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Revitalizing Your Jewelry – Costume Pearls – Sarah’s Story

By Calla Gold

Case Study: Sarah’s Faux Pearl Solution

Multiple pearl necklacesSarah’s Pearl Inheritance

Sarah inherited three strands of pearls from her grandmother, Maureen.  Maureen was known for her love of pearls and could more often than not be seen wearing at least one pearl necklace.

Not All Pearls Come From the Oyster

Of the three pearl necklaces Sarah inherited, the two strung with 8mm “pearls” turned out to be not real.  The other was a 14″ necklace made with real 5mm cultured pearls. Sarah’s comment was, “now I know how Grandma could afford so many strands of pearls.”

Did it Matter That Some of Her Heirloom Pearls were Faux?

Since her Grandmother gave them with love, it doesn’t matter that some of them were fake or faux, (french for fake and it sounds better.)

Her Grandmother was sharing her love for pearls and was not required to only give away expensive gifts.

Chances are she didn’t know what was real and what was fake.

Treat Costume Pearls Like Real Ones and They’ll Look Real

Pearl Necklace After Restring JobWhen you work with costume pearls, have them strung up fully knotted just like your real ones.

Use a proper fine gold clasp just like real ones. And wear them with the same pride you do your real ones.

How We Used Her Real and Faux Pearls to Achieve the Length She Needed

Alternate size pearl necklace with white cultured pearls

Sarah  tried on a number of blouses and shirts that she thought she’d wear with her Grandmother’s pearls. She liked the 22” length. She hadn’t worn anything in 14” since she was ten years old. We combined the nicest of her faux pearls from the two 8mm faux pearl necklaces with her smaller, 5mm real pearls.  We used a popular European style of alternating one large pearl with one small, all the way around for her necklace design.

This gave Sarah the length she wanted, while at the same time allowing her to wear something that meant a great deal to her.

Gold, Oval, Pearl Clasp with Amethyst and Pave Set Diamonds

Sarah’s Chosen Oval Clasp

For the clasp, Sarah chose a pretty, antique looking style. It’s a two sided oval box design with small, pave-set diamonds on each side and an Amethyst in the center.  It’s called a box design because the tongue of the clasp goes all the way inside of it. Sarah chose a two sided clasp because the old clasp that came with the real pearl necklace was one sided and spent most of it’s life looking weird and up-side down. Sarah was not going to wear that look.

Sarah’s newly re-made pearl necklace looks unique and makes her smile every time she wears it!

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

Love and cherish your pearls, especially the ones gifted to you. You can change the length or the clasp, you can combine pearls or beads and pearls together in different combinations. For sentimental reasons, you can combine faux pearls with real ones. If you have pearls real or faux lolling around unworn in your jewelry box, take them out and revitalize them and wear them. Remember : Wear It Don’t Warehouse It!

Calla Gold

7 thoughts on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry – Costume Pearls – Sarah’s Story

  1. Calla,
    Thanks for fun story about pearls. I am so happy that pearls are coming back in fashion and I really enjoy seeing young girls walking around wearing pearls.

    Last year when both my parents had open heart surgery on the same day at Mt. Sinai in NY, my sister and I spent a lot of time at Sinai Heart (a wonderful hospital,btw) and so admired one of their fabulous doctors who always wore a beautiful strand of pearls under her white coat.

    We got through that ordeal as a team and last Xmas my mother and dad got both my sister and me a beautiful strand of pearls. I wear them as often as I can with such gratitude for their life and their doctors, without whom they would not be here today.

    You made me a beautiful pair of earrings to go with that necklace with a couple of heirloom diamonds that we had left from another project. I get so many compliments on those earrings!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share in the pearl story!


  2. Calla – This is great!! I love your caring and yet totally practical approach to those special, inherited pieces of jewelry. And your friendly writing style makes it all so easy to read and absorb. Great photos, too. Thanks for doing this. – N

  3. Thank you Lynn and Nancy for your comments.
    Lynn your story about your parents is great. It’s one of those connections with jewelry that is unforgettable.
    Now I feel even happier about getting the opportunity to custom make your pearl earrings.
    Your Personal Jeweler,
    Calla Gold

    • Hi Poppy,
      I went and visited your blog. You have some nice tips. Your example of fake vs real pearls definitely illustrated the point that pearls real or fake, need to be worn tastefully, according them the respect they deserve. No wonderful pearl studs with tacky sports sweatshirt for sure.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your blog.
      Jewelry blogger,
      Calla Gold

  4. Hi

    Calla Gold

    Thanks for posting this blog. We are very happy pearls are coming back in fashion.

    it is good news for all the fashion lovers.


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