How to Buy Jewelry For Girls

Buying Jewelry for Girls

By Jeremy Gold (The Quieter Half of Calla Gold Jewelry)

Buying jewelry for girls can be tricky for us guys.

Jewelry is one of those items with lots—and lots—of symbolism and significance connected to it.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

A Wedding Ring Means so Much

The Wedding Ring

The classic example is the wedding ring. Everyone knows what it means. A gold ring on the left ring finger of a girl means she’s hitched and off limits to other guys.

To her, there is no other piece of jewelry more important and meaningful than this.

But what does this mean for us guys? It means we gotta be careful when planning on giving her one of these rings. On lots of levels!

gross pierced wedding ring

Your Quirky Vision May Not Be Her Idea of a Love Forever Ring

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication is king—or queen. I’m of the opinion that it’s best to consult your girlfriend rather than completely surprising her—with something she’s not too fond of.

There are millions of different wedding ring designs out there and the chances of you choosing the exact one she’s always dreamed of are not great. Often times, brides want to design something completely custom, too.

They want a unique ring that you aren't going to be able to find at Frank’s Dime and Jewelry. I suggest you and your honey talk to jewelers together. She’ll be happier in the end.

earrings, pearls

Simple or Dangly Fancy Earrings Are a Good Choice

You’re not Proposing

What if you really like a girl, though, and you want to get her something nice—something that shows you really care about her,’re not thinking of marrying her! For the time being, at least! You just want to get her something nice.

I would shy away from anything that even resembles a wedding ring. It could be awkward if you give her a ring that she thinks promises engagement. It could be a little embarrassing and uncomfortable. Know what I mean?

Three Bangles with inlay Diamonds

Slide on Bangles are Cool Jewelry Gifts. These are Bangles I Make.

Necklaces, Pendants, and Bracelets

Necklaces and pendants can be better choices. Bracelets work, too. There’s little about these that imply marriage. They suggest you really like the girl, but that matrimony isn't part of the equation.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be a good choice. It’s not as expensive as gold and it isn't traditionally used in wedding rings. It’s especially good for younger girls, too, who wear a lot more silver than they do gold.

18kt Custom Chacedony ring

One of Kind 18kt Gold Ring, Underside View by Calla Gold

Love and Affluence

The more expensive the gift of jewelry, the more the meaning it implys. A ten thousand dollar, eighteen karat gold, diamond ring means something completely different than a fifty dollar silver heart pendant.

Unless you know for sure this is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with—and you have a very healthy bank account—get her the pendant. If she really is the one for you, she’ll stick around and you can always get her the ring later on.

Wealth has nothing to do with love. Sometimes the least expensive and silliest presents can be the most meaningful. The beaded necklace you spontaneously got her while walking on the boardwalk that summer might turn out to be her most cherished piece of jewelry (after her wedding ring!).

Multi Textured Multi-colored sapphires Ring in yellow gold by Calla Gold

Unique Shapes and Colorful Sapphires May be Her Dream to Have Custom Designed.

Buying Jewelry for Her if You’re Already Married

If you’re already married, the sky’s the limit and you can get her whatever you want—assuming you know her tastes. If not, you might want to do what I suggested earlier about her wedding ring: consult her. Talk to her. Find out what she wants.

You might learn there’s a particular piece of jewelry she’s always wanted at Ted’s Gold and Diamond Emporium. Go talk to Ted. Or…give her a gift certificate at her favorite jewelers  to design the custom ring of her dreams.

The point is, do your homework. Before you sell your boat for the cash to buy her jewelry, find out what she really wants. You’ll both be happier. And ya know maybe Dramamine will help with the whole, "I always feel like upchucking on your stupid boat" thing. I know, how about Dramamine and a piece of jewelry?

Jeremy Gold

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Nancy Geng Vassilakis
10 years ago

Hello Calla Gold whom I know from your Facebook Calla Gold Jewelry page, wonderful words of wisdom here. I enjoyed this article about buying jewelry for girls. Guys need to know this. I will post on my site. Thank you!
Nancy G V

Don G
Don G
10 years ago

Could have used this blog when I was buying jewelry for my wife..25 years ago! lol

We’ve been married 25 years. She still has the first set of jewelry I bought her.

10 years ago

Hello Calla,
One of the things I love about your blog posts are the pictures of your work you put into them.
In particular the blue green ring, the sapphire engagement ring and that multi-color autumn colors ring.
I bet buying jewelry is hard for guys. Their moms should talk to them about it while they are young.
Great advice!

Angela Waterford
Angela Waterford
4 years ago

It’s true that buying jewelry for girls can be tricky, especially for my brother. I think I’ll tell him to communicate with his girlfriend so that he’ll know what he should buy at a jewelry store. Maybe she’ll appreciate some silver jewelry for their third anniversary, so I’ll tell him that as well.

steele honda
steele honda
4 years ago

Thanks for the tips on how to buy jewelry for girls. I like that you said that communication is king during the process. I think that that would help make sure that you bought her something that she would actually like and would wear.

Stefan Bradley
Stefan Bradley
4 years ago

It’s good to know that silver jewelry is not as expensive as gold jewelry. I want to buy a present for my girlfriends 21st birthday and need help deciding what to get. I think that a silver bracelet might make her happy.

Wade Joel
Wade Joel
4 years ago

Thank you so much for recommending not to buy anything that resembles a wedding ring if we’re not thinking about marriage. It would be very awkward indeed! I wanted to give my girlfriend a ring that my grandmother left me but it does resemble one, so I think I will get her a crystal bracelet instead.

Frank Delaware
Frank Delaware
4 years ago

I wanted to do something special for my wife, and I thought about buying her a piece of jewelry. I really like that you say to do your homework on her first. I may have to look through some of her stuff she owns to get an idea.

Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson
4 years ago

I like how you mentioned that necklaces are a good choice as a present, as they don’t imply marriage. I’ve been wanting to buy some jewelry for my significant other. These tips could help me find something meaningful but not too intense, so thank you!