A Vision, A Prize and me Deciding to Share

 Cindy Edelstein Jewelry Industry Rock Star

Cindy Edelstein Jewelry Industry Rock Star

It’s been almost two and one-half years since my industry friend Cindy Edelstein passed away. Read at the end of the post the fundraiser she inspired.

Several years before she passed, Cindy shared some jewelry designs she pulled together for what she called her “Customer Types,” and today, I’m proud to share them with you!

Cindy Edelstein, a Star in my Industry

Cindy Edelstein is a sales trainer, writer, and jewelry business consultant I admired for many years.  Her grasp of the inner workings of the jewelry industry, its details and people led her to develop some fantastic, bright ideas for helping jewelers connect with their clients.

At the MJSA EXPO, Where I Met Cindy in Person

Cindy had a great ability to see what different personality types might like in jewelry. She turned that ability into an opportunity to help  stores find the right designer jewelry mix to attract local jewelry lovers. That garnered a Gold Prize for Instore Magazine when she wrote the series”Customer Types” based on the formula she created.

Cindy and I met when I was a speaker at the MJSA EXPO in New York City.

Why Did She Start her Award Winning Column?

When I asked Cindy about her column she said, “We started this column as a way to help those who sell jewelry better understand the fashion sense of their varied clientele. There are so many types of fashion expressions and being able to relate to your customer makes you the best kind of salesperson. Success is making your client happiest with jewelry that will instantly feel like a personal heirloom.”

Instore Magazine, a Magazine I Dig

InStore Magazine

Instore magazine is a fantastic jewelry magazine for our industry and what I love about them is their edgy quality, their inclusion of funny stories, and how they create a community for jewelers to meet. It is Just they type of magazine that Cindy’s edgy customer types segments worked perfectly for.

What Type of Customer Am I?


The “Glamour Punk” Customer Type

Check out these four customer types to see which type you are!
Just click on the image

I picked four of Cindy’s creative customer types.

The Glamour Punk is just so much fun with:



Sharp pointy details

Dark Gems and Metal

Saying I’m not your ordinary girl

The "Edgy Creative" Customer Type

The “Edgy Creative” Customer Type

Are You An Edgy Creative?

She likes to break the rules with:

Alternate metals choices

Recycled materials

Upcycled from old to new

With holes and openings where not expected

With bubbly textures that surprise

Combining street and glamour

Using asymetric elements

The "Dude in a Suit" Customer Type

The “Dude in a Suit” Customer Type

Are You a Dude in a Suit?

I personally love a dude in a suit. What is Cindy saying these guys are wearing?

Stylized crosses


Cuff links. I’m so happy to read that!

Bracelets, seriously? I need to find the Santa Barbara guys wearing bracelets. I like seeing guys wearing bracelets.

Cool tanky watches

I am seeing more men in more jewelry and I love the trend

The "Corporate Couture" Customer Type

The “Corporate Couture” Customer Type

Corporate Couture

She’s an executive woman, what jewelry is she rockin’?

Hoop earrings

Earrings that move

Simple statement necklaces

Bold lightweight bracelets with simple and big links

Stacking rings – love them

I love seeing so much yellow gold, I’m seeing that swing to warm metals daily

That’s it on Our Walk Down Customer Type Lane

These aren’t all of Cindy’s Customer Types, just a sampling. I hope you are inspired to stretch your definition of your personal style and try something a little out of your comfort zone, you might just love it.

Cindy’s Legacy Lives On

After Cindy passed away in January of 2016, the industry rallied around her memory, and in 2017, The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (CJDG) launched an auction to pay tribute to her.  The second annual Cindy Edelstein Memorial Auction is scheduled to open online in early May 2018. The auction will end on Friday, June 1 at an event held at the Couture show in Las Vegas, where auction organizers will announce how much money has been raised.

Pushing the Envelope with Design,
Calla Gold

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Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Tracey B
Tracey B
5 years ago

Calla, I love that you wrote about Cindy and her interesting customer types. The way she weaves designer jewelry into her types is so great.
I’m a glamour punk!

5 years ago

Cindy understands the industry like no one else does. She has helped countless designers succeed. We are lucky that she is a part of our industry.

Philip Edelstein
Philip Edelstein
2 years ago

Thank you all, designers and jewelers for keeping my sister’s spirit alive. My sister and I grew up in my dad’s jewelry store. First in NYC and then in Staten Island NY. My sister chose a path to work with designers and as a journalist promoting our industry through her and Frank’s company, The Jewelers Resource Bureau. Please support the CJDG Auction. Miss you Cin- Thanks to all.

2 years ago

Wow. Awesome jeweller collection and personality sets. I like the way they share the details in a single Image. It is very easy to understand people that want a type of style and jewelry and which collection they have to be.
Thanks one again for sharing a wonderful post.