Crazy Uses for Diamonds, Have You Seen These?

black diamond manicure

Kelly Osbourne's $250,000 Black Diamond Manicure for the Emmy's

Crazy Diamond Love Leads to Crazy Diamond Uses!

I love Diamonds as much as the next gal, but this California jeweler is seeing some crazy uses for diamonds lately.

Evidently diamonds aren't just for wearing on your fingers, wrists, neck and ears anymore.

Judging by celebrity dogs, they're not even just for us humans anymore!

Kelly Started it!

What started my investigation into crazy uses for diamonds was Kelly Osbourne's $250,000.00 black diamond manicure.

Azature, the company that came up with this crazy PR idea did not produce this in bulk, or they would have gone bankrupt, but it did make a sparkly splash. I'd guess they put black diamonds more firmly in the public eye. Especially in the fingernails department! Am I going to swing that way? Hmmm, nah!

The Craziest Uses Diamonds Have Been Put to That Aren't For Humans

diamond dog collars

"The Bugatti of Dog Collars" - Forbes. This baby costs $3.2 Million Dollars!

It's a dogs life. Man's best friend has benefited mightily from the creativity of jewelers.

When I Googled dog collars I found a lot of expensive diamond studded canine-wear!

I'm thinking if you're going  to rock your dog with diamonds, you need a small dog. When I photographed some of my jewelry on a large dog owned by my client years ago, it didn't show up well at all. But the little Papillion and the Chihuahua in the picture, show those diamonds off with distinction.

You want my opinion about diamonds for dogs? Read to the end and I'll reveal it.

You Can't Have Too Many Shoes or too Many Diamonds!

Borgezie diamond stiletto

Borgezie has Designed a Diamond Stiletto with 2200 Diamonds Starting at $155,000.00. Yes That's Real Gold with Those Sparkly Diamonds.

Some fabulously wealthy people have a special closet just  for shoes!

Many of those same shoe obsessed folks love diamonds. So the House of Borgezie tapped into that double passion with their Eternal Diamond Stiletto. Sexy shoes with a hefty hedgefund manager's pricetag.

The Eternal Diamond Stiletto created by the House of Borgezie has over 30 carats in a pair.  Can I just say… Oh my!

eight diamond teeth for Kanye West

Kanye West Told Ellen DeGeneres That Toothpaste is the Perfect Jewelry Cleaner. He Should Know!

Kanye Gets His Grill on, Diamond Style

If you want a sparkly smile, forget going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened, go the Kanye West route and have eight of your teeth removed and replaced with gold and diamonds!

It was his birthday, and if Kanye West did it, it must be cool, right?

Hmmm, I'll pass.

Diamond Peepers, Madonna Style

Diamond eyelashes on Madonna

Madonna Rocking Her $20,000.00 Shu Uemura Diamond Eye Lashes

I don't know who Shu Uemura is, but evidently Madonna does and paid $20,000.00 for diamond eyelash extensions.

I thought her eyes were pretty sparkly already, but I guess it wasn't enough for the Material Girl.

I think they are beautiful. However I've also admired some  of the artistic tattoo's I've seen.  Am I going to go down that path?


Give Me a Good Everyday - Fabulous Diamond Thank You Very Much!

diamond and dogs ring

When I Put Diamonds on A Dog Collar I Like to Have My Dog Loving Client Wear it!

That was fun looking into the glittery world of crazy uses for diamonds. This diamond loving jeweler enjoyed every minute of it.

Wanna do something crazy with one of your diamonds? Or maybe not so crazy, just good looking?

Call me!

Calla Gold, Your Diamond Designing Jeweler

My thanks to Jonathan Siegel of Jonathan's Fine Jewelers for inspiring this crazy post!







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Jonathan Siegel
11 years ago

Thank you, Calla!! I appreciate the linking and mentions!! Those crazy uses for diamonds make pretty funny reading. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I’ll stick to diamonds in jewelry!
No diamond grill for me!

Renee Manseau
Renee Manseau
11 years ago

I guess I’m old fashioned, too. I prefer a beautiful diamond jewelry piece designed by Calla Gold Jewelry to a sparkly dog collar, but then I’ve never been that into shoes and it seems like diamond eyelash extensions would confuse my eyes. But lotta interesting uses for beautiful diamonds!

Catherine Ekoko
Catherine Ekoko
11 years ago

Calla this was a fun post. I myself might be worried about smiling in certain areas if my mouth were full of diamonds 🙂

Dr. Lynn K. Jones
11 years ago

I totally agree that you can’t have too many diamonds or too many shoes! Love the post, Calla!