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My Wedding Rings in Edible Magazine for Two Beautiful Women

By Calla Gold

Edible magazine

Wedding Guide – Edible Magazine

I’ve Often Said Beautiful Jewelry Looks Edible!

Many of you know about a magazine you can get locally called Edible magazine. It’s available all over the US with each region independently writing its own unique articles about their locality. I did a blog post in 2012 that involved the original founders of Edible magazine.

Our lives intersected happily and Carole asked me to restore a ring with an incredible family back story. I have fantastic before and after pictures of her project that you’ll enjoy.

I absolutely love reading Edible magazine for all the locavore cooking, nose to tail chef articles, local artisanal foods and farming innovators. The local publishers, Krista Harris And Steven Brown made my day when they featured two of my rings in their magazine.

The current issue, Winter 2017, has their Wedding Guide inside and I’m pleased that my delightful couple and the beautiful rings I designed for them are featured.

Laura and Diane’s Wedding Rings. Photo Kveta Photography

Working with Diane and Laura was such a pleasure. They each had a different idea of the kind of ring they wanted to wear to suit their lifestyle and to symbolize their love. The unifying theme in their rings is the Princess cut center diamonds and platinum. Each of them expressed who they are in their designs.

Laura wanted a simple and sleek design and yet wanted it to look interesting. We used hand engraving to decorate the planes of the ring. Diane enjoys lacey delicate designs with curves and openings. The intertwined design spoke to their joining of hearts and gave a light and airy feel to her ring.

Like the locale they chose to marry in they were mindful of all the details in the creation of their rings. I want to give them each a blue ribbon for choosing excellent color and clarity in their diamonds. When a ring features just one diamond it is important that it look amazing. I love them and I love their rings.

Your Personal Jeweler,

2 thoughts on “My Wedding Rings in Edible Magazine for Two Beautiful Women

  1. My congratulations to the two beautiful women getting married in such a lovely place with your special rings.
    I’d never read that magazine before. I loved it and tried the Apiary because of the article and loved it.
    Those rings are so pretty.

    • Hi Tracey,
      That is so cool that you have discovered Edible Santa Barbara and the Meadery that is the Apiary. I too have been there and love the “Jun” probiotic drink.
      I hope my couple sees your sweet congratulations, they were wonderful to work with. And I too love their rings.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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