Jewelry Revitalization and Redesign

Santa Barbara jewelry redesign pro Calla Gold can transform your current, inherited or dated jewelry. Calla can resize earrings and rings, personalize pieces with engraving, revitalize divorce diamonds and rework gifts that aren’t your style.

The average woman has at least five pieces of fine jewelry she hasn’t worn in five years in her jewelry box. These neglected, forgotten and under-loved treasures may just need expert jewelry revitalization or resizing. Calla Gold will carefully revive your faded, discolored, or un-wearable jewelry. Working with you personally, Calla will help you address and renew, repair, or repurpose each piece.

Inherited Jewelry Redesign

Our most meaningful jewelry pieces can be handed down over generations, or discovered in antique jewelry collections. Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold specializes in revitalizing antique jewelry or inherited jewelry, providing redesign for jewelry pieces or gemstones to give them a new life and new meaning.

The Perfect Gift: Revived Antique Jewelry or Jewelry Repair

Revitalized jewelry is a meaningful gift that shows you care deeply. Redesign heirloom jewelry as an anniversary gift, or as a personalized gift for your children or grandchildren. Restore antique jewelry for a unique birthday gift. Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold can tell your love story by designing a special custom engagement ring using inherited jewelry gemstones.

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Redesign Your Unworn and Broken Jewelry

18 thoughts on “Jewelry Revitalization and Redesign

  1. I have several wedding rings from from my children’s first marriages. They no longer want them so I want to have them redesigned into a nice ring for my granddaughter. I live in Tn.

  2. Calls this is Malone, what shall I do next about black rhodium plating on my necklace.

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to get some quotes. I have a large ring that my grandmother gave me to remind me of my grandpa (passed 6 months ago) and I cant wear it its very large. Im thinking I want it turned into a heart pendant. But Im not sure what my options are? I just want to carry him with me wherever I go. Really interested. Im located in Santa Barbara CA

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ashlee,
      I’ll email you and let’s make an appointment and we can discuss ideas.
      I love this kind of special family memory project.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  4. Can you change design on a ring? I already have designs on the ring but I want it to be a plain band

  5. I’m wanting to change the design of my ring. My husband is attached to it but I’m more traditional than the ring he picked. I’m wanting to add bands or do something where the original ring is intact so he is happy but it looks more traditional so I’m happy. Is this something you can help me with? I can forward pictures of course. Thanks!

  6. Hi,

    I have a ring which I would like to add white enamel to, I wonder if it would damage the ring ? It is sterling silver.

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

  7. I purchased a ring at Macy’s for a 1,000 and they said they couldn’t resize it after all the money I spent because of design is it possible you could need it sized to a men’s 11 it’s a size 10

  8. Hello,

    My engagement ring is gold plated. I’ve had it redipped before, but I’m getting tired of having to have it replated/dipped. I was wondering if there was a way to recreate my setting in solid gold, or somehow make it so it doesn’t wear off?

    Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Indira,
      I recommend finding a jewelry maker in your area that can make you a duplicate ring in 14 or 18kt gold. You’d need a jewelry maker or designer and not just someone who sells jewelry.
      Good luck with getting your engagement ring on solid gold footing!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  9. I have an old diamond ring setting that I would like to re-purpose. I would like the use the diamonds from it to make dangle earring jackets. None of the jewelers in my area re-make / re-purpose / recycle old jewelry. The ring has 8 diamonds, hoping to use 4 on each side to make earring jackets. I’m hoping you can help.

    • Hello Cynthia,
      That sounds like a cool thing to do with your diamonds.
      I’ll email you about your project.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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