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Torn Ear Lobe Solutions, Monster Backs, Disc Backs and More

By Calla Gold

Hoop earring tugging on a torn earlobe. Torn ear lobe.

Do You Have an Ripped or Torn Ear Lobe?

Karen loved jewelry. So when I ran into her after three years of not seeing her I totally noticed that she wasn’t wearing earrings.

My jeweler antenna started quivering. In what world would the vivacious Karen not wear earrings?

Evidently the world where one ear lobe slowly ripped over time until a dance party and a heavy earring finished the job. Ouch.

It is usually noticed when a friend of mine or future client is not wearing earrings. It’s often because one ear lobe is torn.

A Torn Ear Lobe is A Huge Bummer

Large monster earring back next to a normal small earring back

This totally limits your choices in which earrings to wear. Today I’ll be talking about possible solutions to get you back into your pretty earrings. Seriously you need to wear your earrings!

For the most part I’m talking about an ear lobe that is torn, but not all the way and is still usable. But this also addresses people with fully torn ear holes.

What Solutions Are You Using?

One ear lobe with two ear holes, one ripped through and one ripped 3/4 of the way. Torn ear lobe.

I’ve come across people who grew their hair to cover their lobes. I’ve seen people like Karen, who just quit wearing earrings! Don’t do that!

I saw a client who had used tape on the bottom  of her lobe to keep an earring high up. That was a good idea until it starts looking funky.

Let’s Talk About Torn Ear Lobes

My jewelry blogging purpose here is to get this out in the open. I mean the feelings of people with torn ear lobes. Why? Because not wearing earrings is not the solution! And believe me people don’t notice half the stuff you think they do.

A torn ear lobe does present problems and I’d like to offer possible solutions.

Here is an article about the plastic surgery for stretched ear lobes, from ABC News. “Surgery Erases a Lifetime of of Heavy Earrings Stretching Your Earlobes.”

5 Bummers About Torn Ear Lobes

  1. A torn ear lobe gives no support to the earring, so it can tilt and give you “ear lobe droop” see my post defining ear lobe droop.
  2. A torn ear lobe can make the un-pierced cringe if they see the tear.
  3. A torn ear lobe limits the styles of earrings you can wear successfully.
  4. A torn ear lobe may rip more if you put heavy earrings in it.
  5. A torn ear lobe seriously limits your choices of dangly earrings styles.

8 Possible Solutions to Torn Ear Lobes

Monster Backs Support This Ear Lobe

Lobe Wonders Work Wonders


The Clip Supports Your Ear Lobe and Hold Some of the Earring Weight

Centered Post Makes Earring Ride Higher and Cover Ear Hole

Lever backs drag down ear lobe

Ripped Ear Holes Look Worse With Lever Backs

  1. Have your jeweler move the post down lower so the earring design rides higher on your lobe and hides your torn ear lobe.
  2. To support your torn and weaker ear lobe area, use monster backs or plastic disc backs, which provide support and take the weight of your earrings away from the bottom of your ear hole.
  3. Get a plastic surgeon to repair it. By A) sewing it up or B) Sewing it up and adding filler.
  4. Use Lobe Wonders, which I refer to in my blog post as the Wonder Bra For Your Ear Lobes. They stick to the back of your lobe. You pierce the post through them at the top of your ear hole. Then the post or wire is held firmly at the top of your ear hole and your tear is invisible.
  5. Choose French Clip Backs with low-set posts. This makes the earring ride higher on your lobe. Traditional French Clip Backs have a post well below the top of the earring and a clip that takes the weight of the earring and holds it upright and pertly.
  6. If your post is too high, (in other words if it would totally sag on your ear because it is at the top of your earring, an iffy look even with a normal ear lobe.) lift your earring so the post is at the top of the ear hole and put on the monster back or plastic disc back tightly enough to hold the earring in place. Or use Lobe Wonder. (#4)Avoid wire backs, lever backs and drop earrings with tiny or wire tops that expose your ear hole to the full weight of the earring. More tearing can occur from these.
  7. Change the tops of your dangly earrings to larger ones that hide the tear when worn with monster or plastic disc backs.

Why You Must Wear Earrings!

Don't Wear These as a Preemptive Move to Stop Ear Lobe Tearing. Hillary Duff! Girl are You Listening?

Don’t Wear These as a Preemptive Move to Stop Ear Lobe Tearing. Hillary Duff! Girl are You Listening?

Your eyes are the windows to the world. Earrings enhance the beauty of your eyes.

You know you spend buckets of money and time on your hair. (I do!) Earrings enhance the gorgeousness of your hair too.

Jewelry is the spice of any outfit. Earrings frame your face and enhance your look beautifully. Don’t leave your most important beauty aid in a box!

What did Karen Do?

My client Karen ordered the Lobe Wonders for her ears and is now wearing earrings again! Even hoops, which she hadn’t worn in years. A visit to the plastic surgeon is on her wish list. But until then a combination of lobe wonders and monster backs is keeping her looking her vivacious gorgeous self and my jeweler antenna is relaxed and happy.

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

In the Happiness is Wearing Earrings Department. I Leave You With This. Milla Jovovich's Eyes Glow With the Help of Same Color Earrings. She Has Lovely Ears Too.

Milla Jovovich’s Eyes Glow With the Help of Same-Color Earrings.

Wear It Don’t Warehouse It. It’s just a torn ear lobe, not a death sentence! Wear your earrings!!

