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CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

By Calla Gold

CZ stone cut in Russia

Russian Cut Cubic Zerconia.

Are you Considering a CZ vs diamond as your “Gem” of choice for getting married?

Is cubic zirconia on your radar for your engagement ring? You’d save a lot of money…. Do I approve? No! As a wedding ring designer I’ll tell you why in technical and emotional terms.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Orange CZ Skull

Hey Cool a Skull Made of CZ. But I’m Not Using it in My Wedding Ring!

Technically, cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide. It’s a laboratory grown synthetic mineral. It’s optically flawless, usually colorless, though it can be made in a variety of colors.

Don’t confuse cubic zirconia with zircon. Zircon is a birthstone for December babies. It is a gemstone mined from the earth. CZ’s are not. CZ’s are grown in a lab. We December babies who have zircon as a birthstone are not happy when someone asks, “What’s that pretty stone?” I say, “it’s a zircon.” They look bored. And say, “oh.” They assume it is a cubic zirconia. That is because in addition to calling them CZ’s, they get called zircons.

There is a thorough and technical Wikipedia explanation of CZ.

CZ vs. Diamond, a Poor Substitute

Three year old CZ with scratched top

Note the Out of Focus Looking Ring Around the Flat Table of This CZ. That is worn away CZ material. They Don’t Hold up.

Cubic zirconia—commonly called CZ—is widely used as an inexpensive diamond substitute. To the untrained eye, a brand new CZ looks like a real diamond. This is why many people substitute them for the real thing.

Does this mean it’s alright to put one in your wedding ring? For a number of reasons, the answer is NO! A CZ is to diamond what brass is to gold. The two substances may look similar—especially when new and clean—but they’re not!

Unlike diamonds, CZ’s scratch and become dull and lifeless over the long term. They don’t sparkle like real diamonds either once you’ve worn them for a bit.

How Do You Tell CZ from Diamond?

The Fog Test

Hold the CZ  next to a diamond and “huff” on them with your hot breath. Both stones will fog up. The diamond will clear up rapidly, while a CZ will take a little longer. This is due to diamond’s greater thermal conductivity.

The Facet Edges are Different

Close up of diamond with older cut

Notice the Clear Sharp Edges of Table (center flat part of diamond) of This Older Cut Thirty Year Old Diamond. They do Hold up.

Diamond facet edges are sharper and more defined than CZ facet edges. Under ten times magnification you can see the cz has rounded facet edges.

CZ’s are Denser Than Diamonds

If you take two identical diamond looking gems knowing that one is a diamond and one is a cz, but not knowing which is which and weigh each one, the cz will weigh more than the diamond. Some jewelers say they can tell by  having them in their hand and bouncing their hands. I haven’t tried that. I use a scale.

You Can Read Through a CZ

You Can See the Line Through the CZ

If you take a CZ and a Diamond and lay each one over a line drawn on a paper, you can see the line through the cz, but not through the diamond. This has to do with the way diamonds refract light from their facets.

Diamonds Scratch CZ, Not the Other Way Around

Diamonds scratch many gemstones. That is why I tell people to store their rubies, opals, pearls and other gem jewelry where it won’t be touched by their diamonds.

CZ’s most definitely can be scratched by a diamond. A CZ will not however scratch a diamond.

The Real Cost of Cubic Zirconia

Sale Sign

Come to the Basement and See and Buy Clothes. Because That Makes Sense Right?

Perusing the internet the other day, I was astounded at the prices jewelers—and the regular public—were quoting for CZ’s. I saw them costing anywhere from forty dollars per carat to hundreds!

One site said that CZ’s cost about one-tenth of what a diamond does! That means that if a one carat diamond went for $6,000, a CZ of the same size would cost $600. Nothing could be farther from the truth! If you paid more than $20 or $30 for one—whatever the size—you probably paid too much.

Diamonds vs. CZ’s, What Are You Saying with Your Gem Choice?

Black and White Diamond Ring

This Diamond Ring Has Black Diamonds on the Side and Curlicue Edge Details

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth. As I mentioned, they rarely scratch, they don’t cloud up, and degrade over time. Like the famous slogan says, “A diamond is forever.” A cubic zirconia? Not even close.

Diamond rings mean something. They’re a symbol of love, marriage, and eternity.   Diamonds don’t degrade over time and the rings in which they’re set get passed down from generation to generation. CZ rings? Not so much. Diamond rings are valuable. CZ rings? Nope!

CZ’s are cheap. A few grande lattes at Starbucks would cost more. So would a toaster or two tickets to the movies and snacks for you and your significant other.

Diamonds are valuable. They’re important and precious. They always have been and always will be. Diamonds stand for a lasting, sparkling love. CZ’s…not so much.

CZ is so close to diamond on the Moh’s Scale of gemstone hardness, so Diamond is only slightly better, right?

Mohs Scale

Mohs Scale of Gemstone Hardness

The Moh’s scale of hardness is not a numerical scale. A number is assigned to the next hardest gemstone in this scale.

This would be a gemstone that can scratch the previous gemstone. That doesn’t mean that the next level of hardness is for example 10% harder than the previous gemstone. It could be 100% harder or it could be 13% harder.

For example, the difference between a sapphire, which is 9, (corundum on the scale) and a diamond, which is 10 is considerable. A sapphire will chip and scratch way before a diamond will and yet they are one numeric level of hardness away from each other on the scale.

CZ vs Diamond

What a CZ Worn Daily Looks Like. This Ring Was Worn for Five Years.

A diamond is much harder than sapphire.  So a CZ, which is at 8.5 is not close in hardness at all to a diamond.  There is a very large gulf between the 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness of CZ and the 10 of diamond.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to replace CZ every few years than to get a diamond?

Engagement Ring with bent away prong

Bending Your Posts Back and Forth Every Time You un-set and re-set Your CZ Will Break the Prong in Time

Technically, it would be cheaper to buy a new cubic zirconia once a year for many years than it would be to buy a diamond, but there are other costs to consider.

If your intention is to replace your CZ every time the shine fades, then you need to remember to factor in the cost of labor to un-set the old and re-set a new CZ.

While we’re at it, just like twisting a paperclip back and forth will break it, your ring prongs will not put up with your yearly back and forth un-setting and re-setting action without needing replacement. The labor and replacement, with prong work, may over time still be cheaper than having a diamond, but at what cost to your ring? Quite a bit if you stay married very long. Which I sincerely hope you do.

Diamonds, CZ’s, and You and Getting Married

Colorful CZ ring

CZ’s in Many Colors for Your Right Hand.

You would never buy a brass or aluminum wedding ring, right? You’d get one made out of gold or platinum. Gold and platinum are valuable. Brass and aluminum are not. Brass is for plumbing fixtures and aluminum is for cheap pots and pans. Likewise, diamonds are for weddings. CZ’s are for cocktail parties.

Last Word on Cubic Zirconia

Antique diamond

Antique Cut Diamond

There’s nothing wrong with CZ’s in costume and less expensive jewelry—especially the kind your teenage daughter wears to school everyday (more than likely, on more body parts than you would care to think about).

If you are considering a CZ instead of a diamond, know that the urge to choose the cz is the urge to have a gem that looks like a diamond. That is understandable.

Now you know that CZ’s do not hold up to daily wear. I’d recommend going for a smaller stone size and getting a nice yet small diamond. It will last.

I just made a new engagement design for a half carat, round diamond, that is a hundred years old . It was my client’s great grandmother’s diamond. It was small, but sparkly. A hundred years old. Just wow.

When it comes to matrimony, I say stick with the real thing. Choose a diamond.

Passionate Wedding Jewelry Designer,
Calla Gold

418 thoughts on “CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

  1. I think that orange cz skull is so cool too, but I’m with you, diamonds for wedding rings, not cz!

    • Tracey,
      Thanks for visiting the blog. I had to put that cz skull in, just for the fun of it! I’m glad your heart is in the right place where diamonds are concerned.
      Diamond Jeweler Calla

  2. I love the passion in your voice Calla! I love the idea of alternative stones for wedding/engagement rings, but the truth is, you want a ring that will last a lifetime, that you can wear through daily life without the worry of stone’s safety.

  3. Calla,

    Your comparison between Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia clearly defined the BIG differences. I knew diamonds were better, but in a vague way. Now I have the facts about diamonds vs cz and it’s good to know.

    I look forward to the day when I can upgrade my diamond with you!

    Oh…and YOU are a STAR Emcee! Great job this weekend as emcee for the Santa Barbara Business Expo!!

    Linda H.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you for loving the difference between diamond and cz’s.
      It was great seeing you in the audience at the Santa Barbara Business Expo. Emceeing was a great way to get to know more about the wonderful speakers. I enjoyed it very much!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  4. Great Blog! This post was Informative and Well Written! We do sell CZ and this was our introduction to Calla Gold Jewelry.
    CZ Girl

  5. This is a great post… I’m glad you shared it as I was actually looking into CZ for my own wedding ring… after realising the difference I think diamond is the only way to go!

    • Joe,
      I’m delighted that this post helped you choose between CZ and Diamond. You made the right choice.
      Calla Gold

  6. It is amazing how much money people waste on CZ rings. There are women who pay almost as much as a diamond. Some people think its the smarter choice in terms of money but its not because a diamond lasts forever.

    • Hi Katherine,
      I hope women aren’t paying diamond prices for CZ stones. That’d be such a rip-off. CZ’s don’t hold up like diamonds.
      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And they stand up to a lifetime of loving!
      Calla Gold

  7. Unfortunately, Cubic Zirconia IS a crystal similar to Diamond (diamond Cubic). I consider most of your points emotional. The scratches, degradation of luster are to be proven. Simply we want to appreciate Diamond because it is naturally occurring.

    • Dear Reader,
      I beg to differ. Diamond is carbon. CZ is zirconium dioxide. They are similar in look but there the similarity ends. They do not share chemical similarity.
      Further is not a wedding ring an emotional purchase representing love? Why wouldn’t I prefer the lasting symbol of a diamond to the cheap simulant that CZ is. It’s fine for other jewelry but to represent your life’s love with CZ? What next, plastic wedding bands?
      As far as proof of the scratching and lack luster appearance of hard used CZ’s I submit my 30 years as a jewelry repairing jeweler. I can’t count the number of CZ’s I have replaced. I’ve looked at them and seem what time and wear do to CZ’s. The fact that I did not do a controlled study does not change the results that I have seen. This blog is my opinion, not a jewelry foundation dedicated to experimenting with jewelry. Though that’s a cool idea. Maybe when I retire I’ll devote my life to jewelry research!
      I do love that diamond is naturally occurring. And I don’t love that CZ can’t hold up to daily wear.
      Your Opinionated Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

      • If a ring is an emotional purchase representing love, do you find there is a direct correlation between how much a ring costs and how much a couple loves each other? Or how long the marriage will last?

        • Hello Em,
          There is zero correlation between money spent on a ring and length of marriage or level of love. Love is the most important thing in a marriage. Yes the jeweler is saying love is way more important than the ring.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

  8. Wouldn’t it be *substantially* cheaper to replace a CZ every few years than get a diamond? Diamonds aren’t rare — the high price is just the result of corporate monopoly and the emotional attachment is due to a very successful 20th century ad campaign from the men at Madison Avenue.

    Diamonds may have more sparkle, but optically are much more flawed.

    • Jack,
      You are right it would be cheaper to just replace a CZ every year than to set a diamond. But would you wear flip flops to work? Would your boss be disappointed? Would you wear raggedy cut off shorts to a friend’s business opening? Would you go to a nice restaurant with greasy hair and dirt under your fingernails? No! Each of those example is a show of disrespect.
      I feel like the ring you give your wife to symbolize your love and commitment needs to show respect for your union. She’ll wear it every day. Do you think she’s cheap? Do you value her? Putting a CZ in her wedding ring is disrespectful in my opinion.
      As to the Madison avenue hype, yes they are probably not worth as much if they weren’t controlled in their release. But the De Beers monopoly is broken. The Russians sell their diamonds, the Australians sell their diamonds, the Canadians sell their Ekati mine and other mines diamonds.
      Diamonds are harder than CZ’s, they look more sparkly when they are dirty, they clean up beautifully which CZ’s don’t after a while. I’m not sure what you don’t like about diamond’s optical properties. I love their sparkle.
      “No on wedding CZ’s” jeweler,

      • This sounds like you have a solid investment in diamonds. Oh, what’s that? Right, you’re a jeweler. So if people start buying CZ’s instead of diamonds, you lose thousands. This article is extremely bias, and petty. CZ’s have a lot of possibles and pros. You sound like a car sales man telling the guy who wants to ride a bicycle to work that he’ll regret it! (It, being keeping in shape and not polluting the environment.) You’re stamping out the possibly that a CZ can be a great starter ring if placed in the right setting, and it’s increably cost effective. (You are correct that if anyone lists a CZ for more than $30 they are ripping pp off.) So cost vs benefit ratio is much higher. People lose their diamonds all the time, and it’s always traumatic. But losing a CZ is no big deal. And as far as your rational attachment to the diamond, I feel bad for someone who hands onto a stone as a symbol of love that can make or break it.

        • Hello Nika,
          For the record I love people who ride their bikes to work or wherever. And I love bikes and am personally into mountain biking. One of my sweet clients is a car salesman and she’d probably not appreciate having her job dissed and disrespected. Happily you’re not hurting my feelings by telling me you think I’m like a car salesman. I buy my cars from car salesmen and saleswomen and the experiences have been good ones with them sharing pros and cons on various models and helping educate me so I can make an informed decision.
          I too want to help you and others make an informed decision.
          Let’s agree to disagree about how awesome or not so awesome cz’s are for engagement rings.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

        • Hi Joseph,
          My thinking is if you read the blog you do want to know the difference. Now you know and the choice and good thoughts are yours.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

      • The flaw in your analogy for raggedy cut jeans and flip flops is that they look entirely different lol. I understand where ur coming from but your argueing a invalid point.

        Diamonds are consumerism at its finest, and unless theyre conflict-free, theyre not for a good cause whatsoever.

        Try would you where an almost identical suit to a business meeting, that will simply degrade quicker over time? Well thats up to the buyer to decide. I wear a cz bracelet, and simply for the fact it was given to me from my granny its worth more than a diamond anyday of the week to me.

        • Hello J,
          I am speaking about wearing a ring every day for the rest of your life. I have no issue with a cz bracelet. Nor to I mind if you wear a cz engagement ring. I do have an issue with a man giving a woman a ring with a cz when she believes it is a diamond. A) she’d feel lied to and sad, and B) it will not hold up over time and if they do not know that, it’s a bummer.
          Most jewelers sell non-conflict diamonds.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

      • White i agree with your point in the article of getting diamonds over CZ being a good decision, i felt like giving my opinion on your analogy above i think it is very flawed. Getting CZ instead of diamonds is like getting a cheap pair of dress shoes from Walmart, sure they look similar for the first bit but the quality does show over time. CZ looks very similar but it is not, its a lower quality, its different. Also i think saying getting CZ is disrespectful is a bit overboard. If you are trying to trick your bride into it being CZ then yea thats very disrespectful but if both parties are fine with it then i dont see an issue there. After-all a ring is just symbolism, sure a nice ring looks nicer but at the end of the say if you cant afford a diamond ring that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting married

        • Dear Tylor,
          Thank you for your analogy. I agree with you that if two people want to use CZ for economic reasons they are fine. But to not tell your fiance that it is CZ, that is so many kinds of wrong. And disrespectful.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

  9. Thank you for the response.

    Your blog post at top described CZ: “It’s optically flawless, usually colorless” Every diamond you see has imperfections in it. To some people, that gives them meaning.

    While a diamond is obviously very hard and resistant to wear, the idea of putting a chunk of carbon in the center of a ring because it’s artificially expensive and shiny seems to be purely an emotional one, and one that was only fabricated in the past century. CZ do not look bad, by your own words, and are the better value. Why give so much money to a company when you could spend it on your wife in ways like a new house or a world-class vacation?

    If something eventually came about that was just as sparkly and sturdy as diamond, but 100 times cheaper per carat, would you advocate using that?

    • Jack,
      Thank you for continuing our conversation. As a jeweler who sees many CZ’s after daily wear, I’ve seen their tendency to become kind of lack-luster. I don’t know the science behind it, but they just get crummy looking after a while. I’ll put them in an ultrasonic cleaner and where the diamond comes up blinkingly bright when cleaned, an older CZ just doesn’t come back to sparkly bright after cleaning. It looks better but doesn’t measure up to a diamond.
      When I look at a diamond in a mounting it doesn’t look like a chunk of carbon in a mounting. I dig the metamorphosis that went on deep in the earth to form the diamond.
      The choice for me to go with a real diamond is an emotional one. I know that various labs are trying to create diamonds in a lab. The thing is I want to know I’m wearing a real diamond. If it looks the same as a diamond, but is made in a lab and is stupidly cheap I’d still want the real thing in my wedding ring. I might wear the less expensive one on my right hand in a fun blingy ring. But not as my wedding ring.
      You’re running into my personal preference. My opinion. I just like to have my wedding ring up on a pedestal. It is so special to me and its ingredients must be special too. For me.
      If that less expensive alternate came on I’d offer it to my clients. But I will talk them out of a CZ if I can because of the reasons I’ve discussed in my post and my lengthy comment here.
      Diamond Gal,

      • Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, not being naturally made doesn’t change that diamond is a diamond regardless of where it came from. Your emotions about diamonds aren’t even your own, they were installed into you by marketing, it’s just s cheap rock that pretty and very durable. You’re defending a marketing ploy to get people to pay big money for rocks dug out the ground. None of your arguments make a lick of sense to a thinking person who sees the scam for what it is, there’s big money in selling rocks to stupid people.

        • Hi Ramon,
          I feel like you’re trying to put me in the “stupid corner” for having an opinion. I love diamonds and I love knowing they are real. For me it is part of the romance. If there is a fashion artist I admire, I will not buy a knock-off of their work.
          The day may come when I am more comfortable with lab grown diamonds for myself. Maybe sooner than later. I set them for young people in engagement rings and they are beautiful and I applaud my clients for their choice. It is right for them. I do not try to change their mind as we each have our own opinions and are entitled to them as are you.
          I do not feel that I am a marketing bot, marching to the tune of advertising and hype, but I guess you never know. A little self reflection on one’s opinions is never a bad thing.
          By all means go with a lab grown diamond when love calls you to put a ring on it.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

  10. Wow what anger at how others chose to spend their money.
    One argument you omit is that there is no such thing as a “blood CZ”.

    Rings are symbolic gesture and as such their symbolism and the sincerity behind their giving is far more significant than anything else.

    Lastly diamonds are valuable purely because we say so. “Diamonds may be a girls best friend” but frankly that is the kind of girl that the world could do without.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your comment. You are right there is no such thing as a blood CZ. Interesting. I sell for the record, conflict free diamonds.
      Diamonds are not just valuable because we say so, but because they are so well liked. Diamonds are this girl’s best friend and if that makes me a girl the world can live without, oh well I still have the man who made an honest woman out of me many years ago and he loves me still. And I him.
      My sparkling diamonds remind me of him when he’s not near me.
      No CZ’s for my wedding finger please,
      Calla Gold

      • “Diamonds are not just valuable because we say so, but because they are so well liked.”

        That is incorrect, they are only valuable because of successful marketing, they aren’t rare, or of high value like gold, the jewelry stores all have a huge markup on them and that’s where diamonds get their artificial “value” from. The sparkle isn’t worth nearly as much as you think.

        • Hello Viliami,
          It is true that Ad Age in 1990 called the “Diamonds are Forever” slogan the slogan of the century because of how successful it was. But think about it, there are many catchy and fabulous slogans. But if the product doesn’t deliver people fall away. I remember my old VW bug in the late 70’s, everyone loved them. But then better cars came out and people defected. I defected, I sold my VW and got a Toyota. It was more reliable, had better temperature control and was more comfortable and oh yeah, it got better gas mileage. I told my friends and they told their friends and the bug faded away. Not because they didn’t have excellent slogans, but because they didn’t last or deliver what we drivers needed.
          With diamonds, yes I do have a point here, they lasted, they sparkled when other gemstones scratched and chipped, they were just such an excellent gemstone for daily wear that what the slogan started, women embraced and talked about to their friends.
          They are valuable because they give good value. People want them and love them. Each diamond must be mined. It’s not like we harvest them from trees. And as far as huge markup goes, I don’t know where you’re shopping, but since Rappaport came out with his monthly price sheet the Rap Report which pretty much codified what prices were for different colors, clarities and weights of diamonds it made the price mark up much lower. As did the advent of online diamond sales. They days of the diamond gravy train are over. DeBeers is no longer a monopoly, diamond pricing is no longer a big secret and people are competitive as they work to earn your business.
          Considering that I just set an 80 year old diamond in a custom engagement ring design, I’d say diamonds have serious legs. And they are here to stay.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

          • Dear Calla,
            You are right that if a product doesn’t deliver that people fall away, however, did you ever think about the nostalgic part of it? Where we remember growing up hearing about how if you loved a woman all you would do is get her a diamond, if you loved a woman you would get her a really expensive ring, if you love the girl you would put a diamond ring on it, if you want to marry someone you don’t get the cubic zirconia you get the diamond. Even from Jewelers I hear the comment, if you don’t have enough money now……. It is all about money. There is also a market for diamonds. But unfortunately a diamond ring does not make a marriage last any longer than a cubic zirconia ring. Personally I would find it understandable to get someone a cubic zirconia engagement ring then a cubic zirconia wedding ring and then after 10, 15, 30 years in the marriage then get a diamond ring. But for new couples asking a 20 year old person to Fork out 2 to $6,000 on a ring is amazing. That being said I don’t think that jewellers should try to only sell diamonds like they do. I would be more likely to try to walk into a riddles or Kay Jewelers if they tried to sell their merchandise better. All it seems like from a good chunk of people, not necessarily you, is that they see a customer walk-in and they get money bags in their eyes.

            • Hi Nicholas,
              If the couple getting ready to get married are both open to cz and understand that it is not a lasting stone then they could go for it. I wanted to make sure a guy didn’t give a cz without checking with her first. I also wanted to let the couple know the problems with cz. But if that’s what you want and it’s fine with you then I say go for it. I am opinionated and I think diamonds are a better choice, but cz is indeed an option. If used ethically and not to fool your girlfriend it is an economical option.
              Your Personal Jeweler,

      • Diamonds are expensive because DeBeers manipulates the supply. I will not do business with a monopoly no matter how indirectly. Anyone who has sold a diamond becomes instantly aware of the obscene markup on their original purchase.

        • Dear John,
          De Beers hasn’t had a monopoly in decades. With India, China and Russia selling diamonds, Canada mining diamonds, Australian mining diamonds, DeBeers is rebranding their Forever Mark Diamonds to set them apart and make them seem different and more awesome. They do not have a monopoly and they do not set the prices.
          With the advent of online diamond sales, a diamond has become a commodity. In other words the days of super padded pricing on diamonds is dead and gone. There are online price lists all over the net. This downward pressure in price has actually benefited the average person going to buy a diamond regardless of where they go to shop.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

        • Ha! Always someone who wants to claim Diamonds are common and worthless. Defensive much? So is a painting, a sculpture… you can’t eat them. How does the fact that DeBeers had an advertising campaign invalidate their product? Plenty of things are advertised.

          The reality in today’s world is that DeBeers lost control of the market long ago and diamond prices are set by demand versus the rigors of finding and mining them.

          Avoid diamonds if you wish, but don’t try to justify it by claiming that they’re worthless.

          • Dear Michael,
            What can I say? I love your comment. You have indeed debunked a couple of assumptions by John.
            Your Personal Jeweler,

  11. Jack and Paul are correct.

    This is similar to how “top of the line”, “name brand” clothes are marketed, except the markup for diamonds is obscene.

    If a CZ is cut to look like a diamond, set in a quality ring, and properly maintained so that it does not lose it luster, then what does it matter? It will appear identical to a diamond. The purchaser won’t have to go into debt to buy it and the wearer won’t be mortified if it’s lost or stolen.

    Lets be honest – Jewelry is mostly a con game, and anyone who feels they “need” a diamond is being suckered.

    Lets say your CZ clouds over time. Buying a replacement $20 ring every year for 50 years is only $1000 dollars! Compare that to the cost of a decent sized diamond ring.

    Why waste your money on a diamond? Because the industry is trying to guilt you into a purchase? Think for yourself!! Don’t be a lemming.

    • Hello Mark,
      I will respectfully rebut you on a couple of points.
      1. With the advent of online diamond sales, a diamond has become a commodity. In other words the days of super padded pricing on diamonds is dead and gone. There are online price lists all over the net. This downward pressure in price has actually benefited the average person going to buy a diamond regardless of where they go to shop.
      2. A cubic zerconia, no matter how nicely it is cut and set will degrade. It doesn’t have the hardness to stand up to the daily wear a wedding ring gets. A CZ is fine in a right hand ring that’s getting worn here and there. But for a daily wear ring you need to chose a gemstone that is good looking, sparkly and strong. CZ is good looking till it gets lackluster, then it fails its job. Then it starts getting scratched and no amount of cleaning makes it sparkle.
      3. You mention a $20.00 cost to set in a new cz once a year. Don’t forget to factor in the labor cost of un-setting and re-setting your CZ. And while we’re at it, just like twisting a paperclip back and forth will break it, those ring prongs will not put up with your yearly back and forth un-setting and re-setting action without needing replacement. The labor and replacement with prong work and all will be higher than if you left that nice diamond in there.
      4. Jewelry is a love game. It allows us to symbolize love in a tiny piece of art. If you can’t afford a large diamond, use a small one. Diamonds are the sparkliest and the best gem choice.
      5. CZ is a cheap laboratory made stone, created to look like a diamond without the strength or staying power of a diamond.
      Calla Gold

    • WOW, I agree with both of the guys, I am a woman, and just recently got engaged… and I proudly wear my cubic zirconia… my fiancé selected this ring, and I knew it was affordable for both of us, and its stunning… I think ALOT of women out there are materialistic, and all they think about is money… trying to keep up with the Jones’s is not my forte… nor my mans… he wanted a big rock more then he could ever afford on my hand to reflect that I am taken, and he told me he wanted it to stand out ALOT… I laughed… why? because he loves me so much, and I love him for NO MATTER what he can afford… a ring is a symbol… not the true meaning of your love for each other… I pity all men that don’t have a woman that can see beyond the cost of the ring… sorry guys…

      • Hi Crystal,
        It is good that you know right off the bat what stone is in your engagement ring. That way you know if it starts looking disappointing what is up with it and that you’ll need to find another and have it put into your ring.
        I do not think that if you’re wearing a diamond it makes you materialistic. It is a choice.
        I like that he wants a big symbol of love on your hand however he does it.
        Your man sounds pretty fun.
        Your Personal Jeweler,

        • Wow. Make everyone else who can’t afford a real diamond feel like crap. Rub it in our faces and brag about what u have. This woman is no more than a richy b*. LMAO ur post was informative but at the same time, like a previous comment, shoving it down my throat. Sorry. Haha my opinion is u suck. And ur opinion on people with CZ, sucks. Just because I have a $30 CZ and u have a $30,000 diamond, DOES NOT make u better than me. Or worth more than me. replacing a stone every year, I’d rather do than rock some stone worth more than my car. I’d pawn that in a heartbeat. Now that’s love. Taking care of ur family and realizing where money should be spent. Not where I want it spent. And diamonds are a materialistic girls best friend. Not this down to earth loving sweetheart. I’m not shallow. Thanks. But I’d rather be genuine and trashy than snobby and classy. Bye Felisha

          • Dear Not a Snobby B,
            I had to edit out the pornographic parts of your comment. We like to keep it clean around here.
            For the record I do not have a $30,000 diamond. My largest wedding diamond is .40cts. That’s less than a half a carat. Just thought I’d let you know.
            Taking care of family is hugely important as is love.
            My purpose is not to make you feel bad, it is to inform people in case they assume that cz will hold up the same as a diamond.
            Have a genuine life.
            Your Personal Jeweler,

  12. Sorry, I’m with Mark on this one. Zirconia is a beautiful stone. CZ actually has higher dispersion than diamond. That gives it more fire/brilliance. With a very similar index of refraction, zirconia will be beautiful with the same cuts that are popular with diamond.

    Your argument that it will scratch and lose its luster doesn’t apply to Zirconia. Hardness (a stone’s resistance to scratching) is often compared on the Mohs scale. Diamond is a 9, the hardest known. Another very long lasting stone, sapphire is an 8. Zirconia is 8 to 8.5, nearly as hard as diamond. So long as your stone is harder than quartz (sand), at 7, it isn’t going to scratch from everyday wear.

    There are only two reasons to buy a Diamond over a CZ:
    1) Diamond sellers have been very successful in convincing people that Diamonds are *the best*. If you are buying love, you’d best get her what advertisers tell her she wants.
    2) Diamonds are far more expensive, and thus will sell better. If you expect your marriage to fail, at least you can pawn the diamond.

    If you’re buying a stone to be beautiful, you’ll get a much larger, and prettier stone if you go with Zirconia. If you’re you’re trying to impress people with how much money you spent, buy a diamond.

    • Hello Hyrum,
      You do seem to like your CZ. The Moh’s scale of hardness which has diamond at 10 and CZ at 8.5 is not a sequential scale it is more geometric. Taking big jumps from one gem to another. There is a large gulf between the 8.5 of CZ and the 10 of diamond.
      As a jeweler who has done a lot of repairing and replacing of gems in her career I’ll tell you why I wrote this blog post, people need to know that if you wear a CZ daily it breaks down. It is not strong enough for daily wear. That wonderful sparkle you speak of just leaves once its gotten a bit too dirty.
      A newer client of mine came to me 5 months after getting married to size her ring. Her center gem looked cloudy and bad. Her side diamonds looked sparkly. She told me she had an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaned her ring regularly. I asked if her center gem was a CZ. She said “Yes.” It just lost its luster about the second or third month.
      She decided to replace her CZ with a real diamond. She’s much happier with her real diamond and even when she forgets to clean her ring her diamond keeps sparkling. She used my payment plan to get herself the diamond once she realized how it was important to her to have a nice sparkling center gem in her wedding ring.
      CZ do not stand up and keep sparkling as they age. I have seen it over and over again. A gorgeous sparkler as a new stone, it loses its sparkle when worn daily. Even when cleaned.
      This is unexpected to brides who chose CZ. It upsets them. I want them to know before they chose a CZ that is is not the magical super inexpensive “looks like a diamond,” that they may think it is.
      This is written from years of experience.
      If you don’t want to spend the money on a diamond I’d suggest a moissanite. At least that’ll keep sparkling for years just like a diamond.
      Here’s the link:
      Diamond beats CZ every time if you ask this jeweler.
      Calla Gold

  13. Like others I found this post to be more focused on emotion than fact. To say that someone only loves you if they spend a ridiculous amount of money on a piece of jewelry is extremely superficial. Would you have said no to your husband if he used an “inferior” stone? As someone trying to sell diamonds, how would your article change if they were similarly priced?

    Unfortunately your article is one of the first that shows up on google, and it’s this type of “he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t buy you a big diamond ring” mentality and “advice” that drives people to spend beyond their means.

    • Dear Tyler,
      Thank you for telling me your opinion. I thought that my description of how cz’s break down might have an impact, but I realize that without a picture they are just words. Today I took in a ring for repair from a couple who had been sold a “diamond” engagement three years ago. When I saw the facet abrasions all around the table, (translation, when I saw a totally scraped up circle of cloudiness at the edge of the flat part of the stone,) I feared I was looking at a cz as diamonds do not do that.
      They were bummed when I pulled out the diamond tester and it tested as a cz. But the wife was not surprised as the “diamond” had changed drastically from when she received it and would not “clean up” properly. She felt something was off.
      I have added pictures of this three year old cz and a 30 year old diamond to the post. If you go back you can look for yourself and see what three years of daily wear does to a cz. And what 30 years of wear does to a diamond. Nothing. That diamonds facet junctions look as clean and sweet as the day it was faceted.
      That is the factual reason that when you look at cz’s vs diamonds the only reason to chose a cz is if you’re planning to be married a short time or economizing now with a plan to upgrade to a more lasting diamond.
      The nicest thing you said in your comment was that my article showed up first on Google. Thanks for that.
      I don’t for the record thing “he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t buy you a big diamond ring.” I regularly design with strong colored gemstones as center gemstones.
      I merely recommend against cz stones for engagement rings.
      Calla Gold

  14. I agree diamonds have a special feel, but in reality, even a piece of string tied around a lovers finger in true love, would be even more romantic than just some stereotypical diamond ring which in reality has nothing to do with true love and commitment.

    Trust me, the men I know who are rich and who bought their girlfriend’s real diamon rings costing as much as a small car, were the biggest cheats I knew and ended up divorcing. They did not really love their wives, but like their diamond rings, thought they could buy love and charm women with material goods (they did) but just did not really give what was more precious, their time, love and fidelity. They asked for the rings back too, but lost a lot from divorces….

    Surely marriage is for life, so it is far more important to marry the right person, and spend time on a relationship and working through any potential troubles and forgiving, and saving a marriage rather than divorcing, if you think you married the right guy from the start…If not, then you ought not marry until you do.

    These are what makes for true love… not spending a fortune on a ring, which then probably gets stolen anyway. materialism and the attachment to it is not love…it is immaturity. Same with having lavish wedding days. Most of the people I know who want church marriages, neither go to church or act in a Christian manner, and are just in it for all the glam, and pomp and party… I think people who do not follow a religion, should not bother, or even be allowed to marry in church, as what good is it to undertake a religious vow, if one has no belief in it !!!
    I can’t understand how most atheists I know all want church weddings, and just for the fairytale image, but then that is no better than celebrating Christmas without believing in Christ. You know, people don’t need to believe in anything, as its their choice, but they would save themselves the hypocrisy and high costs of weddings and diamond rings if they sincerely stood by their principles…

    In general however, i think it all vulgar and nonsense….diamonds are just overpriced bits of carbon, and they are beautiful and rare, but nothing to do with marriage… in fact in ancient times, people did use a piece of string for a ring, as they tied the knot….

