Have You Ever Struggled with Which Earrings Are Best for a Situation?

Instinctively, you probably know that those dangly skull earrings aren’t going to endear you to your boyfriend’s mom.

You May be Speechless, But Your Jewelry is Talkin’
Jewelry talking is communication. What jewelry you choose to wear really matters.

I wish someone had given this Santa Barbara Jeweler the jewelry clue when I finished high school.

I didn’t immediately realize that the business world wasn’t impressed with my teenybopper earrings.

The Ugly Truth, What Works in School Doesn’t Work at Work!

Dude with major piercings

This look may be great on the dance floor, but…..

One interviewer just said, “With that get-up, I’m not going to waste my time on you. Look at how the people dress out there in the office. Don’t come back till you look like them.”

Dang.  Definitely not a happy memory, except that it was the reality check I needed.

If You’re in High School, This is Especially for You
Here’s a short list of how your jewelry communicates to the world on your behalf.

Six Messages Your Earrings Send to Others

1.    Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Want to make a good impression? Wear pearl studs. Pearls represent purity of heart and innocence.

Diamond Stud Earrings Make You Look Special

2.    Diamond studs tell people you’re loved and special. They suggest you are a person of quality.

3.    Wear long dangly earrings with a little sparkle in them when you want to look sexy Saturday night.

Note: the little, low-cut black dress doesn’t hurt the image, either.

Movement in earrings is sensuous. This is why dangly earrings in your workplace may not be appropriate.

Hoop Earrings Make You Look Friendly and Approachable

4.    To look friendly and approachable, wear small to medium sized hoop earrings. Hoops make your smile look bigger.

5.    Angular earrings suggest power and authority. Will there be a showdown in the boardroom this afternoon? Wear your large, angular, no-gem, earrings along with your no nonsense black suit. Show ‘em who’s boss!

Dangly Dog Lover Earrings

This Representational Jewelry Says, “I Love Dogs.”

6.    Wear representational earrings, (with recognizable images like cats, flowers, etc) with bright colors to project kindness, fun, and friendliness.  This is a good look when visiting depressed friends, or family members in the hospital. Kids love them too!

Fashion is communication. Jewelry is communication.
What you wear, especially the jewelry details, speaks to others about who you are.

The next time you’re getting dressed, don’t just think about your outfit, think about the people you will be seeing and choose the message you will state with your jewelry.

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?
If you have a lot to say, girlfriend, you need more jewelry!

Your Personal Jeweler,

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10 years ago

Calla – not only is this great advice but you made me giggle out loud a few times! “If you have a lot to say, girlfriend, you need more jewelry!” – so true, I need to listen!