Earring Loving Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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21 thoughts on “Torn Ear Lobe Solutions, Monster Backs, Disc Backs and More

  1. This is so in depth about torn ear lobes. It’s a tough subject, but one I’m not surprised that you wrote about!
    I’m glad to read about monster backs and I already knew about disc backs.
    The wonder bras for your ear lobes are a great idea. How do you find these things?
    Anyway I like your comment about our eyes being the windows to the world and the importance of wearing earrings.
    This is a good public service article and I hope a lot of people see it.

    • Hi Tracey,
      I’m blessed with clients who help me find new cool jewelry solutions. My client Lori Cooper of Wardrobe Wisdom who advises people about fashion found the lobe wonders, that I call wonder bras for your ears. I was so impressed with them that I did a blog post about them.
      When I did this more in depth article I had to include them.
      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

    • Hi Peggy Jo,
      I appreciate not only your feedback here, but your Facebook share of this post as well!
      Just so you know doing that inspires me to find other areas of challenge that jewelry lovers have and blog about them.
      Ear lobe solution jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  2. Thanks for the post, Calla.
    Some women have very small lobes. I’m one of them. I did pierce years ago but would have to put my posts high on the backs of earrings I made in order to make the earrings hang straight. Now, I can only get a post through one ear and it has to be a thin post. I did have the holes re-pierced but one still closed up. AND I should be wearing earrings since I love designing them. I’m waiting a bit before updating my site with new earrings and I am adding clips with posts.
    The other issue for some younger people is that some have those huge holes that were deliberately made big. Do you know if plastic surgery can repair those holes?

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for writing. A number of my small lobed clients do very well with wire back earrings. They create a little drop. So instead of having for example your diamond studs up on your lobe where the smallness might change the direction it points, a short wire back allows it to nestle at the base of your lobe. Then it hangs right. It has the added benefit of having a smaller gauge wire that is easier to get into your ear hole.
      Many gauge wearing young people are indeed going to plastic surgery to undue the stretching of their ear holes. Plastic surgeons are being pressed to do this surgery and one should check if they have experience with these huge hold handlings before choosing their surgeon.
      Do you only wear posts because the wire backs are too large?
      If you are curious about Susan’s designs check out her site at:
      Ear Lobe Handling Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  3. I stumbled across these monster backs while searching the internet for a solution for droopy earrings. Calla Gold saved me!! I completed the entire ordering transaction via email, Calla and Jeremy were very responsive to my questions, and when the backs arrived, I was thrilled!! They fit my earrings perfectly and look great! I’m so happy to be able to wear my earrings.


    • Hi Kerry,
      I’m so pleased to hear that your monster backs saved the day! I have a couple of heavier pairs of earrings that are fine on one ear, but my wimpy ear lobe just flops. I wear monster backs with both of these earrings. Even though the one lobe is thicker and holds up the earring OK it still looks better and more pert with the monster back. The bonus is I don’t get that fatigued feeling when the monster backs support my earlobe.
      Who knew I’d get excited about earring backings? But I did and I’m glad it led to a good result for you Kerry.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

      • Hi Calla Gold,I just came across website and read about ear lopes,i have been hiding my left ear ever since i lost my ear lope due to an illness.My ear lope was then was removed and this is an embarrassment to me because everytime someone notices it,i get embarrased and this has killed my confidence too.When i finished my university i got a job and i tried to see a cosmetic surgen to try and fix it,but unfortunately it went from bad to worse,i cannot wear earings and please advice me on what to do.The surgen too some tissues from the back of the ear to try and fix it but when i was just about to celebrate the healed tissues turned it very hard tissues.Please assist me i want to wear earings and look beautiful like other ladies,my confidence only becomes better when i drop my hair to the ear so that i cover it..waiting in anticipation…Thank You

        • Dear Engelinah,
          Your situation is unfortunate. I had a client with a birth defect and had no ear lobe. Her ear is a bit strange looking. She wears her hair over her damaged ear. She wears a series of dangly earrings on her other ear. Her hair dresser cuts her hair unevenly to show the one ear. I believe she uses tiny hair clips to make her long hair go and cover over her ear with the birth defect. She looks stylish.
          It doesn’t worry her too much.
          If the surgery you had makes your ear lobe look OK but not able to be pierced you could wear an earring that goes around the whole ear. Sort of like how an hearing aid is affixed to an ear. Except instead of helping your hearing it helps your beauty.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

          • Hi Calla
            Thanks for your reply and please if you sell those kind of earings is it possibles to order them from?

  4. I am so pleased to hear that your monster backs
    and the disc back and wonder bra.
    Can you send this by mail i will appreciate for this. Wants to know the price first.
    Thanks and Regards,
    N. Lamba

  5. Glad to come across this site! My ears were pierced when I was 6 months old and at the age of 12, I woke up one morning to find one of my earrings in my bed – and my left ear hole totally ripped. Since then, I’ve worn my hair long and been very self-conscious about my ears. I LOVE jewelry and have always wished I could wear earrings (especially with all of the interesting new styles lately), but have been limited to boring clip-on styles (which I often end up losing, as they easily fall off!). It’s great to know that there are non-surgical options available, so thank you – and happy holidays!

    • Hello Tanya,
      I appreciate you sharing your story. You are not alone in having an ear lobe ripping disaster.
      I’m glad that you now have the option to wear pierced earrings and pull your hair back!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  6. Yes do I need any other product to go with my lobe wonder because my earlope are ripped completely in I would like to wear my earnings again

    • Hi Glendoria,
      The clients of mine who have ordered them, (I do not sell them) have been wearing earrings successfully. I’ve recommended that they go with lighter weight earrings.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  7. I would like to be referred to reasonable plastic surgeon for torn ear libes

    • Hi Sonia,
      Are you in the Santa Barbara area? Dr. Perkins is very precise and excellent.
      If you are not in my area, I’d ask Lord Google.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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