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What About Moissanite for Your Engagement Ring?

By Calla Gold

Dispersion of Light in Moissanite image

Moissanite Passed the Sparkle Test

Do Moissanites and Engagement Rings Mix?

Do I like it and do I sell it? Read on and find out. What is this post about?

As a Santa Barbara Wedding Jewelry Designer, I’ve had more than my fair share of questions about Moissanite as an alternate to Diamond.

I’ll give you the history, what it is, a laboratory grown material, the pro’s and con’s of Moissanite, and the advice on how best to select and buy it should you choose to go down the Moissanite path.

Moissanite Crater in Arizona

The Crater Moissanite was Found in.

Who the Hell Discovered Moissanite?

Moissanite was discovered by French chemist, Henri Moissan, in a crater in Arizona in 1893.

At first, he thought he’d found diamonds. It wasn’t until later that he identified the mineral as silicon carbide.

That was a seriously unsexy name. Which no doubt, was why it was changed to Moissanite in honor of its discoverer.

For more about Moissanite from our friends at EHow.

Does an Amateur Rock Hound Stand a Chance in Hell of Finding His Own Supply?

Naturally occurring moissanite is rare on Earth. So much so, that unless you have your own space ship and access to an asteroid belt, your only commercial alternative are lab grown stones. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A Piece of laboratory grown Black Moissanite

What the Hell are Moissanite’s Properties?

Depending on which scientific publication you read, Moissanite has a hardness of anywhere from 9.2 to 9.25 on the Mohs scale, putting it closer to ruby and sapphire at 9, than diamond—at the top of scale—at 10.0.

This means that it is a pretty hard stone and that, unlike softer, more scratch-able CZ, it isn’t going to scratch as much and look dull on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Moissanite also shows good fire and sparkle as well as typically having good clarity. The company that makes it has a policy of only selling VS Clarity and above. So you probably don’t need to look at one under a loupe to know it has good clarity.

As for color this is where you have to decide if you can settle for possibly less than ideal whiteness. This is on the website,

“However, you need to know that Moissanite cannot compare in color to a colorless diamond. Moissanite has a slightly darker (approximately H-K color) but really cannot be differentiated from a diamond in the same setting. You might be able to see a difference in color if you compared loose Moissanite stones and loose diamond stones.”

In some stones, very slight shades of green or yellow are apparent.

How (The Hell) Much Does Moissanite Cost?

Moissanite costs considerably less than diamonds. While a one carat diamond might cost $5,000, a similarly sized moissanite might only set you back $700.

Be aware, though, that while diamond size is measured by weight (in carats), Moissanite is usually measured in millimeters. This is because their weights are different. For this reason you’d want to order a 6.5mm Moissanite to get one similar in size to 1ct diamond.

Is Moissanite Suitable as Hell for Wedding Rings?

It depends.

Appraiser/ Jeweler looking in a microscope

Inspecting the Laboratory Results.

If you’re a purist and insist on a traditional, naturally occurring gemstone for your wedding ring, diamonds are the way to go. Moissanites are lab grown.

Natural diamonds take millions of years to form and could be said to be part of the history of the planet. Moissanites haven’t been around for quite so long. In fact, the particular one you’re looking at might have only been around since last Tuesday.

Diamonds are relatively expensive compared to Moissanites. If you want a larger stone but can’t afford the former, you might get the latter. Down the line, if you decide you want to switch the Moissanite for a diamond, by all means, do so. Swapping one gemstone for another is common and easy to do.

Three Reasons People might Not Buy Moissanite even though It’s Hella Cheaper and Hard Enough

There are three reasons why people might choose a diamond first:

1. Diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love and Moissanite isn’t. So you’d be letting everyone think it’s a diamond because it acts like one. That might get to kind of bug you if all your friends have a diamond and you just pretend you have a diamond. Like you maybe have a hollow symbol of love.

2. One day your kids will get your wedding rings and they might be bummed to find out that it’s not a valuable diamond. If they ever need money in an emergency, that Moissanite will not get it for them. It’s just not valuable like a diamond is.

3. If you are a guy and you decide to get your girlfriend an engagement ring with the size of stone she wants and the design she wants and you put in a Moissanite, because that’s all you can afford, well she’s going to find out. And that could get ugly.

This Chart Compares Different Gemstones in Hardness and Brilliance

This Chart Compares Different Gemstones in Hardness and Brilliance

The Six Hella Right Ways to do Moissanite

1. If you are going to use Moissanite, ask your girlfriend if she’s OK with that. That takes care of reason number three.

2. Look at the Moissanite gem your jeweler is going to set in your engagement ring before it is set. As I mentioned earlier they can have a slight greenish or yellowish cast to them.

3. Compare your Moissanite side by side to a diamond of a G color. Make sure you are comfortable with the difference in color of that Moissanite. The Forever Brilliant version costs a bit more, more but has a wonderful white color that I love.

If you do end up with a slightly greenish Moissanite and I see your fiancé on the street, I will know that is a Moissanite.

4. Look at the Moissanite under normal, ugly light, and outdoor light, not just a bright store diamond light that makes any stone look amazing.

5. Do not choose an emerald cut shape as that magnifies the presence of an off color look in the Moissanite gem. I like the round brilliant cut best as it minimizes the off-color look.

6. Moissanites over a 2ct. size can, because of their larger size, show that off-color aspect more. So either go with a smaller size or double check that you like the color before having it set.

JCK MAG JCK Magazine recently published an article about how Moissanite is whiter now due to a newer technology.

Hells Bells; Other Sources

See the website for Charles and Colvard to buy Moissanite.

Or call me to see Moissanite and discuss it as a choice. I do sell them.

Now you know what the hell a Moissanite is!

Check out my blog post: “When Engagement Diamond Dreams Hit Budget Bumps; Options,  Ideas and Alternatives.”

Calla Gold
Hell of a Great Jeweler

133 thoughts on “What About Moissanite for Your Engagement Ring?

  1. Thank you for your informative blogs, Calla ~

    I have a small Moissanite pendant – you really couldn’t tell the difference. I would wear a Moissanite ring, …however, NOT for an engagement ring! Unless, of course, the girl doesn’t mind. It might be a good substitute to wear while traveling, or for that bigger upgrade that’s not within your budget.

    Keep on keeping us informed! ~

  2. Calla this is a great post! I don’t usually read up on individual gemstones so I actually learned something new here. In fact, I didn’t know that moissanite was even considered as a substitute for a diamond.

    Congrats on your 175th post! You entertain and educate at the same time.

    • Matthew,
      Thank you for stopping by for my 175th blog post! I’m so delighted that you a jeweler found something new to know in my post. Yay!
      I enjoy your blog posts as well.
      Come again Matthew!
      Calla Gold

  3. Calla,
    I didn’t know about this stone and love the possibilities it presents! As usual, if I want to know the answer to a jewelry question, you are my go-to jewelry gal!

  4. Being a on-a-budget guy, I gotta say this was one heck of a helpful blog to stumble upon!
    I appreciate you talking about moissanite without shredding it. I spoke to a local jeweler about moissanite, who said it was junk and not to buy it. He obviously wanted to sell me a diamond.
    After reading your post I discussed it with my girlfriend and she’d rather be my wife with moissanite, than my girlfriend waiting for a diamond.
    She’s my true blue girl.

    • Hello Jerome,
      Thank you so much for letting me know I helped. I wish you and your wonderful girlfriend, soon to be wife all the best in your life!
      Calla Gold

  5. Dear Calla,

    We are suppliers in diamonds and moissanites for many years.
    The reason I am writing you here is thank you for blogging about moissanite.
    I’m wanting to tell you and your readers that there are black moissanites and green moissanites too. They are pretty and you might want to consider them in a jewelry design.

    God Bless you.

    • Hello Prakesh,
      Thank you for writing from one jewelry industry person to another. I appreciate seeing on your site pictures of black moissanite. I’m glad to see them. I knew they existed but had never seen them before.
      Calla Gold

  6. I have a moissanite engagement ring. My fiance gave me a real diamond when he proposed. The design and setting was not my type( I prefer a simple band with one stone) and the stone was of a VS clarity, but due to budget, he can only afford a 1/3 carat for a G color.
    Since our 1st year anniversary was coming up, I asked him if he could just give it to me as an anniversary ring, and get me a 1 carat moissanite with the classic setting that I prefer as my engagement ring. He was shocked but hey, I am a practical person. I would not want a very expensive engagement ring, I’d rather have the money invested in a house and he agreed. I just want something nice to wear, and I don’t believe that the price of a ring is tantamount to a measurement of his love for me. I believe in what he tried to give me with whatever he has is enough. I love the ring but I love him more.

