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Mangagement Rings, Men Your Time Has Come to Look Engaged

By Calla Gold

White Gold Man-Gagement Ring

Mangagement Rings Can be Simple or Complex. Shown with His Fiance’s Diamond Ring

The Mangagement Rings Story

Check out the cutting edge Mangagement rings news, through the eyes of Alan and Maura.

Abruptly, Alan turned to me, his Santa Barbara Jeweler and said, “You know…I feel a little discriminated against. Here we are designing my fiancé, Maura’s engagement ring, which she’ll get to wear for ten months before the wedding, while my poor finger goes bare the whole time. What’s with that?” Alan had a dry, deadpan sense of humor and I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I glanced at Maura.

“Honey,” she said gently, “if you want a ring, we can make you one, too. Right, Calla?”

“Of course,” I said cheerfully. “There’s actually a name for these kinds of rings.”

“There is?” Alan asked, a bit surprised.

“Yes. They’re called “mangagement rings.”(See the Huffington Post article.)

“Seriously? A combination of the words, ‘man’ and ‘engagement’?”

“That’s right,” I answered. Then in a conspiratorial voice added, “It’s a cutting edge concept. You’d be one of the first.”

“Go for it, Honey!” Maura exclaimed.

“You know…I think I will.”

Black enamel on yellow gold man's band

Cool  Mangagement Ring With Black Enamel

What Exactly Are Mangagement Rings?

A mangagement ring is an engagement/wedding band worn during the period of engagement.

The ring can be worn in concert with a matching wedding ring once you get married or it can simply be polished up prior to the wedding ceremony.

Many women today opt for single wedding rings instead of going with an engagement ring/wedding ring set. Basically, guys do the same thing with the mangagement ring.

Back to Alan

“So I don’t have to get another ring? This ‘mangagement’ ring will be my wedding ring, too? And you’ll polish it up before the ceremony?” Alan asked.

“It’ll look shiny and brand new when I get done with it,” I said brightly.

“And you’ll polish my engagement ring at the same time?” Maura inquired.

“Absolutely,” I said.

White Gold and Diamonds Mans Wedding Band

Diamonds and Lettering Personalize This Man-Gagement Ring

Turning to her fiancé, Maura asked, “Are you feeling a little less discriminated against, Honey?”

“Well…can I have a diamond in my ring?”

Your Mangagement Rings Designer,
Calla Gold

The Mangagement Rings Story
groom showing off his wedding band to his excited male friends

I’m a waiter at a nice sea food restaurant. I like my job and the tips. I’m saving up for my upcoming wedding. To make a short story long, the hostess is the sister of my manager. I’m up for a promotion to head waiter and I’m already doing the schedules, but don’t yet have the title. The hostess who my wife and I refer to as the lizard woman because she wore these scaly green shoes the day this happened asked me to help her with something in the coat closet. She grabbed me from behind, turned me around and kissed me. I was so shocked that it took a minute for me to disengage.

She knows I’m engaged and uses any excuse to get next to me and bump her hip against mine. Seriously I will get to my question soon. I’m worried that if I just shut her down verbally that she’ll complain to her brother my manager and I may lose my promotion or possibly my job.

I told my fiance who is so upset she wants me to quit, but we need the money for the wedding. And I like my job. So here’s my question. Can guys wear their wedding bands while engaged or is that too weird? I’m hoping it will deter this hostess.

– Ringless and Stalked

girl proposing to her boyfriend

My client Elyse recently proposed to her man and he’s happily wearing his mangagement ring.

Dear Stalked,

Well, that is a new one. For the record, you definitely may wear your ring while engaged. It’s called a mangagement ring and it is a thing.

The only thing is this hostess. If you’ve already told her you’re engaged and she hasn’t let up then I can’t guarantee that the wedding ring will put her off. Let’s hope!

Years ago when my husband was a waiter and there was a hostess who just went after the married fellas. This made me a bit uncomfortable, but I trust him so it became a joke. I’d greet him with a “Oh, you came home!” and he’d respond with a “Yes I managed to resist her for another day!”

Eventually, she moved on and we made up new jokes.

May you have a long and happy marriage.

Your Personal Jeweler,

11 thoughts on “Mangagement Rings, Men Your Time Has Come to Look Engaged

  1. Calla, this is GREAT! I had not heard of this fabulous concept before, but it definitely makes sense. Mangagement Rings will be all the rage in our iconic wedding city of Santa Barbara soon thanks to you! Way to stay ahead of the curve! What’s next, Groom Showers? I bet I know a few grooms that would want to be showered on with love and gifts with a special party just for them before the wedding!

    • Amber, You are ever creative. I love the Groom’s Shower idea. Don’t guys deserve one? Think of the games, a whole new cottage industry could crop up!
      And I love feeling cutting edge!
      Calla Gold

  2. Way to go Calla with being on top of all the latest jewelry trends! Mangagement Rings are certainly new to me. I am sure your clients will appreciate your creativity and flexibility in meeting their jewelry desires!
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

  3. I had not heard of a management ring before–very manly sounding! I like this idea and like his black enamel awesome wide ring a lot.

    • Lori the style maven from Wardrobe Wisdom!
      Thank you for your valued opinion. Doing that gold and enamel ring with the lettering was a wonderful challenge and a joy as a designer to work on.
      I’m looking forward to making more mangagement rings soon!
      Calla Gold

  4. This mangagement ring idea is so messed up. What kind of “man” would voluntarily be emasculated like this? NO thanks!

    • Jim, I always welcome opinions, even those that are stated as firmly and unequivocally negative as yours.
      I admire strong opinions. My husband is full of them!
      Personally I don’t see how a man wearing an engagement ring is emasculating. It’s not a ring in his nose or something. And once he’s married, he’ll wear one anyway.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.
      Calla Gold

  5. Calla, I love it! my fiance insists on getting one and we didn’t even know what they were called. But he says he wants something on his finger just as I. When i heard there were Man-gagement rings, I was soooo relieved. It’s sad to see the majority of men who think negatively about it. Since we will be joined together I feel we should be equal and I love the concept of women proposing to men.

    • Yay Reisha!
      Thank you for your great comment!! Come back to my blog anytime!
      May you and your fiance have a long and happy marriage.

  6. My husband and I opted for engagement rings, which I proudly wore prior to our wedding. After all, we’re creating new traditions being two men, right We chose silver bands in that case, with platinum bands for our wedding. I still wear my “mangagement” ring on my right hand front time to time, along with the wedding band on my left.

    • Hi Christian,
      I love that you two wore mangegment rings. I’d love to add your story to my blog. Could you send me a picture of you two wearing your mangagement rings and then your wedding bands? I think you’re trend-setters.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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