In a world of amazing, theatrical, creative, expensive and elaborate proposals, I loved hearing the story from their lips as Harry and Meghan patch-worked the story of roasting chicken in the kitchen.

He Proposed in the Kitchen

Harry went down on one knee and Meghan was completely surprised. Was she happy about the proposal and the Royal engagement ring? Harry says, “before I could give her the ring she said, ‘Can I say yes now?'” Big smiles all around.

This proposal story is intensely meaningful to me because Jeremy proposed to me in our kitchen while I was cooking a Dutch oven full of breaded eggplant lasagna, many years ago. It makes the memory all the more sweet.

Harry and Meghan and Thinking About Jewelry that’s Been Passed Down from One Generation to the Next

Loose Cushion cut diamond

In the royal couple’s case, the prince chose a beautiful, cushion-cut center diamond that he sourced in Botswana, where he and Meghan camped for their third date in their courtship. It’s not easy to be alone when you’re a Royal. Camping for five days will definitely let you know if you like someone.

The two side diamonds came from his mother, Princess Diana’s collection. Harry was quoted as saying, “I wanted to make sure she’s with us in this crazy journey together.”

Harry designed the Royal engagement ring for Meghan with jewelers Cleave and Company.  Not only will Princess Diana be part of the ceremony in spirit, but her memory will live on in the wedding ring of her new daughter-in-law.

royal engagement ring

Harry Did it Right with the Royal Engagement Ring

I love that Harry not only used diamonds from his mother, but that he custom designed a ring for Meghan. He showed great thoughtfulness in incorporating diamonds from his mom and in creating a ring just for Meghan.

If there is one thing the Royals have a lot of, it’s jewelry, but happily Harry resisted the easy solution of proposing with a previously made piece of jewelry and I applaud that. Harry and Meghan are their own couple and her ring should reflect their unique relationship.


Meghan’s Engagement Ring

Meghan’s engagement ring will stand the test of time with its simple, classic and elegant look. It suits her.

Megan with a Co-Star on the Show Suits

Yeah that was a pun, after acting for seven years on Suits, she’s hanging up her career to live the Royal life.

Raising Money For Charity and Having Fun

I’m imagining that with Harry and Meghan’s shared interest in philanthropy and volunteering they’ll be plenty busy and wonderful good-will ambassadors in their married life.

You Can be Royal Too

Harry set a great example in creating Meghan’s engagement ring, by using his mother’s diamonds. I think this is a great bandwagon to jump on. Royals aren’t the only ones with jewelry that hasn’t been worn in a while.

Instead of allowing Mom’s or Grandma’s engagement ring to languish in the dark recesses of your jewelry box, think about re-purposing its gemstones into something more contemporary. Not only is creating a new, custom-designed ring fun, the new ring carries the memory and significance of the loving family who wore it before you. That makes it priceless. Go on be Royal. Re-purpose your jewelry.

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