    • Dear W,
      Reading your lovely comment warmed my heart. It sounds like you have a wonderful man. And he’s lucky to have you!
      Thank you for writing about your experience with choosing moissanite!
      Calla Gold

  7. Ms. Calla,
    It’s truly a nice and useful piece of info to read about Moissanite from you. I
    am happy that you simply shared this helpful information
    with us. Please keep us up to date on jewelry topics like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Marcela,
      Thanks for your response. I’ll definitely keep it up. I’m working my way through the frequently asked jewelry questions I get. Feel free to write me one.
      Calla Gold

  8. Amazing blog, thanks for sharing such great information about moissanite on your blog. I ended up going with diamond but I felt informed by your blog. Last year i purchased a diamond ring for my engagement. I got a pretty and delicate ring.

  9. It’s nice to know, in this economy, there is an alternative. I honestly don’t know how young people can afford diamonds at all.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’ve made quite a number of engagement rings with moissanite gems. It is a viable and affordable alternate to diamond. For young people on a budget this just makes sense.
      Calla Gold

  10. I just read about a new silicon carbide (basically moissanite) ring called the Amora Ultra H&A. Apparently, it’s like moissanite, but they’ve been able to make it internally flawless with color D. I’m in medical school, and am on a limited budget. Will getting this “flawless” gem look “too good to be true”? I don’t want to intentionally lie to people, but if they can’t tell it’s lab-created, no reason to spoil it for them either! I’m asking here, because you condone moissanite for people in certain situations (like me), but not cubic zirconium (in another post). I know Amora Ultra/Moissanite are higher quality than CZ, but really, to a passerby/friend/relative, what’s the difference?!

    • Hello Jordan and thank you for your visit and question.
      In the research I’ve done on Amora Ultra H & A I have only found the betterthandiamondsdotcom information. I wanted to see information from my industry rather than get my data from the site that makes money from selling it.
      They talk about its strength, but do not say where it is on the Moh’s scale of gemstone hardness, which is my industry’s big gemstone-strength measuring stat.
      I have reached out to my industry peeps and requested information on this new laboratory grown product. My plan is to post what I discover in this comment thread. It may take a bit of time, but know I will come back to this and hopefully my site will e-mail you an update on the comment. Do check back.
      Very Curious Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

    • Hello Jordan,
      I’ve tapped my appraiser peeps who have seconded your opinion that Amora Ultra is basically a moissanite laboratory grown gem. The website writes some pretty fluffy description about the amazingness of Amora Ultra. There are no other on the web opinions that I have found.
      Here is the comments from an industry expert I have tapped before for alternate lab grown gems. This gets a bit technical in parts but the basics are and I paraphrase; it is a variant of moissanite. It is lab grown. It is not sold in the US because of patent infringement.
      Here is Elly Rosen:

      Elly Rosen, AiSCV-AVS
      President, AISociety – Appraisers International Society (AIS); Valuer-Appraiser; FGA GG; Educator; Author; Trial Expert
      Glorified Moissy & CZ! From AiCertification Research: “First, always consider the source”, i.e., claims made by a diamond simulant site named “Better Than Diamond” [SIC!]

      Hi Calla and All,

      Thanks for bringing the question, bottom line of which seems to be –

      Anyone should wonder about anything said by a site called “Better Than Diamond” which sells simulants which are of course not better than diamond – including their “Amora Gems”. Just as the “Amara Tahitian Pearls” they’ve sold for years aren’t “better than” authentic natural or cultured actual Tahitian Pearls. [We covered that claim on the AISNetWork G&J Trade Reference channel in 2010.]

      Their “Amora Ultra H & A” appears to be no more than glorified “moissanite” – or by any name apparently synthetic silicon carbide, a variant of same and/or a treated version of a variant.

      In any event – it’s essentially [like a] moissanite – in particular:

      – with often give-away “Too high brilliance” [dispersion] due to RI much higher than diamond;

      – relatively strong birefringence – doubling – as strong as zircon – which should reveal itself to anyone hand with decent loupe by observing the doubling of back facet edges – usually looking through the table at a slight angle to observe doubling pavilion side facet edges; and,

      – like moissanite, the material isn’t generally produced in a D-E colorless form and would usually be slightly off color – even if color treated, perhaps F-H [even according to their own on-site specs.]

      [Similar but less pronounced than the problems which a simulant of the 1970’s had – Synthetic Rutile which also has strong dispersion, even stronger doubling and usually even more off-color.]

      Nexus – Also covered some years back on our AIS-N G&J Channel – An apparent seller of a so-called “super-CZ” – they appear to have regularly used come-on ads mixing and matching promotions of their CZ’s with wording apparently related to synthetic diamonds they seem to sell – the kind of play on words which could account for the confusion it generates as with your blog query. Bottom line seems to be – sales of lab-made diamond and of apparent “super-CZ” – perhaps also with sales of natural diamond.

      Skirting or Crossing the Line of Fair Trade Practices Laws
      Site’s like this prove the axiom that “whatever has been will be again”, because there’s little new in the means and manner used by sellers of simulants, usually in violation of the letter FTC Guides, and the spirit of virtually any Fair trade practices laws of most free market common law jurisdictions.

      That’s the bottom line of my opinion regarding all the important questions you raised regarding simulants and synthetics promoted in a manner which “has the capacity or tendency to confuse, mislead or deceive”; bottom line philosophical foundation defining violations of the AiCode. So I can appreciate your bringing the question to an “appraisal” site 🙂

      Age-Old Efforts & Claims About Colorless Diamond Simulants
      We’ve covered separation of diamond from colorless simulants – natural and synthetic – since my 1982 JCK “GemID: Putting the Pieces Together” feature with a series of GemID properties and separation tables which began with colorless stones and went through R, O-Y-B, G, B, V. That was in the “scary” CZ days, before C3-Moissanite and now synthetics = HPHT treatment of even simulants.

      Through 2001-09 we updated the 1982 colorless ID table to include the latter group of modern day imposters to the throne.

      With further updates to the AIS-GJR GemID Tables which we provide as AiReference materials in the “AiS-GJ Gems & Jewelry Valuation & Appraisement” course of the “AiSCV-GJS Gems & Jewelry Specialist” diploma title program.

      I hope some of this is responsive and helpful to you and others.
      Best wishes -Elly

      Jordan, in a perfect world this may answer your question. In my opinion when only the website selling a product is giving you all the information on that product, be less than certain that you are getting all the information you need on that product.

      Your Researching Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  11. Thanks Calla Gold!

    Your website is phenomenal. It has helped me so much in this process! When it comes down to finally making a decision on a stone/setting, you’re definitely on the short list! The filigree work you’ve done on some of your rings is fantastic!



  12. THANK YOU Calla Gold!!!!

    This definitely helps TREMENDOUSLY and I appreciate all the time and effort you and Appraiser, Mr. Rosen put into my response. Hopefully others stumble across this thread of comments like I have. I think my best course of action will be to just wait and see if any independent sources come out on the new Amora Ultra Lab Gem. I have between 6-12 months before I need anything in my hand, so I’ll give it a few months. Thank you very much for your help Calla, it’s been a pleasure corresponding with you – I really appreciate it!


    • Hello Jordan,
      You are Most Welcome!
      Doing the research and talking to my Appraiser and Gemologist contacts was quite an education. The bottom line is that Moissanite makers have protested the patent application for Amora Ultra H & A. It was not approved for sale in the US. I checked for online conversation and found a bride who had one shipped to a friend in India. It took about three months for her to get it. But she eventually did. She said it was the shippers not the company’s fault.
      In your initial comment you mentioned that they claimed D color. Actually they say F to H. Just to clear that up for other readers of this thread of comments.
      In an interesting aside, the site mentions that they can ship to Indian Reservations. So if you are part Cherokee you might be able to get one without having a friend in outer Mongolia.
      This has been an interesting avenue to go down.
      I look forward to hearing from you in the future Jordan!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  13. Thank you for the article! My fiancé just proposed to me with a family ring, although the ring’s last owner was his mother, who is divorced from his father who gave him the ring to give to me haha, good thing I don’t believe in bad luck!
    Anyways, the ring is pretty, suits my style well however it tend to wear jewelry that overwhelm’s it and it is quite dainty, cute though! He said if I want to change it I can, and his family all told him the same thing before he proposed. His dad did tell him that the ring was 200 years old, but we had it looked at and they told us it isn’t nearly as old as we thought, probably about 70 years, and it has been altered. It is still sentimental so I am thinking of resetting it with everyone’s blessing to go more with my everyday look – I want this baby to POP. I like the idea of using moisanite – I think it is a great alternative to diamonds. I don’t feel like a diamond or any material object can officially seal my love for my spouse, plus I’d rather drop $5000 into our wedding or honeymoon, or a house! I don’t think any guy should be deceiving and try and pass off moissanite for a diamond, but I think it should be considered! Especially if the reason stopping couples from moving forward is the cost of a diamond. That’s just my opinion, I know some people are very traditional and must have a diamond because they can’t fathom how ‘unpure’ any other stone would be.