    Love and romance is what you make it…

    • Hello Jimmy,
      It sounds like you have seen a lot of unhappy things in the love and marriage world.
      I’ve had the experience of knowing many happily married people who have diamonds in their wedding rings. It’s true I’m not friends with anyone who has a diamond the size of Kim Kardashian’s diamond. But that said my friends and acquaintances with diamond wedding rings are perfectly happy with their diamonds.
      One of them started with a CZ and after a year she couldn’t take it anymore and asked for a diamond for her anniversary. Her new husband had been less than impressed with her increasingly lackluster CZ as well and sprung for a diamond.
      All these years later they are still married happily and her diamond is as sparkly as the day they picked it out.
      I purposely stay out of the whether you marry in a church or in the outdoors like I did.
      My purpose in writing this cz vs diamond blog post was to alert people who weren’t aware of it, that cz doesn’t stand up to the daily wear of engagement rings or wedding bands.
      As to your comments on big weddings and big diamonds being a recipe for marital disaster, I’m not feeling it.
      The string around the finger and tying the knot is a cute idea, but impractical in today’s world.
      A person doesn’t have to spend a fortune to get a nice diamond.
      Your heart is certainly in the right place about spending time on your marriage to make it strong. I’ll just take the spending time and having a happy marriage and a nice little diamond to represent loves spark.
      I’ll take diamonds over cz’s any day,
      Calla Gold

      • I agree with the sentiment that diamonds are not a symbol of lasting marriage any more than the jewelry industry pushes and others BUY into it. I would choose ethical sources over funding the diamond industry any day, even if it means replacing a cloudy stone decades later. I’ve seen women in the middle east and India use cz ‘s and see them last for decades looking great in beautiful 22k gold settings. I think the look of 14k gold is cheap looking in comparison, but to each his or her own.

        I think mention of the ethical concerns around diamonds would be quite valid and appropriate as well here.


        • Hello Sarah,
          Your heart is certainly in the right place. As far as ethical concerns go there are many ethical sources of diamonds. I personally enjoy selling Canadian diamonds and other ethically sourced diamonds. I’ve had clients request recycled diamonds from an older ring someone turned in. It is easy to get a diamond ethically.
          I speak to what I have seen with my eyes many times about the cz’s not looking good over time with daily wear. Perhaps the women of the Middle East and India wear their jewelry more carefully or take rings off more often if they have such good luck with them.
          As far as 22kt gold goes, on the right skin tone it looks amazing. On me unfortunately it does not look good. I’m a 14kt and 18kt yellow gold girl.
          I am pleased with how many people care where their gold and diamonds come from.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

  15. I just happened on this thread and I found this discussion quite interesting. I really have enjoyed the various insights and perspectives. I have been married for 15 years and recently my wife’s diamond engagement ring was stolen. Unfortunately we did not have it appraised and will only receive a fraction of the value. I decided to explore the possibility polity of buying a diamond ring as a birthday present and learned how much prices have increased in 16 years. To purchase something comparable in the size of the center stone and setting was way beyond my budget and my wife would probably be unhappy if I spent that much. We could afford it but we are also practical and are facing our daughter attending college, a total kitchen remodeling, and really want to take a special vacation this year. I asked a jeweler about cubic zirconia and they told me everything you have said about the color fading and it’s lack of durability. They also recommended that if I want something in lieu of a diamond that is more affordable that I consider another gem stone and suggested that a white sapphire or a moissanite would is an option for a clearer stone. After doing a lot of research and looking at pictures/videos, I decided to order an enhanced moissanite based on the stones hardness, brilliance, durability, and color approaching equaling that of the diamonds that I was looking it. I realize it’s not the same as a diamond, but it at least meets my budget and standards as far as quality goes. Hopefully the aesthetic qualities will be to my wife’s tastes. I realize there is a lot of sentimentality and tradition around diamonds and for many it is the only acceptable option. It all comes down to what is right for the individual and it’s more about the intent and love that it symbolizes then the value. A 30,000 dollar diamond ring is a hollow statement if the love is not genuine. If it turns out that my wife really wants a diamond, we will explore that possibility. Thank you again for all your insights.

    • Brad,
      I really appreciate your story and how you came to the choice you did. Moissanite will stand up way better than CZ and will look a lot better over the long haul than white sapphire. For anyone reading this comment thread I wrote and blog post called “What About Moissanite for Your Engagement ring?” : https://www.callagold.com/wedding-rings/moissanite-for-your-engagement-ring/ I’d also written a post addressing white sapphire vs diamond for engagement rings: https://www.callagold.com/diamonds/white-sapphires-vs-diamonds-engagement-rings/
      Brad, your choice was well researched and well made. Having a son in college at the moment I can understand going the practical route.
      A client of mine was about 70 when he called me. He was a farmer and all his children were adults and parents themselves and doing well. He wanted to upgrade the diamond for his quite practical wife. Her comment was “I’m too old for it to make a difference!” He ignored her and did upgrade her diamond. He unfortunately passed away five years later. His wife told me that when she looks at her ring with the larger diamond she feels really loved. That he did that for her even when she told him not to, just meant a lot to her. She’s really glad he made that grand gesture. It makes her feels special.
      I just tell you that to keep it in mine that one day down the line you might think about doing a diamond for your wife if it makes sense.
      She’ll love you no matter what!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  16. Quite an interesting exchange of opinions. When I proposed to my ex-girlfriend (because she’s now my wife), all I could offer her was a silver ring with a somewhat intricate design for the lack of precious stone (that is, a diamond). My budget had been allotted for ‘the big day’ back then; and we are quite a practical couple. I swore to myself then that I would replace that cheap ring and would give her an engagement ring she truly deserves one day.

    Fast forward to a few years back when I was able to save enough to buy her the real thing, I didn’t think twice on spending for a diamond engagement ring, despite the fact that we’re already married. I had the option to go the CZ route to save some money and take her on a vacation and fine dinners or buy her fancy clothes instead.

    But I still went ahead with my original plan. Why? Because that’s the essence of what I’d saved up for! If I want to take her on a vacation or buy her clothes or take her out to dinner, then I’ll save up separately for those special occasions. I made a promise that I intend to keep, even if that promise was just between me and myself.

    I am not against those rooting for CZ; yes, diamond is way more costly, but if you are equipped with the right patience and determination, it’s not that hard to achieve. It doesn’t differ from those saving up to satisfy their hobbies.

    Now why diamond over CZ? It’s simple: CZ is a cheap substitute for the real thing. Substitute.

    Marketing or not, does your better half deserve a diamond? Only you can answer that.

    • Dear Taga,
      I love your goal setting and your understanding of the value of the symbol you chose to honor your marriage pledge to your now wife.
      Your message of persistence and patience is a message that needs to be heard. My husband and I were practical and my first diamond was 1/10th of a carat. We later were in a place where we could do a larger diamond and my husband chose to upgrade my diamond.
      When he upgraded my diamond, that told me that he was glad he’d married me and was celebrating our love again.
      I applaud you for your choice of a diamond vs a cz. The cz wouldn’t have lasted like your love and your diamond will.
      May your marriage be long and happy.
      Diamond Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  17. I would rather have my FH and a ring tied around my finger than one of your elitist diamonds geesh
    Honestly I am proud of my CZ, its absolutely stunning and we could AFFORD it, why would I spend MORE money for a diamond I could barely see simply because its ‘real’
    Look I get it you’re the jewelery lady but the way you came off is that those of us who choose CZ for a reason aren’t good enough, that we are cheap and unworthy, you make people feel inferior because they can’t afford(or don’t want to justify) spending thousands of dollars,
    You’re entitled to your opinion but you should know that you make people feel terrible for not being able to afford a diamond, like our love is less because we can’t drop thousands of dollars. And honestly we now have money to upgrade to a diamond and I won’t because my CZ is stunning and because of this kind of attitude.

    • Hello CZ Girl and Proud of it,
      Hmmm. I never intended to diminish anyone’s perception of the love between two people. If you are happy with your cz, more power to you. At some point it will need to be replaced, because it won’t hold up to the rigors of daily wear. But I’ve had people choose opal for their wedding ring knowing full well that it will need replacing at some point. It’s a choice you can certainly make if you love a gemstone.
      I do not mean to insult anyone for their gemstone choices. Just be informed so you won’t be surprised when replacement is needed.
      Opinionated Diamond Loving Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  18. Calla Gold,

    I, like another poster, stumbled onto this blog and the conversation caught my attention. It amazed me how quickly the posts turned from a discussion about quality and durability to the emotional implications offered by each stone.

    I think it is incredibly harsh to suggest that a person who chooses to put a CZ instead of a diamond loves their significant other any less than someone chooses a diamond. What a ring means to the recipient should be solely based on what the ring represents. If the recipient believes that the value of the ring is the standard by which the givers love should be measured, their relationship probably won’t outlast the short lived brilliance of a CZ.

    I personally believe that it is wrong to push or pressure a person into overspending for a ring. Although the ring is a symbol of love that will remain so for a lifetime (hopefully), it doesn’t mean that someone should go deep into debt to finance it. There is nothing wrong with someone spending in their means to buy a nice setting and putting a CZ for the time being. This way the recipient can be proud of the ring and love to show it off. The couple may then choose to replace the CZ with a real diamond when they are in a better financial position. In my opinion, the kind of emotional spending discussed in this blog post are reckless and shallow.


    • Hello Luke,
      I re-looked at my post and didn’t see any value judgments on one’s level of love being compared to what they spend. Or love equaling the gem chosen for the ring. It would be incredibly harsh to suggest that someone who chooses CZ instead of diamond loves their partner less.
      I believe that whoever reads this post will buy whatever gemstone they want and is within their budget. However if they choose CZ they will know what they are getting and will not be shocked down the line.
      If you are informed and make an informed decision to chose a CZ then go for it. You will know what to expect from it and have no surprises. I would however recommend against proposing with a CZ and letting your fiance think it is a diamond.
      If she is fine with it then go for it.
      Diamond loving jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  19. “I re-looked at my post and didn’t see any value judgments on one’s level of love being compared to what they spend.”

    Oh, puhleeeeze. Right out of the gate, you admit that part of your reasoning is on “emotional terms”.

    Then there’s the nice little condescending subtitle: “What Are You Saying with Your Gem Choice?”

    Then there’s your statement that “Diamond rings mean something. They’re a symbol of love, marriage, and eternity.” What possible inference can be drawn other than that CZ rings are meaningless and are a symbol of lesser things?

    Then we get this little bon mot: “Diamonds stand for a lasting, sparkling love. CZ’s … not so much.”

    And you have the stones (pun intended) to say that you wrote no value judgments nor tied degree of love to a dollar figure?

    I’m glad for you that things are going so financially well for you that you have absolutely no one in your life who can’t afford diamonds and that you have any other influences that might make you able to fathom that such a situation might exist. Out here in the real world, the economy has tanked.

    What am I saying with my gem choice? I’m saying “marry me soon, not in 5 years when I might be able to buy you a diamond.”

    • Hi Wayne,
      I am a woman and a romantic person. If my husband had proposed to me with a CZ and I’d thought it was a diamond and I found out it wasn’t, I would have been hurt and I’d have felt betrayed. For the record he paid under $200.00 for my ring with a very small diamond. I love that ring. Because of its size he upgraded the ring and diamond about five years after we married. I still wear that ring when I’m feeling sentimental.
      It was a lot of money for him back then, but I appreciated that though small it was a diamond.
      He didn’t discuss his wedding ring budget with me, he wanted to propose properly and romantically to me. He knew that that was important to me.
      If he had discussed that he could only afford a 1ct cz or a 1/10th carat diamond and I understood the difference, I’d have opted for the little diamond.
      I won’t apologize for being a woman and an emotional one. Yes I do feel that cz is an inferior lab grown product. But if both partners are OK with it then I say go for it. If economics are such that you need to save money on an engagement ring then get a sterling silver ring with a cz. You could probably do that for $50.00. If that’s what you two agree is OK for a symbol of your love, then go for it.
      I personally wouldn’t be happy with it, but I’m a bit of a princess.
      The reason I used the subtitle “What Are You Saying with Your Gem Choice?” is that I wanted to be very clear what many people would think of it. I’ve run into many young men who just flat out didn’t know that cz wasn’t just some sort of cheaper diamond. I educate in my blog. People don’t always like what I say.
      People judge us. If you are a wealthy lawyer and you get engaged with a cz or a grey funky diamond, your co-workers will judge you as a cheap so and so. I’ve seen it happen. I blog and I educate to catch people before they make choices they may live to regret. Many of my couples have really appreciated the heads up I’ve given them about cz.
      CZs look great…. at first. That is my point. Know what you are getting and how it’ll look down the line. Know that you’ll need to put in multiple cz’s if you wear that ring for ten years.
      I don’t think cz’s can be a symbol of quality. Nor do I think a plastic wedding band is a good idea. I have seen some kind of cool looking plastic bands. I do not think they are a symbol of quality. That is my opinion.
      Thank you for writing.
      I’ll take diamonds even tiny ones over a cz. Or just a plain band.
      Calla Gold

  20. You have now twice posited the hypothetical of a man purposefully deceiving his fiance when no one even came within 1000 miles of saying anything like that. Why would you bother with such a non sequitur?

    I also find it interesting that you keep making sweeping definitive statements, and then back-pedal when someone calls you on it, restating things as only personal opinion.

    I agree wholeheartedly with one thing that you wrote: “[p]eople judge us”. But I’d add this: and if we give a d*mn about their judgment and/or make ANY decisions based on that judgment, then we’re a million times more idiotic than they are.

    • Hi Wayne,
      You remind me a lot of my son the philosopher. He excels at logic and critical thinking. You get right to a point as he does.
      As far as my mentioning someone deceiving their fiance with a cz, I mention that as it happened to a few couples I have worked with. In one case the guy genuinely thought it was OK and his fiance was emotionally wrecked for a few days after she found out it was cz. He apologized and told her he didn’t understand what cz was. I never wanted that to happen to another guy. So I wrote a bit forcefully in my blog that it’s not a good option.
      In all of the upsetting cases their was either a lack of understanding of what cz was or they were actively told it was totally OK and didn’t mention it to their fiance. In the case of the couple of mislead guys, they were beyond pissed that they hadn’t been educated by the salesman.
      Because of the fallout I observed I wanted to not only say what cz is, but that it can cause a problem.
      Regarding your disdain for what people think of us, good for you. I do care what people think. I like to blend in, be easy to get along with, be a peacemaker and be polite. It is how I was raised. I was also raised to stick to my guns.
      Whether my reasons are purely emotional or based on empirical observation they are my views.
      For the record I made a very nice engagement ring six years ago. They wanted her to have her dream design. Finances got rocky with a down-sizing 3/4 of the way through the ring making process. They opted to return the diamond and go cz. Everything else in the design was diamond.
      We replace her cz yearly. She really wants that diamond and it hasn’t happened yet.
      Stuff happens and reasons come up where the cz needs to be chosen. I get that. That’s not why I wrote this blog. I wrote it to state that I think diamond even a tiny one is a far better choice than cz for an engagement ring.
      My son is the debater of the family, not me. You my friend are quite the debater as well.
      Calla Gold

  21. (I slightly edited this comment. Calla Gold)
    Diamonds are NOT rare. In fact, they’re far from from rare. We can even manufacture them. They’re shiny rocks. CZ vs. diamond? You need a lens or highly trained eye to tell the difference unless you’re putting them to use as very hard rocks (manufacturing or mining). Plan on dipping your engagement ring into acid anytime soon? No? Then there’s no real difference, then, is there? Sales-persons like Calla Gold up there wanna sell it to you on the $$ for her. Pretty rocks are pretty rocks and there’s no shortage of carbon crystals (or other pretty rocks).

    We pay for so many overpriced things. I think my fiance and I would rather pay for an awesome honeymoon rather than a chunk of readily available rock.

    Cheers (try not to be an idiot in the future)!

    • Hello Chemistry talking,
      Interesting, you must be friends with Wayne. Both of you are really saying that diamonds cost a lot of money. Yes they do, especially if you get a big one. You do not have to buy a big diamond.
      Your idea that only if you are going to dip your cz in acid will you see the difference between cz and diamond is misleading. Czs break down faster with regular wear, they dull up and just flat out don’t look good or sparkle after a while. Diamonds don’t do that.There is a big difference chemically between cz and diamonds. That difference shows up when each one is worn in a daily wear ring.
      I’d appreciate a bit more politeness in a comment such as yours. I almost didn’t publish it. I like to give room for differing views, but the personal attacks get a bit old.
      Calla Gold

  22. I agree diamonds are beautiful but so are CZ. I would much rather wear a CZ for a number of reasons. Can my jeweler be %100 positive the diamond has not come to them by any means of human abuse? Why would I want a flaw in my sparkling stone? Can I be reassured that I will never loose or be robbed of my very exspensive diamond? I know my husband and I cannot reasonably afford a diamond. Would you send me one?

    Diamonds are not ever girls best friend.

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Your Jeweler can be 100% certain that they source conflict free diamonds. For example the Ekati mine in Canada inscribes by laser each of their diamonds. The diamonds are on native Canadian soil. The Native Canadians are learning skills connected with the diamond trade like diamond faceting. I have sourced diamonds from Canada many times because I know they are conflict free.
      Many diamond dealers spend their time and have as their motto “conflict free diamonds every time.” The diamond industry has come together to create the Kymberly Process a regulatory step by step process working with governments, miners, mining companies all the way up the supply chain to track where the diamonds are from.
      My diamond has a little flaw under 10 times magnification. To my naked eye it is perfect. I like having it there because I know that little bit of personality shows me that it is mine. It’s like a little fingerprint.
      I personally wouldn’t want a CZ due to the fact that with my lifestyle it wouldn’t hold up. I want my marriage to hold up and I want my diamond to hold up.
      No one can guarantee that your diamond will not be stolen. I don’t live my life worrying if each purchase I make is wise due to whether I’d be upset if it were stolen.
      There are alternates to diamond that are sturdier than diamond and are still lab created. See my blog post on Moissante :
      Moissanite is less expensive than diamond and more expensive than CZ. It does hold up very nicely, where CZ does not.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion.
      Calla Gold

  23. Wow! Such strength of feeling! I stumbled across this page by accident and like others, I found the opinions and arguments very interesting. I have not yet looked at the Moissanites post but I will when I have posted this comment! Anyway, I have never been very well off financially, always had a steady job rather than a highly paid career (I just wasn’t clever enough), but that’s OK with me, I am happy. Anyway, the reason I stumbled across this page is that I was looking at my options in buying a solitaire ring for a friend. It’s not an engagement ring, but a friendship ring. I can’t afford a diamond (however small) but I wanted something pretty and sparkly (as this reflects my friend’s personality). I guess I wanted to know the difference between CZ, Diamante, Diamonique (there seem to be so many diamond simulations out there!).

    What would you suggest I choose? I guess I have around £100(UK) to spend. I know this post was initially about engagement rings, and I do think there should be something special about these, but as a less significant occasion, I am happy to choose something that will look nice, but is not too expensive!

    I really appreciate your openness in answering all these posts – especially as some are quite rude really. For what it’s worth, and this is purely my personal opinion, a diamond is special, and stunningly beautiful, but the argument that would win me over for a diamond is longevity. I would rather save up all my money and get my future spouse something that I know is going to last a lifetime than having to replace it over and over. For our engagement my partner and I chose matching tungsten rings with a diamond set in them. We’re both guys and so we had the privilege of us both getting to wear a beautiful ring to celebrate our betrothal! The diamond is smallish, and we both had to save for some time to get the ring for the other one, but I know they’ll stand the test of time, and that’s what I want for our relationship too!

    Thanks for your post – please do let me know what you think for my friend’s ring – she won’t be expecting a diamond (I hope) 🙂

    • Hello Andy,
      I’m so delighted to read your great comment. You sound like a very sane and happy person.
      I’ll start by addressing the diamonique and diamonte. These are cz. The same thing, just marketed as special. Cz would be fine for the gift of friendship. I think it’d be best to choose a ring made from sterling silver. That way if she sees it’s a beautiful silver ring she won’t accidentally assume that it might be a diamond. If you were to get her a 14kt white gold setting and have a cz put in it she might think it could be a diamond and that could get awkward. A nice cz in sterling silver ring would be a wonderful sparkly gift. It should be nicely in your budget as well.
      I agree with you that the longevity of diamonds is a real reason to love and cherish them.
      I wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.
      Your California Jeweler,

  24. Ah, a nice attempt to get people to spend more money with you. What about people who can’t afford it? Did you consider them? NOPE.

    Another greedy American.

    • Hi Jane,
      Greedy jeweler here. About a year ago Donna came to me with her one carat CZ that she’d been wearing for about four years. It looked cloudy and dirty. She said she’d tried everything to clean it. I looked at it with my loupe and the dirt wasn’t dirt. It was scratches and etching from wear. I told her it can’t be cleaned it needs to be replaced.
      We replaced it. She was amazed how pretty the new one looked. I showed her the old one. The difference was astonishing. She said, “I knew CZ wasn’t as good as diamond, but I thought it was better than this. What should I do?”
      I suggested we change the CZ yearly. So that’s what we have been doing.
      She had two kids in a row right after they got married and a diamond is not in the budget. Donna really wants a diamond and she really wants a one carat. She’s wearing that one carat CZ as a place holder till she gets her diamond.
      She doesn’t want a diamond because I made her want it. She’s wanted a one carat diamond since she was a teenager. Many women want a nice diamond for their forever love ring.
      I didn’t write this blog post because it will effect my sales of diamonds, I wanted people to know what to expect from CZ. They go online to get information. Some people think it’ll last a long time and be just as good as a diamond. They want information. I have information and so I share it.
      I doubt that writing this comparison of diamond vs CZ has caused me to sell a diamond I wouldn’t have already sold. But it certainly has caused a conversation.
      I still love diamonds best,
      Calla Gold

  25. Hello, Happened on your site because I’m reading all I can about diamonds. Forty years ago I picked out a CZ engagement ring. We couldn’t afford anything more and I really felt it didn’t matter if it was a “real” diamond.It was a beautiful ring and supposedly just as good as a diamond. It lost it’s sparkle after ten years. After another five years we got an anniversary ring and the solitaire was retired because it didn’t look good. Seven years ago, I thought that CZ would have greatly improved. So after research we bought another very high quality CZ ring very similar to the original ring. It was beautiful and again, I felt it really didn’t matter because it was a beautiful ring. But I have sent it back three times because it looked dull or I could feel chips in it. Now it needs to be sent in a forth time due to dullness and a chip and I am not doing it.I am looking into replacing the CZ with a diamond of the same size. I wish I’d never gotten the CZ all those forty years ago.They aren’t as good as a diamond and you can say what you want but diamonds are the traditional wedding stone and always will be. My advice to young couples is to get something you love within reason and pay on time if you need to but don’t get a CZ.

    • Kathy,
      You can’t know how pleased I am to see your story. I can say that after time goes by CZ’s disappoint, but they look so pretty at first, just like a diamond that someone can be convinced it’ll be fine.
      Don’t feel like you “did something” to make it break down. They just do that. And no fabulous cutting technique can overcome their inherent weaknesses compared to diamond.
      I’m pleased you’ll be getting a diamond. You’ve been married a long time and deserve a diamond. Your advice is fantastic! I hope all the women and girls who read this blog post will read your excellent story and factor your real world experience into their decision making process.
      Diamond Girl,
      Calla Gold

  26. Dear All – what a great Marketing Campaign De Beers and Mr Oppenheimer created. One has to question the value placed on these readily available natural stones. But then again one of the greatest marketing campaigns has majority of us under its wings and brainwashed.
    My thoughts are if you have the money – spend it. If family, a house, or other obligations restrict you from blowing away so much then go for an alternative. There are many well made fine jewellery with diamond synthetics and simulants.
    Any type of jewellery should make the owner feel good regardless if natural or synthetic/simulated stones. Please do not get caught up in all of this about buying real diamonds or not. That’s why take. Have a great weekend!!!

    • Hello J/M,
      Thank you for stating your opinion. De Beers does not have a monopoly on diamonds. In a later blog post I plan to mention many of the good works that diamond mining companies, and the industries that have sprung up to serve the diamond industry, such as polishing and cutting in India, cutting in Israel, polishing and cutting in Sri Lanka. For example a diamond polishing company in India funded a school to benefit the children of the workers and poor children in the neighborhood who had no access to schooling.
      I mention this because the diamond industry does a lot of unsung good works. And I think diamonds are fantastic for daily wear gemstones.
      Calla Gold

  27. I really dream about the day that mankind will stop overvaluing things that could be more useful to progress with something instead of making ‘eyecandy’. I think, for example, diamonds will be more useful in tools, optics, and technology because of the qualities it has (optics, hardness, thermal conduction, etc.) But the super-hyper-mega-blaster monetary value people give to it makes prohibitive any other use or research.
    Even in this ‘worst-case-scenario’, I really appreciate your work (and thanks for the very clarifying ‘CZ vs diamond’ class), bringing people what they really want, and not fooling them with well-worked sales names for CZs called diamonique, nexus white ice or something similar.
    I want to clarify here that I’m in no way against people who like or work with diamonds (I also like them, people and diamonds), but I’m totally against the price of this ‘carbon usually infused with nitrogen impurity’ crystal formation.
    What do you (as a professional jeweler) think about? Keep on going, but I’m still dreaming about…

    • Dear Mr. Olmo,
      You’ll be pleased to know that even though white diamonds are rare and therefore expensive, there are plenty of industrial grade diamonds that are not expensive. These are used regularly in experimentation and in tech applications. These less expensive diamonds are a byproduct of the world’s desire for fine white and pink and other fine colors of diamond.
      Diamonds are an amazing gemstone and a benefit to the world. Without the eye-candy colors and clear white that call to many women the industrial grade that we need for science uses would go un-mined. The desirable diamonds bankroll the mining of reasonably priced industrial diamonds.
      Thank you for coming by and sharing your views.
      I too wish that diamonds were less expensive, but being as deep in the earth’s crust as they are, they are costly to mine. They are fantastic and will always be wanted.
      In the CZ vs Diamond debate I’ll always be a diamond girl,
      Calla Gold

  28. Happened to return to this site and wanted to add to my previous comment and to answer your reply. Firstly, I mentioned De Beers and their marketing campaign being one of the most successful Marketing campaigns ever – besides McD and Coca Coca; and they did have a monopoly on the diamond trade for many years. You should read up on its history – quite fascinating. Bottom line to create an illusion and sense that one needs a diamond ring to propose was one of Mr Oppenheimer’s greatest feats – “a Diamond is forever” – the famous slogan.

    White diamonds are not rare; there is an illusion of its rarity. De Beers has a safe – storage area the size of football fields storing uncut diamonds/roughs. This fact lead to its perceived rarity early on in the 30’s however with the ever increasing diamond mines and worldwide supply in recent years and the stranglehold of De Beers loosened, there is an abundant supply flooding the markets. China and India alone now supply almost half of the melee stones worldwide. One has to note with increased supply the small melee stones have dropped slightly but these stones and larger carat size ones are still holding up due to the strong purchasing power and demand of Asians in recent years, especially from Chinese consumers which goes against the market/economics view of supply and demand.

    Anyhow, I am enjoying my profits with recent strong diamond sales and thank De Beers for their campaign. I do not consider myself greedy or unethical but just making a living and supplying what is demanded.

    • Dear J/M,
      Thank you for the history lesson for my readers. I have read a short history of De Beers. I don’t know any people who sell diamonds who do not know the role De Beers had in popularizing white diamonds as wedding jewelry. Their marketing was masterful. But the bottom line is that white diamonds are just the best gemstone for sparkle, strength and good looks with outfits of any color.
      Though India and China are selling many diamonds, it is not because they are a mining source, but farther down the supply chain with cutting and polishing.
      Diamond Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  29. So, the truth is that diamonds keep their sparkle and cz does not. All other visual factors to the untrained eye are the same. You can get a 10 carat cz ring for 100 to 200 dollars. That could easily be replaced when it loses luster. It sounds like a lot of people are slaves to their conditioning and have bought into the diamond bs. Why get cheated out of your money for something whose price is artificially fixed and whose supply is artificially controlled? I hate getting ripped off and having illogical traditions forced on me.

    • Hello Michael,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I see your point that if you are willing to replace lots of CZ’s you keep the look and not the cost of diamond. But tell me, how does that feel romantic? You have to keep replacing an inexpensive pretender to the diamond, so people think you are wearing a diamond. But your wife knows it isn’t a diamond and is part of the charade. I personally would rather wear a tiny sparkly real diamond if that’s all my sweetie could afford than a larger or normal size CZ that acts as a stand in for the real thing.
      My love is real and I want my wedding ring to be real. I want to look at it and know that sparkle is real.
      The wedding jewelry stands for your love. Does your CZ ring stand for your love or your aspirations? Or does it stand for a stubborn need to be right about the fact that diamonds cost more than you want them to? Yes diamonds are expensive, so is gas, so is a cashmere sweater and so is water in a dryer world. Some things just mean more than others. A diamond stands for love.
      I love diamonds,

      • In Buddhism impermanence is taught. We evolve, even in forever. Maybe, just maybe, our jewelry reflecting this is not as bad as western culture wants to make it seem.

        • What I meant above is that those who choose to keep changing their CZ rings year after year may just realize that the love is there and the impermanence of the ring evolves, with the impermanence of us (we age, mature, and we’re only mortal). The external things are in constant flux (even diamond rings eventually) but our internal love (the thing that really matters) remains throughout. I think a constant renewal or progression of ring giving would show more love than buying something once (40 years ago for an example) and letting her wonder… Just my take.

          • Hi Evolution,
            I like your philosophy recognizing the inner strength and importance of love.
            But I have to say that sounds like a lot of work, coming up with new cz rings year after year. When my husband’s birthday rolls around I like to do something special to show I love him. I manage, year after year. But his ring remains a cause for smiles. I made it and he loves it. He did actually say that if I wanted to make him one just like it but wider, he’d be down with that. Hmmm, birthday perhaps?
            Anyway, I am very attached to my wedding ring and wouldn’t want to be piling up the wedding rings. Thirty years later I would need a machete to get through my jewelry box to the earrings with all those wedding rings.
            I’ll take my one diamond ring thank you very much.
            But for my birthday, yeah, something creative each year would feel like love.
            Your Personal Jeweler,

  30. I can’t even believe people look into buying CZ for wedding rings!

    Are you getting married monthly or whats the issue?

    Just splurge!
    Can’t believe someone would try saving on a wedding ring!

    • Jurgen,
      I am so with you! It’s your forever ring, your love ring! Your most important ever ring. It means so much! This is not where you economize for sure.
      You are so right!
      Calla Gold

  31. Thank you for your information really good !!!!! and don’t waste your time trying to convince this persons about diamonds if they like to eat cheap let them eat some other likes to eat good there is all kind of person in the world

    • Hi Miksy,
      Thank you for finding my blog and giving your opinion. I think you are right that there are all different kinds of people in the world. Some want cz and others want diamond. I’ll take diamond!
      Calla Gold

  32. Wow,wow,wow!!!! Some interesting stuff here! I think my “guy friend” must have seen this website. He asked me the other night what my views are on diamonds vs. CZ and I said diamonds for sure. All though he has has not yet proposed and if he is on your website just know I’M A DIAMOND GIRL 🙂 not for superficial reasons either. I have been married before and didn’t have an engagement ring to wear. I didn’t even see my wedding ring until we exchanged them at the alter. The stone was small which I didn’t mind but, it seemed that everybody could tell but me, that it wasn’t real. I felt like crap when I found out and felt like he lied to me, to cover up something that could have been dealt with if he had told me. I wouldn’t have been angry knowing that it was a CZ, I knew our financial circumstances and we had other goals that were pressing at the time, but doing a cover up was mean and cruel to me. I wish he would have just been truthful and upfront. So yes, covering up the fact that you are not setting a diamond in the ring of the one you are marrying is unacceptable. It will hurt her in the end.

    • Dear Sunshine,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story. Hopefully if some guy is considering going down the “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her CZ route” he’ll re-think that flawed thought. It sounds so hurtful. Your new guy sounds great. He asked!
      I wish you all the best and I’m with you diamond girl!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  33. Do you deal at all with artificially made diamonds? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  34. It was my marriage last week, and I am really thankful for this page, which helped me a lot in accessorizing well. These blog posts will completely change your perception of accessorizing. I love to read the blogs written here , on a regular basis. They are far better than reading magazines.

    • Hello Mukesh,
      Congratulations on your recent marriage. I’m pleased that you enjoyed my writings!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  35. TOTALLY OK with replacing my cz every year if I feel like it. Maybe even a new and different RING each year. To me it is just a ring. A symbol to some but not us. Our love is not based on a stone or a symbol. It is how we fulfill our dreams for eachother. My dream is not a physical thing but rather a way of life. I asked for a cz ring BECAUSE it was cheaper and unnecessary. He wanted to get me something and I basically told him don’t waste the money. If I lose it, so be it. I’ll pick another one up or go without. Our symbol of love is waking up each day and sharing it with eachother. With or without a ring on my finger, we are together. Having or not having a diamond or even a physical symbol of our love does not affect our feelings or relationship one tiny ounce. Our love does not need anything but eachother. Sorry jewelry people but I love him, not a hunk of metal with a real or fake stone. He and I agree on this and it works for us.

