
Sabrina Addams
4 years ago

You made such a great point to talk to her before you buy her jewelry so that you know she’ll like it and it will fit her. My son is planning on proposing to his girlfriend in March on their vacation to Hawaii. I will give him this tip to help him pick out the best ring.