    • Hi Amy,
      I like your style. You sound so sane, not worried about bad luck! Good for you! And having in-laws that are fine with you re-purposing the older ring. The most important thing about that older ring is that it symbolizes you are welcomed into the family. So by all means do re-purpose it to a style that suites you.
      Use moissanite too. It’s sparkly, it’s beautiful and will stand up to the rigors of daily wear. I’m so pleased that you shared your great story and your ideas. May your marriage be long and happy, and your ring popping gorgeous!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  14. My fiancé just proposed over the weekend with a beautiful 1.5 (diamond equiv) moissanite and I love it! He hand picked the stone and designed the setting. He said that the stones varied in color slightly and he chose a standard moissanite, not an enhanced version. The stone looks gorgeous and I can’t detect a hint of green/yellow. They must have come a long way since I first saw them a decade ago at a department store (I thought they were gorgeous back then too!)I asked for moissanite because I destroy jewelry (working on projects, my car etc) and wanted something super durable, beautiful and cost efficient. It is absolutely stunning and you can’t tell the difference between my ring and my friends diamond ring of the same size stone……except that mine shows just a little more fire and color in certain lighting. Nice to know I can get a replacement stone of the same beauty if I accidentally chip or break it….

    • Dear Rachel,
      I love that you work on your car! Your moissanite choice is a good one if you want an alternative to diamond that is strong. They are beautiful!
      Moissanite Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  15. WOW!! Great blog and explanation of Moissanite. As a Moissanite distributor & Style Advisor for Lulu Avenue this is beneficial to help spread the word about this brilliant gemstone!!! Thx!!

  16. I have a princess cut 1.09 CTW moissanite engagement ring with a matching moissanite band. I have owned several diamond rings, vvs clarity D color. I have also sold some of my diamonds and you do not get what you paid for. It is ridiculous. Gold is where you get your money, not diamonds. Even when you have a certificate, they don’t give you much, so it’s better to invest in gold. I also researched and found that DeBeers controls the market on diamonds and they set the price. To me that is horrible. Then there is the conflict diamonds and all the other stuff. Moissanite is considered a green gemstones. I have not seen any with a yellow or greenish tinge. Scientifically it outshines a diamond, and even tests as a diamond unless they have a moissanite tester. Side by side, you cannot tell the difference with a similar size diamond. I do agree rounds are better and give the maximized sparkle, just like a round diamond sparkles more than other cuts. Moissanite is the way to go, especially for people that want a larger stone. Why go into debt on a diamond?

    • Hello Shannon,
      Thank you for your observations. It sounds like moissanites have been very good to you. I’m glad to hear that.
      You’ll be happy to know that De Beers no longer holds a monopoly on the diamond trade. And thanks to the Kimberley Process ethical diamond sourcing is a reality. I also like to sell Canadian diamonds which are mined on native Indigenous people’s land and provide employment as well as prosperity for them.
      Calla Gold

  17. I just received my 7.5m Moissanite ring. It is in rose gold, and has .33 ct of real diamonds for accent. I am absolutely in love, and I received 3 compliments on it in the first day alone!!! I have never been a huge fan of diamonds. The price is just ridiculous for something that sits on your finger and has no use besides looks. I also have expensive taste as far as the shape, size, and that I wanted sparkly. This is the best decision I have ever made and I love it!!! wish I could post pics.

    • Hi Kayla,
      Congratulations on your pretty moissanite ring. I’m real happy for you. It’s so nice of you to share your experience. I really wanted the comment area to be a place where people shared their experiences with moissanite.
      I wish you could send pics too! Oh well that functionality is sadly missing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  18. Hi just wanted to add to the comments here..My husband and I got married at 16 and 17 yrs old and are Celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary next month..When we got married we did so without rings due to $$..In fact he has never wore a ring and I did not get one untill I was married for 10 yrs!! Well recently we got a Verragio setting with a “Center Moissanite” and we couldnt be happier with this decision!! My ring is drop dead gorgeous and I Love him for getting it for me but here is the thing,”the ring” has nothing to do with a Real True Loving Marriage between two people..Those of you that have been married to the same person as long as we have need no explaining;) Those of you that are starting your life together please use the diamond $$$ to have a beautiful honeymoon building life time memorys together or down payment on a home cause the Forever Brilliant Moissanite stone is Beautiful and will do just fine to show that your married and taken by someone special..Just sayin!

    • Dear Shannon,
      How wonderful of you to share your story. I love that you married so young and you’re still in love. Your thoughts are beautiful and your example of love is great.
      Calla Gold

  19. Hi Calla,

    So much wonderful information on your website! Thank you so much for that and for being so on top of responding to comments. I was wondering if you could discuss the way that Moissanite wears compared to diamonds? For instance, durability of everyday type wear, reliability for consistent sparkle and shine (I remember reading another post about white sapphires and how they become dull so quickly when compared to a diamond which consistently stays close to it’s original “look”), etc. Would love to learn more about this great alternative to costly diamonds!


    • Hi Kelsey,
      Way to make my day. Thank you for your kind words. The moissanites that I have sold are all wearing very well. I’d say seven years is the oldest moissanite that I see regularly for prong checking, polishing and generally checking up. They are tougher than sapphire.
      I think the most important thing about them is their refractive index which is how much they return light from the inside of the gem. Even when dirty they do sparkle like a diamond would.
      They are less expensive and so far I’m seeing that they hold up well. I recently re-set a diamond that was seventy years old.
      We re-cut it into a more modern cut that improved its color and clarity and sparkle. Whether a moissanite would have held up that well I do not know.
      Please come again!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  20. Dear Calla,

    I was just wondering if knew of any places that I could buy a loose moissanite stone from? I already have my dream setting but I wanted to replace my current stone with moissanite and was curious if you knew of any stores online that were good.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Alex,
      I buy from a specific supplier that doesn’t sell to the public. I am therefore not up on whose online moissanite site is the best.
      Good luck finding just the right stone.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  21. Hi,

    I have just spent £3500 on what I thought was a 1.09ct diamond from Sri lanka! It is impossible to tell the difference between the stone and a diamond but I’m am so upset it’s not a real diamond as it is for an engagement! I wanted to warn people of some dishonest people out there and advice buying off the web or places like Sri lanka.

    • Hello Lee,
      I am sorry to hear of your disastrous internet buying experience. When choosing your engagement ring and gemstones it is really nice if you have the option to go with a jeweler that you’d like to have a relationship with. Someone who’ll treat you well and be there when you have questions or need repairs.
      It gives one great confidence to do it right for the ring you’ll wear daily.
      Good luck in your next foray into engagement ring gemstone buying.
      Designing jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  22. I have been hearing a lot about moissanite. It is said to have a brilliant shine and is more durable than diamond. Thanks for the detailed information about moissanite. There may be people who are not fond of it, but it surely is growing in popularity and many are opting for it.

    • Hi Sydney,
      I had heard a lot about moissanite before I dived in and ordered a 1 ct. moissanite and created a ring around it. It sold quickly and it has been finding itself the solution for a small part of my clientele.
      It remains to be seen how popular it becomes.
      Santa Barbara Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  23. I just purchased a 8mm (2.0 ct.) Forever Brilliant Moissante from AD Aments, a website based in Phoenix, AZ. I originally wanted a moissanite for whenever I got engaged and that was in 2011…however, when the stone came it was slightly yellow in daylight, under indoor lighting its beautiful but outdoors it has a slight yellow tinge which I did not like. as of 2012 they created the Forever Brilliant which is a couple hundred dollars more but well worth it if it has removed the yellow undertone to the stone. After reading all about the false inflation prices of the diamond by the DeBeers company, there is no way I will pay $20,000 for a 2ct. stone when I just purchased my 2 ct equivalent Moissanite for $587…the Forever Brilliant Moissanite of course. My girlfriend has a 3ct that she paid $20,000 for and it has a yellow tone to it so that is insane…I cannot wait for it to arrived and am hoping it is a beautiful as I expect it to be. While my band and setting is all small diamonds, the center has been a nice CZ put in by my jeweler who made the ring, and no one could tell the difference by the way but I’m excited to get a Moissante!! Diamonds are WAY overrated and WAY over inflated in price..not worth it!! I’m all about bigger is better so I’m happy there are alternatives and no one can tell the difference.