    • Hi Emily,
      Thank you for weighing in and adding your opinion. It could be that in different geographic areas there are expectations too. That may be a factor in these choices.
      All my friends, neighbors and people I work for and network with have nice wedding jewelry. I very much enjoy having nice wedding jewelry. It seems that in my area wedding jewelry is important.
      Someone mentioned to me that when they lived in LA they felt they had to have a nice car and keep it really clean and waxed. They feel it isn’t as important in the smaller town they now live in. They can be more relaxed. Perhaps it is the same with the expectations and the desires for wedding jewelry.
      I’m delighted that you and your husband have figured out what works for you both. It sounds like you love each other very much!
      Diamond Gal,

  36. I am 19 years old and just got engaged. My fiancé did not know that it was a CZ ring because the price he paid for it. Honestly, love is love. Love is not about the diamond. I read that someone said that if he proposes with a cz ring (fake) than the whole proposal is fake. Which I do not believe! We are totally in love and I love my cz ring. I respect the differences between the cz and diamond, but I’m totally content with my beautiful ring! Maybe when we get older and have enough money, we will get a “real” diamond ring. But there is nothing wrong with cz rings in my eyes. The marriage is about the love, not about the ring on the finger. Not at ALL trying to be disrespectful though!

    • Hello Julie,
      Congratulations on your engagement. I believe what someone meant when they said, “if you get a cz ring the engagement is fake,” is that if a man pretends the diamond is real and he knows it is fake and lies to his fiance.
      Clearly in your case you both know it is cz and it is representative of your love. Your engagement is clearly real.
      I too was engaged when I was 19 years old and have been married many happy years. May your marriage be long and happy. And may you be financially able to upgrade to a diamond when the cz runs out of gas!
      Loving her diamonds,
      Calla Gold

  37. Calla Gold,

    There are 2 types of people, those who care and those want people to think they care. I buy diamonds for my wife because they truly “are forever” as is our love. NOTHING replaces a diamond, only TRIES to replace a diamond. Those who say “it doesn’t really matter and I can save so much money” are trying to rationalize why the should buy CZs, not diamonds. I am GIA certified and there truly IS a difference. CKW

    • Hello CKW,
      I’m so delighted to have a GIA certified gemologist add their voice to this conversation. I agree that nothing replaces a diamond. As you say there truly is a vast difference between cz and diamond. For daily wear and symbolizing love there is nothing better than a diamond.
      Thanks CKW!
      Calla Gold

  38. Wow I have read this whole blog, a lot of different discussions. I don’t remember ever reading anyone saying they hid buying a cz instead of a diamond. I agree with you, don’t lie, but get her something of meaning for both of you.
    I am studying gemologist getting my GIA. I personally think that cz is amazing to make! Fun as a scientific point of view. Yes it is true a real diamond made naturally occurring lasts forever but the price of a diamond has gotten too hyped by media and Jewelers. Diamonds are everywhere, I would suggest a person propose with a rare Gemstone to show how rare and unique her and her love is to you. Like Tanzanite or blue Garnet or anything that has more luscious luster.
    If someone wanted to get a cz it is because that is what they want, you shouldn’t push your opinion too hard because it sounds like you are trying to get more money from people.
    There is a huge difference in the natural stones compared to lab made. If someone put the symbolized love of marriage in a diamond they can put it in a cz they could even use an onion ring for what it is really worth. A diamond would outlast you both of you for however long you loved each other unfortunately media has kinda of implied Diamonds.

    • Hello Reader,
      Good for you going for your gemology degree. I’m very surprised that you say cz is an option because it’s what you both want. Basically because as a gemologist you know that cz won’t hold up to daily wear. For that matter you suggest tanzanite which breaks easily and chips and scratches. Kind of the trifecta of what you don’t want symbolizing your union.
      Also the blue garnets I have seen are not that attractive so I wouldn’t want one of those. I like your sense of humor about the onion ring!
      Thank you for coming and expressing your opinion.
      Calla Gold

  39. Thanks for this discussion…. Your blog post is really very helpful for people who don’t know that CZ isn’t a viable choice for engagement rings.
    People should consider colorful diamonds like pink, blue and canary yellow like you find mined in Australia.

  40. I just got done reading this entire blog in one sitting. I am aghast at how many people (mostly men, I’ve noticed) are so emotional about CZ’s, and they’re claiming you’re the one who is emotional. Why is there such support for CZ’s? I can only assume that it is because some people hesitate to spend so much money on something that they don’t understand enough to value. There is a HUGE difference between diamonds and CZ’s. It’s not slight. Over the past few years I have spent about $600 bucks on a dozen or so different styles and stone sizes of sterling rings with CZ stones. Some had larger stones, a carat or more, while other rings were pave’ style with tiny stones. At the time I bought them I thought they were beautiful (except the larger CZ’s looked fake to me even when they were new.)The last CZ ring I bought was only a month ago. It was an “X” ring with pave’ CZ’s. The ring was very pretty when I opened it, but after few weeks the stones seemed kind of opaque. I clean my rings thoroughly, but I knew it was because they were CZ’s and not diamonds. Well, I decided to bite the bullet and bought a modern style pave’ ring with genuine diamonds. It cost almost $700, which was the sale price and I really had buyer’s remorse after I ordered it. I decided I may return it when it came. Well, after seeing the ring yesterday there is no way I’ll return it. It blows a CZ pave’ ring right out of the water. It has a sparkle and beauty that I never saw in my CZ rings, even when they were brand new–out of the box. I wish I could return all those CZ rings, which now I don’t really want to wear now that I’ve gotten this beauty. I know that I can wear this ring every day and it will stay beautiful forever.

    If anyone is even remotely on the fence about getting a CZ…don’t. Get a diamond or a Moissanite. By the way, I have a 1.25 carat Moissanite stone set in my white gold wedding ring. Sixteen years ago when I got married, I started out too with a CZ with the intent to buy a diamond later. I noticed the CZ wasn’t looking good after a few months of daily wear. I wasn’t surprised, but I also wasn’t ready to buy a diamond replacement yet. Fortunately Moissanite had just become available to the public and I bought one for my ring. No one I knew had even heard of Moissanites and I never told anyone that that’s what I had in my ring. I have never regretted buying it. I LOVE my Moissanite. I recently upgraded that Moissanite to an Amora Moissanite which is even whiter than a traditional Moissanite. No one has ever asked me if it was a real diamond because it really really looks like one. My Moissanite stones (I have several other pieces) have held up beautifully over the years and I consider them to be permanent pieces of jewelry. My current Moissanite 1.25 carat stone was about $600 dollars. A genuine diamond of this size and beauty would cost quite a bit more. I don’t need a real diamond for my wedding ring (although I’d love one), but I need a stone that will hold up and still look beautiful…hence the Moissanite.

    I was really stunned by how many people (seems like men mostly) that have been very rude on this post. Maybe they should wear a CZ ring every day, through washing, personal chores, etc. and see how it holds up before they say that a CZ is such a good choice for a wedding ring.

    • Dear Love Diamonds too,
      I just loved how you shared your life experience with both CZ and diamonds and moissanites. I loved too how you have so clearly read a lot of the comments and called to task some of the fellas.
      It’s funny how you and I have life experience with CZ’s and how unsuitable they are for daily wear and yet some people just blast me and call me greedy or whatever.
      I don’t mind if they buy CZ, I just know if it’s for an engagement ring that’s going to be one sad ring pretty darn soon. It’s not about the money either, I’m with you that moissanite is a viable alternative if diamond is out of your range.
      Thank you for taking the time to give your thoughts and your experiences.
      Diamond loving jeweler,

  41. My husband gave me a ring that is from his mom. A real diamond. And i just learned that this ring had been passed from generation to generation. I am the fifth one. I have not clean it yet since he proposed to me 10 years ago but oh boy oh boy!!! it is still very sparkly. By the way, we upgraded my solitaire to three diamonds. Today, I just learned that my husband bought me another one, a bigger one. I kept telling him I am fine with my diamond ring but he had been saving $20 a day anyways, hahaha its just feels good that my husband wanted to upgrade my diamond every five years. I love his thoughtfulness, he saved money for my ring??? i feel so special, did i ask him to do it noooooooo!! but do i secretly think about it??? oh yeah. I am not a princess type or anything but this very 5 years upgrade goal thing of this husband of mine is really boosting my self-esteem secretly hahaha. Anyways, this blog is very informative coz i was really ready to bid a $600 2 carat cz ring just for a change but i change my mind. I will help my husband save up, it will take awhile Since we are both paid minimum it is really very fun saving money with him for my ring. We laugh at each other when we see a very nice dress or a fancy restaurant and we teased each other about who gives in or not but we end up going home and cook together. We are just $3000 away from my new 1.50 carat diamond ring upgrade. We both love it. And i never never removed my ring. And i always thank him. And just to make a point. I would have love him as the same way even if he cannot afford it, but we decided to work hard for it, is a good investment for us. He always tell me that there is no such thing as impossible’ if you choose to do it and believe that it will happen. And I believe him. It might take a long time but I think about it everyday and dream of it every night. I imagine it in my hands that my husbands laughs at me when he sees me and he too is very excited for me to have it. Thank you

    • Dear Lutchie,
      Your husband sounds like a prince among men. What a romantic man to set a goal to give you a lovely diamond that is that large. I’m so pleased as well that your diamond from five generations is sparkling so well.
      Do take it in to be cleaned and checked out once a year. Sometimes those old prongs wear out when we aren’t looking and that ancestral diamond is too special to get lost.
      Kiss that lovely man of yours and laugh some more while you work toward all of your wonderful dreams and plans and years you’ll live in love together!
      I too am so happy you are going with a diamond and not a cz.
      Romantic Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  42. I don’t feel it should matter whether the stone is a diamond or CZ… Simply because it’s the thought and love behind the ring that counts! All you are telling people with this blog is that they should be materialistic. You should be telling people that if they love someone and want to marry that person that’s all that matters. Spending my life with my fiance is what’s important to me. I have a beautiful CZ ring that is very precious to me, because he picked it out special for me. The ring should not be the measure of the love one has for another.

    • Dear Alex,
      I’m going to use a car analogy. Let’s say your husband wanted to get you a car and he had a choice between a used Yugo, (I think it was rated the most unreliable car ever by consumer Reports), and a used Toyota Camry, (one of Consumer Reports most reliable cars). Let’s say that the Yugo looked fine, and the Camry looked fine. The Yugo was $1,000.00 and the Camry was $3500.00.
      Now your husband knows that the Yugo may not last long till it’s at the repair shop or leaves you stranded in the emergency lane on the freeway. But it’s the thought that counts right? You’re still feeling the love in that emergency lane with a crying baby with a poopy diaper right?
      All I’m saying is that it is a fact that CZ isn’t up to daily wear in a ring. I am informing people, I am sharing my opinion. It is not about materialism.
      I’m glad you are pleased with your CZ, may it last longer than the ones that I see needing to be chucked and replaced.
      Calla Gold

  43. Diamonds demonstrate ones love for another? Riiiiiight…I’d like to share my story now.

    I proposed to my wife (now ex-wife) with a 4ct diamond ring in a halo setting. It was beautiful and large to the point where it wasn’t sensible wearing it everyday so it was stored away and only worn on special nights out. 4 years later, our love was waning, but oh was the diamond still nice and sparkly. We eventually divorced, but not before I asked for the engagement ring back. She wouldn’t give it to me and instead threatened to sell it at a pawn shop and keep the money instead. I called her bluff and encouraged her to do it, to my delight in which she did. A few days later, she called me immediately after her pawn shop visit and said to me some of the nastiest words I’ve ever heard her say. Oh, I wish I were there to see the look on her face the moment the when they told her it was a CZ!

    CZ ftw! HAAAAAAAA!

    • Dear Foolproof,
      This indeed is a story not represented in my comment thread. I have this feeling that your union was doomed from the start.
      Calla Gold

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    the good job.

  45. diamonds can also be artificially made, it’s all a scam… don’t waste your $ on a diamond.

    • Hello Emerald,
      This is not a noticeable problem. Dealing with a reputable jeweler for diamonds gets you ethical diamonds you can cherish and pass on to your heirs.
      I’ve worked on three engagement rings in the last month where we are custom designing a ring based on an inherited diamond. Each of the young ladies I am working with is so thrilled to have their grandmother’s diamond or their mother’s diamond in their ring.
      That would never happen if they inherited a banged up cz.
      I love seeing the lasting joy a diamond can bring.
      Diamond Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  46. Really strange reading all this. I have a cz ring that I have worn for 27 years. It looks the same as it did when I got it. And I have several diamonds. And, had several more before my husbands cancer. That is what I collected. Over our 27 year marriage
    diamonds can scratch also if you leave them touching each other. I managed two jewelry stores and saw many crap diamonds that should have been in drill bits.
    So would most people opt for crap versus sparkle. I think not. I know I would not wear some gray, spotted with carbon and cracks. It would be junk.
    Take a look at most of the one caret earrings in a retail chain. Ask to see more than one pair. One earring will look kinda good and one wont.
    You wont see a scope to look at it either. I have a 3
    caret that has one tiny black spot in it. Got it in 1990 at a hole in the wall pawn shop.
    And you see most of the diamonds that arent from a high end jeweler are G and H color. Would not have
    one in my collection.
    Have some moissenite that my daughter has gotten
    in her shop. Crappy yellow tinge to it. Even got a herkimer diamond. Clear quartz. And to top off my collection. I have my mothers flawless .15 ct ring from 1938. And her poor mans diamonds, cut steel.

    • Hello Carol,
      I didn’t get what was strange about your reading of my blog post on Cz vs Diamond. You certainly have a long history with clear sparkly gems.
      I appreciate your sharing it!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  47. Jack,
    You are right it would be cheaper to just replace a CZ every year than to set a diamond. But would you wear flip flops to work? Would your boss be disappointed? Would you wear raggedy cut off shorts to a friend’s business opening? Would you go to a nice restaurant with greasy hair and dirt under your fingernails? No! Each of those example is a show of disrespect.
    I feel like the ring you give your wife to symbolize your love and commitment needs to show respect for your union. She’ll wear it every day. Do you think she’s cheap? Do you value her? Putting a CZ in her wedding ring is disrespectful in my opinion.
    As to the Madison avenue hype, yes they are probably not worth as much if they weren’t controlled in their release. But the De Beers monopoly is broken. The Russians sell their diamonds, the Australians sell their diamonds, the Canadians sell their Ekati mine and other mines diamonds.
    Diamonds are harder than CZ’s, they look more sparkly when they are dirty, they clean up beautifully which CZ’s don’t after a while. I’m not sure what you don’t like about diamond’s optical properties. I love their sparkle.
    “No on wedding CZ’s” jeweler,

    ……sorry calla buut that is a horrible thing to say what you wrote there would u go to a restaurante with greasy hair do you think your wife is cheap? are you kidding? that is so materalistic. I come from old money and if my signficant other gave me a cz i wouldnt care…what if people dont have money for diamonds???? its the sentiment that counts that you want to spent the rest of your life together not how much the guy spends on a ring. what horrible advice you are giving these people, really you should be ashamed to talk like that. i have plenty of diamonds, rubies, saphires everything, like i said old money but if my significant other gave me a CZ because they couldnt afford a diamond…i dont see any problem with that you are deciding to spend the rest of your life together, have you never read the count of montecristo? he gave her as an engagment ring a string and it was the most romantic thing ever. horrible horrible advice. and people could always change out the cz in the future for a diamond when they save up money. you should be ashamed talking like that.

    • Cori,
      There are men out there and I have spoken to them about this cz vs diamond question. One fellow knew nothing about jewelry. He had been told at a discount jewelry store that cz’s were way cheaper if he was on a budget. He was on a budget, but didn’t like the designs that they offered.
      He happened to call me because he liked on of my engagement ring designs. When we met he asked about cz as the chosen “gem” for the engagement ring. I explained about the properties of cz and how they weren’t ideal for everyday wear. He immediately decided that he would not choose cz.
      He was considering moissanite which I offered him as a less expensive, lab made, but sturdy alternative.(https://www.callagold.com/wedding-rings/moissanite-for-your-engagement-ring/) As it happened he told his mother and mother in law of what he was learning. When his mother in law knew he planned to propose she gave him his girlfriend’s aunt’s wedding ring which she had inherited. He had me make up the design he liked using the three diamonds from the aunt’s ring.
      His comment to me was, “I’m so glad that you told me the difference between cz and diamonds and moissanites. My love for Audrey is real and I wouldn’t want it represented by a cz.”
      The only reason he’d have considered one was that he lacked the information that it wasn’t structurally suited for daily wear. This young man also didn’t know that many women, myself included, would have been deeply hurt to assume they were being given a diamond only to discover that it was cz. He flat out didn’t know.
      Cori, in this post I am giving information and yes, my opinion, from years of observation of cz behavior.
      If two people decided together that cz is what they will use until they can afford diamond that is fine. They both know what they are doing.
      If a man proposes with cz and let’s his fiance believe the cz is a diamond this could cause an epic upset at some time in the future and a terrible feeling of embarrassment and betrayal. I do not want a man to experience this. I wrote this to clearly inform men about what choosing a cz for an engagement ring can signify. If a man doesn’t know, he could be blindsided by his unknowing error. I do not wish that to happen to a man.
      I wrote this to inform. I gave examples to create a context for how this can seem. I want guys to “get” it.
      Another young man who came to me for a 1 ct cz engagement ring decided to give her a 1/10th of a carat diamond instead. He told me, “I told her she deserved diamonds and all I could afford this tiny one, but it’s real, like my love.” She said yes and she loves her little diamond. Had he given her the 1 carat cz, it could have been a disaster.
      For these reasons I wrote this post.
      Diamonds yes, cz’s no,
      Calla Gold

  48. i come from old money as i said. my husband is not rich he proposed to me with a CZ which i knew was a CZ (wasnt cheap either by the way. ppl who have had money all their lives dont care about these kinds of things. he gave me a 2 carat solitare CZ in platinum… now i could change it out for a diamond ofcourse i have the money….but i feel like that would be rude to him. he gave it to me out of love. i think as a jeweler you are trying to push diamonds because you sell them. eventually when my cz gets worn WE WILL (since we are married) replace it with a 2-3 carat flawless diamond, but thats not what really matters. its just a ring. its the sentiment that counts. its really sad that you are pushing diamonds over cz and telling ppl not to get them its obvious that you say these things because you are a jeweler…the whole market is bs…and fyi no women would no the difference between a cz and a diamond, as a jeweler you should know that only professionals can really tell…no friends or any woman is going to do the huff test…. if its all someone can afford you shouldnt be bashing czs some people dont have the money…. i live in peru and 90 percent of ppl have cz, now i live in lima in the rich area so most ppl there have diamonds yes, but i get complements on my ring all the time no ones ever noticed its not a diamond.

    • Hello Cori,
      Regarding the costliness of your cz, the platinum is valuable for sure, the 2 ct cz could be replaced for $2.00 or so. There are businesses that make a good amount of money selling cz who charge more calling it diamonique or some other words other than cz, but there is no expensive cz.
      The difference in cz tends to show up after you’ve worn it for a while by starting to look cloudy. One client just couldn’t get her cz “clean.” It wasn’t dirty, it had a gouge going half way across the top. When I looked under magnification it looked like someone had taken a shovel and scooped away half the top. Of course it didn’t shine. She’d worn it daily for two years. No one was complimenting that cz I can assure you. This happened because cz doesn’t have the strength of diamond. For a daily wear ring with a clear gemstone, diamond just looks better over time. If diamonds cost less than cz I’d still say diamond is the better choice. It just so happens that diamonds cost more.
      Though a brand new cz and a diamond are difficult to tell apart by the naked eye, over time the cz ends up looking like a bad quality diamond and loses its ability to sparkle.
      Love is magical, love sparkles and I want the gem representing my love and commitment to sparkle too!
      I’m pleased that you are happy with your cz. Your husband is a lucky man.
      I’m sticking to my diamond love,
      Calla Gold

  49. Diamond is very auspicious gift that can be gifted to our beloved ones. But I think diamond can only been purchased by the rich. Can you explain the price difference between the normal diamond and a CZ.

    • Dear David,
      Diamonds are mined in places all over the world. There are even diamonds found in the US. Cz’s are made in a laboratory of a different chemical make-up. They are made in large batches. That is why they are less expensive by far.
      Let’s say you could by a 1 ct. diamond for $6,000.00, let’s say that same size in a cz was $1.00. Then let’s say you had $500.00 to spend on a diamond. You could get a smaller diamond and it would last and be able to go to your kids. One of my diamond rings has a 1/10th carat diamond in it. It sparkles, it’s beautiful and was a gift from my husband when we were young and didn’t have much money. I love that ring and I love that cute little diamond. A person doesn’t have to be rich to get a diamond. You can buy a $100.00 diamond.
      Diamonds come in all sizes colors and prices.
      Diamond Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  50. My wife and I enjoy her CZ ring. Knowing it frustrates upselling jewelers and lowers their commission on selling diamonds makes us enjoy it even more.

    If there’s any truth to CZ being more susceptible to scratches, we have no problem with it as this represents a marriage more accurately and is more meaningful than a perfect diamond.

    Wanting a diamond is more emotional than practical and rational. Unlucky husbands can give their gold-diggers diamonds while my wife and I use that money for more meaningful pursuits.

    • Dear Anon,
      Perhaps it is the area I live in, but when people call me and ask me whether cz is an option over diamond and I tell them the difference, they always choose diamond.
      Or moissanite.
      You say you have no problem with a cz getting scratched because that represents your marriage. I don’t feel that a scratched gemstone is a proper representation of a life long commitment to love.
      I have never in 32 years as a jeweler told a client about cz’s unsuitability for daily wear have a client choose cz for long term wear. I had one client choose cz as a place holder for a future diamond. Then she got a diamond. Both she and her husband were noticing her cz degrade in its looks over a two year period and at the end they saved up and swapped out.
      She tells me how happy she is with her diamond and how it sparkles even when it gets dirty which is something her cz wouldn’t do.
      Some of the comments have seemed quite emotional. In an angry way toward me as a jeweler because I am liking the more expensive choice. It is not the expensiveness that makes diamond better. It is the strength of the diamond and it is the ability to return light as sparkle even when dirty that make it so perfect for wedding jewelry.
      Because a woman dreams of a pretty and sparkly diamond from her husband does not make her a gold digger. All my friends have diamonds and using diamonds in wedding jewelry is the norm in my area. That may not be the case in your locale.
      In the cz vs diamond discussion I’m stickin’ with diamonds,
      Calla Gold

  51. I found this article on google and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. I recently had to purchase a replacement for my wedding ring. My three old niece got ahold of my diamond wedding band and flushed it unintentionally. So I’ve decided that instead of shelling out a ton of money for a diamond ring I’m just going to buy a CZ and be done. To me the ring is just a ring but the love I have for my husband has no price tag. Also this way if it gets lost or flushed (my niece is very into shiny things) it won’t be a big deal.

    • Tia,
      It is sad to lose your wedding ring. If cz held up and kept looking shiny that would be fine. But it does not do so. CZ won’t hold up to the daily wear of a wedding ring. That is why I wrote this blog post. Glass based clear gemstones are also an option, but people understand that glass is breakable and that is why they don’t use it.
      CZ is not as fragile as glass, but like glass it will not hold up to daily wear successfully. This makes it a poor choice.
      That is my opinion.
      No CZ’s for me,
      Calla Gold

  52. It a ring!! A ring doesn’t prove how much you love someone. Your actions do. So what if the ring looks dull . Its a ring! A materialistic thing. What did they use 100s of years ago. No doubt string or something and did all those marriages fail?? If people like cz thats their choice. Granted some prefer diamond I don’t. For one I don’t see the point paying stupid prices for a bit of bling and showing off look I have a diamond ring! Cos thats all it is, it doesn’t mean your love isn’t forever cos you don’t have a diamond plus not everyone can afford diamonds. Your post is your opinion and thats grea . But not everyone wants or cares if the ring looks like new after 30 years its only jewellery after all it can easily be replaced besides can you imagine if you lost a diamond ring worth thousands!! Or a ring worth less than a hundred. Again not everyone can afford to insure a ring.

    • Hi Adele,
      You are right that loving actions mean way more than a ring. But we live in this world and if two women are sitting by each other they are probably going to look at each other’s rings. If one is a scratched and dull cz and the other one sparkles, that is just really sad. Better to just wear a gold band with no stone than a dull stone.
      What they did 100s of years ago just isn’t how we are now. Women didn’t wear pants 100’s of years ago. Slavery existed 100s of years ago, it’s a different word. Maybe 100s of years ago only the wealthy class wore rings. But it’s a new day. I’m thrilled I get to wear a ring from my beloved. And doubly thrilled that it sparkles, like his love for me and mine for him.
      Many people are quite attached to their rings and wouldn’t want to replace it. But have it always.
      I adore diamonds and I am not alone.
      I’ll take diamonds that sparkle over cz’s that get dull any day for my wedding ring.
      Diamond Jeweler,

  53. Calla you sound bitter. Almost as if you’re jealous because the real diamond you have is small and those of your friends (although fake) is much bigger and attracts more attention.

    Instead of spending $5,000 on a diamond, how about I spend $150 on a CZ and put the remaining $4850 to a down payment on a house. Does that not signify love? Is spending an exorbitant amount of money on a stone really the only way to signify your love for someone? This whole blog post and every response to someone who disagrees is just pure bitter toned.

    • Hello JDog,
      Let me save you some money. A 1 ct. CZ will set you back around $1.50. Now you can get a slightly larger home.
      I’m surprised at your personal attack and assumptions about my emotional state upon seeing other women’s larger diamonds/cz’s. I will not respond in kind.
      In the area I live in geographically, most women have a larger center diamond as the focal point of their ring. I like to be like my friends. I want a diamond too. I love my wedding ring that I wear everyday. I fit in with other women I like and admire from a ring perspective. I know of none of my friends who have cz’s as their center stone. My observation is that many women would ideally like to have a ring they are proud of so they and their moms and girlfriends can gush over it and their happiness at the fact that you’re getting married soon.
      This blog is really about what to choose if you didn’t know there was a difference between cz and diamond. I’ve been thanked by more than one person who flat out didn’t know that cz’s wouldn’t hold up to daily wear. They want their ring to symbolize their love and not to scratch and chip. I’ve been thanked by men who certainly wouldn’t want to propose with a stone that is considered by many a cheap diamond simulant. One of the guys said, “I’ve been looking online at rings and saw one for like $500.00. It was a nice looking one with a big diamond in it. At least I thought it was a diamond. And yet I’d read about spending three months pay. So I wondered why it was only $500.00 and if that meant something was wrong with it.” He was glad to be clued in that it for sure wasn’t a diamond.
      Another guy looking into cz who called me said, “I’m not going to spend three months pay, because I have student loans, but I could spend $5,000.00 on a ring. But should I if I can get this pretty one for $500.00?”
      I explained about cz and we looked at how thin the ring was that was for sale. You need a ring that is sturdy enough for daily wear.He expressed appreciation for the explanation of why cz’s aren’t a great choice. He wanted to do the right thing and needed to understand the facts. He chose a .75ct G color SI1 clarity white diamond in a strong engagement setting. His girlfriend was so happy with her ring.
      This blog is here to inform from my perspective why cz isn’t acceptable as a wedding stone.
      Opinionated yes, bitter no,
      Calla Gold

  54. Calla,
    My fiance and I are very poor in money, but very rich in love. I asked him for a CZ ring because he was putting off engagement until he could afford a Diamond. At that rate we would be living in sin forever! CZ is beautiful. Diamonds are beautiful, but they are really just a dream for us. I own no Diamond jewelery and it doesn’t look like I will anytime soon. I would never think his love was fake based on the type of stone he bought me. I love sparkle and would rather have a CZ then a tiny itty bitty diamond that cost more than a months rent.

    • Hi Poor Girl,
      In your situation I’d go with a cz too. My biggest beef is with a man who wouldn’t tell his fiance that it was a cz. Happily this is not the case with you and your man. I’m sure as circumstances improve your wedding stone may change as well.
      Just keep replacing that cz as it gets funky looking.
      Have a happy married life!
      Diamond girl,
      Calla Gold

  55. Calla Gold.. you sound like a superficial woman to me. My fiance bought a cz engagement ring and I couldn’t have been happier. Not because he bought a ring but because he was asking me to be a part of his life for the rest of his life. That was enough for me. He is no less of a man who went and spent 10,000$ on a diamond. I kinda feel sorry for your husband, you sound like someone who needs a whole lot to please. Hope he never goes broke. That “richer or poorer” part might not work for you if it ever comes to the latter.

    • Hello Olympia,
      For the record I am a fine jeweler designing wedding jewelry in gold and platinum. Most of my clientele isn’t interested in a stone choice that won’t last or will get lack-luster in time. Not to mention scratched. I don’t recommend cz for these reasons. Nor do I recommend emerald, flourite or amethyst. Some gemstones do not have a daily wear friendly constitution.
      I do not think that my low opinion of cz as a wedding gem automatically makes me a high maintenance gal. On the other hand I did say, “I like diamonds” when my then boyfriend asked me about jewelry before proposing.
      I’m a 32 year jeweler and have been married to Jeremy for more years than that. We are very happy.
      I still love diamonds,
      Calla Gold

  56. Diamonds are nice, but the price of diamonds is a joke. De beers would have us believe they are expensive because they are so rare. This is not true. We as a society have been brainwashed to believe this is just what you do when getting married, that is the power of advertising and marketing. Diamonds were not always the norm when getting married. It is the result of massive advertising to drill into us “diamonds are forever.

    • Hi Andrew,
      When De Beers was the monopoly holder and advertising like crazy in years past what you say was more accurate. The De Beers monopoly has broken.
      Canada markets their own diamonds, as does Australia and Russia. De Beers may have swayed us to try diamonds initially, but it is the sparkle even when dirty and holding up even when abused, that really made diamonds the go to choice for wedding gemstones. They have the staying power for daily wear and long relationships.
      I love diamonds for their wonderful qualities and strength, sparkle and beauty.
      Thank you for writing in.
      Calla Gold

  57. Calla you amaze me ! Remember me from the titanium and tungsten blog ? I see you are still at it. I think instead of going to jeweler’s school or wherever people like you become educated , you should have gone to finishing school lol

    Tell everyone how horrible the resale value is on diamonds ! They are not indestructable nor forever . They are a horrible investment . My mother had a necklace from Van Cleef that her husband purchased for her in 1979 , paying somewhere in the range of 40k. Years later she tried everything to sell it , never being able to recover even 50 percent of the worth. Also tell these poor bastards who look to you for advice that insurance companies only pay market value for diamonds REGARDLESS of what the over inflated appraisal says.

    Tiffany and Company used clever marketing back in the 1920’s regarding the diamonds are forever bit or whatever the marketing strategy was . A

    Tell your customers that diamonds are NOT scarce . Cartels like DeBeers who corner the market ( for DeBeers this was in the 80’s 90’s area)on diamonds have tons and tons of diamonds but they only release a certain number each year. It’s called price regulation . Diamonds aren’t really that valuable although more so maybe than a cz.

    Diamonds can scratch and certainly chip people , Google it !!

    Lastly if people knew the bloodshed and genocide that has resulted in the mining of diamonds .. Well it’s appalling . Watch the movie Blood Diamonds .

    So Calla nice try . You might fool the fools but you haven’t fooled me for a second . I think you are cheap and horrible .

    • Hello Edward,
      Yes I do remember you from your comments on my “Don’t buy Tungsten or Titanium Wedding Bands” blog and comments. (https://www.callagold.com/wedding-rings/dont-buy-titanium-or-tungsten-wedding-bands/)
      There is a wholesale value and a retail value on all products. If your father bought your mother a car for $40,000 would you expect her to be able to re-sell it for that price? Houses are investments, stocks and bonds are investments. Diamonds are a lovely sparkling gemstone with wholesale and retail value like many other products.
      I speak to the sparkle and hardness of diamonds as preferable to the fragility of CZ for daily wear. I’m not trying to convince anyone that a diamond is an investment, I am not an investment advise, I’m a jeweler. And I love diamonds.
      If someone is trying to decide whether to get a cheap cz or a diamond and they don’t know the difference between the two they will learn the difference on my blog post. If they are looking for investment advice they should Google it.
      The diamond industry has put in place the Kymberley Process to track the source of diamonds between mine head and cutting center. Canada has the Ekati mine and Australian the Argyle diamond mine. I sell conflict free diamonds regularly. I sell antique diamonds too.
      If you beat up a diamond it can chip, but the blow that chipped that diamond would do much worse on a cz.
      My job in my blog as I see it is to answer frequently asked questions. Men have asked me numerous times if cz is a possible choice. I’ve been asked if their girlfriend would be able to tell it was cz. Seriously? Anyway I’ve been asked by well intentioned men who didn’t know the difference. They choice is there’s. They can buy cz, no one is stopping them. But they can buy it as an informed person.
      I am here to inform. And have opinions. Which differ from yours, especially in the character assassination section at the end.
      Diamond, not cz’s for me,
      Calla Gold

  58. Wow… look at the amount of drama in here. Chill out, people. Lets all be nice to one another. Even if you don’t see eye to eye with Calla, just agree to disagree politely alright? She’s a professional jeweler after all & I find that she clearly didn’t withhold ANY facts from all of us, nor was this a gimmick of any sort.

    I was a CZ believer (pls note on the past tense). I bought numerous CZ types, the normal ones, DLC (coated CZ stones which means “diamond-like coating”. This coating process has been around for years, and the “diamond” coating being referred to, as “amorphous carbon” is nothing more than pencil lead. When a stone is coated with amorphous carbon, the coating must be exceedingly thin as to be essentially non-existent. Otherwise, the stone would be discolored), Russian CZs & whatnot. Sad to say no matter what type & grades the CZs came with, most of them didn’t shine no more in 6 months. And they weren’t even worn everyday. Back in the day, they looked all bright & clear… but I found that they were a little too transparent for my liking after reading more about diamonds & comparing them to CZs. A “diamond” that looks too perfect at the moment, will look fake in the eyes of the discerning. Then like I said, give it 6 months or so – the cloudiness on the CZs became unbearable.

