Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold and her husband Jeremy Gold dish about diamonds.

Decades ago, DeBeers coined the expression, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I confess…it’s a catchy slogan. But is it true? Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? As a guy, I think not.

Diamonds are Fantastic Gems

I admit they’re great gemstones. There’s a lot to like. They sparkle—technically called light refraction—like no other. No other rock seems to stand up to the rigors, slime, and gunk of dishwashing than diamonds.

Then there’s the hardness factor. Diamonds are at the very top of the Moh’s scale of hardness. Nothing scratches a diamond except another diamond. I’ve seen ancient diamonds that look as smooth, shiny, and polished as the day they left the cutter’s bench.

As for color, what could be more neutral than a clear, white diamond? Everything goes with a diamond. Everything matches. There’s hardly an outfit, girls, which a diamond won’t compliment. From Christmas galas to hiking up Hot Springs Trail with your dog on Sunday, I guarantee, you’ll look good with your diamond.

Hand Engraving on Yellow Gold Three Diamond Engagement Ring

These Diamonds Love Their Yellow Gold Setting

But…Are They a Girl’s Best Friend?

Now that we’ve established that diamonds are one hell of a gemstone, let’s get back to the question of the day: Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Let’s look at value.

Relative to other physical objects their size, diamonds are expensive. I can’t think of too many other things found on this planet small enough to wear on a finger that can empty a wallet like a diamond can. Granted: diamonds are valuable.

Want to Make a Trade?!

Would you trade your husband or son or daughter for a big diamond ring? No doubt, some of you would in a heartbeat. Hopefully, not many, though.

Aren't I the Best Friend?

I like to think I’m my wife’s best friend, not some tiny, little, non-communicative, glittery rock at the base of one of her fingers. Come on. How many light bulbs has that diamond ever changed? One? Two? I assure you, it hasn’t changed as many as I have. Not by a long shot.

Ever seen a diamond sweep the front porch, change the oil in a car, or offer a shoulder to cry on? With their stubby little arms…doubtful.

Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

This Ring Full of Diamonds Looks Like a Girl's Best Friend

I've Got Some Better Phrasing for You De Beers!

A more apt catchphrase might be: “Diamonds are a girl’s good friend.” I could live with that with that. “Good friend,” yes; “best friend,” no. How about substituting “best” with “sparkly” or “dazzling” or “first-rate?” Any of those would work.

The trouble with the word “best” is that it doesn’t leave any room for anything better. If something is the “best” it’s the greatest. It’s the most excellent. It’s unsurpassed. There is nothing better. By definition, everything else ranks lower than “best.” Like husbands, kids, and houses.

That being said… “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is one heck of a catchy slogan.

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Engagement Rings
12 years ago

Calla Gold Jewelry, you have an excellent blog here.
Being in the Engagement Ring business I obviously think Diamonds are a girls best friend!
Keep up the good work,