    • Hi Ursula,
      Thanks for telling about your experience. By the way the De Beers “monopoly” broke up years ago and diamonds are mined and sold by Australia, Russia and Canada to name a few diamond sources. Diamonds are from the earth and rare and that contributes to their prices. I can’t help it, I love diamonds.
      I think moissanite is a viable alternate stone.
      Your forever brilliant moissanite should please you color wise.
      You sound like a fun person. May your marriage be long and happy!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  24. Cngrats, Urusla. Moissanite is very rare and actually it is visually quite different from a real diamond. That is what almost everybody knows when it comes to brilliant/diamond discussion, but moissanite is also very compositionally different than any other. Brilliance, color, durability..there is no way to describe how moissanite is superior when it compares to diamond.
    It is expensive, of course, but like Ursula said, there are always ways to find lower cost alternative, which i still pricy bot not insanely pricy.

    • Hi Ben,
      That was nice of you to respond to commenter Ursula.
      In my book however any gemstone created in a lab, even if it takes a year to grow the crystal isn’t rare. Because more labs could grow more of it. Diamonds are a finite gem. There is only so much in the ground. When enough time elapses diamonds will be rare and labs will still being making moissanite. Nothing against moissanite, it is a alternate and a strong and sparkly one, just not a rare one. You are right that it is compositionally different to diamond. Being copied essentially from a piece of a falling star. Yeah I’m being poetic with it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  25. Dear Calla,

    I want to thank you for all the information you’ve made available. When I first came to your site I was reading about why CZ is not a good stone for everyday wear. That information led to some changes….

    When I married 38 years ago my husband gave me a tiny diamond (1/4 carat) that was a family ring because he couldn’t afford to buy one. I was grateful to have it, but as the years passed, I found myself desiring more ‘bling’! Around the time of our 25th anniversary he bought me a new ‘engagement’ ring set with a diamond a little over a half-carat. I enjoyed it for a while, but wished for a larger stone. A few years later, we bought a whiter diamond that was 8/10 of a carat, putting the smaller diamond into a righthand ring. I was happy with it for a while, but this spoiled girl still wanted more sparkles than a stone that size could provide! A few years ago I bought a beautiful 14K ring set with a 2 carat CZ made by Swarovski. I took good care of it and it isn’t scratched, but I found that it only looked really good if it had just been cleaned. I had read about moissanite, and realized that it would finally satisfy my desire for a large, sparkly, affordable stone! My husband just bought me a 2 carat moissanite and it replaced the CZ. I’m so very happy with it. It shoots out rainbow sparkles! I don’t care that it isn’t a natural product of the earth, because I’m all about the extra fire and the low price!

    At any rate, you weighing in with your opinion on moissanite encouraged me to do it. Thank you!

    • Hi Janet,
      I love your tale of happy long marriage and the seeking of some proper bling factor on your finger. It made me smile. I’m very pleased that you found this moissanite post helpful. Moissanite does indeed send out rainbow sparkles.
      I think you’ll always love it for it’s nice sparklyness. I guess that’s not a word as the computer is obstinately underlining it in red. It should be a word right?
      Carry on!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  26. Honestly for me its a toss up. Diamond engagement rings are classic and I feel like it will always hold its value. Moissanite sounds amazing because of the rainbow sparkles but, when people ask what your ring is, it almost always will feel better in my opinion to say diamond.

    • Hi Johnny,
      I visited your jewelry site and saw all the nice diamond jewelry you carry. If asked about my ring, I too would feel best saying its diamond too. Of course it is diamond, but yeah, if it looks like a diamond, I want it to be a diamond.
      Fellow Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  27. Thank you for a very informative article. I appreciate your objectivity with pros and cons.

    I’m currently trying to decide how to proceed and boy there is just so much to consider.

    Your thoughts, reader’s thoughts, and your replies have helped a ton!!

    I’m a fan!

    • Hi Jason,
      I very much appreciate your taking the time to let me know that this information helped. I too appreciate the voices in the comments. Hearing people’s stories and feedback can be more valuable than all the wondering and guessing we can do for sure.
      I hope you’ll be back!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  28. Hi Calla Gold i just have a question my husband bought me 1.51 diamond and he spend like 15,000 I’m wondering if I can just return that and exchange it with moissanite because each people that I read here they want moissanite than diamond ,,, and I just read that moissanite is also a harder stone so my question is can I wear my moissanite ring in washing dishes ??? Because I don’t take off my ring where ever I do dishes or cook stuff ..

    • Hello Chelle,
      Thanks for writing. Moissanite is not actually harder than diamond. It also is not necessarily as white as your diamond. Moissanite is usually chosen when a diamond is not an option.
      Your diamond is not only beautiful and sparkly and a symbol of love, but it has a value to it. Many years from now your ring will be an heirloom and that diamond may end up being a descendant’s wedding diamond.
      If you could see the joy in young couple’s faces when they tell me that their center diamond was his grandmother’s or her grandmother’s. It means so much. They are so grateful and they love the love and meaning that is imbued in the diamond.
      I feel that moissanite is a choice a couple makes for themselves for their reasons, but it will not increase in value as it lacks the scarcity of a real gemstone and it will not be a cherished and beloved symbol remembering the strength of your love with your husband.
      Since your dear sweet husband has lovingly given you this 1.5ct diamond, if it was me I’d keep it and cherish it and wash dishes with it knowing that it’d stand the test of time a bit better than moissanite.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  29. I forgot to mention thank you for your site it help me a lot .. To learn more about jewelry thanks again Cala gold God bless !

    • Hello Chelle,
      Thank you very much. I love hearing that the articles help! The more knowledge you have about your jewelry, the more you will enjoy it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  30. I have had a 2 ct princess cut white gold moissanite ring for 8 years .. it looks much more brilliant than my friend’s real diamond . It shines beautifully when inside and outside and I am always complimented on my ‘diamond ring’ . I wash dishes with it and bathe with it and it has never changed the brilliant beauty !

    • Hi PJ,
      Thanks for your experience. Full disclosure, I did delete your moissanite website link that you’d attached. So I’m not sure if this is a real story or an attempt at link building and moissanite salesmanship.
      But I do realize if you work for a moissanite selling business you’d certainly wear a moissanite, so I’ll assume this is your real story.
      Mama always said, “Assume the best in people,”
      Calla Gold

  31. I do not think I can say where I purchased my loose moissanite stone but it is a television channel and my 6mm moissanite only cost me $ 159. I had it set in a 14 kt gold simple band. It was lovely. Emphasis on was. I love my jewelry and thought I was taking good care of it. I washed it every day with mild detergent and warm water and soft toothbrush or with standard jewelry cleaner. Now when I look at it closely I see some type of film or coating that is visible on every facet. I have emailed the company to no avail. The stone almost looks like a cz that its coating is coming off. Methinks I may have been ripped off. I was supposed to get a manufacturer warranty card as well. Nope. I kept it because it was fine until after it was set. Please post this for a buyer beware. But now I don’t know where to get another moissanite to replace mine and know I will not get jipped again. I work hard for my money like the next person . I only want to know an honest vendor to buy one from.

    • Hello Kim,
      There is a company I will not name as they are quite litigious I have been told. They use a process where they take a cz and coat it with synthetic sapphire or some such harder gem material in a molecular way. I welcome more knowledgeable commenters to augment my meager understanding of this process. It is supposed to be hard enough for daily wear. However this is a layer or coating and it isn’t impervious to the slings and arrows of daily life.
      I believe that it is this product and not a moissanite that you have. Some jewelers have a special moissanite tester at their stores. I’d call around and find a store that has this handy little device. Get your gem tested. My guess is that it is not a moissanite. I sell moissanites to my clients when they need them and couldn’t ever have even bought one wholesale at the $159.00 price in the size you mention.
      Once you have determined that it is not a moissanite if that is what you discover I’d buy a moissanite from that jeweler.
      I think the size you want costs more like $500 -$650 but I’m pulling that figure out of my head.
      I do sell moissanites, but I’m sure I am at a distance from you as a Santa Barbara jeweler.
      There is the normal moissanite color and the Forever brilliant which is up to two shades whiter.
      Please when you find out the truth come back and comment so me and my readers will know what happened.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  32. I requested a Moissanite for my center stone and I love it. Mine is a forever brilliant 1 carat round and no one suspects it isn’t a diamond. Forever brilliant is 4 shades lighter than the standard moissanite and it doesn’t show the green or yellow hues. I find this shines more than diamond due to it being double refractive.. I don’t think I would trade it even if given the option.

