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Canadian Diamonds: A Girls Best Friend?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as Marilyn Monroe so famously sang in the same titled movie in her whispery, sexy voice.  Diamonds are shiny, bright, and very sparkly!

Nowadays, men are sporting huge diamonds too, so it’s for everyone!  We cannot help, but be mesmerized by their glory.

Your Diamond's Source is an Important Consideration

Do you know where your magnificent diamonds came from?  Do you know its source and history?

Ever since the movie, Blood Diamond, came out with  deliciously cute heartthrob, Leonardo Di Caprio, the world has been awakened to the fact that diamonds in many parts of the world are indirectly contributing to needless bloodshed and human suffering.  Why buy blood diamonds when you have a choice?

Think About Canadian Diamonds When Considering Origin of Your Diamond

We want to educate you on the source of your diamonds.  Nowadays, you have the option to purchase Certified Canadian Diamonds that are one hundred percent guaranteed by the Canadian government.

The guarantee is that the diamonds are of Canadian origin and of the highest quality craftsmanship.  Canadian diamonds are certified through what is known as The Kimberley Process.

What is the Kimberley Process?

This industry wide process was set up to resolve the problem of the trading of illegal blood diamonds, which helps finance violent uprisings by rebel groups and/or tyrants, to undermine stable, legitimate governments.

With the collaboration between various governments, the international diamond industry, and civil society organizations, they were able to create the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), implemented in 2003.  The KP imposes extensive and strict requirements to enable them to certify shipments of conflict free diamonds to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds and to prevent blood diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond industry.

The Kimberley Process has been Embraced all Over the World

Certificate for a Kimberley Process Diamond

A Kimberley Process Certificate used in the Diamond Industry.

So far, over seventy seven countries are contributing to the KP.  The process is still in its infancy stages and far from perfect, but it is an evolving process.  It has helped increase peace and prosperity to many fragile countries by aiding in their development through the wealth created by diamonds.

This helps end bloodshed and unethical mining practices throughout many poor regions. In just a few short years, the KP has effectively and successfully decreased the percentage of blood diamonds in the market from a high fifteen percent in the 1990s to less than one percent today.

Your Choice Makes a Big Difference

Ultimately, the success of The Kimberley Process is in the hands of the consumers – people like you who purchase diamonds.  Now that you are aware that you have a choice, you have the power to make the decision to purchase possible blood diamonds or KP approved diamonds like Certified Canadian Diamonds.  I prefer my diamonds to have a conscience, thank you very much!

Plugging Canadian Diamonds

A great option is to choose Certified Canadian Diamonds.  The Canadian Northwest Territories are one of the world’s largest producers of diamonds!

Canada has surpassed the KP process by enacting more stringent laws.  This is a system that helps control the importing, exporting, and transporting of rough diamonds through Canada.

The Canadian Government is also involved in a Diamond Policy Framework that is the world’s first government sponsored diamond certification program. Northwest Territories diamonds can be tracked from the mine to the retailer.  They are guaranteed to be mined, cut, and polished in the Canada’s Northwest Territories through a rigid monitoring system.  Each Certified Canadian Diamond comes with a certification and is laser inscribed and recorded in a database.  This is safety in a nutshell!

Would You Pay a Bit More to Help Keep Diamonds Clean?

When choosing a Canadian diamond you will have the confidence in knowing that your diamond is of the highest standard and was not a part of the blood diamond trade.

You may have to pay a little more to ensure that guarantee, but paying a little extra for quality and assurance, brings peace of mind.

Canada Works to Keep Diamond Industry Jobs Local

Not only will your diamond look stunning, you will be helping the North American community and various local groups such as the indigenous Native Indians.

They directly benefit as the government wants to utilize Canadian talent to cut the diamonds at the mining site.

This helps increase job opportunities for local communities.  It’s a win-win all around!

Buy Canadian!

We, as consumers, can make an ethical and moral choice by purchasing Canadian Certified Diamonds.  There’s a good feeling in knowing that you are helping make a difference in the diamond industry worldwide by purchasing a Certified Canadian Diamond.

It’s not only a socially responsible choice, but an environmentally conscious choice to purchase Canadian. The cool factor of having a diamond that is changing the world for the better, will make a strong, bold statement as well. It’s wonderful to be socially aware and have a diamond that not only is stunning, but also has a conscience! Canadian diamonds are a conscious girl's best friend and a conscious bride's best friend!

A Plug for Calla Gold Jewelry!

Calla Gold Jewelry supplies a wonderful selection and wide assortment of gorgeous Canadian Certified Diamonds and is someone that you can trust in bringing you the highest quality diamonds with unmatched jewelry design and service.

About the Author

Mary Doud is an expert gemologist and connoisseur of Canadian diamonds. She passionately practices her trade from 9-5 at Seattle Diamonds, a jeweler located in Seattle Washington. When she's not peering through a loupe you can find her hiking and biking in the Seattle area, which she calls heaven.


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8 years ago

Excellent posting but I don’t know that I agree. Then again, people consider me challenging at the best of times! Appreciate it.

engagement rings Melbourne
8 years ago

Hey Calla Gold, thanks for this conscious diamond shopper’s advice. It’s good to know about the Canadian diamonds and Kimberley Process approved diamonds!!! Thanks for sharing such an informative post!!!

Dr.Valerie Girard
Dr.Valerie Girard
8 years ago

Ms. Calla Gold,
I just read with interest your article on the steps being taken by the diamond industry to avoid conflict diamonds. I say any fair trade, conflict free diamonds are the good ones! Thanks for the education Calla!
Dr. V.

8 years ago

Another plug for Calla Gold Jewelry. Not only does she carry the best diamonds including Canadian diamonds, but it’s a pleasure meeting with her. From her service, to her style and her expertise, she’s just fun to work with.

Renee Manseau
Renee Manseau
8 years ago

Never woulda guessed our friendly neighbors to the north are in the diamond game! And the Kimberley Project is great! Most consumers don’t want to contribute to violent tyrants or the abuse of diamond workers, and would gladly pay a little extra for legitimate diamonds.