Beautiful Woman wearing diamond stud earrings. Perfect earrings

Diamond Studs give Sparkle and Call Attention to Her Eyes

"A pair of  perfect earrings does for your face what a nice pair of shoes does for your legs." Calla Gold

Just because you like the design of a pair of earrings, doesn’t mean they will like you or will compliment your particular features.

Knowing Your Face Shape and What Earring Shapes Look Best on You

As a jewelry designer I've shared in articles, classes and conventions the main face shapes and tips to help sales people guide their customers to complimentary jewelry.

I'd love to share with you the idea that certain shapes of jewelry bring out your best features. Do you know your face shape? Read my face shapes and complementary earring shapes article. (In Professional Jeweler Magazine.) Read on for questions to ask when evaluating a pair of earrings.

How To Evaluate Whether These Earrings Makes You Look Great!

Dangly Round Earrings on Shaun Robinson|Emma Bell in Dangly Earrings|Champagne Diamond Dangly Earrings on Melissa Rauch|Red Carpet Kelly Pickler

Shaun Robinson Looking Fantastic in Round Dangly Earrings

You try on the earrings and hold the little hand held mirror up to your face. So far, so good. Don't just look at how pretty the jewelry is.

Ask yourself these questions:

"how does it make me look?"

"What impression of me does it give?"

"Funny? Serious? Professional? Romantic? Intelligent?"

"What features of mine does it highlight?"

"Does it make my eyes pop?"

"Does it make my neck look longer?" I always like that!

"Does it give me that high cheekbone look?"

Ask your friend. Ask you Jeweler. (Have one who'll tell you the truth.)

Using The Three Foot Rule to See if Those Earrings Loves You Back

Hoop Earrings

Stepping Farther Back from Your Mirror Shows You How Others View You

What you need to do now, is stand back three feet in front of a full length mirror and see how those earrings make you look. The same applies to rings, chains and more.

How does that earring design lay on your ear? Does their shape compliment the contours of your face? Your eyes? Your hairstyle? Imagine how others will perceive you when you're wearing them.

I call this, getting the, "across the room" look. It's a really important step in figuring out if this piece of jewelry is perfect for you.

I had a client who wore some sort of pink shell earrings the day I met her. The first impression was that she had an unfortunate growth on her ear. When I got closer I saw what it was. I had her do the across the room look with them. She frowned and took them off. Happily I didn't have to say anything or dwell on how these pretty up close shells look awful at a bit of a distance.

Put Yourself in Someone Else's Shoes

Start to notice the effect long dangling earrings have on your cheekbones. See if a squared-off bottom edge makes your square jaw look…more square! If so, is that a good thing for you?

If you look good, then it's all good and that's a perfect piece of jewelry for you.

What Makes Your Perfect  Earrings a Perfect Piece of Jewelry?

Drawing of Angular Face with Hoop Earrings

Soft Curves of Hoop Earrings Warm up an Angular Featured Face

The perfect piece of jewelry accentuates your best features. It helps to define who you are. It heightens your beauty. It's got a job to do and it does it well.

What's the Takeaway Message Here?

There’s no reason to limit the number of these “perfect” jewelry pieces in your collection. There isn’t necessarily only one perfect pair of pearl earrings. There may be many. Don’t limit yourself.

Don't just get jewelry that looks good. Go find jewelry that makes you look great!

Your Personal Jeweler,

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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Santa Barbara Coach
9 years ago

Love this post. Especially the part about not limiting the number of earrings you should have! I have a great pair of pearl earrings that Calla Gold designed for me. She does have a knack for knowing what fits your personality and what will off set your face. Guess now I have permission to splurge on another pair!
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

Renee Manseau
9 years ago

Love this. So many people buy jewelry because it’s pretty. And while that’s great, we often end up with a beautiful pair of earrings we never wear because they just don’t “look right.” Shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry is like shopping for the perfect dress. The fact that it’s pretty isn’t enough… You need to know that it compliments your… glutes… before you bring it home. Same thing goes for jewelry! (Although probably for other features..)

5 years ago

Nice post!!Its really helpful for selection of any kind of earring shopping. Many time i was so confused about it. But your article will help me out.

5 years ago

Hi Calla,
I enjoy reading your blogs ! They are so informative and are easy reads. I was looking for a blog on diamond/gemstone stud earring backs as I recently bought myself a beautiful pair of oval diamond earring studs. They came with friction push backs. I would love to read about the best option for backs on stud earrings, as I am contemplating having them reset in screw backs. Tho, I’ve heard that is maybe not the best idea. Would love to hear what you think about the options for the most secure & comfortable options.

Dean Phillips
Dean Phillips
1 year ago

I thought it was interesting how you said that you need to stand back three feet in front of a full-length mirror to determine how a pair of earrings look. My wife and I are going to be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and I am still trying to find a gift that she would love. She has always said that she wishes that she had more earrings, so I will have to find a company that provides a wide variety to choose from.

Daphne Gilpin
Daphne Gilpin
1 year ago

Thanks for the tip to ask ourselves what impression the earrings give. I’ve been wanting to buy some new hoop earrings. Your tips should help me decide which earrings to buy.

Stefan Bradley
Stefan Bradley
1 year ago

I didn’t realize that you need to consider how your earrings look from far away. My wife is excited to celebrate her 25th birthday, and I want to buy her some earrings that she will be able to wear on her big day. I’ll be sure to find some earrings that will look fashionable from any distance.

Skyler Williams
Skyler Williams
1 year ago

I have never heard of using the three-foot rule to see if the earrings look good on you. I want to buy some cute stud earrings but I’m not sure if they will look good. I will try using the three-foot method to make sure they go with my outfit before leaving the house.

Kate Hansen
Kate Hansen
1 year ago

It was helpful when you said that you should evaluate your face shape. My sister is thinking about buying some earrings. I’ll have to pass these tips along to her as she searches for earrings!

Ron Booker
Ron Booker
1 year ago

I really liked your advice about standing three feet in front of a full-length mirror to determine how a pair of earrings look. My wife and I are going to be celebrating our anniversary, and I am trying to find a gift that she would love. She has always said that she wishes that she had more earrings, so I will have to find a place with a wide variety to choose from.