    • Hi Renee,
      Thanks for sharing your great experience with Moissanite. Thanks for giving your details too.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  33. This is such an informative post.Many useful things about Moissanites have become clear to me. It is very important to know about these things when we go to buy an engagement ring. You have told us all about this in detail. I really appreciate your blog.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing blog post.

    • Hello Motek,
      Thank you very much for letting me know you liked my moissanite blog post. That makes me smile.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  34. Dear Calla,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all if this valuable information and for keeping up with user comments. It is very much appreciated! Have a lovely day.

    • Hello Mandy,
      I love that you read the comments. I’m that way too. It’s fascinating to see what other people bring to the convo. Come again and feel free to ask questions. Perhaps your question and the answer will help someone else combing the comments. Moissanite is a fascinating subject.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  35. Another great article! When my then boyfriend found out about moissanite and showed it to me I fell in love with it. I never wanted a diamond, and was actually going to tell him a ruby or sapphire alternative would be just fine, but the brilliant sparkle and apparent uniqueness of it sold me. We read more about them and decided it would still be worth it. My now fiancé then went to a jeweler and designed a platinum ring with the stones and it’s so gorgeous, my style and everything I ever wanted. My biggest problem would probably be cleaning the ring. I have a solution that I use for my other jewelry and it works okay for my ring but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for anything that might work better? Thanks again for all the great stuff!

  36. Hi
    I want to thank you for all the information, I have one 5.10 Fancy moissanite in round shape and I want to sell it. Can you help me how can I do it?

    Best Regard

    • Hi Kami,
      Most people are reaching out to find new homes for their unwanted gemstones on Craigslist.
      Or if you are an EBay person you could try that.
      Moissanites are not as easy to re-sell as there is not as large a market for used moissanite. Also the larger size isn’t generally as attractive as the smaller sizes. This may not be true in your case. That size is also larger than the normal requested size.
      I wish you the best of luck finding a new home for your gem.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  37. Hi, Thanks for an informative blog. I know I’m late to the party but the internet being forever that can happen 🙂
    The lady above with the film on her stone? Apparently this can happen with some moissanite and it can be cleaned off using paste silver polish or a silver polishing cloth. If the stone was made by Charles and Colvard, she can call them and they will send her a cloth to clean it up.
    My soon to arrive custom ring will be a three stone with FB 7mm center and 6.5mm lab grown sapphires to each side (15th anniversary gift I picked out). I could have purchased a diamond of that size, but not in the quality I would have wanted. Also, I like that moissanite is lab grown, being rather bullish about leaving the earth alone and the geopolitical ramifications of diamonds being iffy…. also, the company I’m buying from uses recycled gold, same messing with the earth more than necessary. I will personally just feel better wearing this eco friendly gemstone… I do not intend to tell people it’s a diamond. I think moissanite is lovely in it’s own right. As for value later, I’ll put the money I saved buying this into savings….

    • Hi Grace,
      Thanks for sharing your plans for your ring and using moissanite. Your addition to the conversation is most welcome. I work with a lot of recycled gold in my designs and I’m pleased you are asking for that for your design.
      Enjoy your ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  38. This article makes you come off as sounding like a pompous asshole, a used car salesman. If you really love your kid you would get this Mustang because that will show them how much you love them. And it is red so that will only reinforce how much you really love them. If you get them a some other car I can tell you do not love them from across the road. Who cares if you can tell what kind of car (or overpriced rock) it is. If a woman is that shallow that she needs a single rock that is $5000 over a nice, well designed ring with other rock than she deserves to be single for as long as her attitude stays that way.

    1. “Diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love”

    Diamonds are only a symbol of love to those who believe the crap DeBeers has sold them. It is a scam. Diamonds are not rare but are hoarded and the market manipulated. In fact only in the last century have diamonds meant anything to anyone. Before that they were seldom seen by anyone and only very rarely used in jewelry.

    2. “One day your kids will get your wedding rings and they might be bummed to find out that it’s not a valuable diamond.”
    So what. It will also reduce the chances a criminal will steal it for pawn. If my kids were even given a ring it would not be for monetary value but for sentimental reasons. My mother had several rings and I like the ones she chose to wear more often over the one that is of more value.

    3. “If you are a guy and you decide to get your girlfriend an engagement ring with the size of stone she wants and the design she wants and you put in a Moissanite, because that’s all you can afford, well she’s going to find out. And that could get ugly.”
    It could get ugly because she would be sleeping on the couch and eventually if it went further she would be looking for another place. See how that works ladies? Guys hate your greedy shit. A ring is a gift, not a purchase agreement.

    “and I see your fiancé on the street, I will know that is a Moissanite.”
    Again see that most people who would buy that rock do not care what you think. You seem to think that your opinion is greater than it really is. Nothing more than a used car salesman.

    • Dear None,
      You have some strong opinions here. The one I’ll answer is the one where the young man gives his girlfriend a moissanite and lets her think it is a diamond. She would be hurt to feel that he lied to her. I have plenty of couples who choose a moissanite. I get it for them no problem, it is no problem at all if they are both on the same page. I offer this post so I can share moissanite as an option to client looking for an alternate.
      I raise the point of kids and jewelry inheritance because it is an issue I have been asked about. I tried to lay out the pros and cons of choosing a moissanite to give you thinking points to consider when making your choice.
      My main message is do not decide to use a moissanite without informing your intended.
      I have answered before that DeBeers hasn’t been a monopoly in years in a previous comment.
      To me diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love. And for many women. Your disdain of them won’t stop your next girlfriend from loving them if that is how she feels. I personally feel that the ring should make her happy and feel your love.
      I give my opinions here and as your comment proves, I do not always achieve my aim. I think I’ll pass on your career changing advice, but I do appreciate you coming by and taking the time to air your views.
      Personal Jeweler,

  39. You provided some useful info until you started offering opinions and insults. Then it went downhill from there. Go back to selling used cars.

    • Hello None,
      I think I prefer driving them to selling them.
      I feel I should warn you, I am quite the opinionated blogger, so be warned that other of my posts may offend you if your are anti-diamond. You’ll find that I am pro-diamond and pro telling your girlfriend what the gemstone in that engagement ring is.
      Personal Jeweler,

  40. I just have to say that I feel sorry for any woman who gets engaged to man who would give her a Moissanite (or worse, a CZ), and let her believe it was a diamond. There’s nothing at all wrong with Moissanite; it’s beautiful, looks as good as diamonds, doesn’t cloud over after a few years like CZ, and costs much less. I’m using one as the center stone in a ring (along with smaller diamonds) I’ve having made for my girlfriend. But there’s plenty wrong with dishonesty and lying by omission. She knows it’s a Moissanite and is OK with that; she would have been OK with a CZ, but I wasn’t, for many reasons.

    By the way, you do a great job with this blog. Don’t ever let people discourage you from posting.

    • Dear John,
      I so appreciate you as a man speaking to the importance of being very truthful about the gemstone you chose for the woman you love so she is not misunderstanding your gift. I love that you were in agreement on getting a pretty moissanite.
      One of my client’s got married with a 1 ct. cz that she picked herself. She just had her third anniversary and her husband gave her a moissanite because she had sent him my blog on moissanite and said she’d love one. She is very happy. I’ll be setting her moissanite gift next week.
      Thank you so much also for your feedback on my blog, it is really nice to hear your words. It’s been an interesting week for feedback on what I write, basically on my “Don’t Buy Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands,” blog post which is not written in this pros and cons style.
      The feedback from an individual was rather pointedly anti-my opinionated message.
      I will continue to post and try to be of use.
      I hear regularly that the comments and conversation in the comments section is of real value to my readers.
      I really like that your story is now part of that conversation John.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  41. You’re welcome!
    I posted on your article about CZ a few months back. My soon-to-be wife has been married twice before (we’re both in our 40s) but never had a ring from either of them. I told her she was getting one from me, but she knows I don’t have a lot of money right now and told me not to spend a lot. She would have been OK with CZ, but I know enough about CZ to know what you posted about it is 100 percent true. I discovered your blog while researching different ideas.
    I’d heard of Moissanite not long after it first came out in 1998, when I saw some in a jewelry store here in NC, where Charles & Colvard is located. I was trying to find out more about it, and discovered that it’s an acceptable alternative without CZ’s problems.
    I’m hopeful that I can eventually replace the Moissanite with a diamond, but in the meantime, I know it’s not going to cloud over and look phony in a year.
    This blog really is helpful, and it’s great of you to offer the information for everyone, not just potential customers. I knew what CZ was, but a lot of guys don’t, and if you go online, there are all sorts of people selling it as “man-made synthetic CZ diamond” or other such things, when it’s less of a diamond than a banana (at least they contain carbon). Being educated, and being communicative and honest with your partner, is always best.

