Bezel Setting – Jewelry Definition

Three Bezel Setting Emerald and Diamond Ring

Three Bezel Set Emerald and Diamond Ring

A bezel is a type of setting in which a vertical rim of metal snuggly surrounds a gemstone to securely hold it in place.

The bezel setting was one of the earliest methods of setting gemstones into jewelry.

Today, many beautiful and modern designs make use of this type of setting.

Advantages of Bezel Settings

The bezel setting has some notable advantages over a prong setting.  When bezel set, the diamond is more secure and better protected from accidental rubbing or blows.  The diamond is also less likely to scratch something it comes in contact with

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5 years ago

on many bezel settings there is a hole cut out of the center, slightly smaller than the stone that is set which allows light through to make the stone more brilliant. Ive also been told that it’s there to allow dirt and grime from building up behind the stone. My question is, what is the proper name for this hole/feature?