    Think about it, would you spend good money (not necessarily expensive) on a quality, authentic diamond, although tiny… OR, spend 50-300 bucks EACH time on luxurious-looking, overpriced stones that are basically worth nothing? How many times do you have to replace that worthless non-quality junk? If the worth of CZs are really as low as what Calla had reiterated many times in her responses (I read it’s about 1.50? Correct me if I’m wrong), then I totally made the right judgement call by finally getting my small 0.37 carat diamond solitaire on HALLMARKED 18K WG.

    It may be small, but it outlasts all of my CZs big & small. I got it at a steal at a pawnshop, no doubt that it’s not even a D quality, has hint of yellow in certain lightings, unseen inclusions, but it looks clear (not cheap-transparent) & sparkles like no other on most part of the day. I even got it diamond-tested with the electronic probe before confirming my purchase. There were a hell lot of genuine diamond rings in that pawnshop that I’d like to buy which sadly didn’t meet my budget, but in prices still way cheaper than well-known establishments due to their lower overheads. I plan to get a genuine halo ring from that same shop as my next 🙂

    I live in Singapore & I bought it at only SGD$330 after a very big bargain… so it’s around USD280 as of today? Please, look around at the friendly pawnshops near you. Be careful but also be very open to what you might just find over there. Never underestimate these places when you wanna get a good deal on your budget. For those still getting CZs, well it’s not wrong — but just think of how much money u’re gonna spend replacing that CZ with another over & over again when their actual worth is basically nearly zero. I am somewhat annoyed cos I now think that CZs are such rip-offs. Ridiculously overpriced for EXTREMELY low quality.

    Again, I’m just a normal girl earning a normal salary who cannot afford big diamond jewelleries. And I’m just here to make all of you see the truth. No offense to CZ lovers out there… if it still lasts for you, good for you, then do your thang. You can disagree with me, just no insults.

    • Anna Mae,
      How delightful of you to write to us from Singapore. I love your clear eyed story of experimentation with cz and DLC coated cz’s. It’s amazing how many people out there have created businesses to sell cz’s that are coated, bombarded or in some way elevated so they can charge more. Remember diamonique? Same deal. Anna Mae your personal experience here is more valuable than my just stating that cz’s won’t last. I have seen others experience what you have. You articulated your experimentation of the world of cz so well. I really appreciate that!
      Congratulations on the wonderful bargain you bought at that pawn shop. I actually wrote a blog post about pawn shop shopping:
      I’d love to see your comment there and here your story of being so successful in your purchasing with them. Especially how you protected yourself from being sold a cz. Good job!
      I too take diamonds over cz’s anyday,
      Calla Gold

  59. I tire of the argument that people who prefer diamonds are “shallow.” What’s shallow is buying a cheap CZ and passing it off as a diamond that you can’t afford.

    If you are truly adverse to the diamond industry and loathe the materialism that you claim these stones represent, why perpetuate these narratives by purchasing/wearing a simulant that, to most people, looks like a diamond?

    I suspect that the people who wear CZs enjoy the perceived status that the look represents. And the level of anger in some of these CZ proponents’ comments suggests a desperation to validate their choice to “fake it.”

    Go smaller and go real!

    • Hello Nina,
      Thank you for sharing your refreshing view. You make an excellent point that to wear a cz to pretend it’s a diamond perpetuates the truth that what we really want is diamonds.
      My first wedding ring had a small diamond. That ring is still precious to me. I have however been married many years now and wear a larger diamond, not obnoxious. I just love diamonds and starting small worked for me!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  60. My Fiancee wanted us to get a CZ stone as a place holder. Yes, go figure because she wanted to put more money in the wedding and honeymoon but I want to get something a few months down the line because I want a real diamond in its place to last until our 5th Anniversary when I get her something really special. Can you replace the CZ with a real stone if it is a 14K gold setting?

    • Hello Randy,
      Yes you can replace a cz with a real gemstone if the setting is 14kt. Diamonds and cz’s have very similar dimensions so that should not be a problem.
      If you were to choose a different gemstone, like a colored gemstone it might not fit in the mounting created for a diamond as the gems cut dimensions would be different. Colored gemstones are cut for weight and color retention and can be deeper and not fit the setting created for diamonds.
      I just threw that in in case anyone was curious.
      Your heart is in the right place Randy. May your marriage be long and happy.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  61. Hi,

    I agree that when it comes to wedding you should always buy diamonds… That’s somthing special and it should stay that way. When I got married we had crazy expenses going on but we still stick with diamonds. What actually disappointed me was the fact that after 4 years stones start to fall and they got cracked. I was really disappointed as I expect diamond to be a very strong stone. I just ordered a cz ring that’s how I came across this blog.

    That’s a ring just for fun… Never replace my wedding ring.. But I also don’t think I’ll ever buy diamonds again. Way to expensive

    • Hello Amy,
      As a thirty two year jeweler I’m having trouble picturing your diamonds falling and cracking. Did the ring fall off your hand and a diamond crack? They are too strong for that. Or did the ring get bonked and a diamond cracked and fell out of the setting? If they fell out of the setting that is possibly the fault of the setting. Some rings are not made for daily wear. See my blog about the the four pillars of a daily wear ring:
      I wrote that because many people come to me with destroyed rings and broken hearts that their forever ring is damaged. Some rings are made for occasional wear and not for daily wear. I had to learn this myself by a sad circumstance.
      If indeed you had multiple diamonds crack I wonder did you have them tested to see what the problem was? Normal diamonds just are too hard for that to occur. Maybe one could get a crack, but multiples suggests some other shenanagans going on like fracture filling or other ‘treatments.’
      Thank you for sharing your wedding ring story.
      Calla Gold

  62. Calla I would just like to let the naysayers know that you were right about CZs not holding up. I wrote you a while back I’m the lady who lost her original wedding ring. I got the cz ring as I said I would, and as you predicted I’ve already scratched it. I took your advice though and started saving up for a diamond and I am upgrading very soon!! Thank you for this article and the thoughtful advice!! Hope you have a lovely holiday!!

    • Dear Tia,
      I’ve just come back to my blog after days off my computer with family. Your lovely comment and true story have made my day. Thank you for your generosity in coming back and telling it like it is. Your words speak much louder than mine as you lived the story.
      Happy New Year and may your new diamond sparkly beautifully.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  63. Hello! Im all for weddings and rings that will last forever, but why choose a diamond? They are everywhere and not nearly as rare as alot of other gemstones whos quality is equal or greater than diamonds. To everyone looking for a great engagement ring, do your research! Diamonds are not as great as you would think and after just twenty mins of digging I am certain one will never grace my finger.

  64. I need to start off by saying, if you were using this blog as an informative post you should have kept your opinion out of it. That is awesome if you want to fit in with your friends and be one of the herd. I feel sorry for you but I respect if that is how you want to live your life. As far as saying everybody that buys a cz is using it as a fake diamond to impress people is completely biased and untrue. My wedding ring is sterling silver and cz, I tell everyone it is cz and make sure to let them know I would never buy overpriced diamonds. Unlike you, I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t care if people think I am low class because I wear cz, my bank account proves to differ. This may come as a surprise to you (after all I am a cz ring wearing lady), I shower daily and my husband loves me! Try to contain your shock. My wedding ring doesn’t symbolize our love for eachother, our feelings for eachother do just a fine job. I wear a wedding ring cause it is pretty and to let others know I am married. I work in an enviorment where there are lots of men that have no problem hitting on you but it sure detours quite a few when they see that lovely cz ring on my left hand. I’m not trying to say your opinion is any less important than mine, just trying to open up your stereotypes of people. I will say there is one major difference between us, princess. I won’t judge others for opting for that big sparkly fake ring over the tiny little diamond you have to squint to see. I’m also not materialistic. That is my rant, have a wonderful day. Wish you much happiness and prosperity in your business.

    • Hello Alycia,
      Thank you for your explanation of your viewpoint. I see where you are coming from. I think the biggest way we differ is in that I wholeheartedly consider my wedding ring a symbol of the love between my husband and myself.
      Also in the years that I’ve worn jewelry and done jewelry repairs I have seen how cz’s loose their luster and scratch up and get funky looking. I’d imagine you’d just buy a new one when that happens. To me that makes a wedding ring seem disposable. AS you know I am a sentimental person and that would bother me greatly.
      I do share my opinions in this blog and you are more than free to share yours. I like conversations. Thank you for adding your story to the thread of opinion we are sharing on this blog post.
      Diamonds not cz’s for me,
      Calla Gold

  65. The basic concept here and in this topic is that money is love,that if you spend more money,you love someone more. This is opaque in my opinion…but if you have the money to spend then I’m sure its a “why not” scenario. But if the reason someone should spend 100-1000 times the value of Cz is because a diamond is forged under 60,000+ times the atmospheric pressure of earth at astounding temperatures by the earth itself in such a majestic way…then take into consideration atomic molecular forms then,in that we are all made from the same material at a subatomic level. Also we all are made from star dust…billions of years old etc. You can’t be anymore majestic than that. Not to mention the “Real” value of a diamond and the mascaraed spin that large industries use to make diamonds valuable…nothing gives value to anything,except people…this applies to the entire conception of society down to the last law etc.
    It’s the world in which you choose to live in. Except,if you want to impress a dumb blond (simple stereotypical assumption for hypothetical purposes) then spend alot on a diamond, want to impress a nice educated woman of true majesty,create your own conceptual world in which to show her real physical appreciation…as often as you can. Nothing shows real love like effort,(the misconceptions of spending spending “money’ seems to have overwhelmed common sense.)

    • HI Jesse,
      At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this opinion of mine is about the look of a clear gemstone that you use as an engagement ring. A cz will degrade and rather quickly. If you want to spend less money don’t go with a clear gem choice at all, get a ruby, or a sapphire. But whatever you choose choose it to last like your love.
      This post is not all about money. It’s about quality. If you are driving off road you choose a jeep not a low slung little Ford Fiesta. If you are commuting to work you get that gas sipping Ford Fiesta not the gas guzzling four wheel drive tricked out Jeep. If we’re talking about being practical this is what I’m talking about.
      I’m letting people know what cz does and how it breaks down. If after reading this you go in, eyes wide open and with your lady loves blessing, choose cz then more power to you. It won’t hold up and will start looking cloudy as it is worn daily. If you both know that and prefer that because of the cost benefit then by all means make that choice.
      But don’t be the guy that makes that choice and breaks a girl’s heart.
      Diamonds not cz for me,
      Calla Gold

    • Hi Alycia,
      I took a week off with family and badly neglected my blog and the lovely comments that came in. Your comment has indeed been approved!
      Calla Gold

  66. Interesting website. You seem to stress that CZ is not great for a daily wear environment. What are your thoughts on CZ for earrings, pendants or other items that don’t have the environment that jewelry experiences on a hand? Seems like a no brainer not to blow a ton of money on diamond earrings when you can get a CZ in a professional setting. Spending $250 vs. $5,000 plus.

    • Hello Tom,
      I don’t have the problem with cz for earrings and pendants. If it will be a gift I believe you need to tell the person receiving it that it isn’t a diamond.
      For me I know what it is I am wearing and I need a diamond. But that’s me. It’s a know the value of what you have thing for me.
      Thank you for your comment and question.
      Calla Gold

  67. You guys are kind of missing the point. Diamonds are 100 percent worthless, they are all owned by one company despite the many outfits they have. Until more recently a diamond, hell a ring, wasn’t used to show love. They did a campion saying “you don’t love her unless you get her this” and so they did. People stupidly bought into the gimmick. Diamonds don’t mean love, diamonds mean “oh my god I’m an idiot with more money than brains!” Not to be mean. Of that can make you happy go for it, but it irks me to see so many people trying to defend the worthless diamond. I’m surprised people pay so much for it. Now. Cz. Cz is not worthless and stupid if a diamond is not. Despite what this designer says the hardness of a cz is almost as hard as a diamond an 8 where as diamond is a 10. Sapphire is 9. Yes. It will wear faster, the same size for a car. Of diamond is 3000- 4900 (today’s prices) colorless sapphire 200- 249 and for cz 20-60. Replacing the stones from wear. Cz once a year- 5 years. Sapphire 5-20 years. Diamond once in a life time. For the price I would go with sapphire. .. or none. If you can only afford cz don’t let people like this make you feel bad for it.

    I’ll call them out on it. They want your money, not your happiness. I’m not talking about the designers, I’m talking about the sellers. They rip money from your pockets for a worthless jewel the size of a pen tip.

    • Dear Mel,
      How do you really feel? Seriously there are some angry and false statements firing out with your opinions.
      De Beers is no longer a monopoly. The Canadians have their Ekati mine. The Australians have their Argyle mine and the Russians have their many mines. Other countries have their diamond resources as well.
      Diamonds are not worthless, they are hard and sparkly and wonderful. And they take a lot of work and effort to mine.
      When you speak of the hardness you need to know that the MOHS hardness scale is not evenly gradated from one gemstone to the next. There is a very wide difference in hardness between CZ and Diamond even thought the numerical difference is two numbers that represents a wide gulf.
      A CZ is so not as hard as a diamond.
      Your vitriolic rant against diamonds is just that. It is not a true elevation of CZ or a true devaluation of diamond.
      I myself love the light play and sparkle of the diamond and its strength.
      Diamond loving jeweler,
      Calla Gold

    • Dear Mel,
      I am happy for you. It is always helpful for my readers to hear many viewpoints.
      Diamond loving jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  68. I agree that moissanite is an acceptable alternative to diamond in an engagement ring, and will fool most electronic testers. It is a spectacular stone with more brilliance and dispersion than diamonds and is very durable. Excepting the romance associated with fine diamonds, there is no better stone for an engagement ring than a moissanite. It is not a cheap stone like CZ. A 6.5mm brilliant, the size of a one carat diamond, costs about $300. Of course that’s much cheaper than a fine diamond that size. Rings do get lost or damaged or stolen. It hardly makes sense for the average woman to wear a 6 grand investment on her finger every day when she can wear one that is more impressive, and more durable, for maybe $1200. It’s a lot easier to replace if lost. The only reason to get diamonds is if you are wealthy, or you think it will help capture your lady’s heart.

    • Hello Larry,
      I see that you have a ton of love for moissanite there. If you cannot afford diamond and want some size for your chosen gemstone then do chose moissanite rather than cz. But I can’t agree that we shouldn’t get a diamond because it might get lost.
      Thank you for writing in.
      Diamonds not cz’s for me,
      Calla Gold

  69. If you listen to what people are saying, you’ll realize that they know diamonds are over priced pieces of carbon. The diamond farce is fading away, and the people are finally awakening from a long slumber. I will never again buy a diamond. A CZ looks much better and everyone knows it. The easiest way to know its a CZ is that it looks better than any other stone in the store.

    • Dear Scott,
      I’m thinking you’ve never had a cz over a long period of time. There are lovely gemstones out there that are fine for your right hand, but for daily wear you want one that’ll look good over the long haul.
      As a jeweler, I have my finger on the pulse of gemstone choices as couples come to me in person and over the internet. I see no dimming of diamond’s appeal for engagement rings.
      CZ’s are not on the docket for true love around here.
      Diamond Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  70. As a woman that loves the finer things in life, especially when it comes to jewels I will say that it is absolutely absurd that you think true love is measured by a diamond. When my husband and I were shopping around for wedding sets I couldn’t believe the price tag on the diamond sets… We found a set that I liked for almost 4000!!! the total carat weight is 2.25. I told him that I would entertain the idea of a cz because honestly as long as we had talked about it and found a cz wedding set in a nice setting like platinum or white gold, I wouldn’t care. Well he insisted that his woman would have a diamond ring and nothing was going to stop him from buying one. that is probably the very LAST diamond ring that will be purchased. If I would have known about moissanite I would have demanded he get me a bigger stone of better quality using that instead of a diamond. Diamonds are truly overrated and not as precious as they are made out to be. to be honest my wedding set is always kept in a safe, I hardly ever wear it and prefer to wear my cz sets instead. I find the stones more brilliant with more sparkle to it than my own real diamond wedding rings. My wedding rings are beautiful and my husband worked his butt off to get me the ring I thought I wanted but I have always felt guilty knowing that money could have been better spent elsewhere. A lot of women are waking up to the fact that they have been snoozing on the cz and I have seen more and more women wearing them as wedding sets where I live and I do live in a very nice part of town. Diamonds are indeed over priced and just not worth it!! I hope that even more women will begin looking into moissanite or cz and eventually make purchasing over priced,dingy diamonds a thing of the past.

    • Hi Lovely,
      I think all I want to say here in response is that if your cz is sparkly and your diamonds are dingy, then those diamonds are not great quality. A beautifully cut, nice colored diamond of nice clarity will sparkle down through the years long after your cz has been replaced.
      I happen to love the longevity of diamonds. I’m currently re-setting a 100 year old diamond. It is an older cut, but just beautiful and sparkly. My client loves it and is so thankful that her great grandmother passed it down through the family and she now can wear it in her wedding ring.
      Diamonds for me,
      Calla Gold

  71. for the record if I wear a cz and someone compliments me on it I let them know that it is a cz and not a diamond. Same with moissanite, I let them know it is moissanite and NOT a diamond. I have no problem being upfront and honest because this prompts the conversation about NEVER purchasing a diamond again and wasting money.

    • Hello Lovely,
      That reminds me of a client who shops at consignment stores and thrift shop. Whenever I have complimented her on her outfit she always says where she bought it and talks about what a great savings she got. I have to admit sometimes I wish she’d just smile and say thank you.
      It is a little bit like a “you shouldn’t pay retail for clothes” vibe that I get. One of the things I do when I buy clothes is feel that I’m helping the economy and buying local.
      Some people may just want to compliment you on your beautiful ring and not feel that their choice to buy a diamond isn’t good with you. I just thought I’d let you know my opinion back.
      Diamond Jeweler,

  72. I didn’t want my husband to spend a lot on a ring for me, but I wanted something pretty that would last. I actually got to pick out my wedding set and I picked a Blue Topaz set in silver and a silver wedding band. It is still sparkly to this day, but unfortunately the silver didn’t stand up to all of my abuse and has bent over time (soft metal). Now after being married for 16 years, I want something a little stronger. I came across this blog post and it gives me a good list of reasons why not to cheap out on the CZ however pretty it may be. I’d like to keep my topaz for sentimental reasons, but perhaps I will wear it on a necklace and give my ring finger an update!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Silver is a softer metal and I’ve seen it not hold up to daily wear the way I’d like.
      I’d say after sixteen years your wedding finger is ripe for that update. The blue topaz probably could use a good buffing before going into a necklace.
      I’m so pleased you took the time to share your story.
      No CZ’s for us married gals,
      Calla Gold

  73. Purchase of a diamond as an engagement ring is an unsound investment. Purchasing anything superficial as proof of love is an unsound investment. For people with good business sense, a CZ or gemstone will work just as well if not better than a diamond.

    • Hello Santino,
      The observations over the years of cz’s breaking down and getting to a point where their dullness wouldn’t clean up with ultrasonic and steam cleaning like a diamond would prompted me to write this post.
      If you plan to be married more than three years then cz is not a sound choice. I’d recommend going with a strong colored gemstone like sapphire.
      Also in the my own opinion department cz is equated with costume jewelry, silver fashion jewelry and cheap jewelry. Your wedding ring is a symbol and for me cz wouldn’t make me feel valued. There are other gem choices besides diamonds. The reason diamonds are chosen so often is their amazing ability to sparkle even when dirty and to resist scratching and to last way longer than other lesser gemstones.
      People don’t buy diamonds in an engagement ring as an investment, they choose it because it sparkles like their love and looks wonderful and sparkly day after day symbolizing a lively loving union.
      I once talked a guy out of choosing a D flawless diamond for his intended. I said, “if she chips this very rare and expensive diamond I’ll need to re-cut it smaller and it is 1.01ct right now. If it re-cuts to under a carat, it’s value will drop. Let’s pick a non-investment quality diamond. Let’s just get a beautiful diamond and when you get one of these D flawless diamonds, put it in your safety deposit box.”
      He chose a larger D color diamond with a VS1 clarity. She loved it, she hasn’t chipped it yet, but I felt like she shouldn’t live in fear that wearing in her busy life could lead to a damaged investment. Your diamond is your love gem, not an investment. Your wedding rings are loving symbols, not investments.
      I would say that purchasing a cz for an engagement ring would be a superficial choice. Where a diamond or other real and strong gemstone would be a real and true choice.
      I feel that picking an engagement ring is not about your business sense and an investment choice. It is too reminiscent for me of a time when women were the personal property of their husbands.
      It is a loving gesture. Let that loving gesture not include a cz.
      Calla Gold

  74. Neither my fiancé nor I are super girly girls or vapid, materialistic, “keep up with the Joneses” types, but we both wanted diamond engagement rings. I’m practical, but I was raised to spend money to show love. So I wasn’t going to fall for the old “2-3 months salary” rule, but I still wanted to get something special. I set a budget (under $6000), and got her a .75 carat, D color, ideal cut princess in a gorgeous halo setting that has 66 little diamonds (she wanted the bling, lol). What I had to sacrifice was clarity, it is SI1 (but eye clean). I couldn’t go smaller than .75 carat because she has a size 7.5 finger, otherwise, I would’ve gotten better. But she loves it, and if she’s happy, i’m happy.

    She gave me a .5 carat, G color, Leo princess, VVS1 solitaire with a nice thick band – exactly what I wanted. My finger is size 5 and it looks big! It is the brightest, most sparkly diamond I have ever seen. The higher clarity makes a HUGE difference.

    Since finances are one of the big reasons that marriages fail, it’s important to be in agreement on the engagement ring. Especially since they are pretty trivial, to be honest. Nothing wrong with wanting an expensive ring or buying one, but if one person is frugal and the other wants luxury, that needs to be addressed if you want a happy future. And if the ring is more important to you than the relationship… well, good luck.

    However, if lab created diamonds could be made large and perfect, i would’ve wanted one. They are not “cheap,” just less expensive, and they are every bit as much of a diamond as regular diamonds. Like how an in vitro baby is no less human than a naturally conceived one. Sure, it’s cool that natural diamonds are so old and formed by the earth, but I love science!

    Some people are happy with CZ. Some want huge, name brand diamonds. As long as the couple can afford it and they are on the same page, that’s awesome. I detect a twinge of judgement in your post, but I also think that it’s useful information. I used to be ok with the idea of CZ until I did my research.

    • Dear S.C.
      I thoroughly appreciate your telling of your story of you and your sweet fiance. It sounds like you two communicate very well. I like that you understood the size of the diamond’s relationship to her finger size. A smaller hand does make a diamond look larger and a larger finger size makes a diamond look a little smaller.
      I love that you gave her a D color. Her princess cut diamond sounds beautiful. It was also wise to set it with a halo to help protect the princess cut’s fragile edges from damage.
      It was nice to hear of the designs that each of you gravitated to. I too love that wide band look she got you with your Leo princess diamond.
      As you mentioned that twinge of judgement, I do indeed have an opinion about the place of cz. Anywhere but the wedding finger. One day lab made diamonds will change the landscape of diamond choices. We’re not there yet by a longshot. When we are I’ll blog about it!
      Please come again and leave your interesting analogies and thoughtful opinions. They are welcome.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  75. Diamonds can never be replaced. Diamonds are an investment. They hold a special place in every woman’s jewellery collection. Engagement is a special occasion and never compromise with the engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is perfect for the special day.

  76. What would be the best alternative to a diamond in a hand crafted fun style sterling silver ring (small stone modern setting)? Would cz, Moissanite, quartz or white sapphire be best?

    I have seem some online for only several hundred dollars with any one of the above stones and while that is not much money, I would still hate to order a cute fun ring and have it look bad later because of an ugly stone while I still love the ring itself. Some of the stones are set down in with silver around them and no prongs so it would not be possible to reset them either I suppose.

  77. Why not plastic wedding bands? better yet, nothing at all. Words and actions are not enough? This is deep especially if you’re religious and/or archaic so I’ll be brief. Howevr, I do hope readers here see the big picture without getting too hung up and offended because it is definitely not my intention to do so. If a piece of “rock”, however expensive it may be evokes feelings of true love and a cheaper one does not (remember, “it’s the thought that counts”), that doesn’t say much for the person in question and reveals that the shallow superficial materialistic side is of utmost importance to the aforementioned mere mortal. The idea of a diamond or any gem, stone or object for that matter is simply tradition and has been embedded in our society as the norm and something to be expected. The parameters can be defined by YOU, not by <> of society. People need to wake up, overturn old and desolate traditions to reveal we have progressed. I know the idea of the prince on a white horse is unfortunately still being ingrained into some young girls minds in this day and age, just as having multiple/hundreds of partners is condoned masculine in teenage boys minds (although we must admit that the latter is simply biological and the former is fairytale in most cases). It’s good to have dreams and hopes, but being a progressive realist is the true answer in order to move forward and really be able to love each other without material prerequisites.

    • Hi Hope,
      Would you wear a one piece jail type jumpsuit because it was inexpensive and easy to wear? It would look pretty odd and you’d stick out in a crowd and not in a good way.
      I wouldn’t wear that orange jumpsuit. A) because its ugly. And B) because I am assimilated into my society. I like to wear clothes that tell someone something about who I am. I’m trustworthy, I’m not crazy or anti-establishment, I’m fun, I’m romantic. Whatever the clothing choice, people get a feeling of what kind of person you are from just looking at you.
      I don’t want to alienate people. Nor do I want to be uncomfortable in what I wear.
      I use clothing as an example. It’s not just about you when you make choices with your wedding jewelry. There is a certain expectation about wedding rings. If you got married and wore a plastic wedding band, your girlfriends, your boss and you mom might think that was just weird.
      Then again if your wore tats, dyed your hair wild colors and worked at a hipster coffee place that same plastic wedding band might be cool.
      I’m thinking that if you go on a crusade against expensive wedding jewelry by wearing plastic or nothing, many people may think, you’re not married, or you married someone who has weird ideas about things in general. Many people may not ask why you’d wear a plastic wedding ring. Because it’s not important enough for them to ask. But they’ll still answer the question in their head. And you might not like the assumptions they come up with. But I guess that’s OK because they won’t share them with you.
      As a member of society I like to be agreeable. I find I meet great people and have fantastic interactions. I feel if I disagreed heavily with convention I’d end up on the fringe. I would not be the happy person I am.
      I am very happy to wear my diamond wedding ring that looks good and sparkly day after day, year after year. People know at a glance that I’m married. They also know that my husband is a pretty great guy, because my ring is beautiful.
      I like our traditions and I for one choose not to protest against it.
      Diamond loving jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  78. This is a blog. Regardless of the title… It’s A Blog. Of coarse it’s going to have her opinion in it and she clearly states that. Now as far as this whole debate goes, what it boils down to is that it depends on the female. Some women are sentimental which I myself am and clearly Calla is too. Sentimental women put meaning into things. If it’s not jewelry, I have a box collected with things I hold value to that no one else ever would. A torn up book my pappaw used to read to me everyday. A coin from another country my father gave me that’s only worth 1cent there. A gold diamond accent cross that belonged to my aunt whom I resemble and unfortunately never had the chance to meet due to Gods fate for her. I know I want a real diamond even if it’s only diamond accent. Something so small, but it will resemble the love for me. CZ is cheap. She is correct. If you choose to not care and that the ring holds no value to you then go for it. But if your lady is sentimental even the smallest ct. of a diamond will just show you care. Even if you got a different gem. One in her favorite color or her birth stone even. It just shows someone who holds value to things and puts meaning behind them that you care. It makes it that much more valuable to them. That doesn’t make me a gold digger? That just makes me sentimental. A wedding ring to someone sentimental is even more special. Replacing the gem or getting a new ring won’t hold as much value as that first ring, the very first ring that her love presented to her to show his love for her, and that’s something I would want to last forever. It doesn’t have to be big or flashy. But I would want it to be a REAL gem even if small so it would withstand everything and I can cherish it all my life. That doesn’t make a gold digger. That doesn’t make the women who would wear a string around their finger any less in love. It just makes the woman as her own. Everyone’s different. Calla wrote a blog with her perspective and I find many of the people lashing out to be very disrespectful. She is not reaching out to every one of you individually to tell you that you are crappy to get one for your wife or it makes your relationship fake or worthless. She was just putting out her perspective in a BLOG that YOU CHOSE to read. She didn’t force you to read it? That’s all. I think more respect for everyone individually and their opinions is what is needed in this world. Everyone is entitled to their own. Thank you.

    • Dear Samantha,
      I love this comment. And perspective. I just finished answering a comment on my “My Husband Never Buys me Jewelry: Fifteen Reasons Men Don’t Buy Jewelry for Women.” In it I was characterized as narcissistic among other negative attributes. I do wish that reader could read your lovely comment here.
      Thank you for pointing out that this is a blog and therefore written from my perspective and with my opinions.
      I’m so pleased that you’ll want a diamond when the time comes. Your advice here is wonderful and your writing a joy for me to read.
      Thank you for your part in the ongoing conversation Samantha, it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.
      Loving my diamond,
      Calla Gold

  79. Unfortunately, we cannot afford real diamonds for our engagement and wedding rings.
    We’d prefer to add it to our buying a house fund or enjoy a honey moon, since we’re really strapped. It doesn’t mean that he loves me any less.

    • Hello Meme,
      Thank you for giving your viewpoint. I think buying a house is really important too. Of course it doesn’t impact how much he loves you. As long as you are both on the same page with your choices you are a team and that’s a strong wonderful thing.
      Calla Gold

    • Dear Jessica,
      I recently helped a very young couple get gold and a one tenth of a carat diamond engagement ring. They know that it’ll look too small some years down the line and figure to upgrade in the future as they get more into their careers and money isn’t so tight.
      I don’t like cz as an alternate. That’s just where I’m coming from.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  80. Dear Calla Gold,

    I really appreciate your blog and I agree with each comment you post 100%. I love my small 1/4 ct. princess cut solitaire diamond set in 14k white gold with a plain white gold wedding band. I actually picked it out, and being a frugal and practical gal, I definietly stayed within my husband’s budget. I know that this ring will last throughout my lifetime. That being said, I have several CZ rings and I love them because they are pretty but I know that they are NOT DIAMONDS and I would never buy a CZ and try to pretend that it is a diamond because it simply is not one. For those who choose a CZ…that’s fine, but if you’re so against the “marketing scandal of diamonds” then why would you care to buy a fake immitation of the ‘horrid’ diamond?! Choose another stone…A genuine, real, stone. Perhaps one that is not manufactured in a lab? A diamond is a beautiful stone and immitating it with CZ would not work for me. I’d rather have no wedding ring than a fake one and I think I’d rather go “ringless” for a while and save up for the “real” thing. If other readers find me superficial, please re-read the sentence where I state I’d rather go ringless than have a CZ engagement ring. The expense of the ring does not define my marriage, but I think that if you are planning on wearing a ring for the rest of your life, you should be able to decide if the ring is real or not.

    For those who are offended by this mindset, you really shouldn’t be. Because if you’re happy with a CZ then I think that is great and someone else’s opinion really shouldn’t sway you either way. However, I am a genuine diamond person. Not only because they last longer and look nicer, I feel like it’s an investment I’m willing to make for a lovely little ring I’ll always wear.

    • Dear Ashley,
      And I agree with you 100%. As a dyed in the wool diamond gal I look wonderingly at someone who yells against diamonds and then goes and buys a lab made stone that looks like a diamond, but will never hold up like a diamond. For their wedding ring. Just, don’t, get, it!
      Thanks for coming by and giving your excellent opinion!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  81. When my fiance and I got engaged we decided to go with a big cz stone for my engagement ring. After only a few months we regretted the decision and replaced it with a real diamond ring. Even though I had to significantly downsize and the diamond has many little bubbles, inclusions and imperfections I couldn’t be happier. I trully believe it is those imperfections that make the stone so perfect.

    Sure, the cz ring is beautiful but it never could have the fire and brilliance that the diamond ring has. In comparison with the diamond ring the cz ring looks fake and plasticky.

    So to all those people who say that diamonds are too overpriced, and it is all a marketing scheme I say that I absolutely agree with you. But then again, the reason you took your future wife (or husband) away from the parents was not to give them a “fake” and mediocre life. The day of your engagement is such a special occasion. You’re promising to spend the rest of your life trying to do anything in your power to make sure your new mate is happy. You’re offering a wonderful, happy life. And you’re offering it forever (because I doubt anyone would get engaged thinking about how they’re planning on getting divorced in a few years) so you need a ring that trully symbolizes that and a cz just won’t do.

    Would any of you buy your future wife a bouquet of fake flowers for Valentine’s day? If we think of it just from a financial standpoint plastic flowers would make so much sense. You could get a whole bouquet for $5 instead of spending upwards $30 for a simple dozen natural roses. The plastic flowers would last so much longer whereas the natural roses won’t make it a week but you cannot smell plastic flowers. They also won’t have the same beauty as the real flowers. So why give your beloved a “fake” ring based solely on price?

    Many would argue that the choice of having a real diamond is only a sentimental one but an engagement ring is a very sentimental piece of jewelry, so special that even if it was bought only for sentimental reasons it would be worth it.

    You wouldn’t marry a manequin would you? A mannequin would be far much easier to provide for than a real person but you wouldn’t get anything in return. So why treat your future spouse as if they’re not worth a real diamond? I understand that it may not be possible to afford 10 carats worth of diamond but it doesn’t need to be big. Now that I’ve experienced owning a big cz ring and replacing it with a smaller, real diamond I can honestly say that I’m happier with the smaller ring.

    My engagement ring is not just another piece of jewelry that I wear when I want to be flashy. It is a symbol of our love, our union and our everlasting future together. Whenever we’re apart I can look at my diamond ring and know he is still with me no matter what and when something so small can have such a massive effect in your life I believe it is best to make sure it is as special as possible.

    My diamond ring is not just a ring. It is a symbol and I will not use something “fake” to symbolize our union. It needs to be something that will last as long as us and even longer. I would love to pass down my engagement ring to our future kid once he or she finds that special someone.