    • Hi John,
      I really appreciate you articulating your feelings about moissanite and cz. Your comment that cz is less of a diamond that a banana just makes me smile.
      May your marriage be long and happy.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  42. Hello,
    It is obvious that a jeweler would tell you to buy or keep a diamond over a moissanite. These jewelers get commission on the ring you buy from them. I wonder if they would rather have you spent $5,000-$10,000 in their store or $500-$2,500 on a moissanite stone and setting? I bought my wife a moissanite center stone and had it set amongst the smaller surrounding diamonds. It is a split shank ring, with a halo cushion, with a moissanite equivalent of a 1CRT diamond in the center. No one is able to tell the difference, but we are sure to tell them as we are proud of it. If someone values their love and relationship around the value of a stone on their hand, they are more into possessions than each other. I definitely recommend buying a moissanite ring as they are as beautiful or more beautiful than any diamond. They have perfect clarity and sparkle like no other stone. The stone on my wife’s ring does not look yellow (even though many diamonds you can buy have a yellow ting to them and some people prefer them that way). My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our purchase and best of luck to anyone thinking about purchasing an engagement ring!

    • Hello Jordan,
      Thank you for sharing your moissanite experience. I looked at the pictures you sent and the design is beautiful. (I don’t share links on my blog like that.)
      Each jeweler is different in their feelings about moissanite. I have made quite a number of moissanite rings and have no problem with them.
      If someone is on the fence I am sure that reading your story will help them in their weighing of their options.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  43. Hello Calla,
    Thanks for the quick response. I am glad you are so open and honest in your posts! It was difficult to find a reliable jeweler that would set the moissanite stone for me. I definitely didn’t hide that the stone was moissanite as it was her decision to do it! We need more great jewelers such as yourself who are actually looking out for their clients best interests and not just trying to make a sale! I am glad you give them the information and let them make the choice.

    • Dear Jordan,
      You have made my day! Some jewelers just flat out don’t carry or deal with moissanite. When next you have work done on your wife’s ring let them know that it is moissanite and ask if they work with moissanite. Moissanite are heat sensitive and if a jeweler treats it like a hardy diamond, damage could be done. Just thought I’d let you know. The chances are great that your jeweler does know how to treat a moissanite with care. But it can’t hurt to be pro-active and know little things like that.
      Enjoy your moissanite which will sparkle when dirty and stand up to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And marble countertops!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  44. Hi there Calla thank you so much for this article! I am having a tough time deciding on moissinate or white sapphire. I know white sapphire isn’t as pretty at all but with the sapphire I can say it’s a white sapphire not a diamond. I feel the moissinate is more of a diamond substitute and my fiance and I are in a financial situation that it would obviously not be a real diamond (I’m a SAHM of two and we are only 21 years old) .I worry people will think if I get moissinate it is cz or say she is trying to look like they have money for a diamond but if they see a sapphire which won’t be as pretty and I can say it’s just a sapphire people wont think I’m trying to fake a diamond. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Megan,
      I understand your quandary. There is a client of mine who is some sort of chemical engineer who requested moissanite. He dug that the moissanite took a long time to figure out and was first experimented on as a made gemstone because of a meteorite. He and his wife proudly thank people for their admiring comments on her ring which they tell them is moissanite. “From the Stars and my wife is my star,” I’ve heard him say.
      I tell you this because as a stay at home mom of two you have this crazy, loving, active lifestyle. If you chose moissanite and just owned it, you’d have sparkle, strength and beauty. With the sapphire you would have dullness when it got dirty which is all too easy with lotion, soap, and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I love quoting the bard.
      I’d go moissanite and bling proudly. But that’s me. I appreciate you asking!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  45. I’m recently engaged and my fiancé proposed with an absolutely stunning moissanite ring. I actually requested it, because I think the forever brilliant moissanite is just stunning. Plus, a bigger stone for significantly less cost. My stone is gorgeously set in a quality setting, it’s absolutely beautiful. Just wanted to add my .02! Thanks so much for the great info!

  46. I got a Forever One moissanite engagement ring even through he could afford much more (heck I could afford much more on my own). I just don’t see the value of having > $5k on my finger. Also, if I ever have children who need to pawn anything in a “pinch”…then I guess it’s a hard life lesson they’ll learn since this ring won’t get them much. I’ve also never put “value” on materialistic things to represent “everlasting love” or everlasting anything else for the matter. Additionally, I wouldn’t lie or mislead anyone to thinking that I had a diamond (actually I would more likely try to mislead people into thinking I didn’t have anything valuable on me). Just keep in mind that not everyone will follow the “norm” train. I figure that getting a ring is enough “conformity” for me. With that being said, everyone has a right to their opinion and all is equally respected. Good article by the way! Maybe just need an update about the different types of moissanite available as some a more colorless than others!

    • Hi Ruthie,
      Thank you for telling me about your jump off the normal train and your viewpoint about it. I appreciate your civility in sharing your views. The update is a good idea. I’ll circle back and make sure I’m letting people know that a whiter option is now available.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  47. My boyfriend proposed with a moissanite ring but I prefer the shine of the gemstone as to a diamond , to me diamonds are a bit glass like I’v never saw so much glam in a Gemstone , even in the dark it sparkles couldn’t be happier I think it’s perfect for me a little bigger than I wanted as its a 2.5ct stone in the middle n two ..75ct at both sides on white gold beautiful ring , I think moissanite is underrated

    • Hello Jamie,
      Thank you for sharing how much you love your moissanite’s sparkle. It has a very high dispersion rating, which is its ability to return light.
      Your ring sounds beautiful.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  48. Great article. I find it interesting to see the different perspectives on moissanite. To some it is a ‘fake diamond’ and to others it is a stone in its own right: no more a fake diamond than a green sapphire is a fake emerald.

    Couple of points I disagree on though (and feel free to disagree back):

    Firstly I think the whole tradition thing is slightly out of context. Diamonds were first mined in appreciable quantities about 150 years ago and have been the go-to stone for about 70. Don’t get me wrong: this is far longer than moissanite but it is no more of a venerable tradition than Coca-Cola adverts.

    Secondly diamonds are a really rubbish investment. If someone is thinking about making the decision based purely on future value then they would be far better off buying a cheaper stone and then sticking the difference in pretty much any other investment you can think of. Diamonds are virtually impossible to sell, don’t generally appreciate to any great degree and even if you can find a buyer the difference between retail price (that your average person would buy at) and the trade price (that they would have to sell at or below) is huge.

    • Hello Francis,
      You are right that there are a lot of different viewpoints about the value of choosing moissanite as a marital gemstone.
      When I refer to tradition I do hark back a ways into the 1400’s when Arch Duke Maximillian proposed to Mary of Burgundy with the first diamond engagement ring which got all the royals copy-catting them. And as a middle class rose over the years they in turn copied the royals and gave their intended marital partners diamond rings. So I do feel that diamonds have figured for centuries as a desired engagement gemstone.
      As far as an investment goes, I have never touted diamonds as a wise investment. I do not think that diamonds purchased and an engagement ring should be considered an investment like a house or a stock certificate. It is a loving gift meant to show regard, love and the idea of love everlasting.
      If you are to re-sell a diamond at a later date due to whatever circumstance you’ll find that there is always a ready market for them. I personally buy diamonds regularly. Your most fruitful luck in re-selling happens with well-cut over a 1ct in size diamonds with nice color and clarity.
      These days with the growth of diamond sales in China, certain size and qualities of diamonds are in high demand. This is because a year’s mining out-put for the certain sizes and shapes has clients ready to buy. In other words the demand is steady. In certain categories there is little backlog left from a years mining output.
      If you have tried to re-sell an over a carat diamond lately that is H color or better, and SI2 clarity or better and found no takers that would strike me as very odd resale behavior and not reflective of what I am observing in the industry.
      Yes there is a differential between wholesale and retail prices. The same is true with clothing, cars and towels. However none of these except collectable cars has the certainty that diamond offers of being as desirable 50 years later after being worn and loved daily.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  49. Hi Calla,
    I’ve truly enjoyed your article and the comment thread. I’m 22 with an amazing boyfriend. He’s traditional and would like to propose soon (I’m going to say yes whenever he asks). I’ve started looking at rings and am a bit stressed about how much money it’s going to cost him. I’d rather save for the future or our wedding instead. He doesn’t know about Moissanite but I think that I’ll mention it to him. I’m still a bit hesitant because it’s so hard to not want a diamond but I believe this would be a better gemstone for our pockets and the style that I want. I do have a question for you. How often have you seen moissanite gems that have a green or yellow hue? Also, I’ve been looking at They seem to be ran by Charles & Colvard. Do you have an opinion on this jeweler’s products? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hello Tyra,
      It sounds like you are doing your homework and that’s great. The site you mention is indeed Charles and Colvard and there reputation is good.
      The yellow and green hue are something you’ll see in older or failed moissanites. They have continued to up their game and moissanites are pretty nice and white these days.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  50. Hello Calla,

    Thanks so much for all your input on moissanites, it’s a lovely alternative to diamonds, and yep, I admit I’m a girl who loves color and I would gladly opt for a vivid, bright, full of color gem for my e-ring, no matter how precious and lovely diamonds are, plus my fiance is rather on a budget and I would not want to break the bank either even if we could afford a diamond.
    I do care about the sentimental value of a piece, not its price tag.

