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A Beautiful Spinel Ring
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Exciting news to everyone with an August birthday – spinel is now one of your birthstones! 

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers of America (JA) decided in June to include it with August’s birthstones.

Spinel Joins Sardonyx and Peridot

It joins sardonyx and peridot on the official list of August birthstones.

JA’s president and CEO, David J. Bonaparte, says, “At certain moments in history, when there is a strong call from gem enthusiasts to expand the list of official birthstones, Jewelers of America believes in recognizing the importance of historically significant gemstones and giving gemstone lovers a choice that suits their preferences.”

Choice Is a Wonderful Thing

multiple colors of spinel gemstone

The Many Colors of Spinel!
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August is now one of only three months represented by more than two gems. Although sardonyx and peridot are beautiful gems with their own unique features, maybe they just weren’t your thing! Here’s why you should love spinel.

Spinel can be found in many colors. Although vivid red is generally the most desirable color, it can also be cobalt blue, bright pink, bright orange, lavender, black, violet blue, greenish blue, grey, mauve, yellow, and brown. Having so many choices means that you can find the perfect gem to fit your style!

An Underappreciated Gem

The "Black Prince's Ruby", Located In the Center of the Crown, Is Actually Spinel!

The “Black Prince’s Ruby”, Located In the Center of the Crown, Is Actually Spinel!

The GIA calls spinel a good candidate for “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem.” Several of history’s most famous “rubies” were later identified as spinel. In fact, two of the crown jewels — the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Timur Ruby — are large spinel gemstones!

Spinel is a hard and durable gem, right between quartz and rubies on the Mohs hardness scale. Its octahedral structure sets it apart from other gems and gives it a beautiful depth. It is found most commonly in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Burma (Myanmar), but deposits of it have also been found in Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar.

I personally love it and having it as an official birthstone is happy news for all August babies.

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4 years ago

So interesting and a beautiful stone! I had no idea months had more than one birthstone each! Very cool.

Valeries Vintage
Valeries Vintage
4 years ago

Informative article. I used to know that greenish blue is the most desirable colour.
Can you advise what gems will be popular this fall and winter 2016/2017?

4 years ago

I’m one of the August babies. I have a jewelry box full of peridot jewelry from my childhood. Evidently birthstone gifts were all the rage. Unfortunately.
I have I guess pinkish skin and I look dreadful in the light yellowy green that is peridot.
This news is fantastic. I’ve always loved red gems, so if it’s good enough for the crown jewels, spinel is way good enough for me.
Do all jewelers carry a nice selection of spinel?
Is it a usual thing to add birthstone choices?
This is my kind of good news.

Jennifer Goddard Combs
4 years ago

Who knew they could so easily add birthstones! How exciting for all August babies, me included! I feel so special. Do you know why exactly it was added? Or how it was chosen?