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How Much Does it Cost to Size my Eternity Band Ring?

By Calla Gold

Diamond and Sapphire Eternity Bands in White Gold

Diamond and Sapphire Eternity Bands in White Gold

“Can my Eternity Band Rings Even be  Sized? I was Told it Couldn’t!”

I’m a jeweler in Santa Barbara. Many Santa Barbarans love eternity band rings and believe me, after a while they need to be sized.

I specialize in sizing eternity band rings. It’s not easy, I’m not gonna lie, but it can be done.

I’ll give examples and prices of eternity bands I’ve worked on later in this blog. Read my commentary on eternities or skip to the examples.

You May Need to Replace Some Gemstones When Your Eternity Band Ring is Sized

Any time you have colored gems on the bottom of your ring they are going to get scratched up. Pretty soon they’ll look dirty to you all the time. Chances are that’s not dirt you’re seeing, but scratched-to-dullness you’re seeing.

Those same colored gemstones when on the top side of a ring, get a lot less rough touches than the ones on the bottom. That is why you need  to do more gemstone replacement with eternity bands than normal rings. See job #2.

It’s the price we pay to wear our awesome and beloved eternity bands!

“I Haven’t Worn my Eternity Band Ring for Ten Years Because it Doesn’t Fit!”

What breaks my jeweler’s heart is hearing from someone that they’re not wearing their ring because one or more “jewelers”  (probably uninformed sales people), have said, “it can’t be sized.” What they should say is, “I don’t do that.” But when a jeweler says, “it can’t be done ,” it sounds kind of final.

I recommend that the next time someone says to you, “it can’t be done,” get a second opinion. Preferably from a jeweler who also designs jewelry. A jewelry designer understands how jewelry is put together and isn’t as stumped by the difficulties offered by an eternity band.

 Job # 1 – 14kt Yellow and White Gold Eternity Band – Restoration and Sizing. Cost of Work $750.00.

A Much Loved Daily Wear Eternity Band Ring Gets New Life

A Much Loved Daily Wear Ring Gets New Life

My lovely new client had worn her ring daily for years and there were many missing rubies.

It also was so large on her that it could fall off if she shook her hand. She’d lost weight gradually and hadn’t realized how poorly fitting it had become.

The work we did to restore it included two new yellow gold outer bands, new bezel settings and new rubies where others were missing, re-tipped prongs, sizing from 8 – 6 and did general gold repairs within the design itself.

Job #2 – 14kt White Gold Eternity Band with Alternating Rubies and Diamonds. Sized and Replaced all Rubies. Cost of Work $460.00.

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Band Ring

Dramatic Before and After of Ruby and Diamond Eternity Band

This eternity band ring had been inherited and not ever worn by my client because it didn’t fit her.

She was really excited that I could size it. We agreed that replacing the ten rubies would be a great idea. I also did needed prong re-tipping.

I built a new white gold setting and added a new diamond. Where the work was done to enlarge her rings there are two diamonds next to each other. I sized her eternity band from size 4 to size 5.

 Job #3 – 14kt White Gold Eternity Band Sized two Sizes Larger and Added One Diamond. Cost of Work $255.00.

diamond eternity band

Front Band is an Eternity Band

This was a previously worn ring. It was exactly what my bride-to-be was looking for. She just needed it to be larger.

Happily for her in going two sizes larger I basically added a section of setting and one diamond and it was a nice fit for her.

I needed to use laser welding to make the connections so as not to damage the surrounding diamonds. Laser welding with its lack of heat conductivity also ensures that any earlier solder points connecting nearby settings won’t be undone by heat.

Job #4 – Platinum and Diamond Eternity Band Sized 1.5 Sizes Larger. Cost of Work $750.00

Eternity band of platinum and diamond

Inherited Platinum and Diamond Eternity Band

This was an inherited ring. It was too small for my client. She and her husband had tried a couple of times to get it sized and were told no. They visited me in Santa Barbara from Los Angeles to show it to me.

The scallop style of curve downs between each prong were quite deep and were what made it so beautiful. It was a challenge.

A new matching setting had to be created in wax, then cast up and placed securely and aesthetically in the ring. It was time consuming and technically challenging to make the connection seamless. We used laser welding for the connection.

When it was all done I was really pleased with it. As was my long distance client.

“Will My Eternity Ring Look the Same When it Gets Sized?”