    I’ve read carefully your post and all the comments, so I wanted to ask, how “crazy” would it be if I chose a green (yes, green) moissanite ring?
    I saw a few green ones that I really liked.
    Would it be a really bad choice?

    As I said, I do love colors, and moissanites (greens or yellows) give me the luster I like and the hardness in the Mohs scale, so why not?

    Or else, I would choose a pink or fancy colored sapphire, but you mentioned they become hazy as times goes by.
    So, any advice?

    What a girl who loves color can pick for her e-ring?

    • Hello Sofia,
      I see that you and your man have been doing some serious research on this issue and I feel that is a very good thing. I have not looked at green moissanite. That said, if you love the color, you’ll love the hardness and sparkle of it because moissanite really delivers on both of those benefits.
      Your idea does not sound at all crazy to me.
      When I talked about colored sapphire getting hazy, they can be cleaned back to sparkling. I have noticed that many people who wear them as daily rings don’t clean them regularly and that is why they look bad. They require regular cleaning to look their best and that can be unrealistic in this busy world.
      If moissanite offers you a color you like, go for it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  51. Thank you for all the insight. I just purchased a 2ct Forever one mossanite in white gold. I am a girl who loves gawdy! The ring gives me the look I have always desired with the almost equivalent of having an outrageously priced diamond. I had a 3 stone princess cut past, present and future it was 1.5 carat. I love the mossanite SO much more. We could never afford nor could I ever talk myself into spending 10-20,000 on a diamond. If I had a bank roll and unlimited amounts of funds then I would. I paired my round, 2ct of awesomeness with a little over a carat of real diamonds eternity band (has 10 round diamonds) and I am loving them! My mossianite does have a very slight yellow shine in certain lighting which to me would appear like a diamond. Flawless diamonds are outrageous in price and honestly I was more unhappy with my flawed real diamond ring than I am with this beautiful representation.

    • Hello Myria,
      Thank you for your happy moissanite story. Your ring and diamond band sound gorgeous and blingy-tastic! Thank you for sharing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  52. I love the stone it sparkles with out bright light. I love the green and yellow in my 8mm stone. I get many more compliments on it then my diamonds. I am glad you mentioned the emerald cut. I like the cushion cut personally. We are looking for a wedding set in Rose Gold. 2ct size. I do like the round one but it seems it is more common and I wanted something not everyone sees or wears. Thanks for the insight.

    • Hi Peggy,
      It sounds like you are enjoying the process of figuring out your engagement and wedding jewelry. It sounds like moissanite will be perfect for you.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  53. Just to clarify a factual mistake in your article – diamonds do not take millions of years to FORM. Naturally, under the earth’s mantle – they only took weeks to form. The romance is in the fact that they’ve been buried for millions of years waiting to be unearthed.

    • Hello Ashley,
      According to Wikipedia (diamonds)”Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the Earth’s mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years (25% to 75% of the age of the Earth).”
      I am a designer of jewelry not a gemologist. I love diamonds, but have not spent time diving down to each detail of it’s formation. So I’ll go with Wikipedia.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  54. there are so many types of gemstones out there. in the name of sparkles I think moissaniates seem to be a really good alternative to diamonds. I really like the oval shape. do you think having a moissaniates stone cut in hearts and arrow(a cut seen in diamonds) will enhance the sparkle of an oval?

    • Hello Diane,
      I don’t know if moissanites are cut in the hearts and arrows style. I’d imagine it would look fantastically sparkly with that ideal cut.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  55. Calia,
    Can gemstones be cut with the hearts and arrow technique? It looks really nice on diamonds.

    • Hello Diane,
      I imagine you are asking if moissanites can be cut in the hearts and arrows cut. They they can be. Charles and Colvard the maker of moissanite do offer this cut.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  56. Thank you for this blog. I appreciate the balanced perspective and useful information about moissanite.

    I have to disagree with your argument about your children being disappointed when they inherit it that it is not a diamond. That may be true, but wouldn’t the children benefit at least as much if not more from inheriting the money that was saved on not purchasing a real diamond, especially given the fact that jewelry bought new at retail can rarely be resold for the amount paid?

    • Hello Laura,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      As far as the moissanite being inherited issue, my feeling was that the kids would be assuming it was diamond, and could be kind of sad that it wasn’t. You do make a good point that the parents would have saved money on buying a diamond if they bought a moissanite. But who is the say if it went into a savings account or the open maw of daily life and bills?
      I just know the joy of a poor young couple being given the diamond from grandmother to use in her engagement ring. It is such a happy gift and means so much.
      I was once handed a wedding ring. The “diamond” looked awful. The daughter said, “it’s probably just dirty, my mom hasn’t worn it since she and my dad divorced.” I didn’t want to be responsible for it or be thought to be a diamond switching jeweler, so I told her I don’t think it’s a real diamond. “Really?” “Yup.”
      I tested it on a diamond tester and it was not a diamond. It turned out to be a cz. They didn’t have moissanite when her mom got married.
      She was really bummed. Her engagement ring diamond dreams flamed out in that moment. I then found out that the dad had given his wife the new “diamond” on a big anniversary, telling her she finally had that big diamond she’s always wanted. Guess not.
      Anyway, I wrote what I did in this blog through the lens of that sad moment.
      In the silver lining department, there was a smaller diamond from grandma’s wedding set that my client happily used. We just had to get over that ugly bump.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  57. Hi Calla,
    I have a question. I have been looking at the moissanite and want to go this route for my engagement ring. I see though that there is the Forever One and the Forever Brilliant. Which is better? Also there is an amazing ring on Charles and Calvary website that I have fallen in love with, it is an Asscher moissanite, do you know if this cut shows a lot of the green or yellow tint. My boyfriend is going to purchase the colorless gem of whichever ring I like. Please help 🙂 in advance thank you!

    • Hello Vella,
      The Forever One is the whiter color. I have not looked at an Asscher cut moissanite, so I can’t answer that. But I bet it’s beautiful. I love that cut and can’t think why as a Forever One it wouldn’t be just gorgeous.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  58. Hi there Calla! I’ve read through (most) of the comments and then your response to them, along with your article… thank you for taking the time!! It has really helped me with understanding moissenite a little more. We have been looking at diamonds for a little while now, and have come across a few very good deals.. however, it is still a lot of money to put in a finger!! Don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous, but, a lot of money to put in a finger! So to get to my point….I am a busy hairdresser, always having my hands in the shampoo bowl and chemicals getting on my hands. I have to say, one of my “fears”, if you will, with even a real diamond, is that I’m not gentle with it. Meaning when I shampoo, it may hit the bowl, and some hair color may get on my hands when shampooing. (Not staying on there for a period of time)…… not that I would be beating it up, so to speak, but, I guess my question to you is, do you think a moissenite would hold up in those conditions, as well as a diamond? I’ve read up a lot recently on the difference in a moissenite and a diamond, and know the durability of the 2, are not much off from each other, but just wondering what your option is.
    *side note*…… we are leaning more on the moissenite as of recently, after doing a little more research and becoming more knowledgeable on them”…. thank you for you time!!! 🙂

    • Hi There B,
      I’m happy that you are benefiting from the blog and the comments. A moissanite is a 9.25 on the MOHs scale as opposed to a 10 which is diamond. That sounds very close, but because it is an ordinal scale as opposed to an interval scale. Ordinal has each item in order. It’s the order with which items fit that matters, not the amount of difference between each. An interval scale has an even progression from one to the other. Like 40 degrees to 50 degrees to 60 degrees. Each one is ten degrees in difference on the interval scale.
      There is no such even progression with ordinal scales.
      If you look at where diamond is at 10 compared to where sapphire is at 9 on the MOHS scale in this blog, you’ll see that diamond soars over twice as hard as sapphire, yet a casual reading of the scale would say it’s just a tad harder:
      I’m not trying to be too technical here, just wanting to let you know that I have seen some people do great for years with moissanite and I’ve seen someone who banged it just right cause damage.
      But for the record I’ve seen diamonds take damage with the perfect hit as well.
      I guess I want to clarify that you shouldn’t make your decision on the assumption, to quote you, “I’ve read up a lot recently on the difference in a moissenite and a diamond, and know the durability of the 2, are not much off from each other.” So actually there is more of a difference than you might think.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  59. I always said I wanted a ring for our 20th anniversary and it is coming up. I found a gorgeous diamond mount on brilliant earth, but it isn’t quite so stunning with a .5 carat diamond in it. I found moissanite and love the idea because of the history of first being found in a crater and my son collects meteorites so… it is hard to know if a 6mmx8mm oval (online) will be the size of a 1carat diamond or larger. I would prefer oval and around 3/4 carat, but have no idea what size moissanite stone to look for. Any thoughts?

