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Various styles of unique custom jewelry designs by Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold.

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  1. Hi i really like your rose gold wedding band. the one with the engraving on it. I would love to make the same one of my future husband. But maybe not in rose gold. What do you think? And is this possible?

    • Hi Keli,
      I could definitely make that wedding band with engraving in white or yellow gold or even platinum.
      One thing that makes the engraving really pop is the black rhodium on it. You’d want to let me know if you just wanted engraving or the addition of the black rhodium finish.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  2. Hi. Just found your add on face book and have a couple. questions. I have a wedding ring that I love that I would like to enhance. It’s on a wider band with diamonds. The change is on the head of the ring which has a marquise diamond. I would like to enhance this part by adding small diamonds around the halo to almost look like a float.

    Can you tell me if you do, that the pricing might be?

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