diamonds in the daytime

Diamonds in the Daytime, Sparkle Extra Brightly

Can you wear diamonds in the daytime? Grandma says no. Sorry Grandma, we have email on our cell phones and we wear diamonds in the daytime. You don’t need to search for a reason to wear diamonds in the daytime.

Back in the day of grandmas, as long as the sun was up, they’d leave their diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, and diamond studs locked up at home. And this was because..?

My Diamond Philosophy Including a True Confession

I never subscribed to that philosophy. I’ve always been the type of person who believed that jewelry was to wear—it wasn’t meant to stay hidden in the dark recesses of an old wooden box.

This Business Woman Looks Put Together With Her Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Subtle Earrings and Necklace

Jewelry has always been part of getting dressed in the morning for me, (True Confession Alert,) even when I wear sweats! I would no sooner not put on a ring or earrings than I wouldn’t put on my shoes.

When I get dressed…I dress all the way! (When you wear sweats you need earrings to show that these sweats aren’t who you are!)

Making My Case For Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

If I had to wait for a formal evening affair to wear my diamonds, they’ll be lucky to see the light of day twice a year. Why wait?

Simple Diamond Earrings Look Casual and Smart on Natalie Portman

I like to look professional and I like to wear diamonds.Fortunately, the two dovetail quite nicely.

Don’t you want to look nice and feel good when you go out during the day? Nice diamond jewelry helps you achieve both.

Five Reasons to Wear Diamonds in the Daytime

  1. Being clear and colorless, diamonds go with everything
  2. Diamonds add pizazz and liveliness to a look. Nothing sparkles like a diamond in the sun.
  3. Diamonds and success go hand in hand. Want to look more successful? Wear diamonds. More professional? Wear diamonds. Confident and winning? Wear diamonds.
  4. Wearing nice things simply makes us feel good. Diamonds are definitely nice things.
  5. You’ve all heard diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Would you leave your best friend home alone in the dark?

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

Don’t search for a reason to grab your best friends, your diamonds. And don’t be shy about wearing diamonds when the sun is out. Splurge on it! Just say yes!

Your Personal Jeweler,

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9 years ago

Hey, I have had exercisers in my classes wearing pearls and heavy silver necklaces through the sweat and fun. So why not diamonds in the day?

Dr. Lynn K. Jones
9 years ago

I inherited a diamond ring from grandmother 30 years ago. The ring was a little ostentatious, I felt, for my lifestyle. But I realized that I was either going to wear the ring or lock it up in a safety deposit box and probably never wear it. I decided to wear it. I get so many compliments on it and every time I do, it makes me remember my grandmother. She loved the ring and I love wearing it and remembering her.