    • Dear Ms. Stephenson,
      When you are selecting a moissanite for yourself know that their weight is different than diamond. Instead of asking for a specific carat weight you can say a “1 carat size.” Or if it’s round you can request a 6.5mm size as they are sold by size and that is expressed in millimeters. A 6.5mm round is a one carat size.
      That 6x8mm size oval is probably a little larger than a 1 carat size, but would look very nice for a 20th anniversary. If you prefer a 3/4 carat size, you’d want 7x5mm.
      Have a happy anniversary!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  60. Thank you for such a great write-up and it’s still as relevant in 2017 as it was when you posted it! We had a jeweler that made a custom setting for what we thought were diamonds or CZ. Midway through the casting of the setting, she called to inform us that after doubting herself, she took the stones to 2 very respected fine jewelers and they discovered that these were actually Moissanite. The strange part of this story came when we asked if we should upgrade to diamond since this was an engagement ring. Her response was to share the comments of the two other jewelers…don’t dare change it, because “that” moissanite is more rare than any diamond. When I asked her to clarify, she explained that when they looked at these stones, there was something particular about them that was not common to today’s moissanite stones. Oddly enough, in my research, I found that Moissanite didn’t make a retail appearance until the late 90’s, yet we have pictures from the late 80’s of her grandmother wearing these exact stones in her wedding band. Please understand too that her grandmother was quite the eclectic and had quite the bank account to fund her rare (and odd) finds, but how (the hell) could she have possibly bought Moissanite back then?? Oh the mysteries abound. She passed away in the early 90’s and the ring has been in the same jewelry box it sits in today up until we had the new setting made, so we are all at a loss as to where these stones originated. Now to have certified gemologists tell us never, EVER, change those stones…meaningless to say, she’s flipping out and scared to death to even wear the ring now. Nonetheless, after comparing it side-by-side with diamonds, there simply is no comparison. The most common question she gets from others wearing diamond rings is how in the hell hers is able to sparkle so much more than theirs lol. Simple, we didn’t buy a diamond 😉 Thanks again for posting such an interesting write-up and taking the time to read our story!

  61. Hello! Just came across your blog and wanted to share my story. I work at a university, but buy and sell estate jewelry as a sideline. Therefore, my colleagues usually come to me for jewelry tips/guidance. Recently, a colleague discussed engagement rings with me; she and her boyfriend disagreed on the right amount to spend. He wanted to go the “2-3 months salary” route, and she thought that was too much. I introduced her to moissanite (I have some great items I’ve acquired very inexpensively over the years), and suggested she do more research. Well, he just proposed with a moissanite ring, and it is gorgeous! No one can tell the difference and all are happy!
    I think so many women have let the marketing of diamonds affect their outlook. You can’t put a price on love, so if you like moissanite, don’t feel shortchanged by substituting it for diamonds!

    • Hello Kay,
      I love your story. Any time there is a happy ending for two people in love that pleases me greatly. Thanks for sharing your side gig, it sounds pretty cool.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  62. I have had a Charles and Colvard moissanite ring since around 2006 or 2007. It was a 1ct round stone that I enjoyed, but in 2012 it cracked. Or I cracked it? Goodness knows how. I had it replaced under warranty, then just recently the replacement has chipped and cracked. Is it the setting? Am I caring for it incorrectly? I’m not a particularly rough-housing kind of gal, so I’m pretty surprised this has happened twice, though maybe that is typical life-expectancy (5 or so years)? Are there soaps or chemicals I may’ve weakened it with? I wear gloves and protect my hands pretty consistently, but maybe there is something I’m unaware of causing this to happen.

    Thank you for your reply. I’ve stumbled upon this blog, and have enjoyed reading the engagement ring thread. My smaller engagement diamond ring was stolen, and when push came to shove on replacing it, I wanted something larger, and less expensive of course. I wondered when it first arrived if it was TOO sparkly. My goodness was there ever some fire in that thing. Do they stand out as fake? Or was my diamond just of a lesser clarity, so I wasn’t used to it?

    • Hi Linda,
      Moissanite isn’t as hard as diamond, but it is considered one of the more sturdy examples of gems. I haven’t heard of someone having the problems you have had with it. Happily you have the guarantee. Since you say you are not rough on your jewelry I am mystified by the problems you are having.
      In a bit of real world comparison, I’ve had clients who came in with a missing diamond. They were upset because they “hadn’t done anything to cause it.” Then we looked together under magnification and found deep gouge marks on the gold by the missing stone. That indicated a collision had happened. We don’t always feel when our ring collides with something. Maybe we are distracted or maybe it felt like no big deal.
      As far as the sparkle goes, there are some ugly diamonds out there. Maybe they sparkle under special lights but look at them in the kitchen after doing dishes, and dang they look grey and uninspiring. No moissanite looks that way as they wouldn’t sell it if it did. You may have had a lackluster diamond before. It happens.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  63. Hi I just came across this article as I was doing research on Moissanite and found it very informative. I was wondering what would a 6mm 1 1/10 ct DEW (HI color) look like in compare to other Moissanites

    • Hello Jay,
      I’m glad to get your feedback.
      It sounds like you’re looking at the Forever Brilliant color of moissanite which is G-H-I.
      The Forever Classic color is J-K which shows more color.
      The Forever One, their newest iteration has the best color, D-E-F.
      For those reading who don’t know the DEW means carat equivalent weight. Since moissanite is not the same as diamond its weight differs from diamond. But since we are all familiar with diamond we’d want a carat size for example in moissanite, we don’t really want a one carat weight exactly, we want our moissanite to look like a one carat diamond size.
      I’d go with the Forever One color myself.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  64. Hello, This is the first time I have left a comment on a web-site….but I am a jewelry-holic, and couldn’t resist thanking you for a great and informative half hour of reading everyone’s comments and viewpoints.
    I agree with the statements made by several of your readers that monetary value comes second, when giving or receiving an item of jewelry with emotional/romantic significance. Therefore I can completely understand why a lot of people would prefer to have the moissanite stones.
    My comment is this……I am 73 years old, and have been interested in gemstones and jewelry all my life….anything that ‘sparkles’ …… I have worked in a jewellers and have handled lots of quite expensive diamonds……some of which were beautiful, white and flawless. As you commented previously Calla, the diamond takes millions of years to form….and they are really a part of our planet……a crystal that is a living growing form until it is mined and taken out of the earth…..and as such I believe that there is a type of energy….not just in diamonds, but all gemstones. Why else could it be, that just like with people…they all seem to have their levels…..holding a champagne or cognac diamond may give out more ‘vibes’ and attract you to it than a very expensive pure white!
    I don’t know if I have explained myself very well, but I was really trying to tell people that it need not be the size or colour even with a diamond there are levels of cost……and a coloured or slightly brown diamond in a larger size you could probably buy for a quarter of a smaller pure white……….so moissanite can also come in colours…….online there are several providers in India that have yellow, brown, pink and blue moissanite. I have just received the equivalent of a 1.5 ct. stone, which cost me $120 Australian.

    • Dear Heather,
      I like that you mentioned the vibrations of gemstones. A number of clients have requested custom made jewelry where the bottom tip of the gemstone touches their skin. They feel the vibration that touches them speaks to some desire. I love that idea. That the touch of your good friend the diamond will heal, or balance you.
      Your comment about colored diamonds is a good one. I’ve made a number of engagement rings with cognac and canary yellow diamonds in them. They wowed me. Maybe it was the vibrations!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  65. I am getting married and just found out about miossenite, the size that I am getting is 1ct center stone with diamond eternity.we have not ordered it yet but I am so nervous that others will be able to tell it’s not real. We really can’t afford the real thing and we were only going to get bands. Some place make moissenite seem like the best thing ever. Please advise

    • Hi Kay,
      People shouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Compare the moissanite before you buy it with a high color diamond. Make sure you like how it looks.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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