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The Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger

By Calla Gold

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

Sizing This Ring Larger Involves High Jeweler Expertise and Multiple Risks

The Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller, What is Involved? 

I’m a Santa Barbara California jeweler, and people ask me all the time the cost of sizing a ring larger vs smaller. In fact, over the last thirty years, I may have been asked that question more than any other.

Sizing Ring Costs and Dining Out Costs

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. It’s like asking how much it costs to dine at a decent restaurant. Will you be ordering appetizers? Wine? Dessert? You and your spouse could spend $50. You could spend $200. There are many factors to take into account.  So, for this blog I will cover the cost of sizing a ring larger, as well as some of the other variables that affect cost .  Next week I’ll cover the costs of sizing a ring smaller.

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

This Ring Costs More to Size A) Because it is Wide and B) Because it Has a Heat Sensitive Emerald on it

What is Involved in Sizing a Ring Larger?

The first thing to consider when sizing a ring up is its size. By this, I mean how wide and how thick is the shank (the shank is the bottom part of a ring that sits under the finger).

More metal will have to be inserted into a thicker, wider, and heavier shank than a thinner one. Since gold is selling for well over $1000 an ounce, the difference can be significant.

The second factor to consider when sizing a ring larger is how many sizes up the ring is being sized. Going from a size 5 to a size 10 will cost considerably more than going from a size 5 to a size 5 ½. Much more metal will have to be used.

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

Sizing This Band Larger is Less Costly Because There are no Gemstones to Deal With

Generally any sizing over 2 sizes becomes more complicated by the need to change the original shape of the ring. This can effect mountings and design elements for the worse.

The third issue in considering the cost is the amount of labor that will be involved.

Typically, this constitutes the greatest part of the cost and since there are so many factors involved, I will divide these factors up and cover them separately in this post.

The range of cost for a simple minor sizing up of a thin gold ring with no gemstones: $45 to $85.

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

With its Three Rows of Inlaid Onyx, This Man’s Ring Will Cost More to Size Larger or Smaller

What Effects the Labor Costs in Sizing a Ring?

The cost of the labor is what largely determines the cost of the sizing. A simple, smooth, gold band will cost less to size than a big opal ring surrounded by multiple diamonds.

A sizing that involves an alteration of less than one and a half sizes will be less expensive.

More Labor Intensive; Dealing with Gemstones and Heat

Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are not as sensitive to the heat generated by the soldering process as some super sensitive gemstones. For  this reason they can often be left in the ring during the sizing. Other stones, such as opals and emeralds, can’t take the heat and have to be removed before any heat can be applied.

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

This Opal was Removed for the Sizing of This Ring

Any time gemstones have to be removed and then reset will add to the cost of the sizing.

Range of cost to unset and reset the gemstones on your ring: $20 to $100.

An alternate to this is to use laser as the soldering tool instead of open flame solder. This is more expensive, but a life-saver for otherwise unalterable rings.

Ring Setting Styles and Their Effect on Sizing Costs

Some settings are easier to deal with than others. An opal set inside a bezel will require much more work than one held in place by four prongs. Oftentimes, bezels have to be cut open to remove the gemstone and then reconstructed once the ring is sized.

But if the choice is doing this work and wearing your opal ring or just letting it sit in the jewelry box, it is worth doing.

Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller

If This Ring Needs to be Sized More than Two Sizes we may Need to Remove One or More of the Gems Because the Channel May Move Out of Alignment as the Ring Changes Shape

Channel settings are notorious for going out of alignment in the sizing process. This is especially true when sizing rings up or down by more than a couple of sizes. A good jeweler can deal with this.

This could involve un-setting some or all of your gemstones. Once  the un-setting of gemstones is done, then the sizing is done and then the needed work done to restore the integrity of your channel setting. At this point at the new size the gem re-setting of your gemstones is done. You may need to pay for broken gemstones from this process.

Range of cost to handle channel setting ring work beyond sizing: $25 to $200.

Final Words

As you can see, there are as many factors to consider when sizing a ring larger as there are when determining what you’ll pay when going out to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Keep in mind, we have more to go over next week! Namely sizing a ring smaller and what is involved in that!

Halo engagement ring with diamonds everywhere!

This Platinum ring Which was Sized From a 7 to a 4.5 is an Extreme Sizing. You Can Read About it in My Blog Post About Ring Sizing and Prices With Examples (link to the right of picture)

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Ring Sizer Extraordinaire,
Calla Gold

Here’s the link to the companion blog post to this one: The Cost of Sizing a Ring Smaller.

12 thoughts on “The Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger

  1. I have a diamond ring with a a plain 14kt gold shank, its a 6.50, I need a size 9.00,could you give me a ball park price on sizing it, I would have to mail it to you.thank you for your time, Rita

  2. Hey,
    Im planing on getting my mums wedding ring resized for her aniversary…it is a gold ring with about 3-5 diamonds in it how much would it cost to go up one size?

    • Hi Jordynn,
      Are you in the Santa Barbara area? In that case I’d ask to see it or see pictures.
      If you are not in my area, it’d depend on your local jeweler. My prices and projects show are an example and not in anyway written in stone.
      Princing depends on width of the shank of the ring where the sizing will take place, whether the sizing will cause the settings to need readjustments and like that.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  3. I have a gold ring to be sized from 7 to 6 1/2 and another to be sized from 7 to 7 1/2. Can the gold from downsizing be used for upsizing? What will approximate costs be?

    • Hello Judy,
      Just like a brake job on a Mazerati and a Toyota differ in price so from one ring to another the prices differ. That’s why I included pictures of actual rings sized, the amount sized and the pricing for each. If you would like to send me pictures of these rings I could give you my estimate of pricing. I need all the views mentioned in this article:
      I think I mentioned that different jewelers charge different amounts. I’m in California, in the small town of Santa Barbara. I’d imagine it costs more in big cities to get the work done.
      There are approximate costs given in this post and I have other posts with ring sizing costs that are referenced below the article.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  4. Re: 15 gold rings, one to be up a half size and one to be downsized a half size. Approximate cost?

  5. I am thinking of purchasing an estate piece that needs to be sized from a 5 1/4 to a 71/2. It is set in heavy 14k white gold and has a few stones on each side of the band. Person selling the ring states it appears to have been resized previously. Can it be sized up?

  6. My engagement ring is a sterling silver band, with white topaz gems. It’s a size 6, and I need it sized up to a 7. Can you give me a ballpark figure as to how much that would cost? Thank you in advanced.

    • Dear Ashley,
      Without looking at it my guess is suspect and not to be used against the real jeweler who would do the work. I’d guess between $35.00 and $75.00.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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