    Again, all of your arguments about diamonds being overpriced and it all being a scam that the industry has created I agree with completely but you’re not buying a pair or diamond earrings. You’re not getting a diamond necklace. You’re buying a diamond engagement ring which is more than just a symbol. It is a promise of your everlasting love and that to me is more than worth it.

    Cubic zirconias are wonderful and pretty. I have many pieces of jewelry with czs but my engagement ring won’t be one of them.

    No cz for my engagement ring.

    • Dear Cathal,
      I really appreciate the time you took to tell your story and your opinion. You are quite articulate. When you liken a cz engagement ring to buying plastic flowers to your love on Valentine’s Day I had to read it out loud to my husband. That is such an excellent analogy of why for an engagement and wedding ring you choose diamond and not a substitute.
      We also roared at the idea of marrying a mannequin. Just so funny. But so true.
      We make choices in this life and choosing a ring to symbolize love just isn’t the place for plastic, or fake anything.
      May your love last long!
      I thank you for your time and thoughtful reply and apt word pictures.
      Diamonds for me too,
      Calla Gold

  82. Well, my engagement ring is CZ, and I love it. I think it is beautiful! My husband got it for me while we were struggling financially, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It should only matter if you love one another. Engagement rings now-a-days are people’s birthstones or sapphires, Rubys….I don’t think that the stone matters, and if that is all that matters to people anymore, then I would have to say they’re very materialistic. If the only reason people get married is because of how authentic and big their ring is, then that is disappointing.

    • Hello Laura,
      Thank you for writing to share your opinion. I realize that the sentiment of your ring is strong. That cz will scratch, get ugly and degraded over time. No matter how much you love that cz, love cannot save it from its fate. My purpose was not to state that only if you buy a big diamond is love proved. It was to say that for a daily wear ring cz is a stone, made in a lab that starts out looking like a diamond and ends up dull, scratched and wrecked. It was never able to take the hits of daily wear in a ring. It was made to be a beautiful diamond simulant. Because it hasn’t the strength of a diamond to resist being worn daily it just won’t hold up.
      It’s about the wisdom of choosing a cz as your forever wedding gemstone that I am addressing. I just want people to know what to expect from it as many assume if it looks like a diamond it’ll act like a diamond and hold up nicely, which it will not.
      This is not about love. It’s about a jeweler letting you know what to expect if you choose to wear a cz everyday.
      I wish you a long and happy marriage. And I hope your cz lasts longer than they usually do. That’d be cool.
      Digging my daily wear diamond,
      Calla Gold

  83. I insisted to my fiancé that I do NOT want a diamond ring. CZ is absolutely fine as it is just symbolism. I am just not one of those ladies who want my man to break bank for something which is at risk of being stolen or accidentally lost etc. I was armed robbed and these robbers took the some rings off my fingers a couple of years ago before I was proposed to.

    I declined proposal to a man who presented a ring with diamonds and rubies – I am proud to say that it is not about what is in the ring, it is about what is in my heart. So what about diamonds lasting qualities….but it is still just a “thing”.

    • Dear Marisa,
      Your heart is definitely in the right place. But I will say that a man who reads up on gemstones will realize that cz won’t stand up the daily wear that your marriage will entail. If you want to show how non-materialistic you are, you’re better off go with a gold or platinum wedding band.
      In my opinion if you want a clear gem that looks like a diamond, get a diamond! A cz is like plastic. It looks like a diamond, but it hasn’t the strength or the quality to last like a diamond.
      One other thing to consider is how your cz choice will reflect on your husband. At a certain point that cz will look like a cz, a cheap substitute for a diamond that clearly is not a diamond, or it may look like an incredibly crappy diamond as it degrades. It will make him look like a cheapskate.
      If a man wants to express his love with the gift of a diamond, I say grant him the pride in seeing you wear a ring worthy of his love for you. His choice of an engagement is partly his choice and that choice will reflect on him as well as you.
      Your Personal Diamond loving Jeweler,

  84. Dear Call Gold,

    I’m writing only to tell you how I appreciate your attitude towards people, who are protecting the CZ view rather offensively and people who like diamonds. Your calm explanations and understanding manner is admirable and it may leave an impression of an automatic answering machine. I think this is really professional and rare as a human in conversation. Thank you!

    • Dear Matisse,
      Thank you very much for your feedback about my handling of my detractors and dissenters. I definitely feel that everyone deserves to be heard unless their opinion is offensive and yeah I skate the line on letting some insulting comments go through. My mother told me, “always listen politely and state your opinion rationally regardless of the emotion coming your way.” She is a real peace maker and gave me an ocean of calm to deal with sometimes quite personal attacks on my opinions. It’s my hope that by listening and staying calm that my commenter will be benefitted too.
      In one of my blog posts, I think the Don’t Wear Tungsten or Titanium Wedding Bands, I had a very firey and at times personally attacky commenter. He came back three or four times on the thread. I’d answer each of his arguments. On the fourth comment he was much nicer. I should show that to my mom. She’s be so proud!
      Thanks again for your input!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  85. this post makes me feel trashy & cheap for looking at a CZ ring for my little elopment…which is sad cause I fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it. It is a CZ white gold ring for $150 that I’m having to make payments on to even get because we are so poor..it kinda breaks my heart that there are people out there in this world that care about things as petty as shiny rocks & that have the snobby materialistic view that since I’m getting a “knock off” run that my marriage will be meaningless & fade over time.

    • Dear Sherri,
      It was never my attempt to make people feel bad about getting a cz wedding ring. I’m sorry that your finances are so grim. I’m sure once you two are married and a team that time will improve your circumstances. My goal was to let people know what cz does so they would not be surprised when it didn’t last like a diamond.
      It certainly is better to marry a good man and have a loving relationship than to wait for a diamond.
      Diamonds will come one day,
      Calla Gold

  86. How can I get a Blood Diamond?

    I heard that is good to be a Hebrew in the diamond business. Why is that?

    Someone mentioned earlier “what’s the point of celebrating Christmas without believing in Jesus?”. Well, Christmas (and Easter) have a long pagan tradition before Christianity, which the Christians simply usurped to help in their violent conquest of Europeans. Easter bunnies, eggs, Christmas trees, mistletoe, Yuletide, gift-giving, caroling, etc etc are all pagan and not Christian.

    • Hi Ian,
      It’s always interesting to get a historian, or metallurgist or other learned person to add to the conversation. I have read how the pagan traditions pre-dated Christian holidays and holy days.
      I do not know how to get a blood diamond. I specialize in conflict free diamonds.
      Israel has a thriving diamond cutting industry and many Jewish people are diamond dealers. It may have come about as Jewish people would hire new Jewish immigrants to help them get a leg up when new to the country and many Jews learned the trade from the inside. Many ethnic groups have many of their members heavily represented in certain fields and careers.
      There are a great many dentists who are Seventh Day Adventists for example.
      Thank you for coming by and adding to the conversation.
      Calla Gold

  87. For me it’s really important to have a real diamond engagement ring. Personally I feel that it’s symbolic.
    If my future husband handed me a CZ that would eventually dull and fade, Icouldn’t help but feel that it would be symbolic of our relationship.
    ‘ Diamonds are forever’, and a marriage should be too. I think it’s also just the tradition of it all. I’m not someone who needs to be showered with gifts and fancy dates, but the ring I wear everyday of my life is something I won’t budge on.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Your wedding ring or rings are very symbolic and meaningful. I too insist on the lastingness of a diamond.
      I had an interesting case recently. A very nice young man came to me and really wanted to give a nice ring to his fiance. She had a Pinterest board with her dream rings. Nate was a grad student with a pretty tight budget, he could afford the ring design or the center diamond, but not both.
      She worked to support him in his graduate school studies and really wanted to get married. He had come to me to design her ring and set a cz in it.
      I suggested we all meet. She was really excited. When the reality of how cz acts over time was pointed out and his budget was discussed frankly I mentioned many options open to them. One of them was that he would figure out her engagement ring design and she would get the diamond.
      It was really important to her to have a nice diamond of a good size. She was big boned and felt that too small of a diamond made her hands look large.
      She really liked the idea of being in charge of the diamond. As the breadwinner of the family she felt that since the diamond was so important to her that she was happy in the circumstances to pay for it. Especially when she realized that the only reason she wasn’t already engaged was that his budget was the obstacle.
      Delaney chose the diamond she really wanted and I got with Nate and he and I figured out exactly how her engagement ring would look.
      Nate and Delaney had an unusual way of figuring out how to get engaged the way they both wanted to. That was about five years ago. They now have a PHD and two children between them.
      Delaney is wearing her beautiful wedding set with pride and stopped me recently on State St. to show me her new baby and have me look at her ring. I got tears in my eyes looking at her beautiful daughter. Whatever tiny part I hold in their life is a joy to me.
      Rebecca I am so pleased you wrote and gave me a chance to share how one great couple solved their diamond vs cz engagement ring question.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  88. Well i agreed that CZ is not suitable as wedding ring. What about moissanite? How does it differs from diamond?

  89. Hi Calla.. I would have liked to see a strictly factual comparison, rather than emotional and obviously, a sales pitch.

    As yourself, I’m a romantic woman, married to a passionate man for 7 years now. He bought me a big diamond ring when he purposed, but when I was pregant with pink foot, I took off the ring and misplaced it (still a gonner).

    In the meantime I’ve liked many other styles/cuts, etc, that I currently have 4 wedding rings, none with a diamond. Yes, other stones, of which one of my favourites a CZ, and one is even a pearl!

    Who says its got to be diamond? Who measures love by size? Its a bit vain and shallow to me.

    Diamonds aren’t my best friend. My sexy hubby is. He’s not a cheap skate. He knows how to keep me happy, and I’m not only happy when the size of my diamond is bigger than my neighbour’s.

    Just my 5 cents…guess I’m not much of a traditionalist. I follow my own trend. And I’m loving it 🙂

    Best wishes

    • Dear Gilah,
      If you switch rings around a lot then the cz will look better longer. My blog post is aimed at people who don’t really know that cz isn’t the same strength wise as diamond.
      I don’t say you need a big diamond. Just that if you are choosing for a daily wear ring like an engagement ring a clear gemstone, pick a small diamond over a big cz or any cz at all.
      You hubby sounds like a truly great guy and you sound like a very fun to love person.
      There is no rule that says it has to be a diamond.
      Rock your un-traditional ways, it takes all kinds to make a happy world.
      Best wishes to you too,
      Calla Gold

  90. Thank you for sharing the truth about Cheap CZ. Everyone knows that real diamonds, nice quality, not cheap diamonds are lasting, beautiful and the right choice for showing love.

  91. How convenient, a jeweler thinks that the item that costs 10 times more is the only good option. I think that’s called “self preservation”. Unfortunately women in this country have been systematically programmed to believe that diamonds are the only true way to show love and expect a man to spend out the nose to show that “love”. How about spending the money on something that will gain value, like oh I don’t know…a house or sound investments, not something to flaunt on your finger. It really is ridicultus what you come up with to justify ripping people off.

    • Hello Corey,
      If you choose to symbolize your life love for your wife with a cz knowing it will scratch and break down and not last that is your choice.
      This blog post was written for people who truly didn’t realize that a cz though it initially looks like a diamond will not continue to do so with daily wear.
      I believe that the choices one makes should be done with all the information to hand. You now have that information and the choice is yours.
      Loving diamonds,
      Calla Gold

  92. My engagement ring had a Cz stone instead of a diamond…16 years ago. I could tell it was not a real diamond….and I never wore it because of that. My husband said he would replace it in time….and never did. A diamond is forever……and Cz is a cheap imitation that cannot express true love like a diamond. Deep in my heart I felt I was not destined for a long marriage…….these are holy relics when blessed, and if it’s a counterfeit from the start it can mean doom. I am getting a separation today, and eventually most likely a divorce. There really needs to be love behind this choice…….especially if you are committed to being with this person forever……..choose a diamond……if you can’t afford one, even a tiny one…..then you don’t deserve this precious woman you want to be with…..

    • Dear Cynthia,
      Your story is a sad one. I agree with you that there should be an effort to show the woman you want to spend your life with that you cherish her. Even a tiny diamond is better than any size cz in my book.
      Thank you for showing your experience.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  93. If the the difference between a diamond or a cz makes a difference in the levels of happiness in ones marriage I would speculate that there is a level of vanity. The ring is only a symbol of something that should be much deeper than any artifact that you two can give each other. If your hands were chopped off and you had I fingers to get a ring for would that mean the end of the marriage since there is no where to even put a ring? While there are many loving man who would love to be able to get the greatest diamond ring they could ever find for the woman that they love or even dream to get something slightly simpler, every man’s situation is different. So who am I or you to have an opinion or anything to say about that man’s situation and if the woman that he loves has such a disdain for it they should not be together. Regardless of the gemstone, I’ve seen so many post on here that seem to miss the most vital thing of any marriage. It isn’t the ring, it isn’t the diamond or the gemstone that’s inside the ring, it’s about the two people. That ring isn’t going to save your marriage, it’s not going to sustain it either. Your marriage doesn’t perish because of a diamond or a cz, it fails because you and your spouse failed your marriage. You’re not making a commitment to the ring. The ring is a SYMBOL of your commitment to each other. So that ring, in hindsight, really doesn’t matter as much as we make it. It’s about the vows that you give at your wedding and what you truly mean when you say I love you. The only thing that’s important about a ring is that it’s a circle and that circle is to symbolize a continuous and eternal love. in some areas of this world that we live in, people can’t afford diamonds let alone some of the things that we get to have every day. Yet they still find a way to love each other in their marriage. The ring isn’t the strongest part of a marriage, the love is and if people want to attribute their failures of making a marriage work or their lack of levels of love to the ring, then all we’re doing is lying to ourselves on the real reason why things failed. The truth is you love should be stronger than any artifact you could put on your hand. Ma’am you have your diamond ring and it’s great that you enjoy it but your diamonds aren’t going to save the world or anyone’s marriage. If anyone ever gets to the point where they have to look at their hand to see the love in a marriage, either your marriage needs evaluation or you yourself need evaluation, because it should be the fact that he wakes up every morning and recommits himself to you that should truly show the love. I simply came here to try to figure out the difference between a diamond and a cz because there’s someone that I love enough to want to be able to make that commitment to, but I didn’t truly find any answers all I found was that a lot of people missed the mark when it came to what they were doing when they were getting the ring in the first place. I do thank you all though because reading this helped me realize how trivial it is that I worry myself so much about the ring above the commitment to the one I love and luckily for me I have someone that stresses the importance of us being together in true love over the material aspects of our union. If I do get her a diamond ring it’ll be because I could not because it was necessary or because not getting one would be me somehow missing the standard of love.

    • Dear Baffled by the Vanity,
      I didn’t write this to sell diamonds. I wrote it to prevent an unsuspecting person from buying a CZ thinking that it was a good inexpensive alternate to a diamond. If you want a clear and sparkly gemstone the diamond is the best gemstone. CZ is fine for occasionally worn jewelry, not for daily wear.
      Plenty of people use plain gold bands instead of gemstones when they get married. Some couples then get a nicer ring maybe with a diamond a few years down the line when they have built a financial life together.
      What I object to is seeing someone wearing a one carat beat up, clearly a CZ, as their engagement ring. I am like, and this shows a petty side of me, but I’m thinking, who are they kidding? Why wear a pretend diamond? What is the point? It’s scratched and dull, obviously not a diamond. Yet there it is day after day looking awful. How is that a symbol of love? It is like a status symbol gone wrong. Is the guy a cheapskate? Did he not know that CZ can’t be worn daily? Does she have a vision problem and not see how awful that looks? To me, and this is just me, I see that and I’m stuck in this loop of trying to understand why there is a CZ in that engagement ring.
      If you can’t afford the 1 carat diamond, no problem, don’t get one, get a plain band, get a tiny (nice) diamond, get a ruby or sapphire. But don’t get a CZ.
      That is where I’m coming from, letting you know the CZ won’t last. And letting you know I respect your love and your relationship and don’t want anyone to look at your choice of engagement ring and wonder what kind of guy gives this? What is he trying to say with it?
      All I am baffled by is the vanity of wanting people to think you can afford a one carat diamond when you can’t.
      I respect much less expensive wedding rings. I do not respect the choice of CZ.
      Diamonds for me thank you,
      Calla Gold

  94. Wow, what an interesting thread. I’m a man and would side with Calla Gold all the way.

    I don’t like that most diamonds are conflict and I agree that the cost is inflated. However, as far as an engagement ring go, it should truly be a symbol of love. Therefore, it should be genuine. Cubic zirconia is meant to be a fake diamond so I don’t think it belongs in an engagement ring. My sister agrees with me regarding the questionable value of diamonds and her fiancee got her a blue sapphire. It’s genuine and she loves it.

    For my wife, it had to be diamond even though she will admit that it’s a bit superficial. However, if you want the girl, you get her what she wants. I got her a 2-carat and had a jeweler designed the ring to her specs. We were young at the time and it did break the bank. However, I recovered through hard work. Relatively speaking, most diamond rings are cheaper than a new car so I think it’s actually a better value. I have never bought a new car. My wife still get compliments regularly. The stone is as new after 10 years of daily wear and tear. Calla Gold is correct that a diamond cleans up like new.

    Another reason to get a genuine stone is that if you are planning to pass on your symbol of love to the future generations, wouldn’t you want to pass on something that is genuine, enduring, and has at least some value? How can a ring that is replaced every few years be passed on?

    Again, I’m not a fan of jewelry, diamonds, or luxury stuff at all. However, as Calla Gold stated…it’s an engagement ring. Do it right or don’t do it.

    • Hello Kyle,
      I really enjoyed your well spoken opinion and your story. It was nice too that you let us know what your sister and wife thought. Ever since the movie blood diamond, many people have expressed the opinion that diamonds are dirty. Being in the diamond industry I get to see interesting facts. Diamonds are a boon to so many people. In Australia they have the Argyle diamond mine. This is where many of the worlds pink and red diamonds come from that show up selling for millions at Sotheby’s auctions.
      Canada has the Ekati mine. It is on Native Canadian Tribal land. This is a source of jobs, wealth for the area and pride for Canadians. Neither of these mining operations are part of De Beers whose monopoly was broken years ago.
      Africa is the source of most of the worlds diamonds. The Kymberlie Process does a trememdous amount to help control sources and supply line of diamonds. What should be known is there are a tremendous amount of ethical diamond mining projects there that bring education and health care to areas in sore need. There is also artisal mining where natives are trained in diamond mining from waterways and protected and given a way to make a living.
      I’m not an apologist for diamonds. I celebrate their amazing strength and beauty. And they good that they do in most places. I’ve also blogged about Canadian diamonds and the Kymberlie Process.
      I really agree with you about the value of handing down a valuable gemstone to your heirs. It’s important to me too. That wedding ring is my most valued, cherished and important piece of jewelry. It represents love. It needs to be real.
      Loving diamonds,

  95. Calla,
    Thank you for your insights. I’ll have to look into it because our 10-year anniversary is coming up!

    • Hello Kyle,
      Your ten year anniversary is a wonderful time to give a gift of jewelry. Especially a ring, because she can see it every time she wears it.
      May your choice be sparkling. May your marriage last long.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  96. Hello Calla,
    My boyfriend and I have been reading up on engagement ring ideas and no matter what we Google, your website shows up as the top result!

    Having read almost half of the comments here, I am very surprised by the attitude of the commenters.
    I normally do not comment on articles, ever – but couldn’t help it.

    Your entire blog is very well written, very honest and HUMAN. You display that you really know your stuff and express it very well.
    In addition, your dedication to reply to each and every comment (no matter how rude it was) in a very delicate and diplomatic way is amazing!

    If I lived in the States (or if you were located here in Spain) I would have truly LOVED to work with you, solely based on your level of professionalism and dedication portrayed here on your blog.

    In our case, we have planned a date for our wedding – even before actually getting the engagement ring! We want to be smart and budget everything as well as we can, which means a 2,500 Euro (2,720 USD – the state of the Euro is killing us!) total for the engagement ring and wedding bands.
    Our top choice, diamond aside, would be a Moissanite – although they are terribly hard to come by in Spain.

    We plan on having the wedding in June 2016, so I am thinking of a CZ engagement ring till the wedding and after the expensive “party” to replace it with a Moissanite.
    Then perhaps in an anniversary or two, to change it to the real deal. If we can.
    I have read your article on the Moissanite and would like to ask you a question as an impartial specialist. (As all the jewellers I have spoken to, always seem to have an “edge”. Trying to push me towards what they prefer to sell me and each one with different recommendations).

    What would you say in regards to all diamond alternative stones compared to one another?
    White Sapphire Vs. White Topaz Vs. Moissanite Vs. CZ Vs. Beryl?

    Sorry for the long-winded message. Hope it was OK to read.
    Congrats on your blog and wish you a lot of well-deserved success!


  97. “Diamonds are valuable” until you try to sell them. Go ahead and try and see how much you’ll get for your valuable diamond ring…not much and in many cases only the value of the metal (gold/white gold) is offered. Please stop your bs marketing. For anyone that thinks you’re buying something valuable, please do some real research into debeers (the diamond cartel) and you’ll be shocked.

    • Dear John,
      For the record I’ve bought many diamond rings. I give the value of the gold or platinum metal and often because the diamonds are over 1ct. ask two or three of my diamond dealers what they’d give for them and give the highest offered price to my client. Unless you have a small, under .25cts cloudy diamond, you will be offered money for your diamond.
      Regarding De Beers diamond ‘cartel’ they lost their monopoly in increments as the large Russian diamond supply started going to the newly created cutting and polishing industry in Russia, Angola and other diamond producing countries. Australia did not re-sign their distribution agreement with DeBeers and others did not too taking back control over their countries asset and creating local jobs.
      With the growing middle class in China the demand for diamonds is way up. In certain size and quality classes of diamonds the world demand for diamonds equals the yearly output from mines. This is responsible for recent upticks in certain popular diamond sizes.
      I’m sorry that when you tried to sell a diamond you weren’t offered much. I’d get a second opinion.
      For the record selling a diamond can be like selling anything you’ve owned and used for years, you are not going to get exactly what you paid for it. Would you get the same amount for your ten year old car? Your couch? Your suit?
      If you feel that cz is a great investment to save money on a clear gemstone for your girlfriend, I’d tread carefully.
      Lovin’ her non-monopoly diamonds,

  98. Hi , wow what a debate, my wedding jewellery is diamond . But before my husband and I decided to marry he purchased a blue cz for my birthday which I loved and still do I’ve worn it every day even been in swimming pools it’s been everywhere. I literally just clean it occasionally with mild hand soap and a baby’s first tooth brush like I do with all of my jewellery, then polish it with a soft cloth. This cz is still as sparkly and eye catching 18 years later many people ask me if it’s either a London blue topaz or a sapphire, I’ve been married 15 years and my diamonds are still very very sparkly I chose a half carat diamond and went to an independent London diamond dealer in Hatton Garden . But ironically it’s always comments I still get from my cz that people notice . I’ve never had the stone replaced and it still looks like new.
    There’s no right or wrong with the choice of stones or metal jewellery is a token of love between two people it’s the sentiment that counts not the price tag .
    My husband asked me to marry him without a ring whilst taking the dog for a walk on the middle of Eton bridge , he was being spontaneous after I told him he wasn’t spontaneous enough he was too regimented at times . And before we finally chose my engagement ring 3 months later I was more than happy to wear my blue cz on my left hand . In fact I think I would be still wearing it on that hand if our families hadn’t asked to see the engagement ring.

    • Hi CZ and Diamond Lady,
      You have a great story. It is amazing that your blue cz has worn so well. Well done on your good fortune. I love your proposal story!
      Thank you for sharing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  99. Thank you for this greatly detailed comparison. Indeed it may be written in an emotional way, but there are about 20 facts as well to back it up! I am not getting married (yet haha) but am buying a silver necklace and sadly cannot afford the diamond stone variant. I definitely will not be buying the cz version, or the rhinestone swarovski version, so do not know what other option i have. Are there any cheap stone (sapphire colour) which are strong and wont break down over time?
    Thanks so much 🙂

  100. I understand your point, but personally, I would be totally fine wearing a brass or aluminum wedding ring. As far as the diamond thing goes, I’m glad my fiancee wasn’t interested. She loves her pink tourmaline.

    • Hi Dan,
      I’m glad you two are happy. I pretty much wrote this for those that want a clear stone.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  101. Hi all. Fascinating reading. I am a gem lover, all gems. When we got married 37 years ago we took 2 20point diamonds I had and set them on either side of a one carat sapphire -a family tradition on my mother’s side for 3 generations. I collect gems, have diamonds and CZ. I have 4CZ purchased by me, set in gold, that look perfect today,all 35-37years old. Also, they do not fog when breathed on. They have not changed over time. Still look like diamonds, not too white or glassy, nor firing off lots of different colors. Peculiar, not the usual CZ story. Any thoughts?

    • Hello Stardust,
      I wasn’t clear how often you wore your 4 cz ring. My blog is really about cz worn daily. I don’t recommend it as it doesn’t tend to hold up. I also don’t recommend wearing opal daily. And yet all rules are made to be broken. I have a client who really wanted an opal wedding ring. I warned her of their fragility and she asked me to design a ring that’d help to protect her opals. She’d worn it for seven years and only needed a couple of opal piece replacements which for a daily wear ring is astonishing. Her ring can be seen in this post:
      You may be that person who is gentle on her jewelry and bucks the trend I’ve seen in how gems last. You may also be wearing it and switching with other rings. When not worn daily cz’s lifespan is expanded. The cz’s I’ve observed that I’ve replaced for my clients did look cloudy to me. Perhaps yours came from a particularly good laboratory. There are multiple manufacturers of cz.
      I don’t dislike cz’s, I just think they aren’t right for an engagement or wedding ring which would be worn daily.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  102. Thank you so much. I would have gone for the cheap cz thing and lost my respectability.Thank you so much for the info.

  103. You sound so materialistic. It made for a poor read without having actual proof and evidence. Sounded like a rant from a spoiled housewife that acts like she’s better than others because she wont accept nothing but the “best”.

    • Hi Random Guy,
      My you really liked this post didn’t you?
      I wrote this for people who wanted a diamond looking gemstone for an engagement ring. I listened to my readers and responded to their questions in comments by writing a follow up blog:
      To rebut your characterization of me as a spoiled housewife, I haven’t time to be spoiled as I work six days a week. As for spoiled, am I spoiled because my husband bought me a diamond wedding ring? OK, then I’m spoiled. I do not think I am better than others because I wear a diamond.
      Thanks for writing. Whatever gemstone you choose for your lady love, choose well.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  104. some people thinks that if they buy Cubic Zirconia’s engagement rings on the subtitute od diamond, no one can not guess that it is not a diamond. but they think wrong because after few month we can see clearly that it is not a diamonds because shining of diamond is more than CZ. So I advise such types of people who thinks so that they should not cheat their partner. if they buy ring of CZ they should tell their partner before engagement.

  105. You love diamonds a lot I’m assuming..
    I have a CZ that I’m not ashamed to wear because I happen to be a simpler girl that appreciates the value and the story of my LOVE, not my ring. I don’t feel my husband loves me any less because my ring is CZ. I was there when we picked it out. I knew full well it was not a diamond, and I grinned at the jeweller’s expression when it became obvious to him that I had no interest in diamonds.

    How can you sit there and tell people diamonds mean love? Love means love – and to be quite honest, you don’t even need MONEY to have love, much less a diamond ring.
    If you knew the significance of love and marriage, you wouldn’t be telling people anything except what they already believed to be true.
    You claim to sell diamonds that symbolize “love”, and then have the audacity to grade ta person’s “level of love” based on the “quality” of ring?
    How do you sleep at night with that diamond shining so bright?
    I bet you’d would rather have expensive things in your life than meaningful people. Your comments have shown you hold no value to the relationship itself, except if there’s a diamond involved.
    And how sad is that.

    • Dear To Each Their Own,
      Thank you for letting me and my readers know that you are very happy with your cz choice. My blog is a place for me to share my opinion. Their cz’s I’ve seen that have been worn daily get cloudy because cz’s have a porous nature and take in impurities which won’t clean back out. I’ve observed abraded facet junctions as they scratch and break down over time.
      The purpose of this post was to advise guys who didn’t know the difference between the two choices. Since you were both there when the cz choice was made you will not be mad at him when your cz breaks down. That is good.
      My purpose was in large part to save a guy from making his girl really sad. She’d think she got a diamond because it would look like a diamond, later it would look bad, she’d take it to a jeweler and find out that it was cz and be heart-broken.
      This is not your situation. You both know you love each other and that is good.
      Your love will not sustain your cz. Your jeweler knew this and that is why he was surprised at your choice. Hopefully he explained the pitfalls of cz for daily wear.
      I can’t help feeling that diamond is a love choice. It sparkles, it lasts and it is always so beautiful. I can’t help how I feel and I write what I feel.
      I mean no disrespect for your choice of wedding ring stone.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  106. Hi Calla,
    Love is not defined by the choice of gem you wear. I am a diamond dealer in South Africa so would be expected to defend the choice of diamond as to cz. Personally however I believe love is measured by commitment and honesty not by what you wear on your finger. I think you are giving people the wrong impression, making them feel less in love unless they have that diamond in their ring. Knowing the path a diamond travels, the deceit and corruption, in short flawed, it’s the last gem I would give symbolising my love.

    • Dear Dudley,
      I’m sorry that you as a diamond dealer have such a depressing view of your field. People have many ethical choices for diamonds. Diamonds from Canada and Australia for one. There are many checks and balances in place with the Kymberley Process for ethical diamond sourcing.
      Let’s talk about the porous nature of cz and how it clouds up and doesn’t then clean up as the oil, dirt or whatever go sub-surface. Let’s also talk about how scratch-able cz is. These two factors to me spell a poor choice for a daily wear ring.
      If diamond is off the table for budget reasons there are also rubies and sapphires which are the next strongest gemstones after diamond. Under no circumstances would I ever recommend cz. Nor would I recommend opal, emerald or tanzanite. They aren’t strong.
      Daily rings need strength. In my book diamond is the best.
      Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  107. Wow there’s a lot of comments on this post. Why do people get so offended about having CZ? I didn’t have a ton of money, but I spent time and resources searching for THE diamond for my wife. People think that money is the only thing about a diamond that showcases love, well for me it was also all the time I invested into searching for the perfect stone. People seem to forget that all CZ’s are alike, but no two diamonds are alike because they all have their little imperfections that make them unique. Just like my wife will always be beautiful, like a diamond, she has her own quirks that make her who she is but she is the only one. There’s so much symbolism that people seem to forget. The bottom line is that it is an INVESTMENT. I started saving up for my wife’s diamond before I even met her because I saw the value in it. If people want to relocate funds to do other things like fancy restaurants and crazy vacations then that should be the wife’s decision. All those things will be simply memories while my wife’s diamond will be on her hand forever. Thanks for the helpful info Calla.

    • Dear Matthew,
      You have brought up a couple of really important points. First, I love that you spent time in the selection of the diamond for your wife and honor the uniqueness of a diamond. Like snowflakes, no two are alike.
      The fact that you started saving up for the diamond before you met your wife is just beautiful. I so appreciate you adding your unique voice and story to this conversation.
      I like also that you say that it should be the wife’s decision if you spend money on a diamond or fancy restaurants and crazy vacations. For the record we got a diamond for my engagement ring and went to Catalina Island and backpacking at Sequoia for our honeymoon. It wasn’t expensive, but it was very wonderful and memorable.
      Diamonds are as unique as your love. I do appreciate your comment Matthew.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

    • Ummm No….a diamond is NOT an investment in any way shape or form. If you believe that your diamond is an investment, then you didn’t research enough.

      • Hello Lovie,
        You are right that a diamond is not an investment. It is a gesture of love. It is a long lasting, sparkle through thin and thin symbol. It’s lasting popularity is a tribute to how strong it is and how it sparkles when other gems become dull, scratched or damaged from daily wear.
        I agree with you that choosing a diamond to put on a ring to wear everyday isn’t a wise investment choice. But an engagement ring isn’t bought as an investment. Stocks, bonds, homes and businesses are bought as an investment. Your engagement ring is that symbol of love, that sparkly piece of happiness and that promise of a life filled with love and dreams and partnership. The only kind of investment an engagement ring is is an investment in love, which is priceless.
        Your Hopeless Romantic Personal Jeweler,

  108. Oh god.. love is not defined by the choice of gem you wear, I believe love is measured by commitment and honesty not by what you wear on your finger ,I think you are giving people the wrong impression, making them feel less in love unless they have that diamond in their ring.

