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Wedding Rings

2 thoughts on “Wedding Rings

  1. Thank you for the review of tungsten and titanium wedding rings. However, for those of us who bought expensive tungstens rings and now need or desire to replace them, do you know of a person or place that will buy such rings? Mine is a tungsten/platinum ring from Robbins Brothers and the pawn shop won’t touch it! I’m laughing but it’s really not funny to me…

    • Dear Steve,
      This is no laughing matter, I’ve spoken with people who poured a lot of love and time and thought into their alternate metal ring. Special wood inlays, dinosaur bone etc. Once it doesn’t fit them there seems to be no secondary market. What are the chances of finding someone who wants your exact ring and your size is the same as theirs? Not good. That pawn dealer knows the chances of him or her finding a buyer for that ring that can’t be sized are nil.
      I don’t know how you can sell it. Does Robbins offer any help?
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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