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Charm Bracelets vs Charm Necklaces

By Calla Gold

24" long charm necklace in 14kt yellow gold

Joanne’s Charm Necklace in Gold Shows Each Individual Charm

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are so full of love and memories and cute little jewelry treasures. That’s the good news. The bad news is they catch on things, rip your nylons, wreck your sweaters, (the ugly!) scratch your key board and get in the way. What’s a girl to do?

In this post I’ll show you why charm necklaces are cool and share a wonderful way to get versatility from your charm necklace in the length department. I’ll also just celebrate the awesomeness of charm bracelets and necklaces.

Three Reasons You Might Convert to a Charm Necklace

1. People can see your charms more easily and enjoy them more

2. As a necklace you leave behind the negatives of wearing a charm bracelet

3. You are more likely to wear and enjoy your charms if they are on a necklace.

The Classic Charm Necklace

In the classic charm necklace I remove the close together charms and redistribute them in a more spaced out way, along the longer length of the charm necklace. See Joanne’s charm necklace at the top of the post.

A very popular length is to make your charm necklace is 24″ which generally hits above the mid point of the breast.

Two charm bracelets combined

Notice the Little Clasp at the Center, Which Hides When She Wears the Necklace

A Very Versatile Charm Necklace!

When I visited my client Mindy she was wearing a very cool charm necklace. She showed me how she shortens it. I loved it and had to share this great idea with you.

She combined two charm bracelets with no change in charm position to start with. She just used her lobster clasp to connect to the second bracelet. That’s a very easy thing to do.

Wearing a Charm Necklace Long or Short, Your Choice!

Using a thin long chain and a large end ring that allows the chain to come back through it, you have a recipe for versatility in necklace length for a beautiful charm necklace.

Long version of charm necklace in sterling silver

The Long Version of This Charming Necklace

Two charm bracelets combined into an adjustable length necklace

When the Lengthening Chain is Doubled, It Halves the Length of This Charm Necklace

How it Works

Having choices with the length of chain you wear opens up the possibilities for what clothes you can wear that necklace with.

Using Mindy’s long chain that connects to the combined charm bracelets this charming necklace gets twice as many opportunities to be worn.

The great thing about Mindy’s necklace is that if she decided she wanted to wear one of the charm

Showing how a necklace can be shortened

How Mindy Cuts the Length in Half.

bracelets as a bracelet only again she can do that by removing the long chain where it connects to the charm bracelet clasp.

Do You Have a Charm Bracelet You’re Not Wearing Enough?

It may need new charms to liven it up and add to its cuteness or it may need to be more comfortable and convenient to wear. Here’s what EHow has to say about charm bracelets.

Persian Seals Necklace

Joyce Collected Persian Seals for Her Daughter While Living Overseas. They’re Now a Beloved Charm Necklace

What is So Special About Charm Jewelry?

Charm bracelets and charm necklaces are the most personal statement of your likes, your loves, your favorite places and things.

A charm bracelet or necklace can be one of the most cherished family heirlooms as it reminds family members of trips and milestones in a life well lived.

Charm Necklaces Are Fantastic

If you’re not wearing your charm bracelet enough….think about the idea of converting to a charm necklace. “Wear it Don’t Warehouse it!”  ~ Calla Gold






4 thoughts on “Charm Bracelets vs Charm Necklaces

  1. I never thought of wearing a charm bracelet as a necklace. Or even of wearing a charm necklace, for that matter. I envisioned it to be very gaudy, but you’ve proven me wrong. It looks great as a statement piece while also, like you said, making a statement about yourself. I love thinking about other unexpected ways to wear my accessories, so thank you for this!

    • Hi Lisa,
      It makes my day to see someone consider a new viewpoint about jewelry in general, but especially charm necklaces!

  2. This is such a clever way to turn an otherwise unnoticeable, snagging, noisy and outdated piece of jewelry into a trendy, cute, eye-catching, conversation-starting sparkle to wear around the neck! Absolutely CHARMING! Such a great idea!

    • Lisa,
      I love your CHARMING comment! It is much appreciated! You make me so glad I wrote about charm bracelets and charm necklaces!

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