Dogs in Jewelry – Jewelers Decorate Their Dogs


Dog in pearls

Dixie the Jewel Queen

Could Anything be Cuter than Dogs Wearing Jewelry?

One way busy jewelers stay sane is to include their dogs in their business. This helps with our fitness and it lifts our mood. Putting our dogs in jewelry is irresistible.

 The picture above is Stuart Greenway’s shop dog Dixie the Jewel Queen. Dixie is a beautiful and sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Pitt mix. Stuart and Sandra have S. Saxon Fine Jewelers in Clifton Park, New York.

More jewelers have sent pictures of their dogs. So I am adding many dogs wearing jewelry to this post.

The Blue Ribbon For Wonderful Jeweler and Dog Goes to Lex Graham

The most moving story from this post is from Lex Graham.  Read on and find the dog he helped get adopted.

Lex Graham Gets Inspired to Save Dogs on Death Row

When I posted my Dogs in Jewelry blog post to my jewelers group on Facebook recently, Lex Graham got inspired. This is what he wrote to me:

I read that and was so happy that he had been inspired.  And Lex was as good as his word. I loved the post he did on his Facebook page the next day:

Thanks to his jewelry decorated picture of Pearl, and posting online, she was saved from from death row. Lex’s generosity in covering adoption costs and showing her sweet personality saved her life. Lex is a true hero.

Lex is a dog lover of long duration. Below is his dog Moose. Lex designs jewelry at Graham Brothers Jeweler in Amarillo Texas.


More Dogs in Jewelry!

Since I have been sent all these great new dogs in jewelry pictures I’m putting them up top.

Brooke Ramus’ pup, Ernesto Giuseppe says, jewelry modeling is my game. Brooke runs Aurifame in Boca Raton Florida. That is one stylin’ dog.

Biscuit Looks Like He’s a Curious Dog

Tilted head dog in pearl necklace

Biscuit is the jewelry helper dog at Clinton Jewelers in Albany, Kentucky. His owner is Donna Shearer Butler. If he cocked his head at me while I was trying to decide on that special pair of earrings, I’d look at him and say, “Yes they do look amazing. Sold!”

This Fluffy Cutie Pie Can Wear My Pearls Anytime!

Small pomeranian in three rows of pearl jewelry

David Wachler, owner of this cute dog owns Wachler Estate Collection in Birmingham, Michigan. I think she’s pretty pleased to be rocking pearls.

Little Dogs in Pearls

I love Gene Spratford’s little darling Sapphire. Gene owns Spratford Fine Jewelry, in Overland Park, Kansas. Those adorable ears pricked forward showing how much fun she is having in her pearls.

French Bulldogs Make Great Jewelry Models!

Keri Towle, the owner of Fritz the Frenchie, hit the jackpot when she chose this sweet little guy. Keri works with Bryan and Son Fine Jewelers, in Aberdeen Washington.

Ireland Jewelers Decorate Their Dogs in Jewelry Too

This jewelry loving Cocker Spaniel is the jeweler dog of Martin Gear of Martin Gear Jewelers in Dublin, Ireland. Martin was an early adopter of video to share his jewelry. His dog Cindy is clearly a pearl lover and she’s jumping toward the camera man in enthusiasm.

Big Dog Ears Demand Big Tahitian Pearls

Penny looks smart with her observant eye and fashionable in her Tahitian Pearl necklace. Who could resist her? Not owner Karen Bandy, of Karen Bandy Studio, in Bend, Oregon.

Big Dogs Get Big Neck Chains

Big pitt bull Dog in big gold chain neck choker

Miguel Del Moral is a pretty fun jeweler. And creative too. He’s created Big Dog Chains, a website for big dog sized chain collars. He’s owner of Del Moral Jewelers in Greenfield Park, Quebec. Pictured above is Favorite Maui, on a photo shoot. Miguel really does like big dogs. Here’s another:

These pictures from Miguel are dog models for real. I liked having a human in with my dog pictures!

