Dear Calla – Pookers and the Mini Cooper sized Diamond Dilemma

mini-cooperDear Calla:

My fiancé recently gave me an engagement ring. Mounted on it is a diamond the size of one of those Mini Coopers. That’s the good news, Calla. The problem is that it unmercifully slides around my finger, poking my pinky until the little digit threatens to move to the other hand. I don’t want to offend Pookers by not wearing his ring. What should I do?

Sincerely, Big Rock, Big Pain

Dear Big:

If you are like the rest of the human race, you may have noticed that your knuckle is larger than the surrounding finger. Hence, the problem. In order to traverse the knuckle the ring is often slightly larger than the size it ideally needs to be when it eventually comes to rest against the top of the palm.

Engagement Ring Hand Engraved with Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps Can Help Arrest the Spin of Your Ring.

Luckily, I have two solutions. The first is to solder two, small gold balls, called speed bumps, to the inside bottom of the ring. They will gently anchor the ring in place.

The second is to install a butterfly clasp.

Knuckle to finger differential

A Flexible Inner Spring Helps Hold a Ring Upright.

Its springy, custom-made action spreads open to fit over the knuckle, then gently springs back in to grip the finger once the ring is in place.

The butterfly spring is considered the more comfortable of the two.

So you see, there’s no need to upset Pookers. Give me a call. I’ll have that rock sitting up straight in no time.

Calla Gold

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Amy Marie Orozco
8 years ago

I really like the speed bumps on the ring idea. A very clever solution, indeed. The butterfly spring is interesting, too. Glad Pookers won’t get his feelings hurt.

Andrea Papke
Andrea Papke
8 years ago

Very cool. Like the car to!