    • Hello Motek,
      Perhaps you didn’t realize that this cz vs diamond post was written for the guy that really doesn’t know there is a difference. He may expect a cz to last like a diamond because it looks the same. I’ve seen this. Guys have come to me with engagement looking rings in gold with cz’s and wanted me to size it for their popping of the question. They don’t know how this might make his girl feel. They don’t know of cz’s chemical differences. It’s not expected that men know all about diamonds and gems. This post is for them so they know the difference and don’t create a terrible misunderstanding with the woman they love.
      I work with plenty of people who don’t choose diamond, well, not that many. But I’m working with someone now who has chosen a green sapphire with a diamond halo for their engagement ring.
      I do write about what gemstones are better and what gemstones are worse for engagement rings in this post:
      I never say diamonds prove your love, I merely say cz’s could break her heart if she thinks it’s a diamond and later finds out it’s a cz because it got cloudy because of its inherent porosity or it got chipped or scratched.
      Many gemstones can be used successfully in engagement rings. CZ is not a choice I would recommend as a jeweler who has seen cz’s after a couple of years of wear.
      Love is measured by commitment and honesty as you say. My job is to inform you that most women would prefer a real gemstone like a sapphire or other nice strong gemstone as opposed to an inexpensive and common imitation stone that won’t hold up. If diamond is what you want then get a diamond, not a fake version of a diamond. Get a colored gemstone or a plain gold band.
      Just wanted to clarify why I wrote this.
      Loving love,
      Calla Gold

  109. Hmmmm Calla,
    I detect hints of sarcasm and passive aggression in your wording. Well what happens when the diamonds cannot sustain the love between husband and wife??? As one poster stated, you can have a stone that costs over 20k and a crappy unstable marriage or one that costs far less and be in a loving, happy, stable and committed marriage. I do have the diamonds which my amazing husband bought for me but I would have honestly kept that money and invested it in something more worthwhile. Diamonds are not rare gems, their actually quite worthless. I don’t wear my diamonds due to moral reasons because most diamonds are conflict diamonds and I don’t want any part of it. I wear moissanite, colored stones or morganite. All just as lovely and I and my husband don’t love eachother any less. Diamond alternatives for the win!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Lovie,
      I don’t mean to sound passive aggressive and I’ve been told that I certainly am an opinionated person. Guilty as charged. However I think you’ll find that I’m not all about the diamonds. I have blogged about moissanites:
      I have blogged about different colored gemstones that can be used for engagement rings as referenced in the previous comment. I’ve also blogged about the MOHS scale of gemstone hardness:
      I blogged about the MOHS scale to educate people so they’d know for themselves how to see if their gemstone choice is a safe one.
      My point in this cz vs diamond blog post is not about whether diamonds say love. Or whether sapphires or topazs say “love.” It is about telling people who desire a clear gemstone in their engagement ring information to help them make informed decisions.
      If you are going for a clear gemstone and you go cz and you don’t tell your girlfriend she could be hurt by your choice. She may feel that your love is not genuine because you gave her a non-genuine stone to symbolize your love.
      Now here’s another scenario. The couple is getting married and saving up for a house. She wants a clear stone. The money is going for a down payment. They agree that they’ll go with cz. They decide this together and agree to replace it with a diamond on their second or third anniversary or something like that. I have no beef with that. This couple have love and plans and a budget and a plan.
      I think by the way passive aggressive is underhanded aggression. I’m not secretive about my opinions. I think cz is a bad idea for an engagement ring unless you understand its limitations. If the couple is on the same page and they understand cz’s limitations then by all means get married in a cz if you want a clear stone. If clear isn’t important, go with sapphire or another strong gemstone.
      No gemstone can sustain love. A ring is a symbol and only the strength of each person can make love work. Compatibility is a factor too. The diamond or other gemstone is a symbol only.
      I’m here to keep someone from not knowing the difference between cz and diamond. That’s it. (Did that sound passive aggressive?) Hmm, maybe I could work on that.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  110. Do tell, what makes a CZ not genuine??? It’s a stone nonetheless, is it not??? Are you 100 percent sure that your diamonds are not conflict diamonds? You cannot possibly know this. Thousands are brutalized everyday for something you seem to think is genuine due to a bogus marketing ploy. No matter the stone, no ones life is worth a piece of worthless carbon. It’s people such as yourself who perpetuate and fuel the violent diamond trade. But I guess you have to keep the lights on somehow, right? I’m pretty sure if you were to visit one of these countries and witness first hand the sheer brutality of the diamond trade, you’d change your tune. But chances are you never will, so you’ll keep telling everyone how worthless their stones are unless you’re wearing a blood diamond. Shame on you…

    • Hi Lovie,
      Do you consider plastic genuine plastic? It’s made in a lab from real materials. But it’s plastic.
      In the study of gemology a gemstone is “a naturally occurring mineral found in the rocks of the earth, the chemical components and internal atomic structure of which make it suitable for jewelry use: color, clarity, hardness, rarity and availability. While only a handful of minerals-perhaps 20 out of 2500-have such properties.” Jewelers’ Dictionary – Third Edition.
      A cz, which is a common and cheaply made simulant made in a lab is not a gemstone.
      Regarding your concerns about ethically sourced diamonds, please check out my blog about Canadian Diamonds. It also talks about the Kimberley Process which addresses the source and tracking of diamond rough from mine head to sales floor.
      I love diamonds, I follow the best practices to source ethical diamonds for my clients. Diamonds are harder, sparkly and all over wondrous. I just love them for engagement and wedding rings.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  111. I’ve read all through this, and it amazes me how many people accused you of being elitist or having some other hidden agenda because you said CZ is a poor choice for an engagement ring. It’s beautiful when new and can look just like a diamond, but it doesn’t hold up. I’ve seen several CZ rings over the years, and after a year or two, they all looked butt-ugly.
    My girlfriend and I have discussed marriage several times lately. She’s been married twice before and has told me she never had a ring either time. I told her she’s getting one this time, and she said if I insisted, don’t spend a lot of money on it. I’ll do as she said, but I’m not giving her a CZ. Just the fact she volunteered that she’d never had a ring tells me it means something to her, and she deserves something that, unlike her past two marriages, is going to stand the test of time. CZ doesn’t do that.

    • Dear John,
      Thank you for reading the comments and your kind input about some of the responses I’ve gotten. It’s good to get your input on what you have observed about cz’s. I very much like the conversation to include other people’s observations.
      Your girlfriend sounds lucky to have met you and you sound caring and nice.
      May the ring you pick for her give her pleasure every day and may your marriage be long and happy.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  112. I feel this article is a bit sassy. What is wrong with CZ? I say as long as the woman is happy with it then shy does it matter what she wears. My fiancee bought me a CZ and I’m happy with it. The money that would have been spent on the ring is being used to put down on a house. We don’t need to spend money on a diamond to prove our love for each other. The whole diamonds are forever bullshit is just that. I know people who spent 5000 on a ring only to get divorced. I’m not spending that kind of money on something like that. It’s bad luck. And I’m Irish I would know bad luck 🙂 I think diamonds are great but most women don’t even wear them . They stick them in a box at home so they don’t break or lose them. I just think this whole article is BS because people can be haply with less. And for all you women out there who questioned yourself after this article, do what makes you happy.

    • Hello Jess,
      My issue with CZ is that it looks like a diamond, but does not deliver the durability of diamond. For the guys who know nothing about the difference this article points out the hardness difference and my experiences with cz’s worn daily.
      I wanted to make sure no guy inadvertently gave his beloved a cz and had her discover it was a cz when she thought it was a diamond. That could be pretty catastrophic. I’d like to avoid that situation. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this.
      Since you know you chose a cz so you could buy a home that’s cool. Your ring, and cz will need attention sooner than later, but you’ll be prepared for that because you are educated and that’s good.
      The Diamonds are Forever campaign may have caused more people to look at diamonds for wedding jewelry, but it was their ability to sparkle beyond other gemstones and last longer than other gemstones that cemented it’s appeal for wedding rings. If it had been an empty promise diamond’s reign would have been short lived. Diamonds really are fantastic gemstones.
      In the area I live in diamonds are 95% of the gemstones worn in wedding rings. I’m not sure what part of the country you are writing from. I write from my own experience and my experience is that most women wish for a diamond.
      Your comment that women don’t wear diamonds because they might break is funny since diamond is harder than any other gemstone you might chose for a wedding ring. As far as losing their rings, if they fit properly and they wear their rings safely they should be fine wearing their rings and not losing them.
      I’m happy wearing my wedding diamonds.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  113. I just stumbled across your blog here. And I understand that you’re a jeweler and make your living on selling diamonds and expensive jewelry. But you stated earlier:

    “Further is not a wedding ring an emotional purchase representing love? Why wouldn’t I prefer the lasting symbol of a diamond to the cheap simulant that CZ is. It’s fine for other jewelry but to represent your life’s love with CZ? What next, plastic wedding bands?”

    You are equating the cost of a ring with how much your partner loves you. And there are some materialistic people who will always believe that. (Remember Ben Affleck giving Jennifer Lopez a $1.2 Million ring? How did that work out for them?!) But to me that is insulting. You are quick to judge people without knowing their story.

    I picked out a Diamonique ring online after my Fiance asked my Dad’s permission to marry me. My dad was dying of Pancreatic Cancer and I wanted to have something on my finger so show my Father before he passed. When he saw the ring, he cried. Not because it was a pretty ring. But because of what it represented. This man was going to take care of his daughter for the rest of his life. He knew I was in good hands and was going to be ok.

    My finace has told me that I can get another ring. But this one that my Dad saw and cried over means more to me than any ring worth thousands of dollars. My man has given me everything that I’ve needed and has worked his ass off for years to get us to where we are now. And I know our love for each other is so great and I would never measure that by a piece of jewelry.

    • Dear Kar,
      Your story is quite moving. I’m sorry you lost your father. I do see how the ring you showed him meant much to you.
      You didn’t tell me how many years the diamonique ring retained its sparkle or usability. My blog is about durability and strength and in the end my opinion as a jeweler. You chose that ring, so it was fine with you. But what if your boyfriend had chosen that ring and represented it as a diamond? You’d wear it and talk about your diamond and one day find out it was not diamond. That is the scenario I am speaking to. If a man plans to surprise his girlfriend with an engagement ring it is not advisable to choose cz.
      If they chose a ring together and she chooses the not so long lasting cz it is a mutual informed choice. Your fiance told you you could get another ring, presumably one that would last. Well done to him. And well done to you both for your long and loving relationship.
      I think there is a big difference between the rarefied Hollywood concept of engagement diamonds and my own.
      I’d rather have a sweet little 1/10th of a carat diamond than a 1 carat cz. That is my opinion.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  114. He would never buy a Diamonique and pass it off as the real thing. I knew what it was from the gate. The thing is, I am not ashamed of it. But people will make me think that I should be. I’ve never been a big jewelry wearer anyway.

    People don’t ask me if it is real. And that’s where my dilemma comes in. If someone asks me, I won’t lie. But I don’t feel like I have to tell everyone that story about my Dad. And if I don’t lie, people will think my Fiance is a bad guy because he didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a ring for me.

    It is pretty and sparkles. I do have to clean it once in a while. But I only wear it when I go out, which is maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week.

    We would love to buy a bigger house soon and pay off some debts. And I just can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on something like this. But I also know that I am going to be judged people will whisper and tell everyone about it once they find out it’s not real. Even though I don’t care about it. It’s the same way that people treat me when they find out I don’t have any children.

    So what do you think is the right thing to do? I would never lie if someone asked if it is real. He didn’t want me to get a fake ring because he thinks it makes him look bad. And I don’t want to waste money on one right now, especially since this has sentimental value to it.

    • Dear Kar,
      Thank you for writing back. Your situation is not unique. I have met many clients who started their married life with a cz. Sometimes they come to me to replace a cz that is looking bad after being worn daily and they want another cz. Sometimes they want a diamond.
      The thing about cz is that it looks like a diamond until it starts looking like a crappy diamond.
      When you wear something that looks like something else, it does open the door to people assuming. They assume it is a diamond. Wearing a fake diamond invites that kind of assumption. Further if people find out it isn’t real they may pity you. I’m not saying in any way it’s anyone’s business, but it is something I’ve observed. I was married for 14 years before I had my son. I got questions all the time, “when are you going to have children?” “Are you planning to start a family?” “How many children do you plan?” and on and on. So I’ve been there.
      God forbid I should have said, “I’m not sure we’re going to have children.” That would open up the, “do you have fertility issues?” and other totally inappropriate questions.
      Kar there just seem to be some subjects that the world wants to butt in your life about. No one will ask how much money you make, but they’ll ask if you’ll have children and when and how many.
      People are also very interested in your wedding ring. If you have a fake diamond, they want to know why. They may think you have a husband who isn’t sure this marriage will last so he’s saving his money. Or that he’s just cheap. I’m not saying this because it is right, I’m saying what I have observed.
      I had a client marrying a lawyer. They spent $750.00 years ago on a small ring with a tiny diamond. They immediately bought a home and she got pregnant. They spent every dime he made on building their life.
      He got ribbed at work about needing a microscope to see his wife’s ring. He was embarrassed by this. When they went as a couple to functions at his firm her ring was a 1/10th of a carat diamond and every other wife had a minimum 1 carat diamond on her finger. It was part of the work culture.
      After two years of ribbing, he got her a .90ct diamond from me and we designed a very pretty ring. She said it never mattered to her, but it ended up mattering to him.
      Judging is a thing. Telling the truth about your diamonique stone ring, not that your story is everybody’s business, will not do people’s opinion of your husband any favors. Lying is worse because there may be someone in the room who already knows it’s diamonique and innocently says so and now he’s disrespected and you’re a fantasizing social climber, or some such judgmental crap.
      I really don’t know what to tell you. A diamond is what people expect you to wear if it looks like a diamond. If you wear a sapphire no one expects you to have a diamond. But you are wearing a stone that invites assumption to diamond and that opens a can of worms if it isn’t real.
      If it was me and I didn’t like diamonds I might put a colored gemstone in it to stop the assumptions and questions. Or and I bet you don’t want to hear it, get a diamond ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  115. Call me strange, and I know they are more fragile… but for a wedding ring, I would prefer a high quality opal. They are so much more interesting and captivating to look at, forever changing. A Diamond looks the same all the time. I don’t put ANY emotional attatchment to a diamond, and I would also NEVER be outraged if a man gave me a CZ for an engagement ring. I think it’s incredibly frivolous and materialistic to spend as much money on a ring, when you could use it as a down payment on a home, something that will be A far better investment.

    • Hi David,
      You have interesting thoughts and opinions on a wedding ring. I’ll answer you from my perspective as a woman and a jeweler.
      I’m giving you the link to my blog about forbidden gem stones for wedding rings:
      When one wears a ring daily, it gets a lot of bumping and scraping. Often we are unaware of the hits our ring takes till we look at it under magnification and see the gouges, the scrapes and broken off bits of metal.
      As a woman my wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry I have. It symbolizes our love and relationship. If a piece of it breaks I can’t wear it while it is being fixed, which makes me anxious. And sad that I’m not looking down on a reminder of the best part of my life. If a gem were to break I’d be really sad because it’d be like it not being strong said something about th strength of my marriage. You may be thinking, that’s not logical. And you’d be right. I am an emotional being. I want that sparkly gem in my wedding right to keep sparkling and stay strong and be worn by another generation when I’m gone.
      For that reason having an easily breakable gemstone like opal in my wedding ring that I’d have to replace multiple times in my married life would be quite upsetting to me.
      Because I love and wear my ring every day it is worth so much to me. Having it not hold up or have a gemstone that didn’t stand the test of time like opal or cz would be quite sad.
      I look at a ring as a symbol of love and not at how much money is spent on it. I want it well made and sturdy. A wedding ring doesn’t need to cost as much as a house down payment. It just needs to stand the test of time and sparkle with love.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  116. Diamonds is just a major hoax, a clever marketing play by De Beers. Diamonds are not rare, at all. The only reason they are even remotely expensive is because De Beers have for a long time been restricting the supply of diamonds.

    Don’t buy into the marketing ploy, there are other ways to show your sincere intentions.

    • Hello Alex,
      DeBeers hasn’t been a monopoly for years. Australia, Russia, Canada and others sell their impressive output individually. Diamond prices came down when the various countries broke away from DeBeers marketing monopoly.
      Further changing the dynamics of diamond pricing was the commodofication of diamond pricing by the advent of the Rappaport Report an inside the industry monthly pricing guide that tracks; diamond shape, color, size, clarity and ascribes a price for each based on market demand and market supply.
      You are correct that diamonds are not rare, but at the same time they are valuable. The demand for diamonds in China alone with their burgeoning middle class has affected prices the world over. Last year’s entire mining output in the 1ct to 1.5 ct round brilliant cut style of diamonds was sold because of buying pressure from China. Previous years have seen some stockpiling of unsold output. I was told this at the Tucson Gem Show by various diamond sellers who were quite happy with the growing demand for diamonds.
      Diamonds have their place in engagement rings and loving jewelry gestures.
      I love diamonds,
      Calla Gold

    • Exactly.. diamonds are just the subject of amazing marketing…

      Whether De Beers has a monopoly or not anymore doesn’t matter because when they did have a monopoly they established the “value” of a diamond. They successfully made every man and woman feel it was necessary to buy a diamond in order to truly love each other eternally.. which keeps them in demand and even though they’re not rare at all, they’re in such high demand that the price holds.. as soon as people realize diamonds aren’t necessary at all then the price will fall..

      • Hi Cory,
        I feel you’re kinda raggin pretty hard on diamonds. I’m glad you know that DeBeers is no longer a monopoly, it’s nice not to have to explain that again.
        Diamonds are beloved for their strength and sparkle. No gem has that combo and that is why they have lasted as a symbol of love.
        That doesn’t mean you need to give a diamond. Just they really are pretty wonderful in the lasting and sparkling department.
        With the rise of the Chinese middle class and the increased demand for certain sizes of diamonds the price won’t be pushed downward in the near future in my view.
        Your Personal Jeweler,

  117. Hi Calla
    Today I bought some CZ, a solitare ring and stud earrings from a good site. On sale, under 40 bucks free shipping.

    I bought them to tide me over till some legal issues have resolved then its off to most likely Costco for the real thing.

    My husband and I married not long before he died we’d known each other decades. I chose CZ as to not spend that chunk of money at the time. Husband promised me the real thing and I was happy for us to keep paying the mortgage and hospital bills.

    CZ is ok and a good replacement for diamonds thats for sure. Many women were totally jealous of the fake bling, hilarious, really. Most people think my bling is real cause I chose tasteful pieces and keep them clean and stored.

    That said yes diamond is forever and I can’t wait to finally get one to remember my dear departed husband. I’ll still floss CZ of course. But yeh a real diamond…matters. If that sort of thing matters to you that is to each their own.

    • Hello Mrs. Widow,
      I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing how you’re using cz and will one day get real diamonds. I especially resonated with your statement “yeh, a real diamond…matters.”
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  118. My fiancé and I went together and got a cheap cubic zirconia and silver ring because we’re getting married in 2-3 months and after we get married I will only be wearing a plain band.

    We don’t have much money, and live in a very small rural town in Norway, so trying to get a diamond ring would not only be much more expensive but it would also involve significant travel costs. The money we’ve saved on the engagement ring means we have more to spend on getting good quality wedding rings, which are what we will be wearing for the rest of our lives.

    I appreciate that you’re trying to warn people that cubic zirconia isn’t good quality, but I find it insulting that you keep insinuating that a couple who knowingly chose it because of circumstance, money, or just because they decided to, don’t love each other.

    And you seem obsessed with repeating this story about a man “fooling” his fiancé as if that is the only possible reason a couple could decide to buy a cheap ring. If a man is going to lie to his partner then that will happen regardless of what ring he buys, the problem there isn’t with cubic zirconia, it is with the broken relationship.

    I agree with you, and if I wanted an engagement ring to wear long term I would appreciate the advice, but the manner in which you’re giving it is extremely passive aggressive and would put me right off buying anything from you.

    • Hello Amelia,
      I’m sorry you feel I am being passive aggressive here. I will cop to being opinionated and truly I’m not a fan of cz for an engagement ring. However for your short term use I think it’s fine. My purpose for writing it was to inform the fellas of the difference and save them from an embarrassing misunderstanding.
      I hope you have a long and happy marriage.
      Your Personal and Opinionated Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  119. I came across this while doing a Google search for quality CZ. I have a huge issue with you insinuating that a man loves a woman left if he chooses CZ over diamond. When did love become so materialistic? Personally, I’d rather have CZ and my bills paid. Personally, I think a AAAAA CZ is more beautiful than a diamond. I have seen them last for years and years and never dull. But, do go on and post your biased views on LOVE…

    • Dear Jessie’s Girl,
      I’m as fiscally responsible as the next person. That’s one of the reasons I tell people the difference between cz and diamond. Cz’s don’t hold up like a diamond. Diamonds hold up like a diamond.
      This is what I said, “Diamonds are valuable. They’re important and precious. They always have been and always will be. Diamonds stand for a lasting, sparkling love. CZ’s…not so much.”
      OK I will cop to being opinionated and suggesting that cz’s don’t stand for sparkling love. So yeah I can see that my suggesting you just get love and not sparkling love with cz would be irritating. I should probably have some sort of disclaimer on my blog like occasionally rude and very opinionated jeweler blogs here.
      I do not see this advice as materialistic. If you want the diamond look, but don’t want to spend money, except on a pretend diamond – cz and you are both fine with that then go for it. But at the fifth year of marriage or sooner that “diamond” you wear is going to start looking like a crappy diamond. It’ll probably happen sooner.
      You say you have seen them last for years and continue to sparkle and never dull. I’m afraid that has not been my observation. I have replaced many dull and scratched cz’s.
      I wrote this so people would know what to expect if they chose a cz as their stone for an engagement or wedding ring. I wanted them to know that though it looks like a diamond, it is not going to act like a diamond over the long term. Wanting to inform especially guys who might not know this, was my primary purpose.
      Yes I have strong opinions and I can see that we do not see eye to eye on how long cz’s last and how much they sparkle. But that’s OK. You came by and joined the conversation. I think that is cool.
      May your bills always be paid and may your cz dodge history as I’ve seen it and sparkle long.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  120. Once upon a time I would probably leave the best man in the world for anything less than a diamond! I ended up with the perfect 1.75k diamond (princess cut) set in white gold!! Yea EVERYONE was jealous! My co worker actually made her husband feel so bad comparing our rings that he went and bought her a bigger diamond! At the time I worked in a bank and saw many rings! The richest people had the smallest rings and long lasting wonderful marriages! These people realized that value of something comes from within! A diamond can be a ring in a worthless marriage just as easy as a CZ can be part of a endless love! I realized how stupid obsessing over your rock is when my co worker got a new ring! That ring was not the true story of their love and where it all started! I’m not sure people in today’s society realize how controlled they are by the market! If diamonds were never advertised it wouldn’t make a difference but now you judge based on the diamond! Some women only look at the value of the ring! I now only look at the value of the love! As long as that object lasts my lifetime so I can see the same ring that was put on my finger to mean forever I’m happy! Also the man who obsessed over the perfect ring for me turned out to be gay so forever that!!!

    • Dear Hollywood,
      You brought up a number of interesting themes. I was sorry to hear about your co-workers jealousy. That is not a happy scene. Your ring sounds beautiful, but I’m sorry to hear that your marriage didn’t work out.
      As far as being controlled by the market, a number of people buck trends and go with sapphires or other gems than diamond. That’s cool. I wrote about avoiding cz’s not out of some snobbery on my part, but to inform those that don’t know they are different than diamonds.
      We live in the society we live in. For better or worse we decide where we will conform and where we will revolt in little and big ways. I personally never wanted to revolt from diamonds. We started with a sweet and affordable 1/10th of a carat diamond and upgraded years later. I was fine with that.
      For the record I know a lot of wealthy people and I haven’t seen the richest people having the smallest rings. I have seen long marriages and big diamonds. But I live in Santa Barbara. Maybe we’re just the land of long marriages and big diamonds. (Joking around here, I don’t know the longevity of average weddings around here.)
      Good luck in your next marriage. And your next wedding ring!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  121. Oh yes,
    At least a few sane comments – at least to my way of thinking.
    Real diamonds equal real love? OMG… (if such exists at all) real love needs no jewellery. If you love, you may tie cat’s guts around your fingers, let it rot, and still love on after the stench is gone. Anything else is just the pricing of one particular woman – but what do we call one that can be bought?…

    • Hello Norx,
      Cat guts seriously? After the stench you are left with the love? Very creative and you’d certainly know she loved you.
      That said I don’t feel that wearing a diamond ring equates with my being bought.
      In the trivia department, Did you know that there was a time in England long ago when the groom had to buy two rings? One for his bride and one for the bride’s father. I guess it was a hold over from when brides were purchased for goats, cows and blankets.
      I think it shows respect and love to choose diamond over cz for an engagement ring. But that’s my opinion.
      I’m kinda worried about the cats in your future love life.
      Your cat loving jeweler,

  122. There’s a lot of biased here and some issues need to be cleared up. This article is CLEARLY written as a way to make money for Calla Gold. Allow me to explain, and perhaps you’ll think twice about getting a diamond.

    This article claims that diamonds are valuable. They are not. You wouldn’t buy into artificially expensive bubbles when you’re planning your 401k, right?

    De beers at around 1888, backed by JP Morgan, began aggressively buying out diamond mines and distribution, until they controlled 95-98 percent of the diamond market. They used that control to restrict supply of diamonds, and if you’ve taken economics 101, that makes for an artificially high price. When they got tired of only selling to the bourgeoisie, they funded Hollywood movies and an extensive advertising campaign the idea of diamond engagement rings. By creating an artificial culture of diamond engagement rings, their sales boomed.

    Why would this article state that diamonds are valuable when in all reality they are not? I suggest not investing in an artificially priced, Debeers funded counterfeit diamond culture.

    To be fair, DeBeers currently holds 35% of the diamond market, due largely to Russian and Canadian influences, but with over 100 years of diamond prices not being driven by the market, I would seriously hesitate to invest in diamonds in the next decade at least.

    • Dear Joseph,
      Thank you for at the end pointing out that De Beers lost their monopoly. Many years ago as a matter of fact. Diamonds are valuable. They are a commodity like any other, oil, corn, copper, etc. It is how they are used that is the difference here. I am not asking someone to invest in diamonds and put them in their 401K. I am saying that if you are planning an engagement ring and your girlfriend likes clear sparkly gemstones, buying a cz and proposing to her is not a great way to compliment her and show her you want to be her man.
      If you are choosing an engagement ring you don’t have to go with diamonds if it’s not your thing. Go with a ruby, go with a blue sapphire, but if you want a clear gemstone you have my opinion in the blog post.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  123. I’m a university student and I want to surprise a girl I’ve been in love with with a fancy ring.. Not engagement or marriage. I’m still a 3rd year student. Can I go for the more affordable Zirconia

    • Hello Abdul,
      Number one, in my country giving a girl a ring is full of promise for the future. If you give her a ring be sure you understand her expectations. Number two, it is fine for a girl to get herself a cz ring, but it is not a good idea for you to give her a cz ring as a gift. Go with a smaller diamond or less expensive nice colored gemstone like sapphire, amethyst or something real.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  124. is there any point in buying her a CZ?

    two years ago my husband proposed with a ‘cocktail’ ring (sapphire and diamonds) because he “couldn’t afford a ring”, he says.

    he makes a decent 6 figure salary.

    now, for Christmas, he buys me a CZ “engagement” ring. he even admits, “it’s a CZ.”

    is there ANY POINT whatsoever?? Christmas was proceeding along just fine, the gifts were fine up until this point. it was beyond embarrassing. I have NO idea what he possibly could have been thinking.

    the next day, I asked him “what prompted this purchase?” hoping to have a good laugh to tell me it was a gag gift. no. it wasn’t.

    he shrugged it off and didn’t answer.

    what was he thinking??? really? sorry to be mean, but I just took it as the lowest insult. I mean, he’s not 12. really?

    • Hello Linda,
      At the risk of sounding bitchy to my readers I have to say that I fully understand hurt feelings and bafflement at your husband’s tacky gift.
      Giving a cz can be quite insulting. It looks like a diamonds but it is not a diamond. Giving something that looks like a diamond but isn’t is not right as a gift.
      A gift that is given regardless of the fact that you don’t want cz is a terrible choice. That’s my opinion.
      It’s cool if you don’t want to spend diamond prices, then get a pretty colored gemstone. Not a cz.
      I’m not a princess, but my husband knows that a cz gift would hurt my feelings so he wouldn’t do it.
      Check out my blog postHello Linda,
      At the risk of sounding bitchy to my readers I have to say that I fully understand hurt feelings and bafflement at your husband’s tacky gift.
      Giving a cz can be quite insulting. It looks like a diamonds but it is not a diamond. Giving something that looks like a diamond but isn’t is not right as a gift.
      A gift that is given regardless of the fact that you don’t want cz is a terrible choice. That’s my opinion.
      It’s cool if you don’t want to spend diamond prices, then get a pretty colored gemstone. Not a cz.
      I’m not a princess, but my husband knows that a cz gift would hurt my feelings so he wouldn’t do it.
      Check out my blog postHello Linda,
      At the risk of sounding bitchy to my readers I have to say that I fully understand hurt feelings and bafflement at your husband’s tacky gift.
      Giving a cz can be quite insulting. It looks like a diamonds but it is not a diamond. Giving something that looks like a diamond but isn’t is not right as a gift.
      A gift that is given regardless of the fact that you don’t want cz is a terrible choice. That’s my opinion.
      It’s cool if you don’t want to spend diamond prices, then get a pretty colored gemstone. Not a cz.
      I’m not a princess, but my husband knows that a cz gift would hurt my feelings so he wouldn’t do it.
      Check out my blog postHello Linda,
      At the risk of sounding bitchy to my readers I have to say that I fully understand hurt feelings and bafflement at your husband’s tacky gift.
      Giving a cz can be quite insulting. It looks like a diamonds but it is not a diamond. Giving something that looks like a diamond but isn’t is not right as a gift.
      A gift that is given regardless of the fact that you don’t want cz is a terrible choice. That’s my opinion.
      It’s cool if you don’t want to spend diamond prices, then get a pretty colored gemstone. Not a cz.
      I’m not a princess, but my husband knows that a cz gift would hurt my feelings so he wouldn’t do it.
      Check out my blog posthttps://www.callagold.com/?s=Husband+&submit=Search
      I address some reasons why husbands don’t buy jewelry and what to about it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

    • what!!!! you are judging your lover over that!!! I’m pretty sure you are the 12 year old.

      • Dear Nox of Stargate,
        My intent was to inform not judge. For the record I have made cz engagement rings for couples who wanted to get married and couldn’t afford a diamond. They knew that it wasn’t their forever gemstone and used it as a place-holder.
        I do not judge them, I merely encourage the fella to be up front with his girlfriend and to be sure she is on board with that choice.
        The choice is theirs. My job is to educate.
        Your Personal Jeweler,

  125. I’m writing, not to argue but just to offer my own personal experience. When I got engaged 5 years ago now (married for 4), my sister had just gotten engaged a month prior with a .50 carat ring from Tiffanys that my family DROOLED over. And I must admit, my sister has a better job, and so does her now husband and they already own a home. My husband and I, while employed and paying our own bills, are not comfortable like my sister is yet. But, the jealousy bug bit me hard knowing her ring cost more than we would EVER be able to afford. At best, most months we are able to put another $100 in the soemday house fund. We have saved only $3,500 so far towards our house, and I was on one hand unwilling to part with that hard earned savings, and on the other adamant that my ring be impressive looking, “realness” be damned! My now husband took a long time to convince that a cubic zirconia, set in a real gold setting, was what I WANTED. We had discussed our engagment beforehand, and he was very concerned about me picking out my own ring, since I was the one wearing it, and he was very afraid of picking out one I wouldn’t truly be happy with. So, he was naturally pessimistic when i, after researching, told him id much prefer a cubic ring in a 14k white gold setting, and we could always purchase a diamond for my center stone after we bought our own house. Which, for under $200, is exactly what we did! I would gladly send you pictures, from 5 years ago to now, of how well my stone has held up! it is a 1 carat 3 stone ring, with a .75 carat center stone. in the beginning i was very self conscience that people would be able to tell, but after seeing how gorgeous my ring still is, and seeing how well it pairs with my real diamond wedding bands, i don’t know for certain i even will change out my center stone of given the chance! I might just save that $ to help one of my 4 sons with the purchase of something big when they are adults 🙂 I am not sure if this is just a better quality cz stone i have, due to it being set in white gold, or i have taken good care of it, but it truly does look wonderful and i am very happy with my ring every day after all these years. and it is silly, but it was nice when we got engaged to hear the same people who ohhhhh and awwwwwed over my sisters ring say how lucky we both were to have gotten such wonderful fiances AND rings. Which is true on both counts. I would gladly send you pictures so you could see personally that some cz are better than others.

  126. oh, ps. There were few times when i panicked, thinking my cz had gone cloudy- it was in fact filthy 🙁 once a month or so i fill an empty bottle with hot water, dish detergent, and my ring and shake the living Hell out if it………it comes out better than ever LOL. I also do this with my wedding band, but separately so no stones get scratched smashing into each other.

    • Dear Becky,
      Your story is a very happy one. I’m so pleased that your cz’s are looking good after five years. It’s a tribute to the excellent care you take of them and possibly the fact that you got superior cz’s.
      I’m glad you shared your story. I like how your fiance included you in the process of selecting a ring because you’d be wearing it everyday.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  127. I did end up emailing you photos for you to see. The first is my engagement ring the second day I had it, the next 2 photos are my rings today. The e-ring is 5 years old, the smaller wedding band is a .12 of a carat (what we could afford at our wedding), and the larger anniversary band was a present from my husband. its .50 carats, and only under close inspection can you tell differences between them. well, except that my original teeny band under close inspection, those tiny diamond chips are all included and cracked and just embarrassing lol. But we had $125 in our pockets the day we went to walmart to look at wedding bands…….my husband got a $20 stainless steel one so i could get that $100 “stunner” with real gold and diamonds we could afford out right. So even tho its nothing to look at really, id never stop wearing it, even tho he bought me a new band as a surprise 🙂 A very Happy New year to you, and even though I don’t completely agree with your stance on CZ rings, I do appreciate your informative website and you trying to educate people to the best of your resources.

    • Hi Becky,
      I looked at the pictures and your cz’s do look very nice. Thanks for taking the time to send them to me. You are a success story for cz and I see why you and your husband chose them.
      Having been married for 36 years and still having my original diamonds I’m gonna go out on a limb and say my 36 year old diamonds look better than your cz will in that number of years. But as you mentioned your sweet husband has already given you a gift of a diamond ring to wear with your cz’s. In time when those cz’s start showing their age it may be a time that buying a nice diamond is possible.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  128. I recently got engaged last January 1. I did not see it coming and I had no idea my boyfriend has asked my sister to order a custom-made 3-stone diamond ring set on white gold. I always fancied those large 3-stone design but when he knelt in front of me with that ring, I was surprised by how small the stones were! Turned out he ended saving up for the real thing and those three stones weight half a carat. Must have cost him a limb or two. The price was a lot considering we’re still in our mid-20s earning the average salary in the Philippines. Should I have known that they would turn out to be so tiny, I would have asked for a single stone instead of three. haha It took me two days to get over the frustration but I came to my senses and thought I could always demand for a bigger diamond on our future anniversaries! Anyway, I have to say real diamonds sparkle like no other. There’s no way I would replace this for a huge CZ or swarovski.

