Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Ideas

blue sapphire engagement ring

Since I wrote my post on White Sapphire vs Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring I’ve been asked to show blue sapphire engagement rings. That’ll be fun as I’ve designed a lot of engagement rings with blue sapphires. You might want to read the above blog post to see the difference in strength of sapphires versus diamonds. With a daily wear ring your gemstone choices become way more important. Enjoy this look at different styles of sapphire wedding and engagement rings.

Something Blue?

Platinum Wedding Set with Bezel Set Blue Sapphire and Tiny Diamonds - Calla Gold Jewelry

This low set and simple design was created for a veterinarian client of mine. The blue sapphire was chosen because she loves blue and it’s her birthstone. The bezel setting style was chosen because with her frequent need for gloves, she knew from experience that prongs wouldn’t work out.

Going Wider

Three Ring Wedding Set in White Gold with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds

When Bess needed to redesign her wedding ring, she was a mom of three energetic kids. She loved her diamond and her thin banded wedding set, but it turned on her hand frequently. On top of that, the prongs which stuck up a good bit were prone to catching on things.

Bess wondered what to do when we met to talk ideas. A lower set, wider ring was what I recommended. The two new sapphires gave the width needed on the sides of her center diamond for her gently graduated wide style ring. We just had to include the tiny border of diamonds to gleam and glitter in the midst of the busy life she leads.

Delicate and Blue


A young agricultural entrepreneur wanted a simple emerald cut blue sapphire engagement ring for his lady love. He said, “She loves rose gold, and she likes simple.” We used a prong set basket style setting with a 2mm wide rounded ring as our design. She loves her solitaire style sapphire engagement ring.

Changing to One Wedding Ring From Two


When Mary’s two ring set jiggled in different directions when she was at the computer, it was annoying. As a mother and a career woman, she needed her ring to be convenient and comfortable as well as beautiful. She said, “What I’d really like is a three sapphire ring, with both yellow and white metal as I wear yellow gold and silver and I’d love my ring to be versatile enough to go with all of my jewelry. We used diamonds from her wedding set and two additional sapphires.

Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring


An emerald cut sapphire has quite an angular look. When paired with two baguette cut diamonds, equally angular, and a simple rounded band, the result is simple, elegant and beautiful.

Can I Sneak in a Blue Diamond? It’s Blue!


When you have a beautiful blue gemstone, whether it is a sapphire or in this case a diamond, try setting it off simply with a tiny diamond halo. In this case we made a stacking set of diamond rings to flank the simplicity of the engagement ring.

An Eternity Ring of Sapphires and Diamonds


This is a wear alone wedding ring for travel, for my client with a large central diamond on her engagement ring. The sapphires came from an inherited pendant with much meaning, but not worn. Now that she is travelling a lot she wears this ring to look like the married woman she is, but not feel flashy.

Three Little Girls and a Re-Designed Wedding Ring


When little gems get banged out regularly, it means you’re an awesome mom to those three little girls. And your ring design isn’t up to the challenge. We made a wide ring with two rounded protective outer bands flanking two rows of recessed channel set sapphires and diamonds. Perfect.

A Sapphire Gone Rustic


Sometimes hiking, ice climbing, gardening and an outdoor life make it seem like an engagement ring could rarely be worn. You have options. One of them is to go with a more rustic textured ring like my twig style ring. The texture hides scratches and dings nicely and the twiggy protrusions set and protect its pretty sapphire.

A Sapphire Makes Two Diamonds Work


You can’t tell from the photo, but the two diamonds came from two different inherited rings. Both were special and both are older cuts that don’t match in cut or size. With this lovely sapphire in the center and halos all around, the differences are diffused and the effect lovely.

Sapphires Do Vintage Well


When my client talked about the ring she’d like, the idea of vintage, with some engraving and shapes that were out of the ordinary were her wishes. And she wanted sapphires. Her ring is different and wonderful.


What do you think? A blue sapphire engagement ring for you?

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6 years ago

nice blog.!! Jewelry adds sparkle & glamour. And it shows off our own style and personality.

Reuben Kats
Reuben Kats
6 years ago

In recent days I was looking at some websites with gorgeous Sapphire diamond rings. Most people would like to go with more of a traditional approach. For example, Prince William proposed to his girlfriend Kate Middleton by gifting her a gorgeous 12-carat blue Ceylonese sapphire, which belonged to his late mother.

6 years ago

Amazing rings wonderfully made. I love this regular white diamond rings and I am sure people also love this ring. Your blog post helped me a lot to find the right ring. Thanks again.