A One Carat Diamond on a Size 2 or a Size 10 Finger – MySparkly.com Review

This Beautiful 1ct. Diamond Looks Nicely Gigantic on Her Size 2.5 Finger

“My girlfriend said she loves the one carat size of her best friend’s engagement ring. But Trina is like a size four and my Becky is an eight and a horsewoman. Do I just get her a one carat diamond, or do we scale it up for her size?” Bertram was an engineer and he got me to thinking.

Here is a 1.30cts. Cushion Cut Diamond is on a size 8 Finger

I’ve sold one caraters again and again and they’ve always looked a bit different on each woman who wore it. This is based on the finger size, and the design chosen.

I had never looked deeper except to mention that people should contemplate the look they want on their hand not the picture in the magazine.

Then I found MySparkly.com!

MySparkly.Com and the Difference Finger Sizes Make

mysparkly.com screen shot

Diamond Size, Shape and Finger Size Options

Finding MySparkly.com was a happy event for me and perfect timing. I spent time looking for 1ct and similar sized diamonds on different sized fingers on the website. I share them with you to compare.

If you have a larger size finger, it’s a fun reason to go with a larger diamond. But it is not a requirement. It’d be very helpful in choosing favorite details to see how those details look on someone with your skin tone, your finger size and even a similar finger shape. That is the strength and helpfulness of the pictures submitted to MySparkly.com

A Halo Makes Your Diamond Look Bigger

If you have a particular size in mind and your budget says, “nope, you need to go a bit smaller than that,” consider adding a halo or even a double halo.

Double Halo engagement ring

This White Gold Ring is Size 8 With a Center Under a Carat With Two Halos

This Ring Has a .25ct Center Diamond With a Nice Bold Halo and Intertwined Band

This ring Has a .25ct center diamond with a nice bold halo and intertwined band. She is a size 9

Size 6 with a 3 carat Morganite with a halo.

Halos can be tiny or bolder depending on the size of the diamond and your finger size.

Comparing Vintage Styles on Different Finger Sizes

Many times when you have a larger finger style, your finger and hand can stand up to a wider shank and more detail. Check out how these vintage styles look.

Nice Use of Vintage Design Style on This 1.02ct. Round Diamond for a Size 7.5 Finger

||mysparkly.com screen shot. Three diamond ring with halos in vintage style in white gold

This Size 9 Three Stone Vintage Style Ring Has a Center 1.10ct. Diamond


This 1.37ct. Vintage Style Looks Great on her Size 6 Finger.

This size 5, Vintage Ring has a .50ct Diamond in the Center.

Skin Tones and Your Style

One of the things I love the most about MySparkly.com is the fact that there is a skin tone filter. We all look different and it’s super cool seeing examples on different skin tone types. I feel like that is missing from the ads I see.

mysparkly engagement ring

This Size 6, 1.30ct. Center Diamond Engagement Ring has a Tiny Halo.



This Size 5 Ring has a 10.05ct. Round Brilliant Diamond in it. No Halo Needed


This Size 10, 2.5ct. cushion cut engagement ring with a halo grabbed me

Three diamond engagement ring on African American hand

She’s Size 4, with a Three Diamond Engagement Ring with a 2.70ct. Center


What About Bertram’s Engagement Ring Choice for Becky?

yellow gold wedding set on the hand

Bertram Chose a Protective Setting for Becky’s Ring. Shown With Her Wedding Band

He went for a 1.45ct. round brilliant and had me set it in a semi-bezel so she can ride and be at the stables with it. Dude is smart!

Let me know in the comments what you think of this helpful site.

I hope you find MySparkly.com as helpful as I do.

Your Personal Jeweler,

Thanks to MySparkly.com and the lovely women who have posted there for most of the pictures in this post.

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Nancy Geng Vassilakis
6 years ago

My engagement ring is a size 6.25 with a .73 round brilliant diamond, no halo. I didn’t want anything bigger and the under a carat is just perfect. I also went with yellow gold as it was much warmer and don’t regret it.

The Chain Hut
The Chain Hut
6 years ago

Thanks Calla for sharing such a detailed post on sizes of fingers and diamonds. Superb content, keep shining like a diamond! Thanks once again…

6 years ago

I never thought about it, how a one carat diamond looks on different size fingers. It is such a good thing to check out. In trying on my best friend’s engagement ring, her 1.60ct. round diamond looked smaller on me than her as my hands are bigger.
Guess I’ll need a 2ct. diamond.

Kelly R
Kelly R
3 years ago

Your article about carats vs. finger size is probably one of the most useful pieces I think I’ve ever read online!