Maverick Likes to Wear Multiple Necklaces


Fred Hornshuh’s dog is an awesome jewelry model. They have Carlson Brothers Jewelers in Tacoma Washington. The beautiful photo is by FLH Custom Photography.

Estate Jewelry Manager Piglet in Sapphires


Amanda Lynn Womack’s canine staffer greets everyone with a doggy smile. They work together at Replacements LTD in Greensboro North Carolina. I like the sapphire necklace that Piglet chose for this picture.

Pearls on Long Haired Dogs Need to be Long and Big


Tim Lorber and Gigi  make their store irresistible. It’s Key West Local Luxe, you guessed it, in Key West Florida. I’d love to pet your cute dog any day. Seeing all these dogs in jewelry makes me wonder if there is a dog out their photographed in a tiara? Gigi would be perfect!

Puppies Like to Model Jewelry Too


Sheri Gibbs Lien’s puppy River, an English Cocker Spaniel dives right into jewelry given a chance. They own Lien’s Jewelry in Minot North Dakota.

Duke, the Dog of My Heart, Models for a Minute


Duke is my surrogate dog. He kindly stood still long enough to model some jewelry. But he really wanted to lick me and my cell phone if it got in the way. But we managed to capture a couple of pics with his feel on the ground! Due to his exceptionally thick neck, it was a challenge to find a necklace to fit him. He’s an awesome dog, beloved by all our neighbors. He’s glammin it up for Calla Gold Jewelry. Thanks Duke.

This Standard Poodle Join the Pearls Parade


Jennifer Armenta Guilbreaux’s cute Standard Poodle looks completely at home in her pearls. Jennifer does all things jewelry at Ashley Blue Jewelers in Youngville Louisiana.

Twisted Steel for Canine Atlas


Tiffani Carter and Dana Hortman of Griffin Jewelers in Griffin Georgia have an awesome dog in Atlas, who happily, if with his tough guy face, shows off their biker jewelry. Their line, Twisted Steel Jewelry offers biker jewelry. Rings go up to size 20. Clearly they know their clients.

Pugs in Jewelry, Clearly Meant to be


Dave Varabioff, owner of GoldBay Gold in Mariposa California is the owner of the cute and unusually colored pug Camo. Dave told me Camo was in a gansta mood, so he’s sporting the double gold chain look. I think he needs to add a giant diamond encrusted ‘C’ pendant.

Pearl the Perfect Jewelry Model Dog


black and white dog in jewelryThis is Pearl. She works with Patty Ogle Terry at Rick Terry Designs in Knoxville Tennessee. She is the perfect jewelry model with her white chest, framing any colored gems perfectly.

Pug-tastic Sweetie in Graduated Golden Tahitian Pearls


This inquisitive pup belongs to Julie Sapnar, owner of Legacy Jewelers in Delran New Jersey. I can picture clients coming in with gifts and love.

Miss Maddie Romancing the Rubies


dogs in jewelryI love the way dogs are so expressive. Doreen Vashlishan’s Dog clearly likes jewelry. She’s wearing the “Pretty Woman” necklace. Doreen’s business is Werkheiser Jewelers in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

A Man and His Dog of Few Words


Dog jewelry

Russell Heidler is a hard working jeweler with an incredible hound dog. I had to include this amazing dog in a diamond necklace.

A Last Look at That Cute Adopted Dog Pearl

dogs in jewelry

I love that this dog was saved. She is clearly a sweet, alert and loving dog. Thanks again Lex for giving meaning to this blog post. We don’t just love dogs in jewelry, we love dogs.

I have a big smile on my face after seeing these beautiful dogs in jewelry. I hope you do too.

Thanks to the jewelers in my Facebook Group Jewelers Helping Jewelers!

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Claudine Contreras
Claudine Contreras
5 years ago

Aw Calla! Great picture of our Duke! Your site looks great and the pups are fun to see!

R&C Contreras