Dear Calla, My Brother Wants to Make my Wedding Ring

A practice ring for adding tips to prongs on his little garage bench.

Dear Calla,

My brother has offered to make my wedding ring and I’m having some reservations. He’s been taking classes at the local City College, but he has a habit of starting and stopping things.

He tuned my car once and, can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but…..

Anyway he’s my fiance’s best friend and that’s how we met and I’m freaking out because my fiancé suggested that it sounded cool to him. How do I make this not happen? I’ve included a picture of his work so far, please let me know what you think.

Am I being overly picky?

– Dear Miss Not Being Picky,

Dear Miss Not Being Picky,

That picture said it all, thanks for sending it! Mismatched metal color, blobby solder job, he seriously is not ready to create a ring, much less repair one. More power to him on his hobby in the privacy of his garage, but not your forever ring on your hand.

As far as what to say. Perhaps something on the lines of, you and I are both connected to my brother in our own ways, but we’ve created our own relationship and I want my ring to be about you and I, but I don’t want it to include my brother. It’s about our love and our life, let’s just you and me figure out the ring I’ll wear every day to symbolize our love.

Your brother will get over it. Maybe you can get him to do something else for the wedding. Maybe he could be in charge of the getaway car. Just kidding!

Hopefully your brother understands and keeps working at his hobby! Every jeweler started off making bad rings. Which they then melted and tried again. I think he needs to try again a lot before he makes anyone’s ring, much less a forever ring.

Your Personal Jeweler,
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Dani Antman
6 years ago

I would certainly not allow that to happen, they should call you!