    • Hello Jen,
      It sounds like he went for nice quality over big size for his budget. I like his choice. Your view on the size and quality and what he chose are very valuable here. I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  129. Are you nuts. I’ve been using CZ for years & never once had “A Problem With Them Dulling”. I also wear Silver as I’m Allergic To The So Called Precious Metal Gold Which Leaves My Hand Swollen, Inflamed, & Very Itchy. And Yes Its Gold As I Know The Numbers Used To Mark The Jewellery.
    I Take Very Good Care Of My Jewellery. I Polish Everything Regularly.

    • Dear Laura,
      It is always helpful to hear differing opinions.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  130. So grateful for getting CZ for my wife. She and I refuse to live by made up standers of living, just to prove love.

    Instead we went on vacation.

  131. I read through the comments on this page, and am now completely convinced that I never want a diamond!!!

    • Hello again Nox of Stargate,
      I am interested that the comments have turned you off of diamonds. Gee maybe I should moderate and chuck the negative comments. Nah, I let the differing opinions through because I like conversation and enjoy other people’s opinions.
      Diamond loving jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  132. I find this post as an advertisement to support your own business. No offense to you or anything, but you’re just putting down CZ which is still a very strong material that wont get scratched by everyday things like knives or tools, will not lose it luster and shines just like a diamond. I happily support the diamond, although I don’t support the ridiculous price for a gem that’s not even as rare as its hyped up to be. There might be a process of digging it up and cutting it but it’s definitely not worth thousands of dollars. Regardless, good luck with your business.

    • Dear Hello Consumerism,
      My experiences with cz worn daily is they become scratched, can look dull even after cleaning and they end up looking like a bad diamond. These are cz’s that clients have called on me to replace either with a new cz or a diamond.
      I do not consider cz a strong material in comparison with diamond. For the daily wear that your clear gemstones will get, I’m about the strong, 10 on the MOHS scale of hardness diamond.
      People who read my blog are all over the world. I’d be surprised if I got many sales because of this particular post. It is advisory.
      Thank you for writing your opinion.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  133. I’d say that the choice between getting a diamond or a CZ stone is entirely up to the couple because at the end of the day there’s really no logic in matters of this nature – it’s all about about how it makes the wearer feel and this works for both men and women.

    Some women like the idea of having something valuable like an expensive diamond simply because the expense of it makes them feel good wearing it while other women don’t really see it that way.

    The same goes to how some men like wearing an expensive Swiss automatic mechanical chronograph watch even when the cheap Casio quartz watch is far far more accurate at keeping time then even the greatest and most expensive automatic mechanical watch.

    And we see patterns of this in almost every part of life where people opt for the more expensive or exclusive thing even when there’s something equally good or even better at a lower price.

    We can’t try to generalise what we feel personally about things like this to the general public either by saying that buying diamond rings are bad societal expectations and that we shouldn’t cave in to it or by saying that diamonds are a symbol of everlasting relationship so you must buy a diamond and not a CZ (with divorce rates at what they are, this is clearly not the case).

    Before actually buying the ring, a couple should instead talk about it. The whole hollywood notion of having a ready-to-go ring when you first propose to your partner is silly, your partner may have other ideas for a ring that you may not be aware of and you should consult them first – afterall this is what a marriage is really about and not flashy surprises.

    • Hello Amelia,
      I hear where you are coming from with comparing more expensive choices to less expensive ones. In your example of the Swiss Chronograph vs the reliable Casio you may a good point about the fact that the Casio is a really good and reliable watch. Where this comparison falls down is that the diamond is not only the expensive choice but for reliability it is the Casio in this equation. It holds up much better than a cz. The cz is not the cheap, but reliable and hardy choice. If it were more couples would choose it. Cz breaks down over time. Diamond is much harder than cz. That was the basic point of my blog.
      I’d run into guys who thought there wasn’t much difference between diamond and cz and thought “well heck I’ll just get a cz.” I educated them about the difference in hardness and let them know what I had observed in my years as a jeweler of the daily wear effects on cz’s.
      After explaining this many times I was moved to write this blog.
      I do have couples who come to me and they choose cz with the idea that they’ll upgrade to diamonds when out of college. And they do. And that’s fine.
      What’s not fine is some sweet guy buying a one and a half carat cz in an engagement ring setting and proposing and not telling his now fiance that it’s a cz. Then she finds out and it is hurt feelings, a sense of deep betrayal and misunderstandings. I have seen this kind of thing when the guy comes to me and tells me what happened and how hurt she is. One guy said, “what the hell did she expect? I’m a grad student. Now she is so pissed and hurt she’s moved out. I don’t even know if I’m still engaged.” I asked if he wanted to be engaged. He said yes. I sold him a very nice quarter of a carat diamond in a simple four prong ring. I advised him to tell her this is the diamond he could afford and she’s the one he wants to spend his life with.
      He did and she said yes again. By the way she’s now wearing a larger diamond as he’s no longer a grad student. They are fine as a couple, but I don’t want any other guy to go through what pain I’ve seen.
      I totally agree with you that it’s a good idea for the couple to talk before the engagement ring is made. Many women dream for years about what their engagement ring will look like. I even wrote a blog singing the praises of talking about the ring with your girlfriend:
      Do visit the blog again.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  134. I told my boyfriend that I want an emerald black gold wedding ring. Is it possible to have an emerald that is not a CZ’s?

    • Hello Young Lover,
      Emerald is a natural gemstone. It is one of the softer ones and not a gem I recommend for daily wear. Check out my blog post that mentions emerald as a possible engagement ring choice:
      I am currently working on a blog post about “black gold.” The short version is that there is no such thing. But there is black rhodium over gold. I talk about it in this blog:
      There are a number of gemstones out there that are stronger than cz and emerald. Look at rings that you can touch and try on. The “black gold” look that looks so amazing online is usually a CAD (Computer Aided Design) image and not representative of what it really looks like. That’s why I recommend seeing actual rings.
      Good luck in your search for the perfect ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  135. Hi,
    I made it half way though reading this massive thread lol 🙂
    Personally, I wouldn’t touch a man made substance(diamond or cz) as a wedding ring and unless I was super rich with money to burn why bother a with decent sized natural diamond. They are completely overpriced imo. So it would be down to a smaller diamond or something else.
    Seeing as the stone is meant to represent eternity(I maybe wrong here being an aussie bloke 🙂 ) how about going for a beautiful natural zircon. A zircon is the oldest reported substance on earth and are truly beautiful gems. Show great dispersion and lots of sparkle when cut right, some of the pink/purple ones I have dug in central Australia are simply stunning stones. I’ve just cut a 6.5ct stone that is pink/very slight purple indoor and outdoor in sunlight goes a very light champagne pink and lights up with a huge amount of dispersion floating within the stone.
    An idea for those getting married to consider.
    Andrew 🙂

    • Dear Andrew,
      I’m impressed at your intestinal fortitude in making it half way through the comments.
      It sounds like you are a gemstone miner there in Australia. Having met a number of miners from Australia, mining mostly opals, I have to say I’m quite pleased to here you. Mostly of the miners I met were very high energy, rebellious and fun characters.
      They totally thought that opals should be chosen for wedding rings, fully knowing they’d break under the daily wear regimen. “Calla sell them six opals all the same size! Problem solved.” It didn’t change my mind but amused me greatly.
      I am a big diamond lover, I’m not gonna lie.
      You are right that a well cut fine zircon – my birthstone -(full disclosure, I don’t have one personally) has great dispersion. (Sparkle). My beef with it is its softness. 6-7.5 on the MOHS scale of gemstone hardness. That won’t cut it for a daily ring in my book.
      I appreciate you giving an alternate choice to my readers. Do come again!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  136. a cz is actually a very fashionable piece of jewerly. sure they are not diamonds but they are still very nice. i own both cz and diamonds. wheather you are poor or rich dont be embarrased to go anywhere with cz jewerly. most people that judge cz dont have any knowledge or experience with a real diamond. i think of cz as plated gold. eventaully a cz just will wear and be scratched and it just wont look right it will not tarnish or change.overall they are amazing while they last . ecspecailly for the price.

    • Hi Kyle,
      I agree with you that cz has its place in the universe of jewelry. It is sparkly and pretty. My issue is that I want guys to know that as pretty as it is, it is not an appropriate choice for a daily wear engagement ring.
      The price is amazing. However price is not the first and most important consideration in choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring. If it is, hopefully your fiance is on the same page with you. If not, trouble could be brewing on the horizon.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  137. Hi there Calla,
    What an amusing thread this has been. I couldnt stop reading it. I originally had googled cz with dark carbon spot. Well I ended up here some how ( you know how that goes) and after reading this thread Ive noticed that you answer ALL of the repliers ! Amazing ! Thanks for that. It made some good reading. And you kept your cool quite well I might add. So I thought since you reply to most of your posts, maybe I would give it a go. Ive purchased this 14k ring over the net (used) and it did say it is a cz. No problem. I was just wanting something for an occasional bling now and then and maybe someday replace the cz with something better. Its a trillion cut cz. I started examining it with a magnifying glass to compare it with my real small diamond and I couldn’t tell the difference. I was trying to see what they call the sharp edge as opposed to the smooth edge of a cz but I just didnt see it. Even with a 10x loupe.But I did however notice a big black carbon spot in my cz. Its at the top edge and isnt too noticable until you tilt the ring just right. What do you make of this ? Why on earth would they put an inferior cz in a 14k setting ? So are they making cz’s now with intentional inclusions? For the love of God….whyyyyy.

    • Hi Cindy,
      Thank you for reading the thread. I have some great community members here and love to share them.
      Your story is a fascinating addition. Indeed I have seen cz’s with dark spots in them. I remember going over the estate of a client of mine. We were doing the first step where I separate karat gold jewelry from good and so-so. A tennis bracelet had been put in the gold, but test it out, pile. It appeared at first glance to be diamonds, but not good ones because of many visible inclusions. When I pulled out my diamond tester they were not diamond. I assumed cz. They looked bad so my client opted to remove the cz’s and get melt credit for the gold to bankroll a custom re-design of a nice diamond ring.
      Those cz’s if that’s what they were with inclusions were quite a weird find that just stuck in my head even though that was probably ten years ago.
      If you like to see a thread with wildly varying comments, check out this post:
      At this moment it is at 399 comments. Some of them blistering.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  138. I’m very happy with my CZ halo ring. I could have this 5 carat ring or I could have another ring with microscopic sized pavè diamonds and one 1/3 carat diamond that would’ve costed 50 times more.. I chose the bigger one. It’s held up great over the years and it came with a lifetime warranted so if it ever loses its luster, I can get a new one for free. Diamond rings lose 75% of their value the minute you walk out of the jewelers, and the resale is ridiculous for what you paid. It doesn’t appreciate in value, it only depreciates the older it gets and as new styles come out. You’re throwing your money away. My favorite gemstones are opals and rubies, both relatively inexpensive but still beautiful. No one knows my ring is fake, it’s that good of quality. I actually think that diamonds sparkle less. I had a real diamond ring from my first marriage and a small diamond fell out, I went to a jeweler to replace it and guess what? That pavè diamond that fell out was only gonna cost 5 cents to replace. 5 CENTS! For a ring my ex paid $5,000 dollars for and that small missing diamond would have lowered the resale value significantly. Try and sell your precious diamond ring to a gold place and you’ll only get like $50 max, that’s how much your gold and diamond ring is really worth. Buy what makes you happy even if it is fake.

    • Hello Deborah,
      That is good that you are so pleased with your cz halo ring.
      However, your percentages used in bashing diamonds do leave much to be desired in the accuracy department. Diamonds do not lose 75% of their value the minute you walk out of the store unless you paid too much. Sure a store will have mark-up and a built in profit margin, that is the nature of business. Cars have profit margins, refrigerators have profit margins and on and on that is business in general. We’d not have a viable economy with people able to get their kids ballet classes and afford after school sports if they didn’t have jobs and they wouldn’t have jobs if the business owner sold every thing at their cost. I’m just saying you make it sound like a criminal offence that someone, “oh my gosh!” made a profit on the sale of a diamond. But 75% is way over the top. A jeweler couldn’t stay in business if his profit margin was that high. His clients would just go down the street to another jeweler who had a more reasonable profit margin and buy from their lower priced offerings.
      As a jeweler who repairs rings regularly I’ll let you know that there is no halo tiny diamond that costs 5 cents. Each diamond no matter how small is carefully faceted and that labor costs money, it was mined, it was shipped. All these steps involve paying employees to do their part to improve the diamond.
      Then you talk about only getting $50.00 when you try to sell your diamond ring that was bought for $5,000.00. That is insane. Either the $5,000.00 sale price was cloud Cuckoo-land or the person offering to buy it wanted to make a ton of money unethically when he turned around and sold it.
      Having not been there at the time you tried to sell it and not seen it I do not know the situation, but this is in no way representative of a diamond’s value, a diamond ring’s value or proof that cz’s are fabulous for years and years.
      This is quite some whopper of a story, but I call shenanigans.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  139. Diamonds are nice and yes better than cz’s. But they are a scam. Buy other gem stones like rubies or sapphire.
    My wife got a custom made ring set with a blue diamond and she loves it but she doesn’t want diamonds since they are a scam.

    • Dear Are you ….,
      I read your comment and the link to the diamonds are a scam article. If my readers want to see it copy the url and substitute a dot for my typed in dot. I didn’t want to have a live link because it is full of holes and I won’t dignify it with a back link.
      Back to my response. I respectfully disagree with you. One thing that confuses me is that your wife has a blue diamond, which is gorgeous I’m sure, I love blue diamonds, she says she loves it, but doesn’t want diamonds. So is she loving it and refusing to wear it?
      I read the article on diamonds being a scam and responded to it in the comments. They may not appreciate my comment so I rebut their viewpoint by sharing my comment here:
      DeBeers hasn’t been a monopoly in years. For the record Canada sells their own diamonds, Russia left the DeBeers agreement years ago and Australia the source of champagne, cognac and canary diamonds left the DeBeers sales agreement years ago. DeBeers no longer has a monopoly on the diamond industry. They now advertise the ForeverMark diamond as their big sales thing. Because other diamond mining countries opted out diamond prices were lowered in areas where the size and color and clarity were not as desirable and stocks built up. Further with the rise in China’s middle class more people than ever are buying diamonds for engagement rings. That desire for diamonds which is getting close in some colors,cuts and sizes to the yearly output of the mines is determining pricing. Further the Rappaport report which breaks down pricing has commoditized diamonds. Because all jewelers who read this report know the wholesale prices of diamonds, this has cut profit margins on diamond sales.
      Diamonds in an engagement ring are not bought as an investment. They are bought because it is desired by many women. If diamonds were just a big sales pitch people would have gotten over it decades ago and switched to cz. However cz is softer at 8.5 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. Diamond is at 10. Diamonds last generations. Cz’s generally start breaking down after about 3 to 5 years of daily wear. The can start getting cloudy sooner and getting scratched. Cz’s do not stand up to wear like a diamond. After initially being very sparkly, they slide down into a less and less sparkly look as they are worn. This is great for a right hand non-engagement ring. But there’s the idea that an engagement ring should last a long time and look nice at the same time.
      Who wants an engagement ring with a gem that is going to break down? Sure it’s cheaper, but is that what message you are giving with your engagement ring? “I love you, but gee it might not work out for us, so I’m giving you a cz because I’m a cheap guy and I like to hedge my bets.” Is that what you’re saying? Many guys want to give an engagement ring that says, ” I love you forever.” or “You’re the one for me and my love sparkles for you everyday.” Or something like that. I don’t know. I’m not a guy. But if you want to save money how about giving her a plastic ring? That’s cheap. Well if I was a guy that’s not what I’d do.
      Just because Cecil Rhodes, and a bunch of rich guys and local politicians pulled fast ones years ago does not make diamonds a bad thing today. There is no more monopoly. People choose diamonds because they are a fantastic gemstone. In my book diamonds are a loving gift not a scam.

  140. So my girlfriend has been hinting at marriage pretty heavily as of late. And I have no issues with what kinda stones to use. Cz is cool but I agree diamonds are pretty amazing. Growing up around my dad and his jewelry hobbies and reselling, I’ve noticed a lot of differences with many things.. anyways back to my question.. So she’s been looking at rings as of late and had decided on a few, but she really really likes one specific ring set.
    She is allergic to just about every metal except for stainless steel. Now I want to change the stones. My question is.. would buying the diamonds from a third party be better than buying from true source? Or finding scrap diamonds from previous melts. Because a nice diamond.. is a nice diamond. I’d just like your thoughts on this. My local dealer quoted me 3k for the new setup but I felt something is not right about it.

    • Hello Cajun,
      Thank you for writing. I’m unfamiliar with the fact that diamonds can be set in stainless steel. When I have a highly allergic person I usually put them into 18 or 20kt yellow gold or platinum which is hypo-allergenic.
      Since I don’t know what diamonds you’re looking at for your set-up I can’t speak to the value of his offer. As far as choosing scrap jewelry diamonds vs getting a new diamond, if it is sparkly, unblemished and polished nicely it may not make much of a difference except that you’ll probably pay less for a previously owned diamond.
      Feel free to write back with color, clarity and carat weights of the diamonds you are considering. If you do tell me how you are getting a ring in stainless steel with diamonds in it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

    • Hi Frank,
      That is a long article filled with old info, DeBeers monopoly – not a monopoly, diamonds aren’t an investment – that’s not why we buy them, it’s a sales pitch – they sparkle beautifully and that’s why I like them. Anyway this is ground I have covered in comments before. But a novel idea, instead of saying something against diamonds, you just send me an article to wade through. Well I did and remain unimpressed.
      Still loving my diamonds,

  141. I gave my wife the option, we could spend 20 Grand on rings or I buy her a new car and get a CZ, we got the CZ and the car. 5 years later the ring still looks great. She cleans it once a month and looks brand new. The band is 14K white gold and is very nice.

    • Hello Michael,
      What a happy story for both of you. It sounds like your wife is taking exceedingly good care of her cz. Five years is a long time in the life of a cz.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  142. So… wearing flip flops to work. I’ve done that for 2 years. People were commenting at first but after a while they started getting jealous because I was the most comfortable one in the office (that’s right an office job). You’re probably thinking that it affected my career or my chances of getting promoted… nothing further from the truth actually, in fact I managed to get a better paying job. You go ahead and worry about what the others are thinking, I’d rather continue being appreciated for who I am and what I bring to the table.
    I don’t care what you think about that, the stone doesn’t matter, it’s the person who gives it to you, and if it’s the right person, a ring made out of hemp is going to be more beautiful than any rock.

    • Dear John,
      More power to you and your brand of wearing flip flops. Go for hemp too if it pleases you. My post explains the weaknesses in choosing cz for a daily wear wedding ring to those who may be unaware that it does not behave reliably like a diamond does. Once they’ve read it and are informed the choice is theirs.
      I am reminded of a sad episode in my teens. I had a very organic boyfriend, he wore flip flops while hiking, was vegetarian and played romantic songs on his guitar. As a love gift he hand carved soapstone beads for me. He didn’t ever go to a jeweler or learn about how to string a necklace. He just got string put the beads on it and tied it around my neck with a knot. He did everything his way and I admired that.
      I wore it day and night for two weeks, then while out with a group of girls in the woods, it fell off. Because there were no knots the beads went everywhere. We all were scrambling to pick up the beads. Everyone including Marla, who really liked my boyfriend. I saw her picking up a lot of beads. When everyone handed in beads she said, “I didn’t find any.”
      I had to put the necklace back together with half the beads and it didn’t look great and I was afraid of losing more of them so I put it on my chest of drawers and they became one of those painful memories. The gift that is like a shiny penny and then it doesn’t stay shiny.
      If I’d known they needed knotting to be safe I’d have learned how to knot. If I’d known there needed to be a clasp and proper special no slip knots I’d have got the clasp and done what I needed to do to keep that necklace safe.
      It was the nicest thing I’d been given by a boy. But what happened happened and shortly after that we broke up. (Not because of the beads, because he was stepping out secretly with Marla, ouch.)
      I’ve heard of the sadness of people given cz who didn’t know it was cz and were really hurt.
      The purpose of this post is to educate so you can make your own choice. The purpose of sharing my story is to tell you that as loving and natural as your hemp ring idea is, it won’t last and gifts of engagement rings are supposed to last. That’s all.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  143. I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, especially in a somewhat confrontational way. However, this still is one of the first things that pops up in the search, and I really want to address a few things:

    Okay, you’ve mentioned the hypothetical of the prospective husband passing off a cz as a diamond numerous times. The advice given here should be “don’t lie to your partner.” That’s it. It’s not about the stone, it’s about lying. 100%. Diamonds legitimately have nothing to do with the problem
    in your hypothetical.

    You’ve also stated multiple times that this post was here to educate. A very small amount of your original article gives any actual real information, which can be summed up in “cz are cheap” and “diamonds don’t fade.” So cz being inexpensive is kind of the point of the purchase for a lot of us who don’t have the money and as for the fading… Every single person who has said “my cz jewelry is in good condition after years” has gotten a response about how they’re either “lucky” or “wow, you must be really good at taking care of your jewelry, because the stone should’ve cracked and broken the minute it was put on your finger!” Of course, both of those things are always a factor in maintaining jewelry, if not every single item you will ever purchase. Most jewelry, including diamonds, including the 7-year-old cz earrings my father gave me to wear to his and my stepmother’s wedding, are effected by the way they are taken care of. My earrings are in good shape because I learned about my gift and how to maintain it. I would do the same with diamond earrings. As for luck, yes. That’s an issue with diamonds, cz, and hardcover books.

    I don’t see why it baffles you so much when you’re called out about this being an advertising decision and not a genuine attempt at educating people on their buying decisions. Having worked in retail for over a decade, I am fully aware that “educating a customer” is a euphemism for “sales pitch” anyway, but that would be fine if it was presented as such. But it’s not. So if you really are interested in helping people make informed decisions, then you need to actually provide more than two facts, one of which is already known by the average consumer and likely the reason they are purchasing the item, and the other of which is entirely dependent on situation and care, as they are with diamonds.

    In response to some of your comments, I applaud your decision to sell only ethically-sourced diamonds. As such, if you are truly interested in educating in the literal sense, a good way to start is to inform readers about how to make sure every single diamond they purchase, either from you *or from anyone else*, is also ethically-sourced. Because yes, the monopoly is broken, but let’s not be misleading here: if you’re worried about the ethics of your purchase, you shouldn’t just run out and buy a diamond ring and assume the best. And *that’s* the point you’re missing when people bring up the ethics of the diamond-industry.

    Saying “De Beers de-monopolized years ago. Diamonds are still expensive because people pay for them” is not helping your case. And there’s more to it than the fact that the prices were driven up in the first place *because* of De Beers. First of all, De Beers still maintains a third of the diamonds on the market. Second of all, purchasing diamonds that are not sourced by one company is not an automatic guarantee that they are ethically-sourced. You cited Russia and China as two examples. You are aware that the majority of people who object to diamonds for ethical reasons would likely also object to the labor practices in both of those countries, right? It’s great that you get yours from Canada, which does generally use ethical labor by the standards of many readers. But if this is not an ad for your products and simply an attempt to educate, tell me, why forget to mention that Canada only produces 15% of diamonds on the market, and many of them are still through the company so many of your readers object to?

    Beyond all that, yes, value is often determined by the consumer. We’re all aware of how the free market works. That’s not what the debate is about. The debate is about the fact that so many people are willing to pay these prices because they are under the impression that diamonds are priced that way, not because of a phobia of fading gemstones, but because of rarity, and that has little basis in reality.

    Educating people means providing information that could be helpful, harmful and neutral to your bottom line.

    • Dear Jen,
      I won’t rebut and answer each point because I have limited time for responding. You say what’s most important here is a guy not lying, not the stone. For me this post is about the stone. I have observations I’ve made about cz. There is nothing scientific about the broken scratched and dull cz’s I’ve seen over and over again. But it is my observation. I then hear from commenters with pristine shiny and sparkly cz’s they’ve worn for ten years. That’s great for them. It is not however what I have observed. I write about what I observe.
      CZ earrings will last beautifully for probably your whole life because they are in your ears and not getting banged around on your hand. There is nothing wrong with cz, it just isn’t a great choice for a daily wear ring. In my opinion.
      Most of my readers are reading me and buying from their local jeweler which is fine with me. So I am not writing this because I want to sell more diamonds. So writing this is neutral to my bottom line. I will not sell more diamonds because I wrote this. For the record I told clients what I have written here for years before I wrote it down.
      This is not my, all about the Kymberley Process blog, which I have one of. The Kymberley Process is the diamond industry step by step process of documenting diamonds from the mine head to the cutting centers and beyond. Here is that guest blog:
      Thank you for your comment. I see that you feel strongly about cz and diamonds.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  144. Your opinion on a need for a real diamond to symbolise true love is beyond my realm of understanding. I would even wear a cross made from CZ, the greatest symbol of all. I would wear a wooden one! If your opinion is based on emotion then why should the wearing of something physical be that important? Pure materialism.

    • Dear Wendy,
      Thank you for writing.
      I think that this blog is about if you are choosing to wear a clear gemstone in your engagement ring is cz a good idea? And how does it differ from a diamond. My largest concern when writing this was the misconception that if a cz looks like a diamond it acts like a diamond. Being strong and lasting. Since that is not the case, I put out my observations in hopes of heading off some poor guy from causing a meltdown in the bride’s family. This could occur when mom takes her daughter’s engagement ring in to be put on the family’s insurance because the kids getting married are grad students. She discovers it is a cz when the insurance agent asks for an appraisal to establish insurance value. Mom frostily asks her daughter if she knows that her sweet man gave her a cz. Daughter says what’s a cz? A blizzard of emotional turmoil ensues. Possibly shipwrecking a perfectly good life plan due to the simple solving of his budgetary problem.
      Stuff like that happens. I don’t want it to happen. That is why I wrote this.
      If you don’t want to be seen as materialistic get a tattoo. But if you are going to wear a clear stone in your engagement ring, people will assume it’s a diamond. Therefore you kinda maybe wanted a diamond. That’s OK. But if you want a diamond look, but substitute a non-diamond it’s not going to hold up like a diamond.
      Getting a cz so no one thinks you’re materialistic is an interesting concept to me and one that I don’t really “get.”
      I’m not all “don’t buy evil cz’s.” That’s not my message. Wear cz’s on your right hand or your cross, in your ears. But for a daily wear ring getting banged around in your busy exciting life with a clear center stone diamond is best. In my opinion.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  145. It’s interesting that people are so divided on the diamond vs cz argument And vehemently entrenched on their side of the issue. Though I’m clearly the Calla camp, I can see both sides of the argument:
    “A diamond is forever”
    as well as:
    If either/or both the guy or the gal want inexpensive and practical simulants (either for the time being or for all time) it doesn’t mean their love is any less real or meaningful.
    And the emotion as well as defensiveness on both sides is understandable.
    This blog was informative to me in that I got to know czs are not all they have cracked (pun intended) to be. Never knew that they degrade so fast.
    Also amazed to learn that a lot of men are clueless about czs.
    I do have some costume jewelry with simulants but I wear them for special occasions and take them off. So the argument to a diamond that is lasting on an engagement ring that you wear all the time makes sense to me. Some friends of mine in the medical profession don’t wear their wedding/engagement rings on a daily basis because of their work. Maybe in their case, if a cz is all that they could afford, it might make sense.
    Even then the endurance of the diamond paralleling the permanence of marriage is good symbolism. But when it comes down to it, it is a matter of personal preferences, shaped by each one’s perceptions and prejudices.
    In my case, not born/growing up wealthy or materialistic. having a large diamond was never an ideal. So when my husband got got me an approx. .30 very almost flawless princess cut diamond engagement ring in WG I was happy. He could have afforded a bigger stone but he was the practical one. He consulted me on the shape and the choice of metal (I wanted WG or platinum)and picked it out himself. It was beautiful, just perfect! Anyway, we loved each other and he couldn’t have made me happier if it was larger diamond. And he was thoughtful enough to get the most quality diamond in the size that he thought made sense.
    Anyway, I remember when we were planning our wedding that I almost had a spasm when someone suggested including artificial flowers. I can’t stand artificial flower or plants even in our home. That would have been my reaction if a simulant had been suggested for my engagement ring. It’s not the real thing and I just detest it (even if only I knew it was not real) Just my point of view (and I’m entitled to it)
    I would also challenge all the self-righteous cz adorers out there, what about the pretense of the stone that mimics a diamond and wants to give the impression that it is a diamond. Isn’t there some hypocrisy there?
    Back to my story, about 5 years into our marriage, I lost my engagement and wedding ring set (have the habit of taking them off at home, especially when doing chores etc and setting them on the counter/table/coffee table wherever)
    I was devastated. They were gone! Swept away along with the newspapers on the coffee table (is my guess)We’ll never get back the rings with all the sentimentality and nostalgia associated with it.
    Small comfort: homeowners insurance give us some money towards the loss And we “upgraded” to larger (though not so perfect) diamond ring and band. I would have anything to get the ones I lost, though. Which is why I don’t get the need for constant upgrading.
    In the final analysis, if Calla’s point that czs and other simulants are not a durable, alternative/ substitution for diamonds; (never mind all the fuzzy sentimentality, just stick to the plain cold facts) does not get through, then nothing will. And it can be debated endlessly. In the meantime each side would have to agree to disagree without being disagreeable to each other. Just my two cents!

    • Dear Jules,
      I just got back from a short vacation and I am catching up on answering questions and responding to comments. Then I got to yours. You are articulate and you give great examples and speak from your heart. This is such a great comment in my book and I thank you for it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  146. The diamond or perfectly arranged carbon atoms, are the same material in your fire pit. It’s just a stone, it by no means represents your commitment to an everlasting love. In fact your diamond is comprised of the 6th most common element less rare than oxygen.
    More than 60% of marriages fail the real work happens years after some shiny bauble is placed on her finger. I understand your commitment to tradition and pageantry. As a pastry chef we thrive off of weddings, expensive rings, cakes and dresses. But the truth is you need no ring to profess your undying love. And everyone knows the diamond will outlast your love 100% of the time.

    • Hello Stuart,
      You are right about my fit pit having the same carbon as my wedding ring. My diamond is prettier though!
      You are right as well that the work of a marriage starts after the vows and sometimes years later when the going gets rough.
      Though I mention tradition, my main point is strength and wear. If you object to spending much money, you could go with a simple gold band. If you want a clear gemstone that will sparkle for years to come, then this post is all about why diamond should be your choice over cz.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  147. I have been married for almost 30 years. My first wedding set was diamonds. We were young and thought that was the only option for a wedding set because that’s what our parents told us.

    20 years later my size 5 turned to size 7 due to illness. Instead of resizing my old rings, we decided to research new ones because hubby thought that an upgrade was long overdue. We were extremely disturbed by what we found. Diamonds may be beautiful, but they’re nothing more than glorified shiny rocks… Which people are killed for, which are used to fund terrorism, which uses slave labor to mine (the Kimberly process is a joke), and which are not as rare as DeBeers wants people to believe. I was horrified; needless to say I got rid of my old set pronto!

    After that I looked into alternative stones for my wedding rings. Morganite has become my favorite due to it’s peachy pink color and it’s beautiful meaning (the stone of divine love). There are also good substitutes such as sapphire, moissanite, and yes czs.

    With the price of czs, I now have several cz wedding sets in a variety of colors and metals… I can match any outfit with a cz ring and not worry about losing it or getting robbed (and becoming another victim of the diamond industry).

    Fast forward to now, 5 years later… all of my czs still look brand new and like diamonds. I treat them exactly as I did my diamonds; I never clean, shower, apply makeup, swim, etc with them on; I clean them once a week with dish soap and warm water and dry them with a microfiber cleaning cloth. It is actually a fun and relaxing ritual for me. Optically, no one can tell that they’re not diamonds and I get tons of compliments, even though those who know me know my opinion of the diamond industry.

    Like someone else said, marriage has nothing to do with rings… I would have married my husband without one. Marriage is about “for better or for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death do you part”. We’ve gone through all of it, except the death part… And it had nothing to do with a ring, diamond or not.

    Maybe diamonds do last forever and czs fade… But when I look at my finger, I don’t see what it’s made of; I see the man behind the ring, the man that stood beside me during multiple surgeries… The man that I stood besides during lay offs and hard times… The father of my children… The most wonderful, loving, loyal man I have even known. He is my ring… The one thing I never want to lose. The rest I can live without.

    • Hello Luci,
      Thank you for your story. Everyone has a different viewpoint about what they will choose. I’m glad to know your viewpoint.
      I am not in agreement with your statements about diamonds, but I’m not an argumentative girl. So let’s agree to disagree on that.
      Your husband sounds loyal, loving and wonderful. I am so happy for the both of you.
      Do enjoy your many wedding rings.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

    • That last paragraph was absolutely beautiful and so heartfelt. Eloquently written…*here’s to the next 30 years*

  148. Hello Calla,
    Sorry sometimes I tend to ramble on, getting stuck on a point that wasn’t my original point.

    Everyone has their own opinions on what they want/like/feel comfortable with; I don’t have to agree with someone’s views to respect them.

    My original point was that czs, if they are good quality and taken care of correctly, can last for quite some time; as I have stated I’ve had some for 5 years and they still look new. And for people who don’t want a diamond or a cz who likes the looks of diamonds, there are moissanites, which are almost as hard as a diamond.