Custom Made Eternity Rings Pairing Diamonds with Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. Any of These Can be Sized.

In job#3 she actually needed it to be 1.5 sizes larger. By adding one diamond it would be two sizes larger using the same size of diamonds she had. If she’d wanted to have it exactly 1.5 sizes larger I’d have had to make a plain gold sizing bar area to enlarge it.

One of the nice things about eternity band rings is they look fantastic no matter how they turn around so if they are a tad too large it is not problematic. A ring that is half a size too large with a top heavy design is a problem and ring spinning can occur. With an eternity band, ring-spinning would never be a problem and so a half size too big is no biggie.

If the size you need is not achievable, because the size of the added gemstone and setting is just wrong, a sizing bar of just gold or platinum can be made. When I’ve made these I often engrave them. It can make it harder to tell that there is no diamond there.

I once made a tiny puffy heart in gold in the sized area and it looked fantastic.

Eternity ruby ring, cracked

This Ring was Turned Down Three Times by Jewelers for Repair

So How Much to Size My Eternity Band Ring?

An all diamond eternity band is easier to work with as diamonds are tougher than other gemstones. Prong settings are easier to work with than channel settings or bezel settings. I’m not saying the more challenging gemstones and settings cannot be sized just that they are harder.

Eternity band with rubies.

Happy Ending! I Fixed This Lovely Ruby Cracked Eternity Band

An average 14kt white gold diamond eternity band ring with 5 point each (1 point = 1/100th of a carat) diamonds prongs set, to size 1 size larger could be around $250.00. The same ring made 1 size smaller could be closer to $200.00.

This is in no way a guarantee that that’s what your ring will cost, but it gives you a ballpark. If you bring that type of ring in and they want to charge you $1,000.00 just keep walking!

Eternity Band Sizing Jeweler,

Calla Gold


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10 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Size my Eternity Band Ring?

  1. So, in fact, they aren’t “eternity” rings if they can be resized? Just a little word playing with you. This is really interesting, and I bet a lot of people are really glad you wrote this post. That really drives me crazy when “it can’t be done” is used instead of “I don’t know how” or something similar.

    • Hi Amy,
      You are such a word smith. Actually making the ring your size and still all the way around with diamonds or other gemstones not only keeps it an eternity, but celebrates love better because it gets worn!
      I so agree with you about the “it can’t be done” vs “I don’t know how” or worse “I don’t feel like it.”
      I recently went to a tailor to address a weird alteration. They said, “can’t be done.” I translated to “I don’t feel like it.” I went to another recommended by a friend tailor and they did it no problem. In fact with a smile. That’s my kind of tailor!
      Thanks for writing Amy!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  2. I’m thinking that people who get eternity bands maybe don’t know that their fingers will change. It seems like a way more expensive process to size an eternity band than a regular one.
    But if you’re wearing one it is like a tricked out sports car vs. maybe a Ford. One looks more fabulous and needs more care. And the other one is a car. I see why you’d want one!
    I wouldn’t mind an eternity band myself. Maybe we’ll just slip this link into an email for my husband. I like the fact that it symbolizes eternal love.

    • Hi Tracey,
      You are right that it is more costly to size an eternity band. I have a number of eternity bands. I made mine slightly too large since if they turn it is not a problem. I’ve had them for about seven years and so far they are fitting just fine. I’ve replaced three diamonds in that time and I’m totally OK with that. I lost them while carrying luggage. Ugg. I now wear different rings or carry things without stressing my rings.
      I love my eternity bands because they are just so comfortable!
      I love that they mean eternal love too!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  3. Trying to find someone to size my diamond ring eternity band. I live in Oklahoma and can’t find anyone here that will. They say it can’t be done.
    Thank You

  4. I got married and my husband misjudged my size.
    My solitaire ring was sized down from 6 to 5.25, but the eternity band is the problem.
    I am a nurse, washing and using my hands constantly and athletic on days off riding my horse…the loose band is uncomfortable.
    Sizing down ( removing one diamond stone setting) would feel much better.
    Yes, a jeweler told me 800 at least.
    My ring is size 6 platinum with 22 pronged individual diamonds.

  5. Do you perform work for out of state clients? My wedding band is an eternity band of sapphires and diamonds set in white gold. Sadly, it is too snug and I haven’t ever been able to wear it, or find a jeweler who can help.

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