Wedding Ring Quizzes: Your Dream Wedding Ring

Design Your Dream Wedding Rings book coverIn my book “Design Your Dream Wedding Rings, From Engagement to Eternity” I go over many aspects of custom ring design, but how do you keep all the information handy in one place? How do you note down your metal preferences? Your finger size? Whether or not you want a vintage feel? I thought long and hard about that.

Why Quizzes For Wedding Rings?

I thought about organizing wedding ring information and the many different ways people pull together information before and after we meet for a design consultation. I decided quizzes would work well. Having seen the folders of little notes in a disorganized mess and watched one or more partners in a relationship struggle to find notes on their cellphone, it made sense to have one place for the answers.

I made these quizzes up after years of designing wedding rings.  I used questions I ask my clients to ask you questions on the quiz.

I put the wedding ring quizzes at the back of my book. One for women and one for men. Which one do you think has the most questions? You’ll have to go look!

Wedding Ring Quiz page from book Design your dream wedding rings, from engagement to eternity

Part of the Wedding Ring Quiz for Women

These quizzes cover a lot of territory. From your finger size and ideal width of your ring to whether or not you like milgrain or decorative hand engravings, its in there. And more.

Can I Download These Quizzes?

wedding ring quizzes

Here’s Where the Wedding Ring Quizzes Live

Click the link on the downloadable wedding ring quiz page on my site and you’ll be closer to your dream rings.

Who Do I Give My Quiz Answers to?

Once you’ve filled these out make sure someone you love has copies.  Your mom?  Your best friend?  Your future spouse’s best friend?  Or be bold and give it to your future spouse!

ring sizer for fingers narrow width

This is a Narrow Ring Sizing Gauge for determining your finger size for a Narrow Ring

The number one most important piece of information on the quiz is your wedding finger size.  You may never have measured that finger before.  Hint: it’s not the same size as your right hand ring finger.

Get your finger properly measured with a jewelers ring size set.  Don’t use paper, string or any other bright idea.

Happy couple with new engagement ring

This Couple Flew to Santa Barbara to Pick up Their Forever Ring

Why Not Just Look Till You See Something You Like?

There is no guarantee that you’ll see exactly what you want in a ring looking at pictures.

Three diamond rings made from one inherited ring

An Older Hand Looks Great with a Wider Design. Her Two Daughters Hands Look Beautiful in Thinner Designs.

You will wear your wedding rings daily. They not only have to be pretty, they need to make your hand look good. Pictures of pretty rings on a ring model’s hand won’t show you how a design will look on you.

Tiny, Thin Rings on a Larger Hand Can Fail at Making Your Hand Look Pretty. This Size 8 Hand Would Look More Beautiful With a Tad More Width and Some Hand Engraving or Interesting Design

You do not want to realize five years into your marriage that if you’d known about some other design options you would have chosen differently. Rushing to the first ring you like can be a mistake.

The style that looks great on your best friend, might muffin top your finger, or overwhelm your hand, or look unbalanced in some why. One ring design style does not fit all.

He Wanted us to Design a Ring for Her, “For Her Graceful Hands.” It’s Perfect on Her.

When you take the time to look at possible styles and details, your inner artist spreads its wings, and you end up with a wonderful design that expresses your taste. Of course it will look amazing, because you took the time to consider design options.

Mark Down the Answers to These Quiz Questions to Help You Find or Design Your Dream Ring

Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful or tell me your favorite question.

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