    Diamonds can chip, scratch, crack, and break too. Just because they’re the hardest stone doesn’t mean they can’t be destroyed… It just means that they’re harder to destroy than other stones… And more expensive to repair or replace.

    Best wishes.

  149. Unfortunately the truth with diamonds sold in stores is there is no way to know if they are blood diamonds. I would recommend lab created synthetic diamonds which are indistinguishable by almost everyone except an expert jeweler. That is also why there is a push from the diamond industry to mark them. IMO why not get one of them, all the benefits of a natural diamond and significantly cheaper and you KNOW that no one died or was mutilated for it.

    • Dear Aaron,
      Diamonds are ethically mined in many areas like Canada, Australia, Russia and many countries in the African continent where miners are proud of their profession and well treated.
      I am a fan of diamonds and I personally like to know mine is real. But that’s just me.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  150. I think you are rude and arrogant in a camouflaged way. Maybe you’re just angry, I guess.

    • Hello Amaka,
      I’m sorry you get that impression. It’s true that I have strong opinions, but I am a very happy and happily married person.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  151. It’s funny in a way that you have to purchase such a valuable material thing to show how much you love a person. A real love comes from the heart not from material things. So what happens if you get divorced? You will ask for the ring back because it was expensive! I don’t believe in material things to be expressing the “love” for one another.

    • Hi Nalee,
      There are many choices for engagement and wedding rings. They do not all contain diamonds. The purpose here is not to force people to buy expensive gemstones. It is to save some hapless young in love man who wants to give his girl a diamond, can’t afford it and gives her a cz and then she finds out after assuming that it was a diamond and is deeply hurt.
      My purpose is to inform someone who bothers to Google, “what’s the difference between cz and diamond?” Or “can I give her a cz?” Or “why is cz so cheap since it looks like an expensive diamond?” Or whatever they search seeking to see what the right thing to do is.
      I believe that cz is unsuitable for daily wear from my 33 years of observation of daily wear rings. That is why I wrote this post. I did not write it because I feel that a guy isn’t showing love if he doesn’t buy her a diamond.
      I appreciate that you don’t need a diamond to feel loved. Me neither, but happily I have one and I love it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  152. PSA Well really both cost the same diamond and CZ are both nearly worthless(try to sell one right after you buy it youll get 1/6 or less) Diamonds have a monopoly which is the only reason why they are expensive.

    • Hello IC,
      Your comment comes from a pretty angry place. I don’t know where you’ve bought diamonds, but the mark-up of diamonds is much lower these days due to the commoditization of diamonds with internet pricing systems.
      There hasn’t been any monopoly since the break-up of DeBeers hold on the industry in the 80’s. So let’s put that old shout down for the count.
      CZ’s are made in a laboratory and diamonds come from the earth except for laboratory grown ones which are happening these days, but not in great numbers.
      I asked myself whether to show your comment even though it was so incredibly negative. But I try to have a policy of responding to comments and not censoring conversation from my readers.
      So here it is in all of its glorious wrongness.
      Calla Gold

  153. I recently found your site and am already a fan! I supply items such as glass etching cream and stencils to crafters and wanted to see if you would test some of my products for free in exchange for feedback. Any interest? These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Eric

    • Hi Eric,
      I do appreciate you reaching out with your product. It sounds pretty far outside the metal engraving wheelhouse. We use metal platens for the machine engraving and the hand engraving uses no stencils, just eyes, hands and dreams.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  154. I have mixed feelings about an engagement ring with a diamond, but I respect that decision, I made a simple tool to help you choose if a diamond is the best choice. I hope it can help someone out there.

    • Hello Luis,
      I went to the link you gave me and waited and waited, way longer than anyone would. I did a little paperwork then looked up and saw a Go Daddy page full of ads telling me that your url was hosted for free with them. But no content, just a wall of ads.
      I did not have a chance to see what ever it was that you dreamed up. Perhaps a paid hosting site would be advisable for your tool.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  155. As someone who lived down the road from the Marange diamond fields, some of the largest in the world and I’ve also done extensive research, if you can happily wear a stone knowing of the most horrendous human rights violations that took pace so you could wear it, I can’t imagine the lack of compassion or conscience you must have. Disgraceful. And the Kimberly Pricess is bullshit, it guarantees nothing. All this is greed and vanity put into your heads, all of you who must have a diamond. I’ll rock the alternative and happily donate the left over money, I’ll sleep better too knowing a child didn’t lose his arm or his family wasn’t abused so a privileged 1st world broad could feel complete. I don’t want to hear any lame straw argument so you can justify your cruel needs and market them to others. You’re no different to those that purchase and sell ivory knowing at what cost it is acquired through.

    • Hello Sarah,
      Wow, my eyes are on fire from reading your scathing comment. I’m not one to censor. I care about ethically sourced diamonds and there are diamonds from Canada and many other ethical sources that I and other jewelers go out of our way to use. The Kimberley Process may not be perfect, but it and the Diamond Initiative empowering artisanal miners to learn to mine, and be protected and assisted to sell their mined diamonds and other ethical mining practices are out there to combat the areas of bad actors.
      I love diamonds. I sell ethically sourced diamonds. I am proud of my profession and the unsung work a lot of people do to improve conditions around the world.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  156. I read your article on Moissanite so you need not respond to my initial question. It is clear, given a choice, you would much rather sell diamonds than any other clear, fiery gem, and that’s fine, it’s your job. I do take exception to your comment that over time, the recipient of the Moissanite engagement/wedding ring may feel their love is hollow because they didn’t spring for a diamond(I’m paraphrasing). I have diamonds in my wedding set and I have a Moissanite trinity ring, given to me, from my hubby for our 10th…..I love that ring as much as my wedding set. In fact, my hubby and I wish we had known about Moissanite before we got engaged and married because we would have our rings set with it as opposed to diamonds. I don’t think using any stone other than diamond is a reflection on how deep your love is. If the wearer of the non diamond ring starts to feel hollow about their relationship, it has nothing to do with what their ring is set with. If they feel less loved because they don’t have a diamond, then maybe it’s not really love they were looking for.

    • Hi Kelly,
      I appreciate your views. Moissanite is a very nice option and certainly less expensive choice than a diamond. For those reading this comment and response the blog we are referring to is this one:
      When I made the off-hand comment in the post that someone might feel hollow about having a moissanite I meant it as a maybe this could happen. Not that it would or that I’d feel that way.
      I’m sorry that that is what stuck with you. I tried to be well rounded in that post with some technical stuff, some advice for the young guy considering moissanite and a little how-to to get it right if you do go with moissanite.
      Hold your love close and celebrate that love with whatever gemstone you like I say.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  157. There’s a video on youtube that shows a CZ being savaged with a knife and industrial-grade steel file and yet remains perfectly unscathed.

    Also, I read that the ingredient that caused earlier CZs to become permanently cloudy has been changed so today’s CZs will remain clear and sparkly forever.

    What are your thoughts on that?

    • Hello Darling,
      That is most interesting. I am basing my advice on the CZ’s that I see regularly in rings that come to me for repair. I guess it is possible that someone is making a more hardcore CZ. I do sell CZ’s and I see them slowly over time take damage and need replacement.
      I went to YouTube and watched the video. The CZ was scrapped by items lower on the MOHS scale than CZ. It is that hardness level, lower than diamonds that causes them to break down.
      Any daily wear ring will come into contact with items harder than the 8.5 of a cz. That’s nice that an industrial metal file won’t scratch a CZ, but something harder will. And from the damaged CZ’s I see regularly, daily wear of a ring brings it into contact with items that are greater than 8.5 on that MOHS scale and that is where the damage occurs.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  158. Wow. Everyone gets so butt-hurt over the least little thing now. Heaven forbid that you have something or can afford something that others can’t. I have real diamond rings that I have worn everyday for over thirty years. I know that they’re real, and that feeling alone is worth a million bucks to me. I also wear large CZ studs in my ears (because I honestly got tired of losing real ones) and I wear a big 2 carat CZ solitaire “fun ring”, too. I get what you’re saying, though. Even if you’re not able to get a big stone, get the best diamond that you can afford. I’d rather pass on quality stones to my kids than the alternatives. To hell with all of these lofty, PC, socialist replies. If you want to wear a diamond big enough to choke a goat, go for it, ladies. I’m glad that you can afford it! No one should EVER dictate to you that having nice things is something to be ashamed of! That thinking has gotten really bad over the last eight years!

    • Dear Not Ashamed,
      I love your girl out loud opinionated comment here. Many fascinating women has chosen to self purchase diamond jewelry in my time as a jeweler. It is always meaningful to me when a woman makes that choice. It is often a symbol of a milestone, an acheivement or stands for something they hold dear. They want a lasting gemstone for that purpose.
      In this world of gadgetry, high speed communication, and breakdown of what used to be important, choosing a symbol to remind, remember or celebrate that is lasting is comforting.
      I appreciate that you say, love it, wear it and own it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  159. Hello Calla,

    This may be counter-intuitive, but Diamonds aren’t actually rare at all nor are the perfect Carbon structure. There’s nothing really special about carbon or how Diamond is arranged. Diamond can occur naturally under high heat and high pressure. Humans can replicate such condition with more perfection. Typical diamonds created in labs have less defects than diamonds created from the ground. Diamond also can grows dull over time due to long term stress.

    Also, you may or may not know this, but engagement rings aren’t age old tradition. It’s maybe 80 years old and demand for Diamond Rings were created artificially by De Beers’ marketing campaign in 1947.

    Lastly, CZ and Diamond aren’t that far off in terms of physical properties. Cubic zirconia has a refractive index of 2.15–2.18, compared to a diamond’s 2.42. Dispersion is very high at 0.058–0.066, exceeding a diamond’s 0.044. Cubic zirconia has a rating of approximately 8 on Mohs hardness scale vs. a rating of 10 for diamond. Two crystals are of roughly same shininess and hardness. Although set of sp2 Carbon-Carbon bond is the strongest known bonds in crystal structure, graphene has same sp2 bond and is just as strong individually. Graphene is your pencil lead by the way. Your diamonds and your pencil led are actually very similar.

    In summary, Diamond isn’t really rare or special, in large, the world has been fooled into thinking Diamond engagement ring is traditional concept, but it’s largely a marketing ploy by clever businessmen from 1940s.

    • Dear Tae,
      I see that you really thought this through. I am a diamond lover as opposed to a diamond scientist. However the fact that diamonds are mined and are a finite resource is factual. Humans are indeed working to replicate diamonds in laboratory conditions. I have seem samples under magnification. They aren’t there yet as far as large perfect gemstones created for a reasonable price. The lab created diamonds I have looked at each had under magnification the metal “seed” that they grew from visible to me.
      You claim that diamonds can go dull over time is not born out in the hundreds of diamonds I have seen in thirty three years. I have seen 100 year old diamonds poorly cut at the mine head, still shining after years of daily wear. The rings they were set in had long been ground down and replaced and still they sparkled in all their imperfectly faceted glory. Now I have observed cz going dull over time. Again and again, which I spoke of in my blog post.
      I wrote an additional Cz vs Diamond blog where I explained the MOHS scale of gemstone hardness:
      In it I pointed out that the scale is not an ordered thing where each level represents the same gap from one to the next as the one before. Check it out. What that means is although cz appears to be fairly close on the MOHS scale of hardness the difference is much greater.
      I’d like to address the lead in your pencil vs the diamond comment. There is a concept in rock, mineral and gemstone science called metamorphic change. I may not be using the right phrase here but the concept is that something like calcite in limestone with time, heat and pressure with metamophose (is that a word?) into marble, a much harder and more rare stone. In your example pencil lead is very common and diamond which has undergone metamorphosis is more rare. The similarity between carbon and diamond is there geologically, however they are separated by the metamophosis process which changes them. Here is a Wikipedia link about this process:
      For your final statement that diamond isn’t rare or special, I disagree. An ad campaign may have started couples down the diamond engagement ring road, but if diamonds hadn’t shown their sparkle when dirty and sparkle when 100 years old and versatile beauty they would not have stood the test of time. It is the awesomeness of diamond that has kept it popular.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  160. I also prefer Diamond ring because i have good experience with it.Cz is not good.It is said that if we have to purchase then buy real not duplicate.
    Thanks for sharing!

  161. What about moissanite a viable substitute? Harder, higher refractive index, doesn’t fade and cost 1/10th as much as a diamond.

  162. I’ve bought my wife two diamond rings. First was small, so at ten years, I bought a slightly bigger one. The ring all said was close to $1000 at the time. About five years later, the diamond fell out. Diamonds aren’t forever. The diamond is gone. Money ultimately and literally down the drain. After that my wife has bought a cubic zirconia cheap setting twice, and has gotten more compliments from those $50 ring than my expensive rings ever did. Yes, over time they dulled…but they made my wife happier. Now I want to put a larger cz in the second ring I bought. All told it will be super cheap, but I can’t afford a real diamond…Especially with a stone at the 1/2 carat size. (The original was 1/3 carat.) So, while I think you make decent points about cz versus diamond, I do see diamonds as a waste of money. When I asked a jeweler once about selling back the diamond I had in the first ring, he said no jeweler would be interested since diamonds are cheap…Yeah, yet they were selling rings with $5000 diamonds in them. So CZ for me is a great alternative until I come into extra money…But after 21 years of marriage, that isn’t looking likely soon. $100 now, versus $1000 or more in 5+ years. Answer is clear.

    • Hello Ryan,
      Thanks for telling your story. Sounds like cz is the right thing for you and your wife. Well done on 21 years of marriage. That is the real jewel!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  163. Are you familiar with conflict of interest? It seems you make a lot more money if you convince people CZ is inferior and sell them a nice pricey diamond ring instead.

    • Dear Mr. Randy,
      The people who read my blog might be in India, France or the Republic of Congo. I didn’t write this to ‘make money’ I wrote it to keep missunderstandings from happening. I write these blogs in response to questions from clients or potential client and in response to their tales of woe. I’ve heard three tales of woe in the “I proposed with a CZ but didn’t tell her” department. All I can say is each one says I wish I knew then what I know now.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  164. You all need to watch the edition of Adam Ruins Everything on giving in which he debunks the idea of giving diamond engagement rings.The diamond industry has been controlled by DeBeers in order to keep the cost of diamonds artificially high. He even created the “buy a diamond worth 2 month’s salary” idea. They are not that rare and are not good investments as they lose half or more of their value as soon as you walk out of the jewelry store. We have been duped by advertising into believing otherwise.

    • Hello Jamie,
      It would have been nice if Adam Ruins Everything would have done a bit of research before giving you the outdated and dusty story that DeBeers has a monopoly. They don’t and haven’t for decades. DeBeers doesn’t control the diamond industry. They are one of many suppliers.
      A PR agency did create the 2 months suggestion. So what? A PR agency made Alka Selzer famous with “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” That’s what PR agencies do. It’s not a crime. And people do not have to follow that idea.
      Diamonds sparkle and are hard and are an ideal gemstone for the daily wear of wedding jewelry. That is why it is chosen. Of course a diamond isn’t a smart “investment,” but we don’t buy them as an investment. If we want to invest, we go to the stock market or buy bricks of gold or buy a fixer upper. But your engagement ring gift isn’t something you buy at a garage sale, flea market or cheap.com. An engagement ring and its gemstone are a reflection of what you think she’ll love wearing everyday that is a symbol of your love for her.
      Sure you can save money by buying her a cz. You could use sterling silver as that’s cheaper too. And then for an investment give her a gold brick.
      If I see an ad on TV telling me how or what to buy, I do not feel duped. I love Coke ads, they are pretty and have nice songs and make life look dreamy, but I am not duped by them. I do not drink Coke. Ads do not dupe people unless they are easily led sheep. I’m not, you’re not and I have faith that people can make their own choices regardless of advertizing. Let’s not demonize people who work in PR. They are not hynotists. Just sales people. And while we’re at it there is mark-up in business so that businesses can thrive and hire workers. There is nothing wrong with that plan. If no one bought from stores, they’d close, jobs would go away and the economy would not do so well.
      But there are all kinds of choices where engagement rings are concerned. And certainly cz is in that mix. It isn’t recommended, but not the worse thing ever either. If a cz is all you can afford, then use it, just know what you’re getting. Or better yet pick another, like sapphire.
      Sorry for going off on you about the economy and advertizing. You caught me on a day that politics is on my mind.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

      • You are a jeweler. You are biased. (The entire concept of an engagement ring is meaningless. I prefer tiaras. You should too. They have even more jewels.)

  165. When you understand a subject and have studied it at length, you can back up your words with facts. I’m so glad you are showing your knowledge in answering some of these posts. Get a real stone, anything real, it doesn’t have to be a diamond. There are real stones that are more affordable than diamonds yet are beautiful. Would anyone buy a ring from a gumball machine and give that as a gift? Other than a little child, that’s completely different.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your input. I agree, you don’t have to get a diamond, but do get a real gem. No gumball stones!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  166. This article is pretty silly and tries to imply that a CZ is an inferior simple of love and eternity compared to a diamond. Diamonds are beautiful gems, but they’re priced absolutely outrageously because the general public feels that a diamond is a necessity in order for two people to truly love each other. That’s totally ridiculous. With the money you wasted on a large gem, you could have put a down payment on a house or something you’d actually use.

    Your argument against CZ is that it doesn’t hold up compared to a diamond. Great. Since the gem was only $50-100 you can buy a brand new one every year and still spend less than the cost of a diamond.

    The reason some CZ are more expensive is because some are cut properly, while many are not. If you have an ideal cut CZ, it’s every bit as beautiful as a diamond and sparkles similarly. It has slightly higher dispersion and double refraction, so it looks slightly different, but there are simulants on the market like the “Asha” gem that incorporate amorphous diamond coating on a CZ and truly capture the look of a diamond quite well.

    If you think you need a diamond to properly be married, the diamond industries marketing tactics have worked flawlessly on you and you bought right in to what they wanted you to… I will admit, it was a clever marketing scheme, but a diamond is absolutely not necessary…

    • Dear Cory,
      Whether the result of marketing or seeing your mother and grandmother happily wearing diamonds for years diamond has a huge appeal.
      CZ isn’t as strong or lasting as a diamond. If you’re cool with that great, get one and replace it and replace it. It’s just that for me my wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry I own. It stands for something.
      I wanted a diamond, so I was given a small affordable one and I love it. Years later I was given a larger one and I love it. I would rather have a small diamond than a large cz but that’s my viewpoint.
      The gemstone you choose doesn’t reflect on your love. That’s not my message. I want to keep someone who doesn’t know the difference from accidentally hurting their girlfriend’s feelings by proposing with a cz that she thinks is a diamond.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  167. I wear a Cz ring and have for 2 years. Has it held up? Absolutely! Have my stones fallen out? Nope!. Was the ring in our budget of course. I don’t need a flashy ring to keep up with the rich snob b’s of the world nor do I need a real diamond to know my man loves me. I’m not very materialistic nor do I care to be. I have more important things to pay for that a damn rock that somebody can rob you’re butt for!. Ya know u can’t take it with ya 🙂 I seen yall giving a lady total hell about her cz. Stand proud momma I got ya! Go ahead reply I’ll give ya an ear full lol

  168. Hello! I honestly don’t understand the hard feelings in the comments section. Calla has already said that you don’t have to get a diamond ring; you can get white sapphire or moissanite, both of which will hold up better than cubic zirconia. If you have a CZ ring, that’s cool, too! No need to get in a huff over a blog post.

    Now, I would like to thank Calla and some of the commenters here who have shared their experiences with CZ. I personally prefer a diamond ring, and it isn’t expensive either. I have my eye on a 0.10 ct solitaire white gold engagement ring that can be had for the price of a mid-range smartphone. I wouldn’t want a huge stone, anyway, because it could attract the wrong kind of attention.

    Again, if you prefer CZ for reasons of practicality, that’s totally fine. If you prefer diamonds, that’s totally fine, too! There’s no need to call other people “idiots”.

    • Dear A,
      I thank you very much for your voice of reason and calm. A couple of my jewelry friends have asked why I accept as the moderator of my blog scathing comments that characterize me as some sort of grasping Golum-like bottom feeding well you get the picture. I’m more likely to deny a comment that insults my readers than censor one that insults me. I believe in free speech, in the right of others to have their voices heard and the power of differing opinions to change minds. Hopefully in a constructive direction.
      I have a fairly calm attitude when personally attacked helps me. Knowing I’m not the person they say I am is also essential. Knowing I have smart readers like yourself who read the personal attacks and cock your head sideways and go, “that ain’t right,” is smile inducing.
      For the record if you’re curious to see where the hugest amount of ad hominim attacks (personal attacks not referencing the subject at hand) in one place, check out my most controversial article on this blog:
      The little diamond ring you are looking at sounds just great.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  169. Diamonds are for the fools, CZ is for smart couples. Diamonds scam is widely exposed, long time ago. And it’s not about money. Who wants to put a scam on your loved once finger? That so low… I’m sorry for you all.

    • Hi Ron,
      I’m not sure what conspiracy website you’re on, but diamonds are diamonds. CZ’s are softer and don’t hold up to daily wear. I’m happy to put a diamond on my hand. You needn’t shed tears for me.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  170. You don’t need a stone at all. Regardless of its value or beauty, a small rock does not define or enhance your marriage in any way.

    • Dear Sfer,
      This article is written to let people know the difference if they are considering having a clear stone in their engagement ring.
      There is no value judgement on what you choose. I give you my opinion and you may do what you wish with it.
      Love is the glue in a marriage, the diamond is just a very nice and sparkly cherry on top for me.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

      • LOL, as you pocket another bundle of $$$ for all the diamonds you sell this week

        • Dear William,
          I give my advice. As a jewelry designer in Santa Barbara California with readers all over the world, I’m not pocketing this international shower of cash for diamonds. I am pointing out the differences between two choices. It’s not so I’m get some big mythical payday. I write so regular people have simple information to help them choose. And my commenters add their experiences with diamond and cz to round out the discussion.
          Your Personal Jeweler,

  171. Go away you superficial elitist Jeweler. The diamond trade is doomed, people all over the planet are finding out about how diamond cartels brainwashed the masses many moons ago. You conveniently avoid the real issue of diamonds vs cz. The overwhelming majority of the world’s diamonds are sourced from slave labor. Get used to the fact that CZ’s will eventually take over, they have a more brilliant sparkle, and if properly taken care of, the shine last every bit as long as any diamond. Did you know there are different grades of CZ’s, of course you did but don’t mention it on here lol. A 5a, that’s AAAAA rated CZ is can’t be seen by the naked eye to be any different in sparkle to the world’s best quality diamond and in fact, sparkles just as long as any diamond. So obvious you are defending the diamond trade lol, enough already. Remember these words, the diamond trade is doomed, and you already know about the corrupt diamond cartels and how the masses of the world were brainwashed about how diamonds represent love. Stop trying to outsmart people that are smarter than you. To all readers of this thread, do some research about the real history of diamonds, and if you live your life by moral standards, you will never buy a diamond again.

    • Dear William,
      Diamond monopolies were broken up decades ago. Read my previous answers so I don’t repeat myself. No monopolies, tons of ethical diamonds from Canada, Australia and ethical mines in Africa.
      CZ’s break down. Their sparkle dims. High grade or low, they don’t last for daily wear for years. My opinion, they aren’t engagement ring material.
      Nuf said.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

    • Nope!!! The first diamond my husband bought me was tiny…a piece of garbage and cost an arm and a leg. I did the research “recouped” the funds and will NOT ever look back! Diamonds are dangerous and oppressive stones..don’t own one and will NEVER! Wise up people!!

  172. In your comment about December babies being upset that zircon is the birthstone, what does that have to do with CZ? Zirconia and Zircon are 2 different things, and zircon is actually a beautiful and valuable gemstone.

    • Hi Holly,
      You are right that zircon is a beautiful gemstone. I am a December baby and it irks me to say, “It’s my birthstone.” And the other person says, “is that the same as a cubic zerconia?” Or “Is that related to a cubic zerconia?” Or “Is that like diamonique?”
      No one asks the July baby who says, “It’s my birthstone a ruby.” “Oh is that a fake stone?” Because ruby is clearly a real gemstone. But the makers of cubic zerconia created a stone in a lab and used a perfectly good gemstone name as part of the name for their well known lab grown creation. It just causes a problem for some of us.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  173. Greetings, there truely is a back and forth here! I would like to know if the coloured CZ would become cloudy or ‘dull’ ? My lady likes black stones and is not too bothered about the type (lucky me) so a black CZ would not necessarily sparkle? Your thoughts would be appreciated

    • Hi Seeker,
      You are right about the back and forth. I think the comment thread is fascinating.
      Part of the problem with cz is that it cannot hold up to daily wear. If your lady love likes black gemstones, black diamonds would be sturdy, black and not terribly expensive. Way, way less than white diamonds. If you choose black cz, cloudiness will not be a problem, but scratching will.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  174. Yeah because people REALLY are that petty to think lesser of you when you mention your birth stone. …..sounds like to me that you are an official petty Betty and that you’re calling attention to matters that are extremely trivial in an attempt to defend your “rare, priceless blood diamonds.”

    • ,
      Tell me how you really feel!
      I wrote this to inform guys who don’t know the difference between cz and diamond that there is a difference. And yes to add my opinion. I do not think the choice of an engagement ring gemstone is a trivial matter. For a ring that will be worn every day the ring’s design and gemstones are important considerations.
      As a jeweler I have had the sad task of fixing and re-fixing rings that are too fragile for daily wear that women are given. These clients are so sad that they are “too rough” or “not taking good enough care” of their rings. And that is not it.
      An occasional wear ring won’t hold up to daily wear, and a diamond simulant like cz will also not stand the test of time. That is the message of this article.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  175. Diamonds are a ripoff… it is only a “symbol” of love that humans have ascribed to it. I purchased a gold ring with a large zirconia for my wife 31 years ago.
    We’re celebrating our 32nd anniversary next July.
    Several of my friends who spent untold thousands on their wifes rings, have been through numerous wives and various females alike.
    THAT speaks to what a diamond is worth.

    • Hello Anthony,
      Well done on your 32 years of wedded bliss. I’ve been married 38 years myself and the diamonds haven’t done me in. And they are sparkly.
      I’d be curious to know if you have replaced the cz and to see a close up picture of its surface. Just jeweler curiosity. I’ve replaced a lot of destroyed cz’s some of which were worn less than two years. So I feel you’ll understand my curiosity.
      When I wrote this I wanted to inform the man in love with his girlfriend about the physical differences between diamond and cz. There were men calling me who thought that cz was the same as diamond only cheaper. I feel that diamonds last better and that is my message. If you and your wife are fine with cz that’s fine with me. I just don’t want a guy to give a girl a cz and she thinks it’s a diamond and feels hurt or betrayed. If you’re both on the same page, then that removes that problem. The only problem remaining is that cz isn’t as tough as diamond.
      And it sounds like you have dealt with that just fine in 32 years of togetherness.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  176. Is a diamond forever or is a CZ forever? i am researching for a class i have and i need to know from the author why a CZ is better than a Diamond.

    • Hello Ian,
      A diamond is better than a cz because:
      1) It is a ten on the MOHs hardness scale
      2) They’ll often still sparkle when dirty, unlike a cz
      3) They can last for generations
      4) No one ever resold a five year old cz online
      Diamonds are awesome and cz’s are imitation diamonds made of a completely different chemical mix.
      But in cz’s defense, they are hecka cheap in comparison.
      If you are wearing cz’s for casual diamond lookalike jewelry that you don’t wear daily, then cz is better, if someone steals it it’s no great loss. Since I am helping people choose gemstones for engagement rings I find cz’s wanting, but for other jewelry, they are great looking and give a nice diamond look without the big diamond price-tag.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  177. When you buy a quality diamond, you aren’t just buying a chunk of stone- the materials. Yes, they are much more expensive than the raw cost of materials, but what you are buying is the care and attention to detail that has gone into selecting, cutting and polishing the stone. Maybe even the history and tradition of expertise- that means something.

    Like many people say, it’s about the experience. The experience of poring over the specifications and/or working with a knowledgeable jeweler and selecting the perfect stone that represents your personality and feelings toward your partner.

    When you present something like this, that has been well thought out and carefully selected, it means far more than the materials ever could. Money comes and goes, but the thought and care are priceless.

    To me, all of this means that any simulated diamond or CZ is not even worth the $20-30 I might pay for it, since it is a cold meaningless piece of material meant to replicate the genuine article. In fact, people who can’t see the value in the above are truly the materialistic ones.

    • Hello Randall,
      I love your knowledge and understanding of the skill and passion that goes into the many phases of the diamond. I work with a diamond cutter. He is so passionate about his craft. It hurt his heart when I came in one time. I brought him a large inherited diamond with a big chip with the beginnings of a crack into the body of the diamond. My client had just been given this for her engagement ring by her fiance.
      She wanted to have it sized. I pointed out the damage and how it was now moving into the body of the diamond. I told her I’d ask my cutter if she continued to wear it would it completely crack. He suspected it would and suggested a radical re-cutting into a different shape. It was round and he suggested making a smaller pear shape. It was challenging and we knew it might crack more and had to take the chance.
      The pear shape re-cutting was successful and as a bonus the color grade improved. My client was quite relieved that the diamond was now smaller as the original 2.5 size looked enormous on here size 4.5 finger. It was cut down to a 1.5ct size with the part with the crack cut away.
      I tell you this story because the angst, emotion and at the end pride from my cutter gave me insight into the depth of meaning his work had for him.
      I really like what you said about the value of a diamond.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  178. Damn lady, you are bent. It’s pretty shitty of you to spread your shallow crap all around like this and pretend like you’ve got it all figured out. Diamonds or CZ, I don’t care one bit. Your poor attitude and capitalist whitey outlook is some serious poison. Get a grip.

    • Hello Deez,
      I admit to being rather surprised at the vehemence of your ad hominem attack on my person.
      The purpose of my post was to let people know the difference and suggest that though cz is very popular as a substitute for diamond and certainly much more reasonably priced, that alas it is not a suitable gemstone choice for a daily wear ring, like an engagement ring.
      My role here is to inform, so you can make a decision armed with knowledge.
      Your engagement ring gemstone choice is your own.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  179. You really need to understand impact versus intent. Your intention may have been to educate people but your attitude and comments have an extremely negative impact.

    You don’t have to say verbatim that you think less of people for buying cz but it’s abundantly clear in context that you do. The fact of the matter is diamonds are expensive, artificially so. You say people will judge if you have a cz ring but people will also judge you for a .40 carat diamond. Why does it matter?

    You can educate people without so much emotion and bias and still get your point across.

    • Hello Aurelia,
      As a blogger, I educate and use my opinion. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. I write what I experience in my area of the country. It may be completely different in your area. I’m sorry you feel I’m being judgey.
      I just made a ring with a grandma diamond of .35cts. It is a small diamond and it looks pretty and sparkly. It’ll look pretty and sparkly in ten years. Heck the diamond is already fifty years old and looking good. She’s proud of her sweet little fifty year old grandma diamond. I doubt anyone is judging her because she has a small diamond.
      My husband and son both say I’m too emotional. That is who I am.
      At times I write in a more just the facts way. I did not do so in this post Aurelia. You’re right I do show a bias for diamond over cz.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  180. Hi I totally agree. I recently made a giant mistake on a ring.. My original engagement ring is gone (something unfortunate happened and it was lost) so I thought I’d save money with my fiance and get one for extremely cheap on Groupon. It claimed the original price to be 1400 or something close. Well, I got it and it has many smaller diamonds so its hard to really see them well. But… I think it may be a lower color diamond like you explained in another post because I took a picture of it on my phone and only when I zoomed in I saw yellowish, brownish, greenish colors. I wish i could send you the picture to tell me what you think. I’m heart broken over it.

    Also, what’s your opinion on this new morganite trend for engagement rings?

    • Hello Dominique,
      Buying a daily wear ring from Groupon is a dicey proposition. Which clearly you didn’t know. Not to be mean to Groupon, but the businesses using it are trying to drum up business most likely and putting their super affordable foot forward to entice you. Since they are making very little to no profit to get you in the door, you’re not necessarily going to get the great service that you would when being a normal client. A friend of mine wanted to build her business with Groupon. She did a super short promotion and got a lot of response. She was very excited. I talked to her a few weeks later and she was exhausted. She’d worked very hard for all her new clients as well as her existing ones and said she’d never do it again. Her income was about the same, but her workload doubled. She felt resentful by the end as she realized it wasn’t worth it. She did get some new clients, but felt the toll on herself and her business were too high a price to pay.
      Anyway enough of that. It sounds like the ring you got is beyond unacceptable.
      Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever have. It’s very unfortunate that your first one was lost. Because you will wear your ring every day it is very important that it be strong and beautiful. That’ll take hands on inspection and consulting your heart for the right style. You might check out this blog:
      About the morganite. It is a softish gemstone. Beautiful, but after some time goes by it will become scratched unlike a diamond.
      I wish you the best of luck in finding a wonderful new engagement ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  181. For me, the conflict and death surrounding diamonds kills all of the romance.

    My boyfriend had been on the hunt for my ring for awhile now and is having a lot of trouble with Jewelers. I stumbled on this while looking for why Jewelers we’re being rude about my request for CZ and was mortified.

    There’s no such thing as a “conflict free” diamond in my book. Not only is that regulation weakly enforced, but the trade itself encourages deadly behavior.

    We both make six figure salaries and could easily afford a nice set, but Jewelers keep trying to force us into this shady trade.

    When I do get that sweet CZ rock, I’ll be showing it off for sure and letting everyone know what it is.

    • Hello Jillian,
      You could work with a conflict free diamond jeweler. You could purchase an older cut diamond.
      Clearly you have read the blog and know that cz’s don’t hold up to daily wear.
      I would suggest if diamonds are not on your menu, moissanite or lab grown diamond.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  182. Shallow! Nobody thinks about the diamond industry from the moral point of view. The crucial thing is that diamonds sparkle yay!