Dear Calla – Single Re-tip Sticks Up

Re-tipped single prong

















Dear Calla,

I brought my engagement ring in to be fixed. It was catching on my clothes. The jeweler guy told me the prong chipped off. I’ve been wearing it every day for fifteen years. So no big surprise there.

The problem is now it looks funny and catches on stuff. My other prongs never catch on stuff. Did he do a bad job?

– Sticking up in Cleveland

re-tipped prong solution















Dear Cleveland,

First, congratulations on being married fifteen years. By fifteen years your prongs will all be quite worn down with daily wear. A worn down prong is often quite convenient because it is so low it catches on nothing. That is not necessarily a good thing. A worn down prong can more easily break off which is what your one prong did.

The problem is that when all prongs are worn down and you fix just one prong you leave your diamond in danger because the rest of the prongs are badly worn.

The correct repair for you in my opinion was to replace your entire head. That is that whole four prong setting that holds your diamond.

I talk about it in this blog post: Ring Disasters – Re-tipping vs. New Head

I’d get a new head immediately.

Your Personal Jeweler,
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