Nov 21

Celebrity Earrings, Reviews; How it Applies to You

By Calla Gold

Red Carpet Kelly Pickler

Kelly Pickler I Need to See Your Earrings!

Have You Ever Wondered How You’d Look in a Celebrity Earrings Style?

Your Santa Barbara Jeweler has chosen three celebs and evaluated why their earrings do or don’t work.

This may help you in choosing earrings for yourself. For more info I’ve written an article on face shape and earring style.

Do you have a face shape like one of these celebs? If so you might look fantastic in a similar pair of dangly earrings!

These Celebrities, their celebrity earrings and the designers who make them are shown in Hannah Connorton’s blog, Celebrity Jewelry Gawk.

Dangly Round Earrings on Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson Looking Fantastic in Round Dangly Earrings


TV Actress Shaun Robinson

Shaun has a long oval shaped face. With her long hair and and extra-long line from cheekbone to small chin, these large textured circles add fullness and balance to Shaun’s face.

The circle theme makes her smile look bigger and infectious.

Her look of smart, sexy and straight forward is aided by the bold shape and texture of these earrings.

These earrings are doing their job well. They contribute to her defined look and beauty.

Thumbs Up!

Emma Bell in Dangly Earrings

Emma Bell in Underwhelming Dangly Earrings

CSI: Miami’s Emma Bell

Emma has an inviting wide face shape. With her long two toned color hair and pale complexion, these pale gemstones look pretty, but do nothing to enhance Emma’s look.

Because of her wide cheekbones, a longer more slender earring with a pop of color would have added more to her look.

As it is they are a pretty pair of earrings that fail in their job.

Their job is to enhance her look and add to the impression of personality and sexy fun.

Her dress says, “sexy and fun.” Her hair says, “sultry” and her earrings say, “picked by Grandma.”

Thumbs Down!

Champagne Diamond Dangly Earrings on Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch Looking Great in Champagne Diamond Earrings

The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch

Melissa has a classic oval face shape. With her gently curving and long line from cheekbone to chin, these long dangly earrings definitely add to her beauty and look.

The soft champagne color of the diamonds highlights her peaches and cream complexion.

With her long hair partially up in a lovely random style, the complementary casual shape and layout of the earrings just suites Melissa to a T!

With these earrings Melissa exudes an innocence and sense of confidence and fun.

This style says, “lively, elegant, smart and sexy.”  These earrings are truly the spice of her outfit and add to her look with authenticity and certainty.

Thumbs Up!

Let me know in the comments section if you enjoyed this kind of jewelry evaluation and would like to see more.

Jewelry Critic
Calla Gold

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Earrings, Reviews; How it Applies to You

  1. I love all the earrings here, yet it’s hard to pick the right ones with longer hair. What do you suggest is the best type of earring for longer locks?
    Fun pst Calla!

    • Jackie,
      You are right, when you have longer hair it definitely effects your choice of earring. Your face shape is a factor in your choice. With long hair a longer earring is often more complementary as it goes with your hair. I’m actually really glad you asked this question!
      Also having a three dimensional element to it, not just a straight down dangle, looks best.
      I’ve had clients with dangly earrings they never wear with their short hair suddenly start wearing them when they choose to let their hair grow longer.
      Trying on earrings with your hair worn like you usually wear it and then stepping 3 feet or so back from the mirror to get the look of how others see you is quite helpful.
      Are the earrings visible? Even if only a part of them is that’s OK.
      Ask yourself does the part of the earring that shows add to my look?
      Does it make me look better?
      More serious?
      More professional?
      More friendly?
      If you like who you look like with those earrings then they are keepers.
      When you shop with me you’ll be able to try on earrings first and I’ll give you my honest opinion about whether they compliment you or just sit there.
      Calla Gold

  2. I love the first and third ones for me, SO cute!! Although I have been stuck in a hoop rut for years, must update that soon! Fun post!

    • Cara,
      You can carry bold design dangly earrings. I do understand the hoop rut. They are so easy to go to! Embrace the new!!!
      Calla Gold

    • Can I just stick to Jewelry advice?
      Although funnily enough I was changing my client Darla’s hairstyle during a jewelry style consultation. And no, it was not to show off her earrings better, but rather to show her forehead off to change her face shape. It was fun and made a big difference!
      Your hair style can change your face shape and therefore the earring shapes you should wear.
      Now that you’ve learned a lot are you ready to try one some new earrings Lynn?
      Your Opinionated Santa Barbara Jeweler,

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