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Jewelry Review – Guardian Backs vs Screw Backs

By Calla Gold

Lost Screw Backs and the Earring Infection of Josie Ann

Screw Backs and Threaded Screw Posts

Josie Ann’s husband finally got those diamond studs she’s been hinting about for ten years. She was over the moon. Until one of them almost went down the drain in her shower.

Josie Ann has a heck of a lot of curly hair and as she says “it’s like another person.”  And that person was not happy with the diamonds! Clearly, or it wouldn’t have yanked one of them of her ear right?

She ran down to the mall and asked what were those screw things her friends told her were the most secure thing ever. She ended up with screw backs and they were so much of a production to take off that she wore her diamonds all the time until one of the screw backs pinged off in the shower.

What is it with showers?

Josie Ann Living the Blessed Life

For the second-time Josie Ann’s backing had come off, and both times the diamond stud stayed in. Seriously blessed. She had a freak out attack anyway. Wouldn’t you?

When she unscrewed the other one, and took it off, it’d been in so long it kinda hurt coming out and she got an infection for a few days because as she said, “the goo and grit on that thing was knee high to a pig in a wallow.”

“How long had you worn those?” I asked.

“Maybe a year.” She shrugged.

That would explain the goo and grit. It is a good idea to take your earrings off and clean them weekly. A year is pushin’ it.

Guardian Backs

Maybe it Wasn’t Such A Good Idea to Look THAT Close

I showed her the screw back posts under my magnifier. She said that was so gross she might never wear them again. I then showed her her finger under magnification. She said she might never touch herself without gloves again. She’s pretty funny. But seriously everything looks freaky under ten times magnification. But the fact remains that a lot of junk can get caught in the screw pattern of a screw post on earrings.

It’s one of the downsides of screwbacks. The other is that there is this assumption that the screw back is the most secure thing ever for your diamond studs. Weeeeeeell. Maybe not.

Do You Lose Earrings Often?

Guardian Backs for Security of Earrigns

Side View, Sharing the Easy on the Fingers Curve That You Squeeze to Open

That’s what I asked Josie Ann. “Not really.”

“Then why the screwbacks in the first place?”

“Well because the diamonds are worth more than I am for starters!”

“So it’s not screwbacks you need, it’s peace of mind right?”


Guardian Backs and Why They are Secure

Squeeze it From the Side and it Unlocks

“I want to share with you a very cool backing style that is very secure and it doesn’t need to be screwed off.”

“Does it have goop catching lines?”

“Nope, except for its safety notches it’s smooth as a baby’s butt.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“When these go on they don’t come off until you press the sides together. If you don’t press the sides and you manage to work the back towards the end of the post, they’ll hit the locking line and lock in there.”

“No screwing at all?”


There are Two Deep Locking Lines to Stop the Backing From Coming Off

“I’ll take ‘em.”

“Wait you have one more choice.”

“I’ve already picked my favorite piglet, you’ve got yourself an uphill battle here.”

“It’s just my full-disclosure nature.”

“Suit yourself.”

Monster Backs for Security and Ear Lobe Support

monster backs vs regular earring backs

Larger Monster Earring Backs vs Normal Small Earring Backs

“Monster backs support the back of your earlobe so it can’t sag forward.”

“Seriously, my diamonds are not that big!”

“They also take concentration to take off because they are thicker than normal backings and larger. So they don’t come off by themselves. You need to concentrate and give a controlled grip to get them off.”

“They sound very nice sweetie, but I’m going for them guardian backs.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll order them, solder on the new posts and have you back in your diamond studs soon.”

“That sounds great. Now what do you have in pendants with horses on them?”

4 thoughts on “Jewelry Review – Guardian Backs vs Screw Backs

    • Hi Sherill,
      Not skeptical at all. I found the lack of a locking element to be the most troubling thing of all.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  1. This was very helpful. I’ve noticed more ear infections with my diamond studs with screwbacks than my pearls with straight posts. So I can report from the earring infection battlefield that this is a true concern.
    I’ve read many of your posts and this one was very informative. I am now planning to change backs. I’m getting your guardian style as soon as I talk to my jeweler.
    Wish you were closer.

    • Hi Tracey,
      I wish I was closer too, but I’m glad that you’ll get your local jeweler to help you solve the screw post problem.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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