Dec 17

Hinging Ring Shank – Jewelry Definition

By Calla Gold

calla-gold-jewelry-hinging-ring-shank-pictureA hinging ring shank hinges open at the bottom so that it can easily slip over the knuckle. Theses types of shanks are especially helpful for those whose knuckles are considerably larger than the base of the finger where their ring resides.


If you want more information on hinged shanks, check out my other blog post:

Finger Mate Hinging Shank for Rings for Enlarged Knuckles



4 thoughts on “Hinging Ring Shank – Jewelry Definition

  1. I have very large joints but love to wear rings. Please advise the procedure to have two of the rings I currently own into rings that will no longer flop over.

    • Hello Jeanne,
      I’m sharing a blog post about just one of my potential solutions for ring spinning. This post lists the other blog posts with hinges and other solutions. I’d recommend reading rach of the referenced posts. I further recommend figuring out your knuckle-to-finger differential, (there’s a video about it in this post). It is at that point that we look at your particular rings and armed with the knuckle-to-finger differential information, can talk about the most effective solutions.
      This is the first of the blog posts to read:
      I look forward to hearing back from you. Email me at
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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