How To Send Ring Pictures to Your Jeweler Effectively

one penny wedding ring

Ben Mc Dowell and Jolene Riley, an Afghani Penny and the Finished One Penny Wedding Ring. Finished Through the Mail!

Getting ring work done through the mail? I’ve had the pleasure of working long distance with many clients over the course of my 36 year career as a professional jeweler. Naturally, working on jewelry from a distance can pose certain challenges. That’s why I decided to write this blog post on photographing your jewelry, so that you and your jeweler can communicate more effectively!

(For Ben and Jolene’s story of romance, determination, and long distance jewelry work, check out my blog here!)

Which Parts of a Ring Will Your Jeweler Need to See in Pictures?

Important Parts of Your Ring

Important Parts of Your Ring

Knowing the parts of the ring helps you and your jeweler communicate. The most basic part is the top portion of the design, known as the crown.

The next part your jeweler wants to inspect is the shank, which people often refer to as the band.

ring picturesAnother important part of your ring’s design is the gallery. Some are simple, some are complicated and some are in between, but your jeweler needs to see the condition it is in.

The Three Views Your Close-up Ring Pictures Should Show

When sending pictures to your jeweler, be sure to include:

1. The view looking through the the ring where your finger goes

Opal Ring side view. ring pictures

This is the gallery view. This is the view that often doesn’t get sent, even though it is the most needed. The image above illustrates the thickness for the bottom of the ring.

2. The side view looking at the design on your ring’s shank

P1140170 (400x300)

The image above shows the prongs and details needed to see how the ring has been wearing over the years and if any repair work will be needed as part of any project.

3. The view looking at the crown portion of the design of your ring

It's Sure Pretty, But Those Tiny Prongs Aren't up to the Task of Daily Wear.

Get nice and close to your ring, take a number of pictures and pick the one with the best focus. The ring above is pretty, but those tiny prongs aren’t up to the task of daily wear.

Getting Those Ring Pictures Close Up and in Focus

showing flattened worn ring prongs

I Love This Close Up Picture

If you need a hint on how to get good focused pictures with your cell phone, here ya go. Use diffuse bright lighting, near a window, but not with glary light. More in this article on photographing jewelry with cell phones.

Succulent plant displaying a wedding ring by Calla Gold|Wedding ring with rows of pave leading to three main diamonds by Calla Gold Jewelry|Wedding Rings His and Hers in With Acorns|Ring with an Agave||

Diffused Light Really Makes the Diamonds Sing

If you use a paper bag, you’ll find that the browny-tan color helps your camera truly show color.

CZ vs Diamond

This Neutral Background Shows True Color and the State of That CZ

This works much better for me than black or white backgrounds. Sounds weird but it works.  Rather than put your camera really close to your piece of jewelry, use your zoom function.

This Ring Pic Benefits From a Neutral Background and Zooming in

You’ll get a tighter focus that way. I like to look at the details. This poor ring above did get fixed. Read about its restoration.

If You Are Emailing Me Ring Pictures…

I may have sent the link to this post to you to inform you what I need in pictures from you. If so please email me ring pictures at this email: That one is best for first time e-mailers with images.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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The Goddard Company
The Goddard Company
8 years ago

Great tips, Calla!! That side gallery view is a good idea. I had a ring made for me and we never talked about that view and truly it was the most boring and uninspired part of my ring. Live and learn right?

Hopefully this helps you get more non-local business!